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Found 4 results

  1. ZomboidXBow Hey fellow zomboiders, This mod aims at bringing the crossbow experience to Project Zomboid. It offers a variety of craftable crossbow models and ammunition types with different properties. All of these recipes force you to continuously scavenge for resources to keep you ammunition supplies up and maintain your crossbows. As your character progresses he will get access to better recipes and crossbows will become more efficient. In the beginning you will miss often, be constantly out of ammo and probably want to go back to your Axe. But if you survive long enough to get your hands on a Repeater Crossbow with Aluminum Bolts ... Quick Features Supports Single Player and Multiplayer Mechanics Retrieve your bolts from zombie corpses. They might however break on impact Craft, carry and reload from a Bolt Quiver which adds an addtional bag slot Crossbows can break at any time. Your Carpentry and Electrician skill levels determine how likely it is to happen All crossbows support all ammo types Easily switch between ammo types by using the context menu Crossbows Crossbows behave like all existing weapons: Aiming and Reloading will increase your skill level which in turn affects your chance to hit and your reload speed. Wooden Crossbow A simple crossbow Heavy Crossbow Requires Carpentry 3 Strong crossbow that can hit up to two targets Repeater Crossbow Requires Carpentry 5 Powerful crossbow that can fire up to 10 bolts in rapid succession and hit up to two targets per shoot Bolts All bolts can be fired with any crossbow. Just have a crossbow equipped as primary, right click your desired bolt in your inventory load or set as default. Wooden Bolt Simple Bolt with high chance to break Aluminum Bolt Piercing - Allows you to hit one additional target with your crossbow. Fire Bolt Target has a 90% chance to be lit on fire. Most fun but most dangerous bolt with unpredictable outcome especially on IWBUMS branch. Don't use indoors! Requirements 3DModels 32.16 Download latest version Installation Instructions All Items, Recipes and Documentation Known issues: All crossbows use the same 3DModel and Icon Crossbow 3DModel not 100% aligned Planned Test in MP Learn recipes through Books instead of hard skill requirements LOTS of balancing and tuning Better icons/models Attachments More ammunition types Misc stuff around crossbows Feedback If you like this mod (or even if you don't) I'm happy to get your feedback, bug reports and improvement suggestions. I want this to be a balanced mod and I can only get there with the help of you guys Credit to Jab for his import/export script for 3D Models which works flawlessy and his ModelLoader Fuji for his pioneer work on how to get custom 3D Model into the game and basically giving me the chance to write the mod I wanted to write ever since I bought this game WolfClaw for his excellent 3DModel tutorial ORMtnMan and his Real Guns mod gun modding reference Livio Persemprio for testing and feedback which is so important for balancing Thanks guys! I hope you enjoy this mod, many survivors perished and half of Westpoint burned down during its creation
  2. --Notice: I did not originally create this mod. Credit for the original mod idea and (some of) the code goes to Austin. I added sounds, images and updated and refined the code. The original thread can be found here: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/336-fletchery-mod/-- As said above, I have updated the Fletchery Mod to be compatible with build 27. This mod adds 3 new bows, 2 of which can be found and a third which can be made, as well as a sling. Crossbow - found as loot, most powerful, slowest. Uses bolts. Bow - found as loot, second most powerful, 2nd slowest. Uses Arrows. Homemade Bow - crafted (2 planks, 1 bandage, glue/duct tape etc, Carpentry LV2). Third most powerful, equal fastest. Uses Arrows. Arrows can be crafted (Duct tape, Kitchen knife, Arrow shafts from plank and saw, Feathers from pillows, Carpentry LV1) Sling - crafted (2 bandages). Least powerful, equal fastest. Uses stones, found in bins. If anyone has any ideas for more features, please reply to this thread! Download Here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/18741755/PZ%20Mods/Fletchery%20Updated-1.2.zip Changelog: Version 1.2: Updated for Build 27Added skill requirements - Woodwork LV1 for arrows, LV2 for bows.Bows are now 2-handed weaponsLooted bows and crafted bows use the same arrows, and normal arrows are made through crafting.This mod now overwrites vanilla duct tape, wood glue etc. so they have many more usesMade everything rarer once more, closer to vanilla weapons (let me know if it's too harsh)Fixed a couple of bugs! Version 1.1: Reduced spawn rates of items, let me know if the new ones are too harsh!Reduced weight of ammo, increased weight of weapons.Rebalanced recipes, should work better now. Also takes more realistic amounts of time.Fixed a typo in the mod.info file. Bug Fixes: Firing sounds now actually play! Version 1.0: Updated to be compatible with build 23Bows now require reloadingAdded IconsStill no models, impossible in current state of Zomboid Known bugs: None!
  3. Guille


    The thing: So, now that the aiming skill is working I think it would be nice to be able to Practice it. At the moment I think that the only way to improve your aiming skill is going out and killing zombies and that boders me a little,I would really love to be able to improve my aiming without leaving my safehose. Real life shooters spend more time at the shooting range than actually shooting people and they get a really good aiming... So I think it would be nice to see this introduced in the game. I know, ammunation is not much, and the noice is a problem, but think about it when ARCHERY is added to the game, assuming that you can re-use or craft arrows both problems are solved and you have a funny and usefull whay to kill time. How it would work: You should be able to Craft some kind of dummy or target using wood, nails, hammer and whatever the developers decide. Then just place it where you whant and start shooting at it , or maybe to make it easy right click on it and then click on "Train" from a Pop-up menu. Not overpowered: To avoid this for becoming overpowered it would be good to just be able to train your aiming or archery skill only To lvl 3 while using this method, so you will be obligated to go out and serch for a real fight to become a real master... Thanks you all for reading and sorry for my bad English...
  4. This is an idea I see everywhere that would not work for one simple reason: realism The types of wood that make up the forests in-game are not suitable for making a bow, typically you need something like ash or yew (those two grow in the U.K. and not in Kentucky.) Hickory, maybe oak if your hardcore. otherwise your "bow" will just bend a little bit and snap. However, pvc is an excellent bow making source as long as: A: You use the right size and type. B: You include the stuff that actually makes pvc, you know a bow. and C: you don't seriously screw up and kill yourself. There are two main types of pvc bows, the flattened bow, and the fiberglass rod bow. The fiberglass rod bow you basically cut some fiberglass poles into the right lengths and shove them down the pvc pipe. The flattened bow requires a heat source and a flattening bar (basically just a 2-by-4 with some stuff added on) and makes much better bows than fiberlgass rods will. I suppose you could use a plain pvc pipe but it will collapse after 2-3 shots.flattened bows have draw weights that range anywhere from 10-80 pounds (eighty is along the lines of an medieval english longbow). Sorry if this is hard to read I am pressed for time. Source: I have done a ton of research on this stuff, and have made a few bows.
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