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Found 22 results

  1. Sources posted below. In 1993, Kentucky's primary crop was tobacco. Its secondary crops were beef & dairy. Knox County itself had three types of commodities in 1988: tobacco, beef, and dairy. By 1993 the dairy farmers had stopped exporting. Jefferson County itself was almost 100% tobacco by 1993, along with nearby counties. It would be nice if these tobacco & beef farmers were represented ingame instead of having corn everywhere. There are a few major advantages to doing this: 1) It increases difficulty. Tobacco is not exactly edible like corn is. 2) Tobacco would not be easily converted into cigarettes. In Kentucky, most farmers cut & cured the tobacco themselves. They would harvest it, chop it into the valuable parts, hang it in a barn to dry, then take it all to an auction warehouse to be sold. 3) Tobacco farming has its own tools. These tools are generally (besides the machete) not very useful for combat. 4) Beef cattle could work well with the new animal system coming up. These cattle would may have some zombie problems and/or starve and/or freeze and/or become a tasty snack and/or use their fierce hooves & horns to maul a player since the whole Zombie Apocalypse thing may make cattle less friendly toward humanity.... 5) Beef cattle do not produce much milk, making them less useful. Moreover, short of players having freezers set up or curing methods set up, a lot of their meat could go to waste. 6) It would enable you to make very spooky barns. Whether they're dark slaughterhouses full of dead cattle from a zombie that snuck in before panicked cattle broke down the doors & ran, or hard to see rooms full of hanging tobacco leaves a zombie could be lurking in to ambush the player, there's lots of options! It would also help with the players asking for tobacco seeds. Kentucky historically HAD lots and lots of these seeds. Farmers also grew corn, tomatoes, and cantaloupe but these were all less common. A farm co-op near Knox County, Cumberland Farm Products in Monticello KY, also was known for paying farmers well to produce cabbage, bell peppers, and tomatoes. This area was a tourist area too, with many Ohioans descending upon Lake Cumberland. Locally these out of states were known as the Ohio Navy for all the camping & boating they did. Source: https://uknowledge.uky.edu/gradschool_diss/576/ mainly around pages 102-103, and maps a dozen or so pages back.
  2. Would be cool if we got new trapping system since animals like rats, rabbits, squirrels etc. gonna may be in the game (animals will interact with traps, for example: stepping into them, geting scared of other animals being trapped and so on).
  3. Since wildlife is a planned feature for future builds, I'd like to make two remarks about it. What triggered me for writing this post are various ideas/suggestions related to PZ and animals posted here on the TIS forum and elsewhere in the web. 1. WOLVES: I've seen various posts which among other things suggest that the devs should add wolves to the game. Problem: There are no wolves in present day (including early 90s) Kentucky. Historically they were present in Kentucky but have long been extinct there by now. As a compromise, wolves could be introduced after a certain amount of in-game time like after several months or even years. This might be in accordance with the idea that after civilization collapse and the lack of humans, nature slowly becomes more diverse and animals "claim back" their old habitat. Speaking of large predators which could potentially be a threat to humans, there is only one type which is present in current day Kentucky: bears (more precisely: black bears). I am not sure about their population in the early 90s and I am not sure whether they can also be found in the Muldraugh/Louisville area where the game takes place but I think adding them would not be completely against reality as it is the case for wolves. Thinking about "dangerous" animals which could potentially be a threat to humans brings me to my second remark: 2. DANGER OF WILDLIFE TO HUMANS: A lot of posts suggest that predators could serve as a new type of enemy to the player besides the zeds. It is a common trope in video games that predators like wolves or bears attack any human player on sight and it is understandable from a game design perspective that they do so (for variety of enemies). However, even for larger predators like bears this is a rather unrealistic behavior. Besides a few exceptions, most predators are quite shy and try to avoid humans. This also applies to bears (and even more to wolves). To get an idea of how rare such an attack is, you might check the Wikipedia article "List of fatal bear attacks in North America" and a similar one for wolves. The black bear for example has roughly between 0 and 2 fatal attacks per year in North America (US and Canada). Since a strong point of Zomboid is realism (except for zombies ofc) and since I think this realism should also apply to the depiction of wildlife, my suggestion here is that the rarity of animal attacks should be taken care of when introducing animals. Instead of making it so that the woods are full of bears (and maybe wolves) which constantly attack the player on sight, it might be closer to reality if those animals are rather seldom and when a player encounters them, the probability of an attack should be very, very low. In most cases, they should simply run away.
  4. Hello. My proposition is to have more moodles when we have interaction with animals and npc. I know that we get angry trait if we piss some npc and that u have more stuff as devs in mind. So Hear me out. U can get sick if u spend to much Time in sick enviorement like dead body around or with sick animal/Npc. U can prevent to get sick if u use meds like vitamins or eat proper food like hot chicken broth that will get ur resistence to sickness like flu/cold or Speed up recovery. Ideas for New moodles and condytions: - injured head - U can Black out any moment if u go to sleep There is a Chance that u dont Wake up never again eye - depends nie devastating that injury is u can get short sign, less Vision radius, less narrow Vision when running, pain, or even lost of sight ear - short hear range, Panic Sound will be louder or u can get deff trait, Body parts - u can loose permamently a peace of ur body like a finger, eye, ear, teeth, arm, leg for a Chance to survive sickness, infections etc we could get prostetic Sickness Flu - U can catch it from others and is a cl9nd on steroids + pain and fever Fever - usualy we use sick moodle icon as information that something is wrong with pc i would l8ke to change it on fever if pc is sick or infected. Fever give us a higher body temp, trist and concentration problems soon Time of sick pc get traits like all thumbs or asthmatic with slower swings and mood modificators meaby even halucinations if our pc is realy weak. Skin - If u get skin sickness u can get thin skin trait or something that other npc will treat u bad. Heart atack - part of high exhaustion or paniced condytuon for longer period of Time a big blood loss or no medication if pc have heart condytion. Halucinations - can be a trait itself that u need to consume meds to not get panic atacks, mood swings or visions of zombies it can be a moodle connected to high fever, or some food or weed types. There is a mod that add schisofrenia but i think Halucinations from food or sicknes is better. Cant be
