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Found 15 results

  1. Introduction Project Zomboid, one of the most renowned survival games, offers players a relentless post-apocalyptic setting filled with zombie threats and the struggle for survival. The addition of non-playable characters (NPCs) to this world makes the gaming experience even richer and more challenging. In this context, the integration of ChatGPT AI into NPCs presents an exciting opportunity to enhance player interaction with these characters, bringing substantial benefits and significant challenges. Benefits of Integrating ChatGPT into NPCs The incorporation of ChatGPT AI into NPCs promises several notable advantages. Firstly, dialogues will become more immersive. NPCs will be able to respond more naturally to players' actions and questions, increasing the sense that the game world is alive and dynamic. Moreover, the variety of responses will be expanded, reducing the sense of repetition, which is crucial for maintaining player interest in the long term. Another crucial benefit is the ability to adapt to the storyline. NPCs will be able to react more realistically to the player's actions, making the player's choices more meaningful. This provides a more engaging and personalized experience, where decisions have tangible consequences. Additionally, the integration of ChatGPT offers support for new players, making it easier to understand the game's mechanics and objectives, making the learning curve more accessible. CHATGPT has been used surprisingly in various mods, such as the one for Skyrim like this video shows to us: Challenges and Considerations However, the implementation of ChatGPT in NPCs is not without its challenges. Ensuring that interactions with NPCs remain realistic is a primary concern. NPCs must behave consistently with the post-apocalyptic world and the personalities they represent. Furthermore, it is necessary to protect against inappropriate behavior, ensuring that ChatGPT AI does not produce inappropriate or offensive responses. Another important consideration is the consumption of hardware resources. ChatGPT AI is computationally intensive, and ensuring that it runs without overburdening players' hardware is essential to maintaining smooth gameplay. The Role of NPCs in a Post-Apocalyptic Setting The role of NPCs in a post-apocalyptic setting is a crucial aspect to consider. NPCs must be able to understand the hostile environment, adapting to limited resources, and surviving constant threats. Their interaction with the player, including collaboration in searching for resources and information, is essential to increase immersion. Group dynamics, forming alliances and communities, as well as conflicts and group decision-making, are elements that enrich the game. The variety of personalities among NPCs, including altruistic, selfish, and neutral NPCs, adds depth to interactions and enriches the narrative. Additionally, the actions of NPCs must have significant consequences, affecting group dynamics and shaping the game world in a believable way. Conclusion The integration of ChatGPT AI into NPCs in the post-apocalyptic setting of Project Zomboid is an exciting innovation with the potential to transform the player experience. The addition of more immersive interactions, a variety of responses, and dynamic adaptation to the storyline will enhance the game. However, technical, ethical, and privacy challenges cannot be underestimated. By carefully balancing the benefits and challenges and ensuring that NPCs behave realistically and ethically in a post-apocalyptic world, Project Zomboid can set a new standard for survival games, providing players with an unforgettable and engaging experience. The successful integration of ChatGPT into NPCs promises an exciting journey into the future of the game and, with community support, may lead to ongoing improvements and an even more vivid and complex post-apocalyptic setting. This text was also generated by ChatGPT.
  2. Integration of a complete telephony system including features such as making calls, automated voicemail, and a telephone directory for an immersive virtual communication experience (VOIP). Adding an optional post-apocalyptic starting option, immersing players into a regular day before the chaos, offering a narrative and tutorial introduction to the game. Implementing a seasonal reproduction and migration system for neutral animals, in addition to the animal movement system planned in version B42, to enrich the game's ecosystem. Incorporation of an encumbrance management system for "large items" such as furniture and ovens, limiting their transportation in containers such as car trunks (occupying a passenger space, for instance). This addition will remove the ability to attack while carrying these items by hand or on the back. Additionally, adding a forklift system, a handling device designed to transport heavy items. Dynamic evolution of TV show content based on the progression of the epidemic, providing an increased immersion into the evolving global situation within the game.
