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Found 20 results

  1. Hey everyone! Recently I have re-watched World War Z and noticed something cool that could work with Project Zomboid. In the movie, Brad Pitt's character duct tapes magazines/phonebooks around his forearms for added bite protection. For early game protection or if you're caught in a pinch, this would be really neat. Please tell me what you think, or if you also have ideas as to what could be makeshift armor in the game!
  2. I've always wondered what you could find below the secret military base near Rosewood, and here are my suggestions for that ! Additionally I have added some suggestions pertaining to the military radio transmission and its mysterious coordinates, although I know the area it pertains to has not yet been added to the game. These suggestions are written kind of like a wiki article because I'm more confortable writing them that way. Locations : The lab : Situated under the Rosewood secret military base, the lab is a massive underground installation, presumably set up and operated by the US government. While its original purpose is unknown, it was clearly converted into researching the Knox infection. To enter the lab, one needs an Access Keycard, which is only dropped by zombie scientist, zombie commandos, or zombie agents, and use it on one of the secret base's elevators, either before power is cut out, or having repaired and refueled the base's generators. Be very careful about heading down before amenities are cut out, as you might get trapped underground in the lab if power is cut but you have not restored the generators ! The lab is separated into 3 distinct areas, each a different floor. The first floor, which you arrive in upon taking the elevator, is the administration area. It is filled with a variety of offices and regular zombies, with a small chance to spawn scientists, agent and military zombies. Notable places there are the locked guard post at the entrance, containing an arms locker and serving as a spawn location for agent and military zombies, as well as the director's office, which always has a X-12 canister on the desk, as well as a pistol and some ammo in the desk. The second floor is the research area, accessible through a different elevator and once again requiring an Access Keycard and working power to activate. This floor is filled with scientist and agent zombies, and contains a wide variety of labs, cells and pens. The labs usually have dissected bodies or still 'alive' zombies attached to examination tables, with various machinery strewn about them. The cells usually house a single zombie, either attached to the bed or roaming around. Those roaming are all scientist, agent or military zombies, implying that they were members of the staff presumed to be infected and kept in quarantine, and who turned after the facility was overrun. This floor has several locations of interest. The first one is a large research room, which can spawn a variety of medical supplies as well as canisters of X-12, and contains signs of a gunfight, with multiple bodies, including bodies of commandos, and can spawn zombie commandos. The next one is a fortified and locked medical storage area, whose shelves contain obscene amounts of medical supplies and can contain some canisters of X-12. The last one is the armory and checkpoint leading to the elevator to the third floor. Several arms lockers are contained there, as well as a handful of X-12 canisters. It is a spawn point for military zombies. Going down the utilitarian, almost industrial elevator leads to the third and final floor, the great pen. The upper level of that floor is a series of catwalk roamed by military and agent zombies, as well as several bodies of the same people. Below is a level packed with hundreds of zombies in a single massive horde, presumably the reservoir of test subjects for the facility. There are several cages and cranes on the catwalks indicating that the soldiers were tasked with grabbing infected, caging them and then getting them to the upper floors for research. It is possible to go down into the great pen via several ladders lining the walls, although it is not recommended to do so. It should be noted that in terms of respawn mechanics, zombies will crawl out of air vents throughout the facility, slowly repopulating it with zombies. This can be stopped by killing all zombies in the great pen. The extraction point : At the coordinates Lat 37.892809 Long -85.974709, Chaffee Avenue, Fort Knox, a group of dead and zombie commandos can be found, alongside a pile of regular bodies and a crashed black hawk helicopter. Near one of the bodies is a Biohazard Container, containing several canisters of X-12 and the Unknown Sample. New Items : X-12 Canister : The (it's not a real one, read on, I know it's a no red item for the devs) 'cure' the government developed to the zombie virus. In truth, X-12 is a highly experimental bio/chemical weapon. X-12 canisters are throwable weapons. When used, X-12 canisters release a relatively small cloud that lingers for an in game hour. Whenever a zombie passes through that cloud it will take massive