  5. Hello everyone! We, the Offmonreal, small indie dev team. We already have experience in development, last year we released our first game on Steam. Now we have created our first mobile game. This is a test version.It called "Cat Vasya vs. Zombies" )). This is a shooter, where you need to hit the zombie animals and save your friends. The game contains 11 levels. More in the future. If you like it, and we see opportunities for further development, then wait for more varied levels. What we want to ask you: to conduct testing, there may be bugs, but the main thing for us is your opinion about mechanics, style and result in general.We will be very grateful and thank you. Sorry for eng translate)) Download: Google Play
  6. I am a pacifist (When it comes to animals) and an animal lover but I'd love to have a fox pet and to still be able to enjoy the presence of animals without killing them. I realize that taming adult wild animals is unrealistic and unfeasible but I have a different idea. I propose a system where you can find baby animals and raise them, the baby animal will then trust you and not run away from you. That way you could eventually have a fox or deer pen. I think this is a nicer alternative to hunting but it also gives animals a purpose for those who just wants them around. What do you think? (Also please include Foxes)
  7. Wolf Sounds If you are searching for the perfect wolf ringtones, then we have to offer you Wolf Sounds app. Here you will find great wolf howling sounds and amazing wolf growling ringtones. All the sounds are fantastic and totally realistic. You will have the feeling that you hear a real wolf howling. Download this free app and you will see that.Hello, all you fans and lovers of wolves. We have the honor to present to you the most beautiful wolf ringtones in the world. With Wolf Sounds app you will have a fantastic collection of wolf howling sounds and wolf growling ringtones. So, if you are fascinated with these beautiful and powerful animals, then this animal ringtones app is the right app for you. Features of Wolf Sounds :- Fantastic ringtones for Android™- Popular SMS ringtones- Great wolf howling sounds- Powerful wolf growling sounds- The best notification sounds- Amazing wolf ringtones- The best alarm sounds- Huge collection of wolf sounds- Widget on home screen- Free ringtones app- Fantastic animal ringtones- TimerShow other people your fascination with wolves with best ringtones app. Now it’s easy and it’s completely free. Another great thing is that you can set some of wolf howl sounds as ringtone or contact ringtone. Also, you can set some wolf growling ringtone as message tone or alarm sound. One thing is sure. We have collected only the best wolf ringtones and we put them in just one Wolf Sounds app. It’s up to you to decide which one is the best. Compatibility: Wolf Sounds app has been tested on the following devices: Huawei p9 and p9 lite, Xiaomi Redmi 3 and 4, Oppo plus and f1s, Xiaomi Mi 6, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, S6, S7 and S8, Samsung Galaxy j2 and j7, Sony Xperia Z2 Z3 Z4 Z5 and so on. Some people are fascinated by wolves, others are afraid of them, but no one can remain indifferent when they hear a powerful wolf howling sound. It doesn’t matter which group you belong to, the one thing is sure – you should have Wolf Sounds app on your Android™ phone. And you know why? Because these ringtones are the most beautiful animal sounds in the world. So, don’t waste your precious time anymore and download free ringtones app now! COLLAPSE COLLAPSE
  8. I read a while back that the devs were thinking about adding deer to hunt, not sure what the progress is on that. I was thinking, there's all these farms around Redwood with chicken coops and other animal enclosures, wouldn't these animals still be around? It would add so many levels of gameplay. - zombies could attack the animals initially, chasing them out of their enclosures and also causing more noise and disturbance. This could make for great early-game distractions for those who like more zombies but want a slightly easier start. - the animals would mostly die after a couple of in-game months for lack of food, and they'd get skinnier and provide fewer calories over time. Maybe some could find food and live longer - for example, some could find the corn field near Muldraugh. [This reminds me, why are there so few crop fields like this one? And why do they go rotten so quickly? But that's another suggestion for a Farming overhaul...] - taming should be an option, depending on Farming skill - cows will be easy targets for zombies and many won't survive, but those who make it can live off the land forever. They could be easiest to tame but harder to find, and you won't want to slaughter them unless it's an emergency, so they'll only be good for milk. You could "tame" them just by attaching a rope to them, but you'll them have to lead them all the way back to your base... - chickens could provide meat and eggs but attract zombies in the morning. Breeding would be easier (but eggs are already pretty plentiful). Cereal or popcorn to tame, leave a trail into a wire cage. There'd be fewer chickens in the world initially, but they can't be caught by zombies, just chased away. However they won't last long in the wild (maybe natural predation?) - pigs would be hardest to find, hardest to tame (you'd need fresh apples or something) and would take longer to breed and then rear, but could potentially have a big litter of piglets. - to hunt these and wild animals, you'd have to be either great at sneaking and use a spear, or use a bow and arrow (please add!), but this wouldn't kill them outright. You'd have to track their blood trail, which along with the noise would attract zombies. - also, future potential for using animal skins to make warm clothes. EDIT: oh, also - horses?
  9. And hello again! At present, hunting in the game is realized very mediocrely. Perhaps, of course, the developers are just waiting for a new animation system. Anyway, I think that the entire PZ community would be very happy to fill empty forests and fields with someone other than zombies. Just imagine what opportunities it gives? Battle with bears, wolves or wild dogs? Chases after hares and deer? Maybe you can even tame any animal! Remember the film «I'm a legend» Of course catch up with such an animal will not be easy, but it will be very fun, especially if the zombie will also participate! It will also be a real migration of zombies, although I think zombies must periodically lag behind the animal or the animal should be eaten by them. Probably it looks rather difficult, because this work has so many different complicating factors and side branches. Balance, animation, textures etc... In addition, we have not yet seen in the game NPC, but the animals could serve as a experimental rabbit, sorry for the pun. All it seems simply incredible and delicious! Sorry for my English Yours faithfully, the guy from cold Russia.
