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  1. My girlfriend is a pyromaniac. (help me) Anyway, jokes aside. She is, and she’s burned down the Rosewood prison more times than I can count. All while the power was still on. But one thing I noticed is that it was pretty easy for her to just set the place alight and horde up the zombies without much of an issue. I thought, MAN! We should really have a system for that. So, here’s my thought— —fire alarms. - Allow me to explain how this could work: When you use a Molotov to, let’s say, clear up a horde in central Rosewood. Or, you attempt to burn down a house in multiplayer that your least favorite person happens to be living in. SUGGESTED MECHANIC #1: THE BEEP-BEEP AND FLASH FLASH. When this happens, the smoke catches an alarm! Usually, at least— I don’t think trailers have fire alarms?? I could be wrong. Anyways, regardless of where they are, what ensues is a beep beep and a flash flash from the fire alarm until it’s either manually deactivated, burns up or the fire is removed. MAIN ISSUES: Now, I am not a programmer, but I feel like it might be a pain to add this to every single house. Maybe like civic structures or public locations?? I’m not sure. I imagine it’d be sort of like a house alarm, just for fires..? Another issue is epilepsy. I am not a doctor, but adding a flashing white light may not be a great idea for those with epileptic conditions. Again, not a doctor, I could be wrong, but it is something to consider. SUGGESTED MECHANIC #2: HEARING ISSUES I’ll make this simple. HEARING PROBLEMS! When a fire alarm goes off in somebodies face, and they have a trait that deters hearing (Not deaf, obviously, but you know what I mean) the alarm could cause a ringing sound to play or something of the sort, in your ears. This can also apply to house alarms. MAIN ISSUES: It might be hard to simulate perfectly, since it’s hard to get a realistic ringing sound. But that’s just me thinking, I’m not sure how sound design works either. SUGGESTED MECHANIC #3: BALANCING I am so sorry about how long this has gotten, over fire alarms for gods sake. This is the last one, I just wanted to explain in further detail how I feel this could balance the game. Molotovs are very good, and once you find a bar or something they’re essentially cake to make. Let’s say, hypothetically, you're a silly guy and start lugging a burning horde around Muldraugh. Okay, cool! But, one of them stumbles through the police station or pizza place— now there’s an alarm going off. Suddenly, a bunch of zombies are coming in from all sides of the forest and city! You either move your entire horde and escape the oncoming encirclement, or you’ve failed. In this scenario, fire alarms present a new challenge for the player during Molotov burning and motivates players to learn a new type of skill— not an in-game skill— zombie horde control. Let’s say you’re a silly guy and leave the oven on while you take a fat nap. Well, now you’ve got a horde knocking down the walls of your cute cabin in the woods, and you gotta book it and come back to clear it later! It’s little mistakes like those that keep the game interesting, throw you in for a loop and keep you playing with motivation. Finally, let’s say you wanna burn down your friend’s base in multiplayer. Maybe you could do it, but you’ll also have to escape the oncoming horde! Then again, it fuels a feud between you and your friend and creates further interesting drama when the horde shows up to slap you into oblivion. But… they can also be useful, too. Maybe setting a fire to get a horde off your back using a fire alarm, or attracting a large horde to burn them— even if it costs your life— also produces mechanics that can be used by the player. Similarly to house alarms. It also may alert a player to a fire somewhere in their area. MAIN ISSUES: I’m not sure how much of an effect this would really have on molotovs or on the game. Everything I’ve said there is completely hypothetical scenarios, and maybe it will never happen ever. Or maybe it will. CONCLUSION: Overall, my suggestion here is the addition of fire alarms to the game and mechanics related to hearing issues to go along with it. There’s plenty of issues with this suggestion I stated above, I acknowledge, but I stand by my suggestion regardless. Any add-ons or constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated!! (I am so so violently sorry about how long this is.)
  2. SERVER NAME THE WALKING DEAD: KNOX EVENT MODDED PVE/PVP Semi-RP To Join the Server Please follow this link and read Server Rules to gain access (this provides a safer and more inclusive community) https://discord.gg/RcupV4zS DOORS OPEN 9:30PM EST ! COME ALL ! WE ARE SO EXCITED TO HOST THIS AND I HOPE A CROWD SHOWS UP! **IM going to buy entry for 10 people that use this CODE: SINGE2022**
  3. So, I play Solo most of the time, and let's just say that i suck at this game and die often, i do have the cheat menu etc installed so i CAN use god mode but i find that too booring, so instead i tried the "prevent death" option, which only heals you up if you ALMOST die, when the health reaches 0 it heals you + removed any damages etc. What I want, is a modification that does the same as "prevent death" BUT instead of healing me back to normal, i want the health to freeze at let's say 1, i.e I won't be able to die, but i still need to heal every wound to get back to full health, is this possible? If so any file i can modify? Cheers!
