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Found 15 results

  1. Perhaps the game should have the opportunity to carry a short weapon in each hand, increasing the skill in terms of firearms and they can in turn lower the precision when you carry 2 pistols
  2. I have an idea for this beta 41, They could add a new way of carrying weapons in hand, what I mean is that you can carry a two-handed pistol when you are not aiming like in Resident Evil but make it an option, either by improving the ability to aim or maybe choosing a role like that of the police, but that somehow gives you the option of being able to change the way he takes up arms while not shooting
  3. Hi everyone, this is my first suggestion, so it's probably going to be incredibly bad anyway... Oh well, let me begin Like it or not, but vehicles are too overpowered. I've been able to kill more than 1000 zombies with a single car, and it's still going! The problem with vehicles in Project Zomboid is that running over zombies at slow speeds is very effective and barely does any damage to the car at all. It is shown and explained well in this Video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mb76jxMBWpw (Yes, this does also work for really large hordes, I tried
  4. Will they be affected by rain? Like your car can skid/get out of control if you turn to hard when it's raining? Maybe some roads are slippery and some aren't depending on where they are located and what type of terrain it is. Snow could mess your engine up in the winter if you don't run your car's engine at all as freezing it will cause damage which would then be repaired with a high mechanic skill and might even need replacement parts. Maybe your character's visibility is decreased when raining and snowing unless the wipers are on. These could all be helpful if you think vehicles
  5. After going through the list of occupations over on the wiki here recently, there were some suggestions I wanted to make regarding what I would like to see with both existing professions and future professions I would like to see in-game. I think it's worth noting that all of this is in my opinion, and would have to be tried and tested to ensure everything is properly balanced and fair for both gameplay and fun; there were several professions I either thought were fine as is/didn't know what additions could be made, and some I do not regularly play (such as Electrician, Engineer, and Metalwork
  6. I decided to gather up a lot of comments today on Youtube of people's suggestions for the clothing and animations update, shorten them up, and compile them in a single forum. Please note that all these ideas are from the majority of people, and not just from me. Giving you a heads up of what the community thinks should be added. NOTE:This is not to add on to the current progress of the great, hard working, already busy, devs. I do not want them to take this as more pressure or work "To-Do". These are just suggestions after all, not something that should be in the game if the devs wish to
  7. I saw this video of a martial artist showing zombie self-defence. Maybe it could serve as inspiration for actions with the animations update. It could go with the self-defence class trait and the veteran profession. Maybe there could even be a "trained martial artist" trait.
  8. Hi I thought this game can be much more funny with animations when you sleeping resting etc i think its much good than just loading bar ^^ sorry for my bad english i wish i tell much more thing about it . Please comment your thoughts.
  9. Hi, i that you are working on optimalisation and balancing but i think it is about time to make something for better atmosphere in game. First thing is more various clothes with simple logos and letters, maybe camo colour, few outfits and hoodies that u can unzip. Few hats like baseball hat, fullcap and something similar to rick's hat from The Walking dead. Few camuflages and the most important thing, bags. This will help with expression of self and add a lot of atmosphere to game. Secound thing is animations, just simple animations like lying, sitting on a ground and chairs, maybe hands
  10. These are small additions to the game that would help with the immersion, and vibe in the game. Eating Animation, as it is now you do a thousand yard stare as you chow down, why not show a generic animation of bringing that sammich right to your gullet.Show backpacks,hiking bags, on your character. As it is now it is left up to you to guess where he is hiding that bag. PVP, you'd be like, "Ah he has that spiffo bag I've always wanted.", or "Man, he has a huge hiking bag I bet he has supplies."Sitting Animations. Right now if you are playing MP everyone stands around idle at nite, or doing wa
  11. I have had this idea creeping around the back of my head for a while, and now that Martin the lovely Animation Man is on board, I think the timing couldn't be more accurate. What I am talking about is, as title suggest, Idle Animations. A series of animations that the character would do when left unattended for some time. Like, when you don't move your character for some time, he would pull a map/piece of paper from his backpack/pocket, and start to look at it, while sometimes scratching his head, or turning the map upside down. Or your character would start to beat his leg on the ground
  12. I know this isn't facey book but like this if you got the Joke in the title Any back to business. I've briefly pointed this out in another STD...I mean SGT and I told you I would make a post about this later on, so enjoy and make some comments about this. (I'm sorry for saying that I will not post a suggestion today but got to excited anyway...) I've been playing this game for far too long with fallout 3 Interactions/animations that my character holds against every little thing he stuffs in his mouth, opens up or basically does. I hate the feel that some creepy ghost is my characters best
  13. Hello. So the other day I was thinking about some stuff that I think should come to PZ soon. Here's a Few (Feel free to leave your own in the comments.) 1. More improvised weapons. This should be added soon, because it adds a more survival-y feel. Things like knives on a stick (could be made by sawing a plank into 4 sticks) and duct tape to tape them together and make a spear (Like a knife but with more range) and could break easier but can be repaired with duct tape. 2. More non-improvised weapons. We need more of these as well. Aluminium bats for one, break easier but is easier to find.
  14. So the graphics for this game are awesome, and i've noticed there are a lot of graphics which must have taken a ton of time to make. I am making an Isometric game right now, and it is taking forever to hand-draw every single animation, and direction. Are there any programs or methods that are used to shorten this process?
  15. So I just wanted to bring up a little thing that's niggling at me- I'd like to see a few different 'types' of attacks from zombies. We have different speed zombies and different looking zombies, now we just need a bit of new behavior. Without further ado, here's what I wanted to see: Grabbing (we have this now, should slow you but do no damage) Scratching (a swinging motion, light damage, can be blocked by heavy clothing) Biting (can only be done at very close range, heavy damage, blocked by hard clothing/armor) Tackling (a long distance lurching motion that knocks you and the zombie d
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