  3. Integrate ChatGPT + an NPC system. We could chat with the NPCs (survivors), the limitations on the dialogues would be endless. The actions should match the dialogues. It should be possible to have different NPCs, each with their own experience, their own history, their own behavior NPCs would have positive or negative relationships with each other as well as with players. It's possible to create a group or meet/join an existing group. Some NPCs may be hostile towards your party. It must be possible to assassinate an NPC or be assassinated...so distrust and relationship is important
  4. So I've heard that the NPCs are mainly being scripted in numerous timelines from various backgrounds, traits, and other conditions that are essentially being hand-made. Which I can absolutely respect as that would allow more "human" responses in comparison to AI. I understand the idea of event chains that act like a logic system in a way, but I can't fathom anything short of a small army of writers to make it possible. Atleast without years of development. So I propose the following; why not let us, the community and gamers help write scripts or events? I'm sure we've all been through a number of situations and reacted to them differently depending on our own character builds or goals. If they allow the player base to contribute to this end, it would allow the devs to focus on the mechanics end to aid in speeding up the final release of NPCs. Not only that but it would allow some great diversity in the PZ world as of course, not every writer is the same. This could be accomplished by giving the community some form of template and maybe bracket it into categories of responses, reactions, or goals. Or a similar tool to properly and effectively integrate it seamlessly into the game. Essentially give us the guidelines and a relatively basic tool to help create the NPCs you, the devs, envisioned. Because trust me, we the players would love deep, lore rich NPCs. One way I could think of implementing this is breaking it down by traits or prebuilt classes. This way we could formulate different NPC reactions and goals that could potentially mesh together with other traits depending on their capabilities or limitations. Maybe even adding in reliance on other NPCs (such as potential family members) for negative traits such as deaf, weak ect or vice versa for bonus traits. Maybe have npc cops, firefighters, soldiers ect try to do their jobs at first and maintain the crumbling civilization. The possibilities are endless. A way to allow us access to this could be a form of massive logic chains. Where inputs from the beginning of the game could be handmade by thousands of players. Such as family members, goals, occupation, and some background information such as preferences, relationships ect. Perhaps even slap on a labeling system such as traits, personality ect to easily organize and piece together multiple chains. Finally a team of moderators to accept or decline certain inputs/outputs or entire chains for rating purposes or feasibility. It could be something as simple as a blog similar to this one, or more complex as a plug-in or game extension. Or even a bit of basic coding. Anything that would allow us to effectively help the core game.
  5. I downloaded version 41.53 the other day and noticed that zombies seemed to be very difficult to shake. I wasn't sure what was causing this at first, but after a little testing, I discovered that zombies have unlimited memory if the player maintains a direct line of sight with the zombie -- even if the player is well outside the zombie's sight range. Observe: In the above example, I aggro two zombies. These zombies follow me some distance, then I take off running down the street in a straight line. This is very important. After a couple of blocks, I stop and wait. Despite being well outside the zombie's sight range, they continue to follow. After that, I get up, run down the street again and take a break after a few blocks. This time, I run even further, and the zombies are still following! Lastly, I run down the street, climb over several fences, all in a straight line and then take another break. One of the zombies continues to follow, and shows up a minute or so later. The second, zombie, after a quick check, apparently got hung up on something, but was still following me despite having traveled well outside of his sight capabilities! Now on to the second example: If the player does in fact break the line of sight, zombies will forget and no longer follow the player, as they should. Re-entering a line of sight will not aggro said zombies, allowing the player to elude them like normal: As far as I can tell, this has nothing to do with stealth, and only to do with line of sight. In my proper game, I am playing a stealth character with utterly insane stealth stats (almost like stealth points are bugged...) and she is having the same problem. Zombies continue to follow, no matter what, as long as a direct straight line is maintained -- regardless of how far away the zombies actually are. Technical information: No mods IWBUMS 41.53 GoG Archival Version (not from GoG Galaxy) Windows 7 Pro Thanks for reading.