  4. New thread to keep the buildings organized Last Updated: 16/03/2021 Yippee-Ki-Yay! New download link in Google Drive where you can find all the files for the buildings below Direct link to google drive The next buildings are free, you can use, change, share or whatever you want to do whit them. Just remember to add me in the credits and a link to this post. Thanks you! Bloody Restaurant House #1 Chernarus Bar - Store 1 Stores 2-3 (the numbers are for the project, if you follow the buildings and want to put them in order) This pack has a Book Store, a Laundry, the Spiffo's Bar up stairs and a bathroom, warehouse for the bar and an office. Chernarus School Industrial Warehouse 1 Industrial Office 1 Hotel: The Key - The missing tiles at the left bottom are because this building was made for the project "chernarus plaza". The empty space it's exactly for the "Chernarus Bar" at the left, bottom corner, and the "Stores #2-3" goes in the next place, after the bar. Spoiler If you want to place all the buildings in the correct order, see this picture: You need the following buildings: Hotel: The key + Clothes Store + Hair Dresser place + Public Bathrooms + Plaza + Stores #2-3 + Chernarus Bar I made a pack for you. You just need to download this pack, and you will get all the buildings listed above. Place them in your map and have fun! The size of the whole pack together: 62x35 tiles Download the pack: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/2/folders/1hyBLH2gCAOzhfgL_3-yeKsXkgaqVb8wO I'm working in making buildings for the Chernarus Map Project of grivcin. Check it! http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/5122-project-cherno-wip-updated-with-new-images/ If you are working in a map or another project and you need buildings, you can tell me and we will see what we can do For everyone but mostly spanish people: Un usuario de Youtube (ditoseadio) está haciendo una serie sobre el mapa Bedford Falls en modo Hardcore y con voz en Castellano. Si quieres ver el mapa hecho por la comunidad, entre ellos mis edificios y una entretenida serie con zombies y muchos analgésicos de por medio te animo a que te pases por su canal y eches un ojo a sus videos https://www.youtube.com/user/ditoseadio
  5. Iv'e been playing PZ for a good 3 years now and one of the things that seriously needs to be nerfed is the DAMN HELICOPTER! Before, it was cool with just the swaying away here and there, but now it seriously looms over you like the freakin eye of sauron. I even did a few tests were I stayed in the building, never went out, and all of a sudden MAGICALLY the helicopter appears over my house and begins its looming killing my character. Seriously unrealistic trick to kill the player. Just like a poorly cheap magician's parlor trick, this really kills the magic of the game. Another good analogy is those pay to win games where you reach a certain point of the game where you need to start paying because the difficulty gets so hard, same with the helicopter. The game realizes your living a bit too long so they BLAST you with a helicopter without no gradual progression. The game literally is saying TIME TO DIE HERE IS A HELICOPTER NOW WEEEEEE! Don't you all agree?
  6. romijade

    Dead Zone RP

    Dead Zone RP Server Address: Port: 16261 An immersive apocalyptic role-playing experience. New players welcome Friendly staff and great community RP mandatory PvP allowed (see our Discord for rules) Safe PvE areas for non-PVP players Join our Discord for whitelisting: https://discord.gg/jmjkbph Hosted on powerful servers sponsored by Vanaheim Studios.
  7. Hi all, we are back looking for new survivors to join our famous PvE server based in the EU. See below for details; Server Join Details; Server Name - M700N's PvE Server 2019 | https://discord.gg/pUXV9pp Mods Required - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1421254188 IP Address - Port - 16300 Do not build in commercial areas, as they are reset on a monthly basis. You will be able to claim a Safehouse after 1 day of survival and you will be able to create a faction after 2 days. 1 day is 2 hours real-time. We will also be soon holding some more Survival Night events, where you will spawn into a different dedicated server than the above one and be presented at a load up point. You will then have 10 minutes to gather weapons, ammo and supplies, before being teleported to a random building and there you will have to all work together to defend and survive waves of zeds set upon you. See you all there soon. M700N
  8. Hi all, I thought I would make a new thread on here to post any updates to the server that I am making. These include things like mod installs, mod updates, PZ updates etc. It can also be a place for any suggestions to how the server can be improved. The details for the server are; Server Name - M700N UK Server [PVE] IP Address - Port - 16261 The mods that I currently have installed to the latest update are; Cremation, Hydrocraft, Movable Fridges and Electric Lights. M700N