damage and quickly die. However, the weapon is flawed, and any given zombie has a 20% chance to take no damage and only be knocked on the ground for the duration of the cloud, feigning death, and getting back up once the cloud has dispersed. Any players/survivors passing through the cloud will be killed in very short order unless they are wearing hazmat gear. Zombies wearing hazmat gear will be unaffected as well. X-12 can be used as a component in a variety of throwables, with varying effects. If used in an aerosol bomb for example, the cloud will be much wider to account for the explosive dispersion, but last half as long. If used in a fire bomb it will cause the fire to become 'affected' by X-12, making it deal gigantic amounts of damage to zombies, but 40% of them will not receive any extra damage outside of the usual damage caused by fire. If used in a smoke maker, the cloud will linger for four hours instead of one, at the cost of a 30% zombie immunity to it. The main utility of X-12 is that it allows for the elimination of large groups of zombies with minimal collateral damage. Of course, that is counterbalanced by the rarity of X-12, its dangerous spawn locations, and the immunity chance zombies have. Unknown Sample : [REDACTED] Commando Body Armor : Commando body armor can only be found on dead or zombified commandos. It covers the upper and lower torso, as well as both legs and arms, and gives : Insulation : 0.9 Wind resistance : 0.6 Bite defence : 50 Scratch defense : 75 Bullet Defense : 150 It cannot be repaired with tailoring. New Zombies : Zombie scientists : zombies scientists are normal zombies wearing a scientist labcoat or, more rarely, a hazmat suit. They have a low percentage chance to drop an Access Keycard, or some medical supplies when killed. They have a small chance to spawn in various medical facilities and near ambulances outside of the lab. Zombie agents : zombie agents seemed to have served some kind of special government agency in life. They wear a formal suit and tie, sometimes with sunglasses, and can carry pistols in their holsters. When killed they have a low percentage chance to drop an Access Keycard, or some ammo. They have a small chance to spawn at police stations and government facilities outside of the lab. Zombie commandos : zombie commandos appear to have been part of an elite force sent to retrieve something from the secret lab. All zombie commandos wear Commando Body Armor, making them impressively resilient to guns, albeit not so much for melee weapons. They also have a high chance to be carrying an Access Keycard, an M16 and an M9, with their respective ammo, plus some medical supplies. If runners are enabled, zombie commandos are always runners.
  3. While it would likely be game-breaking to have an invulnerable vehicle you could rampage with, there is absolutely a sensible path to up-armoring a car. I used to play the tabletop game Car Wars which dealt, in less detail actually, with vehicular combat, but a significant portion of that is adding armor (and weapons) to a vehicle. Given how the current vehicle UI is so detailed, with all of its parts-- except it appears that quarter-panels don't exist, nor do bumpers or a front grill-- it would be logical to add new vehicle slots for welded attachments. The slots could be used for armor of various types (even cloth would prevent your being seen inside a car, while limiting your view, of course). The trade-off (just as it is in Car Wars) would be weight-- good armor is quite heavy and would affect every aspect of vehicle handling. As for weapons, it's also not that out of the question to either mount certain kinds of weapons (e.g., a flamethrower) to a vehicle, or to provide for the ability of the character to fire their handheld weapons both from stationary and moving vehicles in any direction, if the vehicle configuration allows (e.g., I remove all the glass and replace it with metal that has firing slots in it). I'm not so hot on the mounted weapons thing, but it seems logical that someone would/could do that in the "real-world" situation. The armoring is much more sensible, particularly on the front of the vehicle. You all have done such a great job with the vehicles-- I'd love to see that extended further.
  4. Suggestion for the Zomboid Project As a regular player, I would like to offer you an idea, how about adding to the game the ability to sew bottles as part of the armor? For example: take a plastic water bottle, which has its own strength, take scissors, and the bottle is cut. then the player goes to his inventory, selects, for example a jacket and clicks on it, opens a menu where you can sew a patch, but what about the place of the patch with a rag, sew a cut plastic bottle? I think that's a pretty interesting solution.
  5. Dry suit and wet suit must be one of the most effective armor against Zs and shud be quite common in a militart and turist are as the game is located. Maybe its will be hard to repare them and that will prevent them from be to OP but will make good stripes to improve other armor. And maybe a good clothing if some sort of stuck effect when to bulcky geard will come in to the game.