  10. Welcome. This is another one of my many LONG posts as you may know. So as normal I would like to thank you for taking a look at this and warning you, it will be a long post. Now I would like to get to the post so here we go. Let’s start off with a list of the wild animals. · Bear- this is a hostile animal. It takes a good amount of hits to kill and deals massive damage. It can scratch, bite, and stomp. It will only attack if it is defending cubs, defending a kill, has been attacked, or is hungry. They will hunt other large animals but will retreat if they know they can’t win. (Against animals) they will also try to eat food lying on the ground and will fight off zombies. They will rarely spare your life. · Wolf- these animals are pack hunters. They attack in groups but are not the strongest. They will attack for food, protecting territory, and even if they just see you. They are faster than you and can deal a good amount of damage alone. They do bite and scratch with bites dealing the most damage. They will either die fighting or attempt to run. Otherwise they are taking you down. · Coyote- These animals much like Wolfs do eat in meat and attack in pairs. They are a bit smaller and weaker than wolfs as well as a bit more kind towards people. They are not as likely to attack unless starving or attacked. They will go more towards houses in the woods as time passes. They both bite and scratch but mostly bite. These animals are also about the same speed as a wolf. · Badger- This small animal lives in burrows around the woods. They are aggressive and will fight off you and much bigger predators. They will bite and scratch doing some damage but can be killed with a few swings of a bit or a gunshot. They will find food like worms and grubs but foraging but will raid your traps if available. Also if they eat rotting fruit they become intoxicated. It does bite and scratch but it is not life threatening. · Deer- This animal is very skittish and prey to most hunters. It does not attack but tends to flee if you are spotted. The males do have horns and will fight off predators if needed too but this is not a concern. It can be taken down with a good shot but can take a few if unskilled. · Fox- This is another animal much like they wolf and Coyote. These animals will hunt alone and are rarely in any group. Like the wolf they do bite and scratch but tend to go for smaller prey. They will fight if backed into a corner. They do try to scavenge kills and are cunning. They will attack in a smarter way then a wolf or coyote. They do deal about the same damage as a coyote and can take the same amount of damage. · Skunks- This animal is neutral. It will try to run at first but then if fails at running will spray a foul spray leaving your character smelling awful making you sad and annoyed while alerting Z’s of your location and making most animals flee from miles away. The animal can only spray so many times before being unable to do so. It can scratch and bite but these are of no major threat besides pain. They are nocturnal and sleep in burrows during the day. They also eat small bugs and berries. It also will defend from predators. They still can only see about 3 tiles (since they only see about 10 feet irl.) · Moles- These animals are rare to see but can be found while digging in burrows. They are pretty much passive besides taking from gardens and making burrows. · Raccoon- These smart little critters are a whole heap of trouble. They are neutral so they will only attack if they are attacked. They can get into creates if unlocked as well as garbage cans. They will only attack if cornered but will commonly run. They also will attempt to steal anything food related. · Beaver- This animal is a passive anima found near rivers and will attempt to cut down trees. They can bite but only at really close range. They are more or less semiaquatic rats. · Mice/rats- Mice are small animals that will infest your home if you leave food around or dropped. They are very uick breeders and can also chew wires causing some problems. Rats are a bit stronger and tougher. They bite harder, will chew wires, steal food, and will leave droppings around that could be toxic to be around making you sick. · Bobcats/mountain lions- These animals are like wolves but faster, tougher, and rely on scratched more than biting. They also can climb up trees and can be found in numbers from one to three. · Bats- These are like birds but will appear at night. · Birds- These fly through the sky diving to pick up bugs and small rodents. They also may land on occasion and eat but rarely. · Shrews- These are like badges but smaller and weaker. They also scratch rather than bite and cause long lasting pain. They can’t see very far however. · Rabbits- these animals are meant to be hunted. They are passive, fast and live in burrows. They also can be trapped. · Wild dogs- these are stray dogs. They slowly become more like wolves as each day go by. They can act different depending on the species of dog that they were and how long they have survived. · Stray cats- these much like dogs may change over time but are typically more skittish and faster. · Small lizards- These are small lizards that can be eaten and trapped. They are passive and will scurry around when approached. · Moose- this is like a deer with horns but will charge on sight. They are aggressive and will charge and trample you. They are also stronger than deer and are slightly faster. · Horse- This is a passive animal that will change as the apocalypse goes on. · Cow- These large animals will run from predators but remain very passive throughout life. They can also be milked for milk. · Chicken- These small birds are very fast and will scratch. They will also however lay eggs and are good for food themselves. They are really just oversized birds. · Goats- These are small mammals that will run from predators but can’t really do much besides charge with very little damage. They can however be milked. · Sheep- these are goats but instead of making milk they grow puffy fur. · Squirrels- These evil little creatures are passive. They will steal things like nuts from the ground and scurry back to the safety of the trees. They are pretty much mice that climb trees. · Turkey- These animals are quick and agile but will not attack. They are passive and prefer to run. They cannot fly but they can manage to jump up over certain objects. These animals are easy to kill if you can catch them. They will eat things like berries and other small food items. · Porcupine- this small mammal is passive and will avoid conflict. If startled it will fire small barbs that can stick into your skin causing pain. It can only do this so many times but will attempt to flee after firing the first time. It is best to kill from range. · Box turtle- The turtle is a small animal much like the frog but has a shell. It will commonly be found by the water and is normally found hidden in its shell. It can’t just be killed by certain melee weapons. It can however be butchered if caught/picked up. · Snapping turtle- This is a variation of a turtle that does attack. It attacks by biting. It has a thick shell protecting it from some melee weapons. It will bite if approached. It can be found on land or water. · Crayfish- this is an animal that can be caught and trapped in the water. It can pinch and cause very minor damage and slight pain for a moment. · Toad- This animal is like the frog but tastes awful if eaten raw and will cause sickness unless cooked. · Frogs- These animals are just an animal that can be found, captured, and eaten. · Snake- This is an average snake. It will not bite unless cornered. It is quick and not easy to find. It does look similar to the poisonous variant but still has few differences. They will also try and steal from traps or eat prey available on the ground. · Venomous snake- this is just like the snake but a single bite can be deadly. It will hunt more actively. It will go after large prey and will attack if approached. Now for the second part, now the pets and tamable animals. · Dogs- Lets start off with the best pet. (I am a dog person if you can’t tell) They come in many breeds. They can be poodle, Great Dane, German Shepard, Beagle, Dachshund, husky, Labrador retriever, bulldog, pugs, border collie, Pomeranian, basset hound, pointer, Dalmatian, Saint Bernard’s, and pit bulls. Over time the smaller dogs like pugs will die off. Some dogs that are larger are better offensive like the German Shepard. Others like the Pomeranians are louder but easier to be trained like the Pomeranian. Others like the pointers make good hunting dogs. But as time goes on dogs become more rare and harder to tame. The bigger stronger dogs will survive but also are more aggressive due to survival. · Cats- these smart animals come in 2 variations that I know of. Long or short haired. They are more skittish but also are good for catching birds and mice. They also are very agile and can climb