  9. Hi all, I am going to be starting a new server soon called "M700N's Survival Night". There is a brief description below but for the full details of how it works and how to join, you will have to join our Discord server by following this invite link; https://discord.gg/pUXV9pp How Survival Night works; These are 1 night events and will be announced in the #sn-announcements channel on our Discord server. Survival Night is basically a PvE Horde/Battle Royal type game mode. You will all be spawned into the same location (inside a ready built fort) and all spawn in with the same equipment. You will then have 10 minutes to get set up before the hordes of zeds start attacking the fort. As it is PvE only the Zeds can kill you. It is your decision if you go at it lone wolf or decide to work as a team (I fancy the latter option myself) and try to survive for as long as possible. If you are a member on my PvE Server "M700N's UK PvE Server" then the position you come in the Survival Night match will earn you gifted awards to use within our PvE server. Like I mentioned above all details of this are on our Discord Server. M700N
  10. Hi all, Yet another new server just gone live today. Server name; M700N PvE Server UK (Created 16/Aug/16) IMPORTANT INFO; To keep your saves. I have not got a static IP but I have set up Dynamic DNS. When you select the server change the IP to m700n.ddns.net and save it to favourites. This is so when the IP changes on the server it does not affect your save. When saved to favourites it will say that it is offline but you will still be able to connect. Server settings; nightlengthmodifier=1.0 PVP=false PauseEmpty=true GlobalChat=true Open=true ServerWelcomeMessage= <RGB:255,106,255> Welcome to M700N's PZ Server. IMPORTANT IF YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR SAVES. I have not got a static IP but I have set up Dynamic DNS. When you select the server change the IP to m700n.ddns.net and save it to favourites. This is so when the IP changes on the server it does not affect your save. You can claim safehouses after 1 successful day of survival (1 hour real time). ! to chat locally press "t", to global chat press "y" or add "/all" before chatting. <LINE> Press /help to have a list of server commands <LINE> <RGB:1,1,1> AutoCreateUserInWhiteList=true DisplayUserName=true SpawnPoint=0,0,0 SafetySystem=true ShowSafety=true SafetyToggleTimer=100 SafetyCooldownTimer=120 Mods=Hydrocraft Map=Muldraugh, KY DoLuaChecksum=true Public=true PublicName=M700N PvE Server UK (Created 16/Aug/16) PublicDescription=IMPORTANT IF YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR SAVES. I have not got a static IP but I have set up Dynamic DNS. When you select the server change the IP to m700n.ddns.net and save it to favourites. This is so when the IP changes on the server it does not affect your save. When saved to favourites it will say that it is offline but you will still be able to connect. You can claim safehouses after 1 successful day of survival (1 hour real time). The current mod version installed is; Hydrocraft 7.8 MaxPlayers=200 PingFrequency=10 PingLimit=400 HoursForLootRespawn=2 MaxItemsForLootRespawn=10 ConstructionPreventsLootRespawn=false DropOffWhiteListAfterDeath=false NoFireSpread=true NoFire=true AnnounceDeath=true MinutesPerPage=0.1 HoursForCorpseRemoval=4.0 SaveWorldEveryMinutes=10 PlayerSafehouse=true AdminSafehouse=false SafehouseAllowTrepass=true SafehouseAllowFire=false SafehouseAllowLoot=false SafehouseAllowRespawn=true SafehouseDaySurvivedToClaim=1 SafeHouseRemovalTime=60 AllowDestructionBySledgehammer=true KickFastPlayers=false SleepAllowed=false SleepNeeded=false Zombies = 4, Distribution = 1, DayLength = 3, StartYear = 1, StartMonth = 6, StartDay = 1, StartTime = 2, WaterShut = 2, ElecShut = 2, WaterShutModifier = 400, ElecShutModifier = 380, FoodLoot = 4, WeaponLoot = 2, OtherLoot = 3, Temperature = 3, Rain = 3, ErosionSpeed = 5, XpMultiplier = 9.0, Farming = 1, StatsDecrease = 4, NatureAbundance = 3, Alarm = 6, LockedHouses = 6, StarterKit = false, Nutrition = false, FoodRotSpeed = 5, FridgeFactor = 5, LootRespawn = 2, TimeSinceApo = 1, PlantResilience = 3, PlantAbundance = 3, EndRegen = 3, ZombieLore = Speed = 3, Strength = 3, Toughness = 3, Transmission = 1, Mortality = 6, Reanimate = 1, Cognition = 3, Memory = 2, Decomp = 1, Sight = 2, Hearing = 2, Smell = 2, ThumpNoChasing = true, ZombieConfig = PopulationMultiplier = 0.5, PopulationStartMultiplier = 1.0, PopulationPeakMultiplier = 1.5, PopulationPeakDay = 28, RespawnHours = 50.0, RespawnUnseenHours = 15.0, RespawnMultiplier = 0.1, RedistributeHours = 12.0, FollowSoundDistance = 200, RallyGroupSize = 20, RallyTravelDistance = 30, RallyGroupSeparation = 15, RallyGroupRadius = 3, Hope to see you all on there soon. Cheers, M700N
  11. I've been attempting to get a basic server running for about 5 hours now. I've tried using the in game hosting option and inviting another player to join me (I've also had the player in question try to click on my username and join me that way). However, they are unable to do so even after I send an invitation. The server, among other things, kicked her out due to "files not matching the server's [settings/files/something]" So there's that faint glimmer of hope right before being kicked in the balls. So here's my question guys. Can you guys end my nightmare? Can you show me how to use the Project Zomboid game through the Host option to actually start a server where other players can join. The Host option in game, I would imagine, was put there to make things easier and not horribly frustrating. To add insult to injury, the player trying to join my server is connected to my Wi-Fi which should in theory make the process