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  1. Hi everyone, I'm starting in PZ modding and I'm struggling by trying to find out where is the code funcionality that moves a zombie when it is hiting or pushing by the player. I want to develop a mod that allows zombies to keep walking when you hit or push them, something like RE2 remake zombies., I have been days looking for it but I still don't know where I need to go. Please help ;) Regards!
  2. I've been thinking of making some project zombiod animations but I don't know where to start, like you know an SFM or something of that sort.
  3. I would like to do something using this knowledge but I have no idea how it works
  4. Is there any way to add completely new animations to certain zombies? I don't want to replace animations, just want to change walk/attack animations for new zombie types i plan on adding.
  5. When Zombies are attacking windows - the Spear can do a ground stab animation Unrelated Details: One zombie started in "laying down resting position and got up" the other zombie walked from nearby. I was Host Normal Spear no attachments Location is Westpoint Bar under the Gunstore on North East corner of westpoint Windows had 4 plank barricade
  6. I was interested in getting into making Project Zomboid look a little better. I wanted to start off with simple stuff, like grass swaying and other visual features. I know that PZ has a feature of when wind picks up; ferns, grass, and trees sway in the wind. I was wondering where this code lies, as I wanted to try and reverse engineer the functionality for other features. Or, is there a function/parameter I could hook into with a script that allows me to control this? Some pointers on where to start looking is all I'm asking for! Thank you!
  7. * Version 41.71 * Singleplayer / Multiplayer * No mod * New Save * Reproduction steps: just shoot fast while standing still or moving 1. animAngle does not change in aim state. a. but animAngle changes when its in turning state. b. shooting replaces turning state thus, rapid fire create strange jittering in rapid fire cycle. 2. animAngle does changes in strafe state. a. because of this, unlike aim state, strange jittering is not happening in strafe. Affected Gameplay Experience: Inconsistent accuracy Unresponsive User Input ---- Aim 2022-05-22 00-06-42.mp4 Strafe 2022-05-22 00-06-48.mp4 2022-05-22 00-06-42.mp4 2022-05-22 00-06-42.mp4
  8. The idea is to modernize the furniture moving system, which is a little complicated, takes time and its unrealistic. With 3D furniture + push animation you could just grab the side of any furniture and drag it free at any angle, that goes for cars too. obviously it all depends on your character's strength and well being.
  9. Basicaly i was killing zeds with a spear. I was suddenly facing a horde and some sprinter zombies, so i decided to sprint to the opposite direction while holding the spear so i could kill the incoming sprinters without the horde being too close. Now here comes the issue. The sprinter that was like 2 tiles behind me somehow made me spearcharge into the empty space ahead of me. Even tho the sprinter was right behind me. This made my character stand still and get mauled by the horde. So the issue is: Player does spearcharge attack to any zombie near them, not infront of them. Suggestion: The player shouldnt stand still while spearchargeing a zombie. Suggestion2: The player needs to press another button to spearcharge while sprinting. Sorry for my bad english.
  10. For a few updates now (I think it's ever since the update where animation cancelling was added) , when using a double handed weapon, (e.g. an axe, or a baseball bat) the miss attack animation has often played when the character isn't missing. I'm talking about the animation where one hand flys off of the weapon, which (I assume) should only play when you miss an attack. I have found it playing on the first hit of a zombie, then subsequent hits play the correct animation (usually). Apologies if this has already been reported, but seeing how long it's been around, I hope it get's fixed soon.
  11. Hi, Indy stone, I noticed the pose when a player stands with a gun and a flashlight, for some reason it seems a little strange to me. So, I think you know about the recent remake of Resident evil 2, when Leon sometimes holds his hands in a cross, can you try to do the same? I think it will look cool. Why did I suggest this idea? I just thought, you guys kind of adding a little bit of animation, maybe listen and try to do? But if you dont want , you can just make a craft (SORRY IF I DOUBLED A MESSAGE I JUST FORGOT ADD SECOND PICTURE ;-;)
  12. I was hoping the 41.40 update would fix it, but maybe it got missed ? Anyway, here are some clips to show the issue : sometimes when hitting a zombie, the character freezes in place (you can see the legs/feet moving but the character stays in the same place) until the "hit" animation is over, making you vulnerable. It only seems to happen with 1-handed/handled weapons. The "movement disruption" is enabled, and this is a world I created after the last update. 1.mp4 2.mp4
  13. I mean animation + stopping running for a bit. --e.g. player:Fall() --would be helpful There are some unknown functions but they don't work: player:setFallOnFront() player:fallenOnKnees() -- adds blood player:setbFalling() player:setFallTime()