up and over many things. ( I don’t know much and could use help here.) · Horses- These will eventually become more skittish and hard to tame. They can be ridden but need lots of hay and grass. · Rabbits- these fluffy puffs of fur are just here for food, or comfort. · Lizards- Like rabbits they are food or friend. · Snakes- These animals are just like passive snakes anyway but in a cage. · Small fish- Did anyone say sushi? · Box turtle- Food or friend once again. Now for the final part that will be updated over time. Sorry for any missing items. The ETC. column: Jobs · Veterinarian- This job costs -2 points but in returns gives +2 to the skill of animal first aid and +1 to animal training skill. · Dog trainer- This job costs +4 points but in return gives +3 to animal training. · Pest control- This job costs +2 and in return gives +3 trapping and +1 to tracking. · Farmer- This job already exists but now costs 0 and gives +1 to animal first aid. · Pet groomer- This job costs +6 and in return gives +1 to animal training skill and +1 to blade maintenance. · Hunter- This job costs -8 but in return gives you +2 sneaking, +2 light-footed, +2 tracking, and +3 aiming. Illnesses · Rabies- This illness infects though bites. It will kill over a period of 2-7 days. Animals will randomly contract it and become very thirsty and more aggressive. They will attack on sight or just run around berserk if infected. The meat from these animals may also be tainted and cause sickness. · Poisoned- This is the effect from being bitten by poisonous snakes. It will kill in anywhere between a few hours to 3 days. It will cause major pain and can’t be cured at the moment. Skills: · Animal first aid- This is the skill of healing animals after injuries. The higher the skill the faster you work and the quicker they will heal. At higher levels you can start to help larger animals. · Animal training- This is the skill of training animals. The higher your skill the faster you train animals and the better they will listen. Once you get to animal training level 6 you can tame horses and then ride them. · Tracking- This is the skill of following animals and detecting where they have gone. This doesn’t just apply to animals though. So watch your back. Features: Animal’s attraction and repulsion- Animals will be attracted to things like food, open shelter, or safe nesting areas. On the other hand animals will be repelled from things like the smell of smoke or fire. Some avoid loud noises and others are attracted to them. Each animal is attracted and repelled to many different things. Animal’s necessities- All animals need an array of basic needs from food, to shelter, to water. Each animal must have food, shelter, water, and warmth. They will not live in an area where they can’t get ahold of these things easily. Some animals will also look for things like premade shelters like burrows and logs while others will dig burrows or dig into logs. Each animal does have needs to set up home or to live there and if not met will leave or move away. New traps and items. (Descriptions coming later) · Dog collar · Dog bowl · Dry dog food · Dog treat · Cat treat · Chew toy · Squeaky Toy · Bone · Bell · Scratching post · Cat litter · Hay · Barrel trap · Laser pointer · Dog whistle · Yarn · Salt lick · Saddle · Muzzle · Leash · Harness · Shock collar · Animal Droppings · Sticky traps · Fly traps · Brush · Shears · Fishbowl · Rabbit cage · Chicken coup · Heat lamp · Bird seed · Bird feeder · Bird house · Animal pen · Potty pads Now as always this post has to end so I would like to thank you for taking the time to look at this and enjoy. Links: to my other ideas and posts. · Clothing ideas: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/14771-clothing/ · Temperature ideas: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/15925-tempature-system/
  11. Dear developers. When will you add animals? Please add the ability to merge gas from gas station when you have already connected the generator (with fuel).
  12. It'd be cool if you could use the foraging skill near the water to catch crabs, mussels, frogs, snakes,turtles ect. I'm honestly not sure if you would find most of those in KY so if anyone could make a list of animals or edible things you could find near the water by foraging that'd be great. EDIT: Perhaps you could use one of these near the sand and have a higher chance of catching clams and stuff. http://media.point2.com/p2a/htmltext/927f/c441/af4d/00be554b814ee4aea7b1/original.jpg Also maybe one of those cages used to catch crustaceans could be thrown into the water. This could add a whole new job to the game called "Crabber" or something better sounding. Again i'm not from the US so I have no idea what you would be able to catch and in what areas. EDIT: After reading some replies I thought maybe you could get a foot infection from walking around in the wet all day in the same shoes? Wearing wellies could prevent foot infections, heat loss from the water and also stop crawling zombies from scratching your lower legs and feet.
  13. You are cutting trees deep in the forest and a sudden roar fills the air. Next thing you see is a bear closing on you. You are foraging in a glade and a hissing sound alerts you to a nearby snake, ready to inject poison into your veins. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What do you fellow players think about dangerous animals idea? Since animals are already confirmed I think it would make a nice addition to actually have few dangerous species (bears, snakes, wolves, etc.). Those would attack a player only if he is not careful, or if he disturbs their nest. Dangerous animals could injure the player (light to serious injuries) - and that would add some opportunites to use medical skills without worrying about zombie infection.
  14. Hello everyone! you may remember me a few years back posting some ideas, it was a pretty popular thread, well i'm back with new ideas. Here we go! Respectful constructive criticism is appreciated! New game mechanics and medical issues! They're big, they're bad, and they can either help you to a great base, or lead you into your ultimate demise. Here's some game mechanics that i think should be added, and why: Renaming weapons: Have you ever wanted a gun named after you? Well today is your lucky day! In this feature you'd be enabled to rename guns and melee weapons, but unless you put a note next to it in a container saying "I AM HEAVY WEAPONS GUY, AND THIS IS MY WEAPON", others won't see the name as its a personal name. Reduced accuracy during night: Typically, if you go outside in day with a gun, and shoot a target, you'll do well. If you go outside at midnight without any lights, and try to shoot a target, especially a moving one, you won't do very well. Chronic pains: Sometimes, if you break a bone, or lose a large piece of your body, e.g. your hand or arm, It may mess with your body, to a point where you'll get chronic pains. Today, surgeries are available to correct this, except for ghost pains, but in the zombie apocalypse, the only surgery you can get with great success is your disembowelment via zombies. They sure love them intestines! Bone breaks that pierce the skin: Generally, this happens when the bone is entirely broken and the bone is moved out of place, and goes into the skin. If its sharp, it cuts it open, and causes incredible agony. Readable newspapers and pre-made journals: Although the devs won't add a starting time before the apocalypse, or while its happening, (at least not yet, they're full of surprises) this doesn't mean there's no backstory, or can't be! In order to help this, there should be readable newspapers and pre-made journals by other survivors, which can be taken from NPCs and their bases, or zombies you've killed. This would go very well with the new TV and Radio stations they're putting in soon, and NPCs could talk about it too! Weapons causing impaired turning: If you're holding a large gun, or something like a sledgehammer, you're gonna turn slightly slower than you would without it. In this case, a lighter gun, like a pistol or SMG would mean faster turning, and a bigger gun, like a large rifle or machine gun (which i highly doubt would be added) Dislocations: If you carry a very heavy load, or move a joint in a way its not supposed to move, sometimes it'll pop out of place. This will cause some pretty nasty pain and will need to be popped back into place. There are some tricks to pop a joint back in, depending on where it is, But if you throw out your back or pop your hip out of place, well, just hope you're not in a horde of zombies, and the next guy that finds you won't kill you. Guns, guns, guns! Guns, oh guns, the lifeblood of video games. Here's some that would make a good addition to the game, in my opinion, and a reason why: Semi-Auto AR-15: Yes, maybe it could be counted as "overpowered", but its a simple AR-15, semi auto, heck, maybe even with 20 round mag, plus they're