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Found 2 results

  1. I think it would be interesting to see our weapons behind our back when it is unequip. It makes it feel more like a real survival especially if we can craft bows for hunting or killing zombies
  2. So, I have a few ideas for diferent ideas for modifiers that make arrows more efficient: 1 - Explosive Arrow - I've seen in a thread that someone ( Don't remember if it was a mod, or dev or ad or support team ) said that we might see pipe-bombs in the game, so I thought that we could attach pipe-bombs to arrows, and make them explosive, it would basically be a long range pipe bomb, at the cost of arrow materials. 2 - Incendiary Arrow Type 1 - The weakest type, these types of arrows can me made from dousing alcohol in the tip of the arrow, setting it on fire. It can hit one zombie and set it one fire, with the fire slowly climbing to its head, and then burning it's brain, and the zombie has a rare chance of setting other zombies on fire, but no chance of setting others when first hit with the arrow. Type 2 - The stronger type, these ones can be made by putting alcohol inside a closed space atttached to the arrow (prefebely a glass bottle), that will break and splatter alcohol everywhere, and dousing alcohol a little bit away from the bottle. this type of arrow will burn the zombie faster and has a high chance of setting other zombies on fire, and a even higher chance of setting them on fire when first hit. 3 - Noise-Maker - These types of arrows are made simply for calling a zombies attention to a place where you aren't, so that you don't have to shout and attract every zombie to your location, as it has a high chance of going wrong, and you getting surrounded.... and eaten. These can be made by attaching a fire-cracker to the arrow, and use a match to set it on fire, then launch the arrow. 4 - Zombie-Blood - Now these, you will use for either two reasons: You want to be a ginormous ass to your friends, or: You want to make sure an NPC isn't coming back for you. Either way, we know that after killing millions of zombies and being splattered in blood, you only get infected if the zombies blood only infect you if it come in contact with yours. So, I'm suggesting that we can cut p a zombie and take his blood and putting it in a glass (For the love of god, make sure you have more, because you will NOT be able to drink from it again), and dousing that blood in the arrow, which we can shoot at a survivor, that will pierce his / her veins and infect them. I hope you like the ideas, and tell me what you think
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