easier as we're on the exact same network. If I had hair to pull out, I would have been pulling it out the past 4 hours. No tutorials or guides have worked and most content I find is from 2014 or 2015 which does not help me in 2016 running version 34.28 I've tried making it public, removing passwords, everything. My firewall indicates that the 16261 port is in fact open. While my Xfinity account is actually preventing me from opening that port because... screw my life I guess. So can anyone, please, please, please, tell me how to simply Host a server using the Project Zomboid game's Host option. I imagine it was put there to make things easy but it's been nothing but four hour headache and a waste of money for the other player who purchased the game exclusively to play with me Co-Op/Server. Thank you so much in advance. I love this game and it kills me that I can't enjoy it with my friends. Warmest Regards Sean / Flaros
  12. Hey all, I was just wondering if theres any hope of a Mac compatible Map Editor? Im very interested in making new maps for the area where I live but the only issue im running across is that the PZ Map Editor is a windows only program. If PZ is a Mac compatible game, it should only make sense that the Editor should be Mac compatible as well.
  13. Hey Folks, i tried the last hours to set up a linux server for Project Zomboid and it was very difficult to find some usefull informations, because all of it was very old. So i want to share my short solution of setting up the server successfull at the end. The instruction is for users with basic to advanced knowledge about linux. 1. Open the ports of you Router for UDP/TCP: 16261 bis 162XX (XX = 61+<number of players>) 8766 bis 8767 27015 (TCP should be enough) 2. install steamcmd and login (for login: "login <username> <password>") Follow this instructions: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/SteamCMD#Linux 3. after login insert: "app_update 380870 validate" 4. go to the PZ folder in Steam/steamapps/common/... or where you forced the installation to. 5. "./start-server.sh" (give it some time, the process is not ready in a few seconds) 6. insert and confirm an admin password and wait until the process shows "Server Started" (or something like this) 7. shut it down and go to the folder: /home/<user>/Zomboid/Server/ 8. edit servertest.ini (more or less important stats: MaxPlayers / RCONPassword / Password / server_browser_announced_ip; If you want to host a public Server, you need to edit the PUBLIC stats) 9. start the server with "./start-server.sh" again. You should be able to connect now 10. optional: start/stop Script to start the server, create a new file with a name like "startZomboid.sh" and insert (Maybe you need to create the "output" folder in you user-space first): #!/bin/bash nohup ./start-server.sh &>/home/<user>/output/zomboid & disown and to stop the server create "startZomboid.sh" and insert: #!/bin/bash TEST=`ps -e | grep ProjectZomboid6 2>&1` kill $TEST | cut -d' ' -f1 If you have any questions, hints or improvements, tell me
  14. In this thread, I'll post 3D models that I've created that are free to download and use by READ THIS As of March 17th 2015, I have not yet implemented any of these models into the game, be it clothing, weapons or any attachments. The downloads are supplied in case you wish to use them in your own personal projects or if you want to help figure out how to get them working in-game. Thank you. Models are working in-game! I may post a tutorial soon on how to use these models for yourselves, but for now check out Jab's Model Loader and the various other tools available across the forum. Please note that some of these weapons may be out-dated in terms of their position/rotation/scale, so double-check to make sure of this before importing them into the game. Weapons Rolling Pin: Texture Resolution: 32x32 Tri Count: 120 Crowbar: Texture Resolution: 32x32 Tri Count: 92 Hunting Rifle (Kimber Model 84M Classic) Texture Resolution: 32x32 Tri Count: 222 Shotgun Texture Resolution: 32x32 Tri Count: 326 Sawn Shotgun Texture Resolution: 32x32 Tri Count: 326 Franchi SPAS-12 Texture Resolution: 32x32 Tri Count: 496 Rifle Attachments 2x Scope (Trijicon ACOG) Texture Resolution: 32x32 Tri Count: 100 4x Scope (Bushnel AR Optics) Texture Resolution: 32x32 Tri Count: 124 Ammo Strap Texture Resolution: 32x32 Tri Count: 81 Clothing Slouched Beanie Texture Resolution: 64x64 Tri Count: 54 Sunglasses Texture Resolution: 32x32 Tri Count: 26 Hoodie Texture Resolution: 128x128 Tri Count: 369 Cargos Texture Resolution: 128x128 Tri Count: 260 Downloads: Clothing & Weaponry To Do: 8x Scope Varmint Rifle Permissions: Final Words: I'm sure that The Indie Stone will make much better versions of these when they are ready, but for now I feel as though it gives people the option to mess around with the tools that are currently available and hopefully implement these into the game. If there are any issues with the above models to do with placements or sizes, I'd love to know. I'm quite busy with both college and working on icons for 2 members of this community for their respective mods, so I'm unsure as to how frequent updates will be for this, though I will try my best. Feel free to request models, but know that they will likely not be made for a long time, or at all for the reasons stated above. Thanks guys!