  6. Not quite Seal Team 6, but that's why we're in the WIP section... So I'm not attempting to offer any version of the SuperSurvivors! mod (by Nolan Ritchie) in any way. I’m just trying to play the game the way I want to play it, while trying not to break anything in the process. That said, I’d like to share and demonstrate a few things since Animations and NPC’s are on the horizon. I figure it was a good time to post this to perhaps add something to the NPC conversation. Talk is cheap, so I made a video to illustrate my ideas: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10Mrpw7JEj7skGhO4BWtG1UmvLRefpIDO/view 0:05 – [Eat now] command 1:05 – New Fighter Group Role 3:25 – Guard Task in Fighter Role 5:03 – New Over-Watch Group Role 8:19 – Over-Watch and Vehicles 10:35 – Close Over-Watch support for Vehicle 15:33 – NPC Vehicular Combat (firing from inside Vehicle) Rated (M) for Language enjoy!
  7. nolanri

    Super Survivors!

    EDIT: **Released** --> http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1331826879 Direct Download: http://undeniable.info/pz/SuperSurvivors.zip As some of you know, over the past few weeks I've been working a new version that intends to work on vehicles build and handle many of the reported problems and issues reported over the past while. As well as add some new features and Improved AI! So whats different? Let's take a look. Let's get the Bad News out of the way first Problems that still have not been fully resolved, and really cannot be without java side edits which we don't want: Pathfinding Freezes/Delay. If there is a lot of stuff going on in the cell like zombies hording towards a big sound, Survivors can have a lot of delay before they calculate a path to where they are wanting to go and therefore, may appear frozen in place even though they are trying to move or run away but are waiting for the response of the Path-finding algorithm. New issue since vehicle build path-find change is that certain building windows in certain places on the map, seem to have an incorrect property set which causes a survivor to think they are able to walk through it, when obviously they cant. Calling said survivor to you if they are stuck can get them un stuck MP is still a No Problems that have been fixed!: Random Survivor Despawn. No more random disappearances of your loved survivors! Survivors are now saved in a map table which is saved many times per minute, which gets loaded at the start of the game. There is no way your survivor is going to disappear until he dies and his save file is deleted by the OnDeath event. PVP System improved, No more friendly fire on group members when PVP is on. Survivors can now Sprint! Very noticeable performance / efficiency boost. The whole mod was totally re-written. Much more organized and clean, potential for growth is great now. Compared to Normal Survivors mod, FPS is great, no lag or stuttering (caused by this mod) Bleach Suicides. Survivors no longer consider Bleach and other poisonous "foods" as food. Bad Food Choices. Survivors no longer just grab random food but will make a more intelligent choice, choosing cooked and spoil able foods first. Endless Door Open Attempts. Survivors will no longer stand there in an infinite loop trying to open a locked door that's not gonna open. They will try entry through a window or give up trying to get in. Barricade Building Order Fixed. Didn't work at all before, now it does. Woodbury, Military Blockade, Prison, Hilltop Spawn points fixed. The option to spawn in these places on a new game was gone, now it is back! Enter Vehicles. Survivors will now enter the real Vehicles from the vehicles build assuming there is a free seat, they will get in if following you when you are in said vehicle. Note Survivors will not get into vehicles from car mod anymore. Feed me I'm a Baby. Before survivors in an order state like guard or patrol would not feed themselves. Now they will eat or go find the food or water they need no mater what state they were in, as long as they are not ignoring danger to get a snack obviously. The name in the medical check menu now matches the survivors name New Features: Survivors Name appears over their head like it does on Multiplayer Barricade Order added/fixed Doctor Order added. A Doctor will go to and treat anyone near by that is in need of any kind of treatment, bandage changes, splints, stitches, anything! You can only Order a group member to take the doctor role if they have at least level 3 Doctor Farming Order added. Yes you can have Survivors tend your farm for you. But not just any survivor can do this. You must find someone with at least level 3 farming. Partial Food Eating. Survivor will only eat w/e % of the food is necessary to return to 0 Hunger rather than just eating the whole thing. A More interactive style of of well... interacting with survivors. You cannot just shout orders or order all orders and have your orders heeded immediately like before. These are people not your puppets after all. To ask a survivor in your group to do something, or any survivor to do anything basically, you need to first engage them in a conversation. By right clicking on them and "Call"ing them over