  6. Hi guys, What do you think of a Mod which would allow modifications of cars like adding extra armour, putting metal sheets over windows, making bumpers, spikes or attaching guns ? Basically customising cars ! This would make the mechanics skill more attractive to have (leveling it up doesn't give much as of now) Additionally i thought the it would be a good idea to make the fuel consumption and speed dependent of overall weight of the vehicle. This would balance over armoured and armed cars ;) Do you know if such mod exist already? would someone be interested in making it?
  7. nolanri

    Armor Mod

    This Mod adds Certain clothing / armors that you can equip to gain defence against certain kinds of injuries on certain body parts. The armor type items for now only spawn in zombie corpses. Right click on a armor type item to equip it or to see what defences it can give you with "Examine Armor" option. Obviously if you remove the armor from your inventory after Equiping it it will no longer give you defence. As with shields they will be put in 2nd hand when equiped, removing them from 2nd hand will result it no longer gaining the defence from the shield. When your equipped armor blocks damage for you, you will know by seeing an exlimation mark above your head (!) Though Blocking an injury will obviously result in you not taking the injury like a scratch, bite or burn, you may still lose HP / take damage Armor has durability and will break after a certain number of blocks. And either dissapear or turn into a broken version of the item that cannot be equpped Though equipping yourself with armor from head to to will significantly reduce your chance of injury, It will add a lot of weight so be careful. Download Link - http://undeniable.info/pz/ArmorMod.php please suggest other commonly found items that could be used as armor or some craft able armor ideas
  8. So, this is either gonna sound really cool or really stupid. You know how certain fast food chains have costumed mascots to advertise their products? Like the Chik-Fil-A Cow, or Ronald McDonald, etcetera? Well, one would think that with a chain like Spiffo's being popular enough to warrant its own feature-length film, it would stand to reason that the restaurants would have a Spiffo suit lying around for some hapless employee to climb into and sweat his balls off while holding a picture of chicken and waffles on the side of the highway. Thus, I suggest a Spiffo mascot outfit as form of clothing/armor (at least, for when the animation update finally drops). I know what you're thinking: a mascot costume as armor? Is that realistic or practical? Well, yes and no. I used to be a college mascot, and let me tell you, the fur on that costume was THICK. It wouldn't be easy to bite through that, especially if the person wearing the suit was resisting and fighting back. Plus the mascot head would have full protection at the cost of limited visibility. With that in mind, a thick, fluffy Spiffo suit could protect against bites and scratches on the arms, legs, and torso, as well as pretty much negating all damage to the head and neck area. The downside would be the heat. Again, from experience, I can tell you that it gets REALLY hot in those things. I've even passed out on one occasion from the heat. Thus the character wearing the suit would be much more susceptible to overheating and thirst. Plus you can't easily drink water while wearing the mascot head, so you'd have to remove it in order to drink from a bottle or water source. I dunno. I just think it'd be both hilarious and badass to slaughter zombies across Kentucky while dressed as an adorable raccoon. Spiffo IS the official mascot of both PZ and Indie Stone, after all. Why not take that to a whole new level?
  9. I'm thinking it could work like the "thick skin" trait, maybe different type's with different protection. But they would also make you hot. And maybe some rare police/press vest's with added protection,and firefighter gear. I think the line should be drawn somewhere along bomb suits. Thats my suggestion.
  10. Don't know if this exists or not, but I would like see it as a standalone mod. I'm thinking it could work like the "thick skin" trait, maybe different type's with different protection. But they would also make you hot. And maybe some rare police/press vest's with added protection,and firefighter gear. I think the line should be drawn somewhere along bomb suits. If anybody likes it and is willing to look into it, I might be able to look into textures/icons if thats needed. Haven't looked into how the clothes models work or so, so no promises but I would try to work it out at least. cheers
  11. I strongly suggest armor is a must. Yes I read that at the moment it is a Maybe. I have lucky perk and thick skin and I still get scratched very very often when a zombie never even touches me (animation wise). We need to be able to pick up trash can lids as shields Hunt for animals(future) and make leather Find leather jackets, biker gloves, SWAT/Riot gear. Anti blood splatter gear, gas masks, eye wear, breathing apparatus. I feel very helpless in the game when I leave my base, and I feel it makes the game more complex(better). One of the first things I would do in real life is to dress in some sort of protective armor.