pretty common! I think it would be good to bring at least one assault rifle, low powered at least, to the game. Potato cannon/Squirt gun: Why not? When you run out of bullets and melee weapons, use water and plants! Different type rifles, most older style, like M14s or M24s: They'd give a better variety to the guns alone, and give a more realistic feeling to it, but i could imagine them being rare. SMGs, Typically, smaller/weaker ones, like an MP7 20 round or an MP5k: This will give a new weapon variety, next to the AR-15, and other assault rifles if they're added, that may or may not be more common, and although would have a faster firing rate, they'd have more recoil and less accuracy, and they're low powered, since they use 9mm, and some 45. ACP. I'll explain more spawns for these in the new locations in this thread, so keep reading! New weapon accessories: Foregrip: Reduces recoil and muzzle climb. Gives a more solid grip on the weapon. Can be broken if using a plastic foregrip while panicked. Tactical Flashlight: Pretty self explanatory. Heavy barrel: A heavier variant of your current barrel, depending on the weapon. Reduces muzzle climb and improves overall accuracy. Retractable stock: Reduces carry weight and improves mobility. can increase or reduce recoil depending on skill with guns. Ergonomic grip: Reduces recoil. Increased comfort while using gun. Lighted sights: increased accuracy during night. Perhaps someone can mod in things like suppressors and what not if they haven't already, although the devs won't add it, it'd still be a great addition imo. New locations! Fort Knox: Yes i know this sounds a bit far-fetched, but i looked at muldraugh on google earth to compare it to the in game version, and i noticed, fort knox is right there (yes, i didn't know where it was, but i knew it was in kentucky), So it could be implemented in the game as a major military location, and yes, they're all dead. A military base, big or small, square or round: No zombie apocalypse is complete without a lootable military base. This, and Ft. knox, could be the house to a wide variety of weapons, including assault rifles, battle rifles, sniper rifles, SMGs, ect. And yes, they'd be a hotspot for hordes since generally when a zombie apocalypse happens, people are gonna run to the military for protection, which in this case, ultimately failed. Butcher's shops: A major place for all sorts of meats, with the exception of restaurants having them, but restaurants are overrated these days. When i was playing PZ once, we survived off of meat for five days! no, not really, but still, a butchery. Factories: Do you ever go to a warehouse and think "I wonder who put that there..." .....no? just me? Well, here's the solution: Factories! Although there wouldn't be many of them, a few would do a lot of good, and be a good place for finding, well, whatever they once produced or manufactured. Maybe a gun factory, to give parts for guns? *hint hint* Different types of animals, for when they're added. Here's some ideas: Horses: Tamed and/or tamable, they're a great method of transportation, but can be kinda loud, and can panic and run away, get sick, and all that bad stuff. Plus, you may want to ensure yours isn't eaten by a horde near a destroyed tank, which you'll have to crawl into to survive. oh i'm clever at references Dogs, but more in depth, different breeds and their unique skills: Some dog breeds have their own skills, most into which they were bred for. Lets talk about some of those: Golden retrievers: Well, its in their name. They find animals, and bring them to you. They're also great fetch players! German Sheppards and Pitbulls: Strong and loyal, these dogs will always win the fight! ... providing its a 1v1 situation. Chihuahuas: Great lapdogs! They're very nice and comforting, and can help if you're in pain or panicked/stressed, or just bored, you can play with them! But they don't fight too well, but they can bark as a warning of intruders, like all the other dogs, but still! Coyotes: I know this isn't a "Dog" technically, but it sort of is. These guys can be found somewhat deep into the woods, and tend to come in packs, but this is uncommon due to hunting and now the zombie threat. They can tend a pretty big threat anyways, as wolves can easily run you down and maul you, and can give you rabies if you survive. But maybe not... who knows? Now for other animals: Bears: Typically alone, and live deeeeeeep in the woods, they're incredibly strong and pretty fast, and unless you play dead, the probability of surviving is practically zero. But they're pretty big, so you would probably kill them before they kill you... hopefully. Snakes: They live in the woods, and some in the suburbs, and can be deadly, or just an annoyance. There are all types of snakes, and some can be poisonous, but they make some good eatin! The rest i would recommend would already be added, like deer and other such hunting animals, or don't live in that part of the country, so. Next: Zombies. Now you may be thinking "But aaaaxeeeellll, they won't put in any different zombies except for crawlers!" Yep, i know that, but they never said anything on where they can be! What i'd like to talk about today is where they can be, and how it can affect you, the survivor. Now, generally, you can find zombies in houses locked in a place like a bathroom or bedroom, and typically, when you don't see anything, you go in. But, what if they weren't just standing around? I think it would be a good idea to allow zombies to spawn, or be put into things like Dressers and showers, or stuffed in a fairly large cabinet or crate, and under the furniture, especially. Now although this used to be a feature, but seemed a bit of an annoyance to be mauled by an opponent you can't see, so my plan to resolve this, is have them be more visible, and have an option to look under furniture, or reinstate the option to move them. Generally, zombies are sloppy creatures, they don't have the intelligence to hide well or camo themselves, so the best they can do to hide under a bed is lay down however they may be, and chill out there for awhile. In turn, you can probably see an arm or a leg sticking out from under the bed, which is a telltale sign that you're not alone here. So, next time you loot a house and think you might spend the night, look under the beds and couches, they might be waiting for you. And now, our second to last topic for this post. In this, i'd like to talk about realism, even more in depth. Although i'd put up an argument saying that guns and ammo are incredibly common, ect, that would get rid of the challenge quite a bit. so, instead, we're gonna talk about your character. You're character is a survivor, one of the last humans possibly on earth, but what happens if hes not really what he seems? I think it would be a good idea to add different mental disorders, like Paranoia or OCD, which can affect your mood. This can add a ton more realism to the players and NPCs alike, and forge even better personalities for the characters. And for the last suggestion, NPC traits and what not Now, when i say traits, you may think like the traits you pick when you make a new character. Now, partially, yes, but not only that, but some jobs and current occupations and what not. Here's some: The Vet (animal vet, that is): Although he can't help people too much in first aid, he specializes in treating animals, like horses,dogs, cats, ect. The Convict: When the apocalypse started, everything went to hell pretty quickly, and in the midst of this, he/she was able to escape his confinement, and go out to this new, hellish world. But what was he convicted of, and how will it affect your group? Was he a murderer, a thief, or worse...? Now to explain further as requested, There would be a specific set of the criminals most likely, and they'd have their own trait sets to follow, including the possibility of one or two unrelated skills. For example, Thieves would have lightfooted and other skills to help them remain undetected, while Murderers would have slightly more strength and speed, but aren't very mentally stable. And yes, there's going to be all the other ones, like the ex-military, the doctor, the cop, the firefighter, the construction worker, ect. Plus, with the NPCs would come with a moral system, based on leadership and current situations, and if moral gets too low, or you just have a bad mix of survivors, well, just hope things don't go too badly, and keep your pistol with you. Loaded. Well, that's about it for now, i'll probably update this or post another suggestion thread if i get some better ideas, and i hope these would be taken in consideration by the devs, these are things i'd love to see in the game! And yes, i know NPCs and animals and what not are already being added. Again, respectful, constructive criticism is appreciated. Tell me what you guys think and what you'd like to see the comments. Have a good day/night/apocalypse everyone!