  15. Hi All, If anyone can help with this, I will slaughter several white oxen in their honor. I have spent the past week trying to get a flippin server up. Here's what I have tried. PORTS FORWARDED I have logged into my router and tried forwarding ports under UDP/TCP (screenshot attached) I also tried using a range, i.e. instead of specific ports in each line, using "16261-16268" When I use port checker, it says my port is still closed. (screenshot attached) I am using ProjectZomboidServer.bat in the main directory, and can join from the server PC using Local IP, but all external connections are failing. I have read so many forums, deleted everything and started form scratch several times, tried hamachi... but cannot for the life of me work it out. I think my port forwarding is the problem. Please help! The white oxen are waiting.
  16. http://pzserverlist.us/ is the first server top list out that I'm aware of. This allows you to have your members go, and vote on your server while ranking you higher into the ranks. The higher you're ranks are, the more members and views you will get for your server. PZServerList has the option to add your URL to your website, IndieStone forum post, ect. for your server which will get you even more traffic. It's as easy as joining, and filling out the information. Send your members to it for views, raitings, ect. and watch the members of your Project Zomboid server grow. The reason this was created was due to the fact that I googled thinks like "Project Zomboid Servers" "Project Zomboid Server List" and lots more, and could barely find any servers that works, nor did I find any website on google that had more than 2-3 servers on it. The steam forums had none, and TheIndieStone.com wasn't even listed among them. Also, I made sure to have a link to ProjectZomboid.com in the 'cool links' section REMEMBER You get higher rank if you send users to your post on the site, as well as using the link provided after making an account and putting it on any website to send users over. This is how you vote for the site. You can send them manually to your post and have them click the vote button. Regardless of how they vote, this is how you gain ranks on the site, and get higher up. Due to many new members not knowing how to rank higher, as well as lots of other questions I've added a FAQ page. Which tells you the best ways to get ranked, what In's Out's, ect. are, and lots of other things. I have also tied in the About Us page into the FAQ to lower the navigation menu a bit. ____________________________________________________________________________ End of the week Reward: Seeing as we're new, and want to get more people interested, or more active we're hosting an end of the week contest. The server that is in the first spot will receive a FREE week of premium membership, a free 31x88 banner to use once your Premium runs out, as well as a 60x468 banner to display for the premium membership. All created by me, and for you to use for free for as long as you're apart, and active on PZServerList. This will run through 4/17/2014 at 9PM EST. The person in first on the server list by then will win. Get promoting, and get voting! http://pzserverlist.us/?a=page&id=faq HELP NEEDED:
  17. Server Offline Thanks to all that played but due to enough interest this server is now offline.
  18. Hey there! We just launched a public Project Zomboid Server and are looking for people to play with. Sadly I can not offer you to play with us directly, because we only speak german in our squad, but feel free to join the server and play on. If you got any questions post them here or contact me on steam. Server is hosted by chernarus.de , which hosts an ARMA2 DayZ Overpoch, an ARMA2 DayZ Epoch and a 7 Days To Die Server aswell. Feel free to join there too. Server settings are listed further below in detail, if you wanna know exactly I guess you can figure them out. But I will list important stuff for you: - PvP is off, if you want to interact in PvP combat you have to turn your Safety off. - Loot- and zombie respawn is active, but keep in mind that none has to be around the area for some time to respawn the loot. - Food will only decay slowly. Lengh of day is 2 h realtime. If none is online server-time will stop to prevent spoilage. - the server will be reset every 4-5 weeks, depending on the damage on the environment. Next reset will be around early March. Please mind our server rules, otherwhise you might receive a ban. 1. No insults, no reasonless accusations and no racism. 2. Do not use any hacks, mods or bugs. 3. You are allowed to loot and ransack all buildings which are substantial on the map. Be aware that if you barricade a house it is allowed to be looted by any other player. 4. All buildings build on your own (like a shack in the woods) in the wilds are not allowed to be looted or burned down. 5. Setting fire on purpose to burn down houses or zombie hordes is forbidden. Rules may change or be extended if necessary. Server IP: We are lookin forward to play with you! The Burning Giraffe - German Part - Hey Wir haben die Tage einen öffentlichen Project Zomboid Server gestartet. Dieser ist derzeit noch nicht wirklich ausgelastet und wir würden uns freuen wenn ihr mal vorbeischaut. Der Server soll 50 Slots haben, aber bisher konnten wir das noch nicht voll austesten. Gehostet wird der Server von der chernarus.de Multigaming Community, welche auch einen DayZ Overpoch- und einen DayZ Epoch-Server und einen 7 Days To Die Server hostet. Wenn ihr Lust habt schaut auch da mal rein. Der Server wird ca. alle 4-5 Wochen resettet. Sprich der Strom ist wieder da, Wasser läuft, zerstörte Gebäude stehen wieder usw. Ihr könnt also aus eurem letzten Leben lernen und dann ein neues Projekt starten. Ggfs. bleiben mit dem Reset die Charaktere, ihre Fähigkeiten und was sie bei sich tragen erhalten. Der nächste Reset kommt Anfang März. Loot wird nachspawnen, kann allerdings nur dann passieren wenn ihr nicht in der Nähe seid. Haltet ihr euch also dauerhaft in der Nähe von Lootspots auf, wird dort nichts nachkommen. Falls ihr Leute zum Spielen sucht könnt ihr euch gerne bei mir via Steam melden, wir sind eine Gruppe von 8 Leuten von denen 3-4 aktiv Zomboid spielen, die anderen werden demnächst wieder zu uns stoßen, sobald ihre "Neuer-Minecraft-Server"-Phase vorbei ist. Hauptsächlich spielen wir Abends, 19-23 Uhr. Bitte beachtet die Serverregeln, sind auch nicht lang; 1. Keine Beleidigungen, Anschuldigungen oder rassistische Äußerungen. 2. Keine Nutzung von Hacks, Mods oder Spielfehlern. 3. Alle Mapseitigen Gebäude sind freiwild, d.h. es darf eingebrochen und geräubert werden - egal wer dort wohnt. 4. Alle selbst gebauten Behausungen sind tabu, d.h. es darf dort nicht eingebrochen, rumgezündelt oder geklaut werden. 5. Das Abfackeln von Häusern ist verboten. Wer meint er müsse eine Stadt in Brand setzen muss mit einem Ban rechnen. Regeln können sich bei Bedarf verändern und erweitert werden. Der Server läuft derzeit 24/7, aber die Zeit bleibt stehen, falls niemand mehr online ist. Das Essen vergammelt relativ langsam und es spawnt immer wieder neues Zeug nach, damit auch neue Spieler eine Chance haben. Settings sind derzeit so eingestellt, können sich aber noch ändern; Allgemeine Einstellungen: PVP: eingeschaltet Global Chat: eingeschaltet Bevölkerungseinstellungen: Zombies: Ausgewogen Zombieverteilung: Mehr in Städten Zeiteinstellungen: Tageslänge: 2 Stunden Welt Einstellungen: Wasserausfall: 0-2 Monate Stromausfall: 0-2 Monate Hausalarm: Manchmal Verriegelte Häuser: Häufig Lebensmittelverderblichkeit: Sehr langsam Kühlwirkung: Sehr hoch Beute/Loot Wiederkehr: Jeden Tag Zombie Wiederkehr: Jede Woche Vergangene Monate seit Beginn der Apokalypse: 0 Natur/Umwelt Einstellungen: Temperatur: Normal Regen: Normal Erosionsgeschwindigkeit: Normal Landwirtschaftswachstumsgeschwindigkeit: Langsam Pflanzen Belastbarkeit: Normal Landwirtschaftliche Ausbeute: Normal Natur Ausbeute: Normal Beute/Loot: Nahrungsmittel: Normal Waffen: Normal Andere: Normal Charakter: EP-Multiplikator: 2.0 Status Rückgang: Normal Ausdauer-Regeneration: Normal Zombie Eigenschaften: Geschwindigkeit: schnelle Schlurfer Stärke: Normal Härte: Normal Infektionsübertragung: Blut+Speichel Infektionssterblichkeit: 1-2 Wochen Reanimierungszeit: 0-1 Minute Kenntnisse: Navigieren Gedächtnis: Normal Zerfall: Verlangsamen + Schwächen Sicht: Normal Hören: Normal Geruch: Normal Server IP: Bei Fragen wendet euch einfach hier im Thread an mich, via Steam bei mir oder über das chernarus.de Forum an Lolly. Wir freuen uns auf euren Besuch! The Burning Giraffe