  12. I guess I'm really only posting this is because 3 out of the 4 bites I have received in this game have come from #@!%-ing crawlers biting my shins. Random timing too. This last run, I had downed over 2600 zombies. I had a great base, water, crops, fishing skills, aiming skills, bo staff skills, everything. And then, on my usual neighborhood morning sweep, I come across a small group of zombies. As usual, I chop their heads off, with one of them faking death, and I KNEW he was faking death. But, as I approached it cautiously, he lunges, and I swear he was not even touching my leg! But, as you can guess, the dreaded "three red drops of death" moodle flies onto my screen and that's all she wrote. @#$!@#!$#%!@#$%#$%~!!!!!!!!! In the immortal words of Patrick Henry, "Give me shin guards, don't give me death." Please, I don't need helmets or kevlar or the ability to turn into the T-1000. Just give me the stuff that you would find at your local Dick's (hehehe), and I would loot that mother first, I don't care where it is. Thank you p.s. I know there have already been 3 dozen posts about armor. So, let's not call this a post about armor. Let's call it a post about "Field Hockey Equipment." Yeah, I like it.
  13. Hello everyone, in this suggestion I will be talking about what clothing I would like to see in the game and how I believe different clothing should have a different "armor value" attached to them. DISCLAIMER: I am aware that there have been many posts about armor and that armor is a maybe on the list of "Commonly Suggested Suggestions", but most threads about armor (that I have seen) talk about things that in my opinion would either be to OP, wouldn't fit into the lore, or just too silly and impractical (looking at you, posts about duct tape armor, looking at you). This will not be a post about steel plate armor or a Kevlar vest, but rather practical things that you will be able to find basically anywhere. ALSO sorry that this suggestion got a little long, the more I wrote the more I wanted to write . Now that I got the disclaimer out of the way, lets move on to my suggestion... I am not sure whether or not wearing clothes reduces the chance of bites/scratches making contact with your skin, but if this is current, then I do believe it does not. My suggestion: adding armor values to already implemented clothes and adding new clothes that have different armor values, as well as other values like, inventory size, etc. How this will work: Shoes- flip-flops/sandals- chance of bites/scratches making contact with your skin is reduces by 5%. Although not a very practical set of clothing to have on in a zombie apocalypse, it would still be better than going barefoot. Tennis shoes (the type already in the game)- chance of bites/scratches making contact with your skin is reduces by 25%. Working boots- chance of bites/scratches making contact with your skin is reduces by 50%. Although an armor value this high may seem a tad too high remember that these are shoes. Unless you're being attacked by a crawler (or walking on a pile of broken glass) this wouldn't make you too unstoppablePants- Shorts- chance of bites/scratches making contact with your skin is reduces by 10%. Although your legs are completely bare, your crotch will be just "fine" and "protected" from the teeth and claws of your undead neighbors. Jeans- chance of bites/scratches making contact with your skin is reduces by 25%. Your legs are better covered, but one layer of denim can't protect you from teeth and nails that well. Leather pants- chance of bites/scratches making contact with your skin is reduces by 40-45%. Although this is a higher armor value, most zombies aren't going to try to bite your thigh when your neck and face is out in the open, combine that with the fact that your character will get really hot while wearing these makes it sounds a lot less OP. Shirts- Classic T-shirt- chance of bites/scratches making contact with your skin is reduces by 5%. Most t-shirts aren't very thick and almost anything sharp can tear a hole into them, though it's still better than going outside naked. Long sleeve shirt/turtle necks- chance of bites/scratches making contact with your skin is reduces by 10%. Protects more of your body, but will still be really easy to tear through.Vests- A normal vest- chance of bites/scratches making contact with your skin is reduces by 10%. A nice thick vest protecting your torso, leaving your arms perfectly exposed to the elements and the sharp teeth of your enemies. Leather vest- chance of bites/scratches making contact with your skin is reduces by 20% A nice thick vest protecting your torso, leaving your arms perfectly exposed to the elements and the sharp teeth of your enemies.Jackets- Sweater- chance of bites/scratches making contact with your skin is reduces by 20%. Thicker than a shirt, higher temperature than a shirt. sweatshirt- chance of bites/scratches making contact with your skin is reduces by 25%. Has a hood, pockets, and decent thickness. leather jacket- chance of bites/scratches making contact with your skin is reduces by 50%. Yes, this is a tad high and may be a little too OP... I might change the value later.. There is so many more clothing items I want to suggest but i'm sure the majority of them have already been suggested; this post was mainly about the "armor values" of clothing anyway though. Thanks for reading.