  15. Pat_Bren


    It's been suggested a couple of times I think, but I'd like to suggest RATS again. If there's one animal that would thrive in a zombie apocalypse, it would be rats. There'd be plagues of them growing in size in tandem with the number of corpses they have to nibble on. And in turn, they'd infest houses and eat any food with packaging they can eat through. - The player would have to use mouse-traps to stop their own supplies being eaten. Cans, jars and other related packaging would not be able to be eaten by rats, but most other things could be, like the vegetables that players grow, but they'd be attracted to certain foods like meat and cheese and so forth. -Rats can get into any storage place except refrigerators (it's probably not impossible but seeing as it's quite hard to chew through metal (I've tried) it might be a nice help to give to the player) - Add rat poison to the game. Put it in a cupboard, and the rats will be drawn to it instead. Or, maybe you have to coat some food in it toHowever, you can't eat a rat that's been poisoned. - If the devs add actual, physical, 3d animals to the game, you should be able to see rats running around sometimes and be able to shoot them. It would make the storage of food more tactical and give another reason for the player to diversify between farming, scavenging and foraging.
  16. So does anyone know if animal farming is gonna be added to the game? If not I suggest that prehaps they add a few stray cows and chickesn wandering around that you can take back to your base and breed. pretty straight forwards, i was also thinking that worm breeding could be good. Theres been a post about worm breeding in the past so I won't go into it but it would really add to the game and make it so farming isn't just about growing crops.
  17. If there's a topic for this already, I do apologise. When I searched for one, there was really only results that only mentioned what I was looking for briefly. I also understand that animals were confirmed for being added later, though this is not just a suggestion for adding animals. I kind of wanted to help broaden the addition of animals, if at all. Mostly in the departments of finding ways to tame or befriend certain animals to sticking by your side and seeing you as their 'alpha' in some cases. With dog food and tuna already being in the game, I can assume that dogs and cats are already two different animals that will make an appearance. So... deviating away from them here for the first part, what about farm animals and being able to lead them back to a location that you set up for them? That, and having a way to create hay bales from tall grass so that you can care for larger animals down the line (or setting up a fenced in area where they can graze). Maybe carrots, apples, or more enticing greens can be used to lure now free roaming bovine, horses, and pigs to a location that you have set up, or if you can get close enough, be able to use a lead rope on them to take them back. Of course, it would be a tricky process if you haven't already cleared the area -- unless you so happened upon one of the preexisting farmlands that have the animals on them. Back to more common household pets -- given the nature of the game, it's highly unlikely that animals that a player would run across would want to trust said player. So how would being able to befriend them work? I imagine that tuna, salmon, or fresh dead rats would be ways to coax a feline friend, whereas dogs would be happy to receive the canned dog food, and other various meat products. On the note of giving meat to the animals, I personally would cook the meat to give to the animals rather than just giving it to them raw -- though I'm sure this could be an optional feature. In any case, I suppose I also wanted to talk about added benefits of having pet companions, so here's a list of things that I have talked about with my fiancé that we think could be viable possibilities: Positives: All animals being able to be stress relievers, and happiness inducers if interacted with. However, the more work you do with them or for them, the less they make you happy, and can even start to stress you out. Cats bringing back fresh dead rats, birds, or lizards (if the devs wish to incorporate more animals than just the standard) as 'presents.' Chickens being able to produce eggs for the players (though eggs seem kind of useless due to eggs only being used in soups currently). Cows providing milk (and thus allowing the player to possibly make other various dairy products if given the correct tools and learning material). Dogs helping the player hunt game and take down zombies (the highest chance of becoming infected or dying due to most likely accompanying the player the most). Horses/Donkeys/Mules (or all the above) could be used as pack animals to help carry things that you otherwise couldn't, or... or they can be used for transportation with a decreased item carrying option to help accommodate for player and wanted items. Also has faster speed all around, though still gets fatigued if running for too long. Pigs... ah... other than raising them for slaughter so that you have a good supply of ham and bacon, there's not really much else that I could add onto this, other than their poop makes excellent fertiliser.Negatives: Should animals going in heat be a consideration, then interacting with them will cause stress -- or even injuries if an animal is given the coding so that it can lash out. Animal noises (such as roosters crowing, dogs barking, cows mooing, etc.) will attract zombie attention to where you are holding out, or have the animals located. Cats and dogs are capable of ruining certain things (maybe peeing on newspapers or clothing -- or tearing up books). Upon meeting certain animals (dogs, bovine, pigs) that are unconstrained by fences, they are territorial, and will attack regardless of if you are wanting to tame them or not (this is not to say they cannot be tamed). Everything is still a work in progress. I'm just going ahead and spitballing ideas, and am going to add, or elaborate upon some when community feedback is provided. ^ v ^
  18. Now, I know animals are going to be implemented. I know dogs are going to be implemented. This is for when animals will be released. I was thinking, why not be able to train wild animals? Sure, it would be hard and time consuming to do, and it may not always work out, but if you were to succeed, then you'd have a companion to weather out the undead storm. I'm a huge fan of Shepherd's Crossing, which is where I originally got this idea from. In Shepherd's Crossing, you could obtain animals like Boars, Roosters, Cats, and even Cows, and use them to hunt. Now, my idea isn't an exact replica of this, as that wouldn't fit into PZ(I mean, can you imagine finding a cow in the woods and training it to hunt rabbits? That's just preposterous!). I'm thinking each animal has it's own special skills, i.e. Dogs make great hunters, Boars make wonderful foragers, etc etc. I've looked into the Kentucky wildlife and have come up with some ideas for the animals, and the service(s) they might be able to provide: Wild Boar (Foraging/Defense) Coyote (Hunting/Defense) Kestrel (Hunting/Recon) Black Bear (Hunting/Defense) Bobcat (Hunting) Weasel (Hunting/Foraging) Raccoon (Fishing/Foraging/Scavenging) Skunk (Defense/Foraging) Now, I know most of you are saying, "Bears/Skunks/Raccoons/Etc?! Are you stupid?!" Actually, I'm not. If you think about it, every animal on this list has been kept as a pet at one point. While most of them may not be trainable once they mature, if you obtain one at a young enough age, they will follow you as if you were there mother. Here's where some of the balancing comes in. In order to obtain say, a bear cub, you'd have to either A. Kill the mother, B. Steal the cub, or C. Find an orphaned cub. You're chances of killing a black bear protecting it's young