  19. Buenas a todos, he decidido abrir este tema porque he buscado en el Foro y no he encontrado uno concreto (si estuviese equivocado, por favor, hacédmelo saber y de ser necesario lo eliminaré). En este Post se resolverán dudas sobre el juego, problemas y demás, claro está, en español con el fin de ayudar a aquellos que no entiendan el inglés o, por alguna otra razón, quiera postear en nuestro idioma, en cuyo caso también serán bien recibidos. Intentaré ayudaros en todo cuanto pueda, pero esto es trabajo de todos. Recordad siempre tener respeto por las demás y no usar un lenguaje violento o agresivo, porque si no, ya sabéis lo que toca. Gracias y a ver si este Post sirve para ayudar a alguien. Saludos desde España. http://youtu.be/SxYBbTyPQLI
  20. Okay, I apologize if I'm doing something wrong, here, but... I recently picked Zomboid back up again after a few months hiatus. A lot has changed! I'm impressed with the updates, but a few things are bugging me a little, so I thought I'd talk about them here so that maybe someone could inform me as to if I'm simply not doing things right. To put it bluntly, the new bandages system is extremely frustrating and time consuming. I sterilize a bunch of bandages, no big deal. I get a "scratch", which, to me sounds like an 'oops' ordeal, not a 'oh no, I'm going to lose an arm' ordeal. Keeping this in mind, I slap a sterile bandage on it and go about my survivalist life. No more than 3-5 minutes later, the bandage is dirty. So I'm thinking, okay... maybe they took a realism approach and fighting zombies is getting it "dirty" so quickly. Instead, I opt for simply looting houses and organizing stuff, etc. Things that wouldn't get my hands dirty, so to speak. Same problem. It's barely been 5 minutes (I'm talking real time, since I've no idea how long that is game-time-- my days are set to be an hour long) and I need to change the bandages again. Repeat this ordeal about 3+ more times on an infected wound- significantly less for one not infected. I will also note that I do not have zombification activated- i.e.: playable character will not get sick / infected / turn until dead, presumably. My problem with this is, well... no matter the wound, be it bite, scratch, infected or not; this is extremely annoying to me and not so realistic. I love zomboid and almost ALL its features, but this is the very first time I've ever been generally distraught about things. Thick skin (since it's been moved to the trait choice list) seems significantly less effective than it used to be, so I'm getting injured more often now than before when first starting a game. I've tried seeing if choosing first aid traits helps with needing to replace bandages SO often, but it doesn't. Is this how it's intended to be? Or have I encountered some sort of bug? I really don't mind this new bandage feature, but the rate at which you need to replace the bandages really is frustrating and annoying; heaven forbid you've chosen the slow healer negative trait, which, don't even get me started. Biggest mistake ever, choosing that one with this new bandage system! Any help would be much obliged. Is there a way to slow bleeding to stop bandages from getting dirty so often...? I'm using sterilized bandages... the real ones, not sheets or anything else. Not adhesives. Actual bandages.
  21. Hi guys I've spent 2 days playing and I love this game so I thought I could make something for you so here it is (I'm pasting the URL) http://s5.postimg.org/dy2qet0qv/Zombi_01.jpg
  22. GO HERE: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/12962-new-dawn-rp-server-build-30-hardcore-rp-whitelist-pvp-vanilla-24-slots/ _______________________________________________________________________________________ New Dawn - The Unofficial Project Zomboid Roleplaying Server SERVER STATUS: OFFLINE - MOVING TO NEW SERVER I've stepped down as head admin and instead left the site and server with admins SuperJack and Pann. Please go to the Community Website for more info. The old server is now defunct and the new server will be up soon, with it's own topic here on the forums, and updated information on whitelisting, etc. SERVER INFO Name: New Dawn RP Server IP: Port:16261 Hosted by: Fragnet Available Player Slots: 24 Version: Build 30 Public: No Whitelist: Yes New Dawn Community Webpage: http://newdawnrp.enjin.com/ _______________________________________________________________________________________ When the world ends, and monsters roam, humanity faces a choice, both bitterly poetic and terrifying in it's simplicity. Either to capitulate and fall, or rise and fight. It's a New Dawn, it's a New Day, It's a New Life. ...But just what kind of life? The choice is yours. _______________________________________________________________________________________ As of 18/09/2014 the server is whitelisted! Please find the whitelist application form in the top menu bar at the New Dawn Community Website! _______________________________________________________________________________________ FEATURES: - 24/7 Roleplaying server with regular maintenance and auto-restarts every hour. - Feature-rich forum including sections for character bios, in-character messages and notices, and spaces for roleplaying outside of the game itself. Also includes non-roleplaying forums and an information forum with everything you need to enhance your Project Zomboid Roleplaying experience. - Get involved! Join a player-established faction or start your own! Build your own bases, be part of the in-game societies or survive as a loner! - We take the rules seriously and work hard to uphold them. We help new players get started and strike down on repeated offenders and deliberate OOC. - Continuous updates and ETA's on maintenance and problem solving. - Awesome community! _______________________________________________________________________________________ CURRENTLY WORKING ON: - Creating a sticky thread in the information