to you. Then they will come and have your attention for a short time. During that time you have many options to interact with them like before such as giving orders, giving them items, swapping weapons etc. Now right clicking can be tedious i know so, there is a hot key "t" which will Call a near by member to you automatically. and hotkey "/" to call a Non party member from near by if any. Improved Random Survivor AI. Before the randomly spawned survivors would just endlessly fight near by zombies, flee from zombies or try to hide. Now they will follow the following logic. If they don't have weapon they will search for building to loot, going to new building by buildings looting for said weapon. Once weapon is found, they continue going from building to building but this time looking for food. Once they find food. they will then barricade the windows and lock the doors. And remain in that building as their kind of base. Eating and drinking what they have inside until they get killed or you come to recruit them. If they run out of food in said base and begin to starve they will set out again for a new base containing food. Recruiting Logic improved. Before a survivor just have a x chance to be willing to join you or not. Now all survivors have a kind of relationship stat, and asking them to join you will be based on that stat, a quite low chance for successful invite by the starting level, and each time you ask them the relationship stat goes down!. So asking and asking does not help but lowers chances. Giving a random survivor a weapon or foods will increase relationship stat and chance of them excepting party invite! Proper Greetings. If a random Survivor sees you for the first time and it is not too dangerous to do so, they will approach you and greet you. And will continue on their way after you do not interact with them for a short time. Though you can of course call them back. First Aide! before survivors did not address their injuries at all. Now they will flee and give them self first aide if required. They don't do anything more complicated then bandaging. Unless they are in Doctor mode. If you want to give them first aide treatment without them messing with bandages first order them to "Hold still" Finding their own Water. Survivors, like when hungry, when thirsty will go find water near by themselves, either from an item containing water like water bottle, or from a water source like sink, tub, well or toilet. Declaring your Base Area and other Base related areas. You can now select areas with your mouse and designate them as areas in your base, like storage areas for certain items, areas to do certain kind of base work in. Options / Settings in Main menu. Before you had to fish through the mod files and find the settings file open it with notepad editor and change the values yourself. But now you can simple return to the main menu and Super Survivors has a page on the options menu and you can set all settings with drop down boxes. Group / Base Role based AI Survivors in or around the base, will try to keep themselves busy even if you don't tell them what to do. W/e they choose to do, they will stop and return to base after doing that thing for a reasonable amount of time. Survivors in Base do Work Survivors in base, who are not currently doing something you the leader ordered them to do, will take up work tasks themselves based on their group role. Gun fire Cover when behind Objects if you are behind a window shooting from out a window. You will have great cover against incoming fire. Approx 75%. Many other objects just having them between you and the shooter when you are behind them will also give you cover. The average object gives you 50% cover. Good shooting skills can slightly negate the effectiveness of cover. Translation Support Translation Support has been added. The file to translate is located in the mod files \media\lua\shared\Translate\EN\ Japanese Translation by TEATIME05 Brazilian Portuguese Translation by williamfoxrpg Stuff that is Gone now or not yet added: Controlling Survivors. No longer an option and will no longer be. As the idea of this mod is for them to be self sufficient enough for you to not need to control them Order All option. (will not re-add for already mentioned above reason. But something similar will be added ) Rules of Engagement. (Something similar will be added) Stuff I plan on adding soon: Survivors going on Loot missions themselves (Out of cell) with amount of items they bring back dependant on various things such as time since start of world, kind of weapon / skills. You Joining groups. You can join groups and not be the leader. Survivor Group Leader AI will give the orders. a simple story mode with quests involving unique survivors Here is a link to the Workshop! : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1331826879 Here is a demo video showing the Doctor AI: Random Survivor AI Demo Video: New order Gather Wood works great together with Chop Wood Order:
  8. I think after the upcoming Animation Update, having another look at Zombie Behaviour would be a prudent thing to do. Thumping Let's talk about s... wait wrong topic. Thumping is an awkward behavior of zombies which is partially resolved with animation update. Essentially if they touch a destructible item like a window \ door \ player construction, they will keep thumping on it until it breaks. The zombies don't need to be agroed by anything to begin this behavior, simply touching it is enough. One Behaviour change I would like to see instead is if they hit a destructible they thump on it a few times and if they don't get any stimulus find a new destination to walk to. This would make Zombie behavior more believable instead of randomly attacking objects. For those Curious in the Animation update it seems Zombies don't always attack windows but instead tries to reach 2nd base with them kissing and fondling them. Clumping: It is a bit weird for zombies to keep "Clumping" up together - in large groups as if they decided to attend a zombie foodie meeting. While I do think Large groups are important - it shouldn't be there every 20 feet. I think on average it should be 1 - 3 zombies every 20 sq tile area. With Large groups are there based on a RNG Event Spawn. Which has a possibility of spawning based on Zombie Respawn Timer \ Entering new area. But is limited to "15 Active" Events based on size of town \ zone. The amount of Events also depends on player actions. Events are less likely to spawn in the area if the player is quiet More likely to spawn in larger actions take place Keyword here is active - which means after a period of time the event can also "despawn" removing the extra zombies and replacing with smaller 1 - 3 zombie groups. Low-density areas the number of events are far fewer to 1 - 3. The Distance between the events should also limit the number of events possible in a 100 sq tile zone to roughly 2. Which may sound little but its actually smaller than one neighborhood block. A small house is around 14 tiles long. What are the events? Currently, the only real options are Freshly Eaten Body Group of Survivors that Turned trapped in a room \ building ( Has a chance to spawn 5 - 7 zombies at event site ) Future: Dog Trapped in Car Barking Survivor NPC Crying \ Screaming Survivor NPC sitting on roof playing Guitar Survivor NPC Sitting on Roof Shooting Survivor NPC being chased by Zombies ( Doesn't spawn zombies but causes nearby ones to be pulled toward event site )
  9. nolanri

    Restless Zombies

    This mod has the same effect as the Nocturnal Zombies Mod but the AI is in effect all the time and not just at night. Zombies often stand around in groups doing nothing until they see or hear something. But not anymore! This mod will gives Zombies Primal hunting instincts and they will be moving around a lot more, scattering in random directions and be restlessly searching ... for you. Tested and working on Multiplayer Note that the AI effect is triggered by passing time so, if you set sandbox settings to make days longer it will lesson the effect this mod has on the zombies movements. http://undeniable.info/pz/RestlessZombiesMod.php
  10. Hi I understand that at this current time the vehicle thing is under going some major changes at the moment so I don't expect anything too soon but after you guys are done on that could you maybe consider adding in some NPC's. Survivor NPC's The last mention I ever saw of it was somewhere around 2015 I believe (off the top of my head) but I think it would make the game that little bit more fun to play. Imagine if you could go into town find some more survivors who are scavenging for loot and band together to block off an entire area of a city to yourselves creating a safezone for all the people you gather. Now of course banding together should have it's downfalls too like feeding the survivors caring for their medical needs and such but it's upsides could be maybe putting them to work and getting a base down quicker assigning them jobs such as farming, building, looting missions and anything else you could think of. Bandit NPC's So I find that personally once you have a base setup with large wooden walls, the zombies seem to be pretty ineffective of destroying it so I figure why not add some NPC groups of bandit survivors who will actively seek out players and their bases to attack. Maybe destroy of few of those walls a lot quicker than any of the zombies could by using sledgehammers or something. And have a few roaming bandit groups too who make a lot of noise with their guns or weapons so that you know who to stay clear of. End Anyways I'm gonna wrap this up, as I said I understand that the vehicle thing is undergoing some major work so take your time guys. I've got nearly 200 hours in this game and it's still addicting as hell and I love it. I know all of the above that I've mentioned is a f**k ton of work in regards to coding it all and I don't expect Rome to be built in a day but please consider adding the NPC's soon once you're done with the vehicle changes as I'd love to be able to do something other than survive as it's becoming quite stale personally. But yeah... keep on doing what you guys are doing I love the game and fully support any of the work you guys do. I'm not really a forum guy so I don't know if I'll be too active but I hope the right people see this post. Peace guys!