  14. Hi! This is my first thread on the forum, and i wanted to know what do you think about my idea. As most of us know, in Pz you can only wear 4 kind of clothing: head (no use), torso, legs and feet, but i think than that can be extended. As you can see, this character from another zombie game is wearing clothes on differents part of his body. Im not saying that should be the same, but similar, so we can have more customization options. And about the armor: Guess from which game it is... Could be old, but accuarate. The armor should work deppending the body part and armor rate (of course, we are civilians, so the "armor" shouldnt protect too much). I.E: using shorts instead of pants will not protect your legs as a pant would do, but you will be more lighter. Thats it, im done, hope that you liked it.
  15. Hey guys, new player here. I've done a few PZ tries and although I haven't gotten very far in either of them, I have some ideas. I know that some people have brought the topic of armor up before and that it's gonna be in the game, so hey why not? I've been interested in the use and make of armor for quite some time and have given it a lot of thought so hopefully I'll be of some help. Now the first thing is weight. What we have to remember though is that this isn't the middle ages and it's not supposed to stop bullets, blades or arrows (unless you're fighting another survivor, but that's rare enough that I haven't even done that myself yet) so it doesn't have to cover your entire body. What it SHOULD cover chief of all is the areas that zombies are most likely to go for which would be your hands, arms and shoulders. Next we have to ponder what kind of materials would work for this and what comes instantly to mind for most people is probably leather. Now I've never actually been to Kentucky, but I can't possibly imagine that there would be a shortage of leather anywhere in the world where there are animals present. Now leather doesn't actually weigh that much and provided you have a knife and some good thread (using a needle is optimal but you can do it without) and some time on your hands you can make makeshift leather armor. This would greatly improve your chances of survival since even though humans have great biting power, it's very difficult to bite through tanned cowhide. Second on the list on possible-to-make-into-armor is vulcanized rubber; tires. Now rubber is a lot harder to work with I admit, escpecially if we're talking car tires, but I'm pretty certain there would also be bikes in Muldraugh. Rubber is also very common, maybe even more common than leather, and although it would take a bit more time and effort it would give very good protection against bites and scratches. Depending on the rubber used it would also be a little heavier, but then again we're not going to be wearing three truck tires here. A single car tire would give more than enough to cover your entire arms, and properly attached wouldn't actually weigh you down that much. Finally we have chainmail. And you're probably going "Are you nuts? There's no way you'd find chainmail today!" and probably laugh, show your friends and call me an idiot. But here's the thing. All you really need is to find a single hardware store and you've got everything you need to make it. First you need a rod of some sort, smooth. Pipes work but a solid metal rod is optimal, I have used wooden rods to do it but they deform and there's a risk that you don't get uniform rings, and you can only use them once. Then you need metal wire, which is readily available in any hardware store of many different gauges and spool lengths. To create the torque needed to bend it into wire it's best to have a hole drilled right through to stick the wire into but it's not absolutely necessary. I have personally used a Vise Grip to both hold the wire in place and apply the torque. Of course this would take time, effort and a bit of skill (I'm self-taught, so it can be done) but if you manage to make it, there's simply no way that anything short of an alligator would bite through chainmail. And even if you don't have the time and know-how to do it I know that they make chainmail gloves for butchers and such. Well, that's it for now.