forum with tips and hints for new roleplayers, and explanations on roleplaying terminology (like OOC, RP, metagaming, etc.) - Balancing the server (suggestions welcome) - Adding some graphics to the forum, make it less generic. - Storyline/Events _______________________________________________________________________________________ RULES THIS IS AN RP SERVER - that means, upon creating your character and entering the server, you are required to act like that character at all times, interacting with the world and other people like your character would. CHARACTER NAMES - Give your character a normal first name, preferably a last name too (but not required). Nicknames are okay too. Just as long as your character has an identifier that would make sense in the real world. Names like Aragorn69 or R0FLC0pTAR are NOT allowed. Badass assassin names like The Whisper, nicknames like Alyssa "AJ" Jameson (Or just AJ), and prefix names like Sgt. John Carpenter ARE allowed. Famous names and names taken directly from media like Britney Spears or Rick Grimes are NOT allowed. You can base your character on an existing one if you wish, but come up with your own name. HOUSE/BASE CLAIMING - You may claim a house and/or base as your own by putting a bag with your character's name in front of the entrance (ie, rename a duffelbag "Karen's House"). You cannot claim another players already claimed house/base. If your character dies or moves, please make sure to remove the bag to open the house/base to new players. You are not allowed to claim a base in any of the following locations: - Medical facilities - Warehouses - Weapon storages - Any building/area with specialized loot. This is to keep people from hoarding one kind of loot and keeping it for themselves, while blocking respawning loot for other players, and/or logging off with all of it and never returning. If you're in doubt whether a location is an allowed spot for base building, either don't build there, or ask an admin who will then make a ruling. GLOBAL AND LOCAL CHAT - Global chat is enabled. To speak In Character, write *r* in front of your message to indicate that you are using a radio. To speak Out Of Character, write // in front of your text to indicate this. (You can also use brackets like (()) and [[]], or any way you like - as long as it is clear) PVP AND RAIDING/STEALING - PVP is enabled, but with strict rules. The full PVP rules can be found here. FIRE NOT ALLOWED - Until a better way of controlling fire within the game is implemented, starting a fire and letting it spread is not allowed. Campfires may still be used for cooking, as long as it is kept in control. DEATH AND DYING Permadeath is not enforced on the server, and you are always free to load a character save if your character gets accidentally killed off. This Open Death Policy requires players to use common sense when dealing with the subject of death. Death is still a very real thing in RP, and all character resurrections are strictly OOC. Likewise, you can't force any other character to permadie, and you are not allowed to use it as a way to powergame. Powergaming includes miraculously returning from death on several occasions, roleplaying invincibility, and misusing game mechanics for own gain. PEOPLE OF ALL EXPERIENCE LEVELS WELCOME! - Never played Project Zomboid before? No problem! First time roleplaying? Don't worry! As long as you adhere to the server and forum rules, you're as welcome as any seasoned player. Roleplaying is not very difficult and a lot of fun to do and learn. Bonus points if you learn your way about the game through roleplaying. Experienced players are encouraged to help newbies learn their way around. Remember, you were once like them. BE NICE - Goes without saying, yet must be said. Don't be rude, don't be racist, don't be a creep. This game is meant to be enjoyed by all. Don't engage in or encourage RP that is not agreed upon by all parties - for instance, torture RP which the "victim" finds too brutal, and the like. ADMIN HAS THE LAST WORD - My turf, my rules. You agree to this when you log in. THERE WILL BE MAINTENANCE - The server has several admins which help keep the server and forum running optimally, and provide help to those who need it. Server downtime will be kept as minimal as possible, the server aiming to be running 24/7, and the New Dawn Community Webpage will be kept updated with estimations and info. THERE WILL BE EVENTS - In time, if enough people show interest, there will be events and the main storyline will develop. With the help and suggestions of the players the world will expand, and offer something new at each turn. MOST IMPORTANTLY: HAVE FUN! - Have fun and make sure to play in a way that only enhances the fun had by the people around you. More information on the server rules, including unban petitions and what to do if you are a victim of rule-breaking, can be found on the New Dawn Community Webpage. _______________________________________________________________________________________ Feel free to post here or PM me directly with any questions or comments.
  23. Yeah. It is handmade, made most of the text into the album. Go check it out! http://imgur.com/a/2gM21
  24. Hi dear admins, recently i start the project zomboid server and found that java error [ADJUNTED] i need help i test to remove and turn install full game on steam but i cant start the server. If that try doesn't works i deduce is that a java error pls i need help. Thanks
  25. US East server open to public, anything goes! Regular server resets every 48 hours ip: IT'S GOING TO BE AWESOME GAIZ~!
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