  11. A problem you can often observe is how zombies Jump back and forth over a fence, looks really funny when whole group does that. Walk long distances around the fences to get to the opposite side, for no reason (not chasing the player)This is caused due to random new target being picked in random distance and angle of the zombie. Instead, ray-cast should be used. Or maybe ray-cast already is used but fences, windows or doors are not considered. In the most ideal case zombies should still roam over fences, windows atc, but less likely. This would make it a nice probability defense line (eg. build a fence to keep most of them out). I made an image to explain the problem:
  12. Currently, when zombies get bored they start vandalizing everything in their reach. Larger group of zombies quickly wipe away all windows and doors in player's proximity. Which is another thing - zombies only destroy stuff when player is close. When I sneak to a group of zombies even though they don't seem me they will slowly disperse and start destroying surrounding objects. It is very typical of them to find water barrels. Zombies often walk long distances in order to attack player-made objects. This is making me feel the game is cheating on me - especially if zombies walk around the wall to attack said water barrel or door. This is even worse due to A* nature of zombies pathfinder. I see nothing wrong with zombie destroying objects that interfere with it's path, but there must be a motivation for this action! Why would zombie just go to window to destroy it? When I approached the market (lot's of big windows), after just one day all windows and doors were broken. The only upside is that I don't need to break doors to get hinges and doorknobs. I just walk around the city and pick what zombies left behind them.
  13. Hi, I've got a feature id like to add to one of my mods and am looking for some help regarding it The feature is being able to Put zombie blood into bottles, and then being able to dye a sheet/clothing item in it in order to camouflage the player from zombies and id like to know the methods i could use to do this.
  14. Is it just me or do the zombies seem to spread out as they advance at you when their is more that 1 or 2 if them, Not like they are Clipping on each other and the engine is forcing them to spread out. They seem to work like a pack of dogs and Spread out and try to encircle you or at the very least advance at you line abreast as to cut off your way of escape. This just seems odd as the Dev team says they want them to be "True Zombies" every zombie movie I have seen with theses "proper" Zombies they go directly for the prey. Even walking right over ledges, though fire, It never seems to matter what the danger is or how many of them there are always behave the same way. Its in fact what the humans rely on to get a upper hand on them. They are dumb they dont have anything going for them besides that they never tire and they seem to have endless numbers. The suggestion here being that Zombies should walk in a straight line at the PC not make any attempt to encircle you.
  15. So I just wanted to bring up a little thing that's niggling at me- I'd like to see a few different 'types' of attacks from zombies. We have different speed zombies and different looking zombies, now we just need a bit of new behavior. Without further ado, here's what I wanted to see: Grabbing (we have this now, should slow you but do no damage) Scratching (a swinging motion, light damage, can be blocked by heavy clothing) Biting (can only be done at very close range, heavy damage, blocked by hard clothing/armor) Tackling (a long distance lurching motion that knocks you and the zombie down, no damage dealt, can be resisted by strong characters) Grab and Bite (can only be done if the zombie is behind the character, holds him strongly and bites him) Along with this I'd like to see some zombies with different 'injuries' as has been discussed before: Missing an arm. Can only attack on one side (and slowly) and can't grab. Missing two arms. Can't scratch or grab, only bite. Tackles with a penalty. No legs. Can be hidden in low grass. Can bite, grab, and scratch but only at close range. When grabbing can drag itself along with the player? Crushed jaw. Can't bite.
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