are slim at best, and stealing the cub would alert it's mother due to all the noise. Finding an orphaned cub is highly unlikely as well, though much more likely now that the dead have risen. This balances out the extreme strength of the bear. The chance of domesticating a wild animal would depend greatly on not only a skill introduced for this, such as Taming, but also on the age of the animal. Plus, anyone could do this, even an "Average Joe" which you are portrayed to be in PZ. Also in an attempt of balancing, each animal could be more or less difficult to obtain(not accounting for baits and traps), and more or less difficult to train. Feel free to modify these difficulties. For example: Black Bear: Young are very difficult to obtain, but somewhat easy to train. Adult are nearly impossible to obtain, and train. Wild Boar: Young are somewhat difficult to obtain, and average difficulty to train. Adult are the same. Coyote: Young are average difficulty to obtain, and easy to train. Adult are average difficulty to obtain, and somewhat easy to train. Kestrel: Young are difficult to obtain, and average difficulty to train. Adult are nearly impossible to obtain, and very difficult to train. Bobcat: Young are difficult to obtain, and average difficulty to train. Adult are very difficult to obtain, and difficult to train. Weasel: Young are average difficulty to obtain, and easy to train. Adult are average difficulty to obtain, and somewhat easy to train. Raccoon: Young are difficult to obtain, and somewhat easy to train. Adult are the same. Skunk: Young are difficult to obtain, and train. Adult are very difficult to obtain, and difficult to train. Here is a more in depth version of the animal's roles: Wild Boar: Can forage for berries, fruits, nuts, mushrooms, insects, etc. Can protect you from NPC's/zombies. Coyote: Can hunt for rabbits, mice, other small animals. Can protect you from NPC's/zombies. Kestrel: Can hunt for rabbits, mice, other small animals. Can scout ahead in the air and be taught certain maneuvers signifying certain conditions. Black Bear: Can hunt large animals such as deer and elk, as well as other animals such as coyotes and wild boar. Can protect you from NPC's/zombies. Bobcat: Can hunt rabbits, mice, other small animals, as well as large animals like deer, and elk. They usually hide from danger, so they won't protect you. Weasel: Can forage for berries, nuts, fruits, insects, etc. Can hunt for small animals like rabbits, mice, etc. Raccoon: Can forage for berries, nuts, fruit, etc. Can fish for minnows, crustaceans, and frogs. Can sneak into houses and scavenge things from within. Skunk: Can forage for berries, nuts, insects, etc. Can protect you from NPC's. I hope you guys like my idea! I've got much more, but this was the most thought out that hasn't been suggested yet(that I can find).
  19. I was just rummaging through the forums .... looking at peoples ideas and thinkin ... and had a crazy thought hit me ... People keep strange pets. I've certainly known plenty of people with animals that would not be considered "classic vanilla pets". Everyone knows people with cats, or dogs. But most of us have known people with other pets... snakes, lizards, ferrets, parrots ... and those are the "normal" ones. I used to live next door to a guy with a mated pair of emu. (Breakfast omlettes at his house was an epic event.) So what happens when zombies start wandering about and civilization collapses? Noone is looking after these pets. They're gonna escape if they can and go back to being wild. Carving out a niche for themselves in the local ecosphere. Most won't make it, some will. And a large enough group of the same animal will ~become~ a native species, especially with no natural local predators. Once animals are added to the game I think it would be pretty cool to see the random odd beast wandering around, or caught in a trap. And how hilarious would it be foraging deep in the woods and find an emu egg, or a small herd of wild ponies. anyway .... my crazy idea of the day ...
  20. For most, when asked about a Zombie Apocalypse, many are quick to answer that they would find somewhere remote to hunker down and survive. Whether this be on a deserted island, in the mountains, under the sea - don't ask how, or in the forest, the answer usually involves seclusion from the general newly-zombified populace. Fortunately for us, Project Zomboid has us covered for that! ... But as any experienced outdoors-man (or woman) would undoubtedly know that, despite the absence of any 'human element', the forest would not be any safer than the city. Especially not now with hundreds, if not thousands, of people who - much like you - seek the remoteness of a farm or cabin, one that you might have already claimed... But we'll leave the role of 'bandits' up to the players themselves, for now. What am I talking about? Well, it's simple, I already know that animals and wild life are being prepared for a future build - and quite frankly, that alone is enough to get me hyped for some hunting/trapping... But it also worries me. Why? Because, having grown up in the Northern parts of Canada where forests and wild life are abundant, I know that the forest - while lovely and peaceful in comparison to the city - is not in any way shape or form 'safer' than a zombie infested town may be. Bears, wolves, Coyotes, Mountain Lions, these are just a few of the many things that can make a camping trip go from delightful or horrifying in a heartbeat if you aren't careful and constantly aware of your surroundings. it would be a shame if this wasn't reflected in the game. Now, I know for a fact that the Zevelopment Team wouldn't just cut us a break - surely they have something up their sleeves, I know better than to trust the creators of a Zombie outbreak! But here's my own suggestions on how to make our hike in the woods just a little more interesting; So, what am I suggesting? Animals Aggressive Wild life - BearsOne of the most obvious suggestions I have - and one I'm sure is already in the works, or on the to-do list, is animals that won't hesitate to attack if given the opportunity. Bears, in my opinion, are the best for such a role; they're highly unpredictable, and unbelievably dangerous even to someone carrying a gun. They will not hesitate to charge you down and kill you, either because they are hungry or simply because they have cubs - they will tear the ever-living-hell out and there's very little you can say about it. Imagine yourself tending to your crops, or possibly scavenging an overgrown city - as cities can already become deteriorated and overgrown - only to see a Bear in the distance, likely moving from trash can to trash can and eating the spoiled food you, or others, have left behind. Now imagine if, unlike a single zombie, said animal cannot be dispatched very easily... In fact, imagine if the mere sight or sounds of a Bear sends you running indoors. This is the kind of 'threat' the forest needs; something big, and more importantly, something scary. Persistent Wild life - WolvesAnother idea I really liked was the inclusion of animals that could stalk the player - or at least, follow the trail of spoiled/abandoned food, or corpses, they may leave behind. A pack of animals that could very easily out-number and out-run a player if prompted to. it would certainly give more reason to keep zombie corpses neatly piled a safe distance away from your camp. Unlike Bears, wolves are actually quite picky about what they choose to attack; they won't attack if the need to isn't present... The only real need that coaxes them to do so is hunger and the defense of their territory. Now imagine if you, or your group, unknowingly set up camp near a Wolf den only to hear or see them stalk the forest near your camp... Or - for simplicity's sake, because Script writers have it rough - you hear them howling in the distance, prompting your group to immediately pack up