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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys, So I've been playing this for a while, although I had to make a new account to post this because I have no idea what my old info was, or if I even had a forum account Anyways, after playing recently and being absolutely thrilled with what they've done with the game. Occasionally an idea will come to me, and I tried to write down the ones I remembered but I'll edit it later. Most of them are pretty small things, some without even any real gameplay impact. Hopefully I didnt repost anything, I skimmed the forums to see whats been posted and saw a couple I thought of, so I'll leave those out [Colored Ripped Sheets]: Thought it would kind of neat if when you ripped up an article of clothing for bandages, the bandages retained the item's color. ["Functional" Clothing]: The color customization of clothing is nice, but it would be neat if they added some actual useful clothing, for example: -A rainslicker to prevent or reduce the effect of rain -Thicker winter coat to fight against the cold -Variations on shoes: Sneakers that say, increase sprint duration/XP gain, or steel toe boots that make zombie stomping more effective. -Combat Webbing: Wearable in the chest slot, this would function both as clothing and a bag slot (along with keys, backpack etc) with fairly minimal capacity and weight reduction, with the intention of storing ammunition/pistol/knife/smokes/etc [spray Paint]: The ability to tag buildings or areas with some variety of predesigned symbols with looted spray cans would be neat. They could serve as warnings to other players, or locations of stashes and safehouses/directions. To prevent spamming maybe they could be cleanable using the same process as blood spatters. [Misc. Item Overhaul]: I'm a huge fan of flavor, and I love the atmosphere that a lot of the misc. items provide like finding wallets on zombies and toys in crates. But a lot of the items seem like they verge on the border of useful; why not actually make some of the misc items do something? If not beneficial, at the very least cosmetic. -Yo-yos. Why shouldnt this provide amusement, maybe with a durability bar to boot. Or if thats too useful, give the character a yo-yoing animation when used. -Rings should be wearable, even if just for cosmetics sake -Playing cards relieve stress and boredom, but require another player to use. -Dice should be rollable -Sunglasses, wearable. -Wallet should be usable as a very small bag, equipable in its own slot like the keyring -Umbrella and map... self explanatory [Repair Overhaul]: I feel like weapon repairing is kind of counter-intuitive. When playing with relatively scarce resources, in the time it takes me to find the materials to repair a spiked bat I've already found and make 10 more. Sometimes the materials seem a little weird too. Either change/reduce the materials required, or give them "durability" like water and disinfectant. There's probably more, but I'm pretty tired Anyway, most of them are pretty little things, but I'm all about the atmosphere and flavor in a game and Project Zomboid has tons of it! Good work devs!
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