  16. Helmets I seen the commonly suggested posts and seen the armor as a maybe, So here are my thoughts on it, I think football gear would be realistic armor for a couple reasons being BREAKABLE, Still can be scratched, but still have a resonable weight and defensive choice. Running would shorten along with combat and a football helmet would reduce vision but still keep that nogan safe CLEATS!!! (just thought of this) Better traction meaning FASTER but loud when on concert roads or wooden floor. (wanna keep this short) Throwing mechanics I seen a something posted about a rock being a idea which would be awesome! I think being able to get zombies to move a short distance away from the area seems fair with a small nosie ratio. Breaking windows from a distance would be excellent for them one window sheds i try to avoid. But I also think things like a hammer should be thrown to help out run a 2 zombie attack maybe appling slight damage since he is already dead and giving them a nudge back. But i also think the skill for this should be very VERY hard to level if not impossible to be able to hit zombies with a kitchen knife from even a close distance. That being said i think there should be a chance system if the knife sticks, it should be retrived but if thrown it shall be gone forever, or broken... nothing to over the top cause nobody wants loot all over the map cause some guy is spamming knifes! Drugs (touchy subject i know... least i think) So, my idea only for realism not the promotion of such acts. But i seen pain blockers and sleeping pills in games. If thats the case there should be speeders for being faster but stomach aches, sickness, increased panic aka PARANOIA and lack of eatting but severely close of ODing by just taking one to balance out the worth of taking it and not. Mood stablizers just for anger and depression. Nothing to important but i think should be added.
  17. If you havent seen World War Z the idea of using Duct Tape as arm and leg protection could be a good be of great use for those who can only go into hand to hand combat. not only that but if there is enough bites on the armor it could come undone and leave the player vulnerable to bites. I also think this would be a great defensive feature and give more survivability for more hardcore players that need to get out of a bind without any bites for those who do not understand what I am talking about I posted a picture Let me know what you think =)
  18. Some armor in game would be nice, its just not realistic to not find any sort of armor like a helmet or even far as a bulletproof vest. it doesnt need too be much, lets say 1, or 2 piece on whole map on a more specific location like a police station or an army base (i know there are no in the game >>) so it protects some body parts with its own durability ofcourse. its neither realistic nor fun runing around almost naked in a damn zombie apocalypse!
  19. First of.. Hi =) I would really like to see some ways to armor yourself against the undead. Perhaps a more indepth clothing system. Where you can make "armor" from things in your surrounding. For example: A magazine turned around your wrist would prevent bittings/scratchings there. (World War Z) I also thought about degrigation on the things you wear and the factors played from that. Like if you have dirty clothes, your unhappyness will fall. Just an example. I really aint that guy that are focused on grapichs, tho I would really like to see some form of upgrade in the inventory system and your character screen. As if you get scratched on your leg, the pants on that part will rip and you would have to patch it up or find new pants. I feel there is alot of things that could come out from this so if someone is interested in disscusing things, I would much so join! this is my first post in this forum so, pipe down the hate Great game btw! Alooooooot of potential. /Torne
  20. Craftable Armors Mod CURRENT STATUS: STOPPED (at least until beta version of Zomboid because it depends on too many things and it will be probably broken after few Zomboid updates). Hello, so I decided to make( add to my Recycle mod http://pz-mods.net/gameplay/Recycling/ ) my own armor mod, but sadly I didn't realized there is no support for things like that in Zomboid yet. But as I already started, I will share my thoughts here at least. Who knows, maybe someone know how some HalfSubclass-HalfFuction-AndLittleEvent glitchy hacky dirty way to get my thing done. So here is my ToDo list: add damage absorption to armorsmake local armor protection system (upper part armor effects will be applied only for torso+ arms injuries...)VEEEEEEEEEERY LOW PRIORTY play with helmets and shieldsmake in-game appearance for armors -not really in todo list as there aren't tools for transforming 3d item to interactive item sprite yet and adding it to game, or at least I have no idea about it(I didn't even scouted it yet).I already started exploring zomboid code, but I wrote my last line of code some time ago (it always causes me headache, rainbow vision ,bleeding from ears and dimensional traveling feeling )It will be very long run so every advice is welcome. Here is first idea for armor stats (I'm trying to keep zombies threat even for very strong armors, but it will raise your chances for survival ): So which armor you prefer for your adventures? ARMORS:
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