and leave before a bunch of wolves spawn from the forest and hunt you down. Neutral Wild life - Deer, Buffalo, CoyotesThis is pretty straight forward - while trapping and foraging may be excellent ways to get food, they're also quite slow and not very efficient in comparison to farming - which is even slower, but far more rewarding. If one was living out in the woods for months, if not longer, and had nothing to eat but canned goods and whatever food they can get to grow out of the ground, I wouldn't be surprised if they'd be willing to spend a few precious bullets to shoot down a Buck or a handfuck of shotgun shells to bag a Buffalo. While I think these animals should be quite rare and extremely evasive of the player, I also think they should yield a lot of raw meat - make finding and killing one a rewarding, albeit rare, occurrence. It would give ability to preserve food a lot more value for end-game scenarios where normal goods are long gone. Passive Wild life - Raccoons, Rabbits, Fish, etcThese are already implemented - at least, some of them are. Still, they bare mentioning; these are the bottom of the food chain competitors, but ones with their own means of survival as well. While it's quite easy, in theory, to trap a rabbit or to shoot a raccoon for food... If one isn't careful, and leave their doors open, they may find one of said creatures raiding their fridge - or worse - carrying unwanted pests and diseases into their very home! While this might be a little advanced for the current medical system, even for the new system being developed for the 30.0 release - can you imagine acquiring a new hatred for urban pests and scavengers? Suddenly hearing an annoying 'Scratch Scratch' sound every few minutes because - oh dear, you've gotten fleas... Or worse, rabies. Other suggestions Radio StationIt's been discussed that radios and TVs will now have channels which will deliver exposition and a story which will develop along with the game's timeline. This alone is brilliant. I love the idea that there could be people out there still hanging on - just like you, and are trying to communicate to others, even if said 'others' can't communicate back. -but I'll be blunt; Someone had brought up the idea of having a Broadcasting station on the map - or on one of the new maps, one who's doors would be locked shut and the building would be inaccessible whilst the people broadcasting are still inside. The story, either through TV or Radio broadcasts, would continue until their stories end. When ended, the station itself becomes unlocked - or atleast, accessible - and the player would then be able to enter it and further investigate what happened to the people within it. Whether or not they died depends on the Dev team, but with the broadcasting station freed, Players might be able to send out messages of their own. I can already guess that, if the power is still on, every TV will be shouting "DICKS DICKS DICKS" non-stop. Forest / House FiresWhile this is an easily abused concept already, fires are a constant threat to those who use it. Whether this be a house fire which renders an entire building to rubble, or a forest fire which destroys a large chunk of trees and anything within it, the concept alone would make using campfires and stoves a lot riskier and require a much more cautious approach - such as not leaving them on, or not stuffing flammable objects within it. This could also be a good way to send a daunting threat to other players; if they find a building near their base, or their own hideout, burnt down... Again, easily abused, but an interesting idea - I would think. Derelict VehiclesIt's already been confirmed that Vehicles are in the works, but why not add non-functional vehicles as well? Why? Well, when me and a group of 8 other players were traveling from city to city in search of more supplies, we found the travels exceptionally fun due to our own comradery, however the journey itself was... Well... A little underwhelming. While the vast expanse of emptiness and endlessly stretching road gave me a sense of immersion and a realistically grim sense of seclusion, there wasn't very much to make me feel like the world truly was alive; there were no hints of population other than occasionally wandering Zeds. Why not spruce the roads up with derelict vehicles; trucks which have burnt down or tipped over, blocking portions of the road - ones that can be searched. Cars that have been destroyed due to riots, or simply broken in. Their only use would essentially be window dressing and possibly a spot for loot to be found, nothing more than added details to the world. "Nah man, we can't go down Barker Street. A truck's blocking it, we gotta' go around." Anywho, that's really all I have for now. Stay safe out there.
  21. The zombie apocalypse would bring about many changes. Shuffling, man eating corpses, rotten food, the power going out... and nature reclaiming the land. Obviously there would be some trouble for some animals to survive being eaten by slow lumbering zombies. Some small pets trapped in a house may be fairly unlucky. But a fair many pets as well as wild animals may be able to evade the zombies, be able to escape their pens and holdings/houses and escape into the wild. Which comes to my suggestion- the chance to see feral dogs and cats running about with varying degree's of hostility. You may encounter the friendly but spooked man's best friend of a dog or a curious cat. Or, you could meet that starving hound with fleas, rabies and anger issues that lives with a pack of other similar, ravenous individuals that want to rip your face off. Many disasters (such as Hurricane Katrina) saw dogs forming packs within a matter of days, and cats are already feral and not fully domesticated and would escape the first chance they get. (It's scientifically proven dogs mourn their pet owners and will not eat their bodies unless they are starving, while cats have been known to chew off and eat the faces of their owners if they died within their house.) So alongside these animals roaming freely, some friendly and some not, maybe even some being able to be food sources or companions, we also got to think- Hey! This is Kentucky! There should be sheep, horses, pigs, chickens and cattle on some of these ranches right? Some animals may very well just be butchered or not be able to escape. But some may very well just bust down their holdings, especially if they are panicked and in a herd. Seeing feral farm animals about every once in a while or potential in farmland area would be fairly interesting because it provides the player with multiple agricultural or food options. And eventually, as nature fully reclaims the towns of Muldraugh and West Point (and others,) wild animals from the outskirts would most certainly come trying to find scraps and wandering around freely. Which adds a whole new level of danger and potential while playing. I am not saying these encounters should be common, but having them ingame would be something not only realistic, but quite cool. And adds a whole new dynamic to potential hunter trappers, herdsman and farming style gameplays, or the fact you may just end up being dog chow. Lemme know your thoughts.
  22. In a recent discussion on this thread, the topic of whether or not zombies eat only fresh human bodies came up and I made a suggestion for sandbox. I thought I'd ought to put it here to so people can discuss any aspects of it without derailing the other topic further. New sandbox setting: Pickiness! Picky - Only eats fresh human corpses Less Picky - Eats any human corpse it can find, fresh or stale. Not Picky - Eats any corpse or meat it can find, human or animal, fresh or rotten. Omnivore - Will eat any food it can find, vegetable, human, or animal, fresh or rotten. Progressive - Starts Picky, but later becomes Less Picky, then stops at Not picky. Sounds nice?
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