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Found 3 results

  1. I think that put achievements into the game it will give more reasons to play and i need to flex to my friends how much im dedicated to this awesome game i dont know how difficult is to add this into steam but for sure is a rigth thing to do sorry for my english :(
  2. Earlier I was listening/reading the radio events and I noticed the president had a private meeting with the CDC. I would love to hear the other side of the story, but logically there is no way the player would be privy to the president's meetings. I would love to hear the explanation of walking corpses to the president, his reaction and the CDC recommendations. So what if as you accomplished things in game (Such as get X kills, Die from infection/starvation/lead poisoning murder, Convince an NPC to do etc, Burn down a building, die in a fire, survive being on fire, survive a bite/scratch, etc) You would unlock a 'gallery' entry or two. Things like art, behind the scenes/ in-progress art/clips, and 'extra' story elements (Like the president's meeting, how the military knew to mobilize so quickly, notes from CDC scientists studying the infected after the exclusion zone, military/survivor journals from up north, other neat Lore things)
  3. I think that the only problem with this game (for singleplayer) is that when you manage to ensure your survival, Build a fort , with many Rain Barrels and farms, there is no other thing for you that you need to achieve. So I think that something must be done. My first thoughts were of having a Story for you to follow which will demand you to do other things than to survive. However I read there was a NO on allowing a different ending than that of Dying. So then I got another Idea : what if after you ensured your survival you could Wipeout all zombies remaining in town and then build a fort town for the remaining Survivors . You will have to increase your influence with other NPCs and so become their leader . Then they will follow your demands . You will be able to command them to Chop Down trees in a certain area and also you will also be able to command them to carry things around. You will also be able to command them Build things etc . If you become a bad leader a tyrant your influence will decrease and you will lose some of your followers. But that way the game will turn into a strategy one ... Well no you will still play your character and you will still have to survive. Also zombies won't be away for ever . They will keep coming as Hordes . And you will also have to protect your followers . You will be able to give them a weapon and have them with the order to fight zombies with it if they see one , or you will be able to command them if they see a zombie they run to a certain area. You will also be able to command them if they are scratched or bitten to commit suicide or to retreat. (Then you can kill them your self or have others do it for you). After you make the perfect fort town where anyone can survive you will get to the next Level .You will be able to fast travel to another town and give help or you will be able to help other survivors in other towns by sending them resources also you will be able to build a perfect squad and fight zombies. When you die it is game over and you will spawn again either to the other town you have unlocked or to the town you have fortified. So what I am basically asking is : -An influence meter : The Higher influence you have , the more chances of a NPC to accept your commands. - In- Game Achievements : Those achievements will be stored to the world you are playing however this will require the game to recognise if you have a house that won't run out of food and also zombies can't attack you . The same thing about the town Fort . When you gain the second Achievement you get the ability to fast travel to another town. Also you will be able to call for resources from your town while in the other town. -Something to keep you playing after you ensured your personal survival So what do you think ?
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