  14. Axe (FireAxe) in each hand.
  15. Hello again . I came here today to come up with a few suggestions about animations. They talk about a diseased man with his arm cut in the NNR channel on the radio. (Around the 10th day) I think it should be put into the game, that is, I think it should be added in zombies without arms, legs and hands. maybe in bullet-wounded zombies (the hole may be full). It wouldn't be bad if you revisit my previous suggestion. because the bodies leaning against the wall may be better than those passing through the wall :D. I'm saying it again, this is just a suggestion, I know it's hard, love all pz crew ❤️
  16. I think the human character and zombies death animation should be corrected. For example, when we shoot and kill a zombie, it lies directly on the ground. but I think it must first gush blood (from where we hit), then slowly fall down (like the twd game), and when the character is killed by the zombie, I think blood from the zombies bite (even if he bites without dying). Finally, I think the corpses should it not pass through the wall. should lean against the wall. yes, it's not as easy as wanting to do these things, these are just suggestions and things that will make the game more beautiful if it is done. good work pz team to all of you with love ❤️
  17. everything ok but the doors are not ok, this patch (build 41) is about all animation (I think) so ı think you need add a doors opening and closing animations too and car doors. a another idea is broking doors, its very basic (this build) doors gone just planks. if you can add broken door animation (on the floor) please add this. than survivors craft them to planks with saw or axe. it s all just idea have good working al pz crew ❤️
  18. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/136501320340209664/636321143376052225/unknown.png I don't know how it's done where you're from, but you normally fill a pot from the top..
  19. Whenever zeds shamble over a fence, any attacks made against them will be standing attacks instead of the ground attacks despite the zed models clearly being on the ground for a while. This attack then immediately snaps the zed back into a standing position, adding to the jank factor. This is as opposed to zeds shambling over a window where you'll do the expected ground stomp/downward weapon attack once they get through. Unfortunately, this behavior also isn't perfect for windows. If there's furniture on one side of the window (counter/bed/etc.), any zeds climbing over that furniture will count as standing as well, similar to the fence behavior.
  20. While crouching, holding right-click to look around stand you up. no good
  21. The way Cooking Pots are filled with water (left in the scrrenshot) and how we eat out of a Cooking Pot (right) appear to be somewhat counter-productive.
  22. This is from the upcoming sequel for Survivalist. Its called survivalist 2 and it is a zombie game that i've been following just like project zomboid. Can you add some of the features that is shown in this video? This makes the combat more complicated and not dull like what we have today. project zomboid melee pvp is not good you just press the key and wait for the first one to die
  23. Heya Everyone, so let's get right to it. Seeing the new video with the "potential" clothing I noticed that the way they had big gowns/dresses animated (As is most common to see, people usually just bind the dresses to the legs and therefore get these big pants which are supposedly dresses, even though they act completely like pants, bound to the bone structure and therefore easier to fit into animations (So you don't need to animate new animations for the dresses)) Now while I understand why they would do this, I would like to suggest another option. Have restrictive dresses. Now before you go crazy, there are some restrictive and some not-restrictive dresses, the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 6th are probably the most restrictive and I would suggest making it so you can only walk in them (or crouch, but no running) which makes it so we won't see clipping, but holding the bottom of the dress to the ground (as shown on the bottom "animation", that way it seems much more like dresses instead of big pants which only really look good if you're standing still. I would suggest animating the dresses (or part of them, to just drag along the ground, thinking along something like the Villager (woman) from Warcraft 3 if anyone can remember, it seems much more like a dress and doesn't break the aesthetics of the game. So wearing a beautiful dress would let you look stunning, but would restrict you to walking/crouching, and maybe climbing through a window, but never down/up ropes or any of the other crazier animations. And if things become grim you can always just rip it and suddenly you can do all the normal things you could do before. Just please, let's not go the route of big trumpet pants, then I rather you just keep to dresses like the dark blue which is just a polygon in between the legs. (also please add heels )
  24. Hi, I'm trying to build a mod. First try. My objective is to craft something like the "lamp on a pillar", but with a tree branch and some rags. I already have made a simple craftable torch made of wood and ripped sheets, with translations. This torch currently behaves like a "lit candle": it emits light if held in hand. That was the easy part, but this is not what I had in mind... Now, I'd like to improve a few things: Ability to place the torch on the ground (vertically and using a menu option, just like the wooden cross) Ability for said placed torch to emit light (for base lighting) [optional] Ability to animate said placed torch This is important for base lighting at night, if one does not wish to rely on "lamp on a pillar". Any advice / links to relevant resources / names of events/functions to look up in order to accomplish that? Is it possible at all using modding? Thanks!
  25. There was some weeks, due to the lake of interest in actuals games, I replay to fallout (nostalgy !!!).... It seems you like bloodshed, could be add some critical death hit animation as fallout ? "his favorite" is the favorite for all i think.... Or after that, the first to do this dynamicaly is soldiers of fortune. There is an animations planned for simple actions ? (all of this with passe-partout animation) as : sit down / sleep use / pick up / put ( I think again to the standard animation of fallout, it is standard, but there is an animation !!!) build (wood with hammer striking, metal with blowtorch firing), saw drink, cook, eat use rope / ladder shovel for grave and farm foraging
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