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  1. Hi everyone, I'm starting in PZ modding and I'm struggling by trying to find out where is the code funcionality that moves a zombie when it is hiting or pushing by the player. I want to develop a mod that allows zombies to keep walking when you hit or push them, something like RE2 remake zombies., I have been days looking for it but I still don't know where I need to go. Please help ;) Regards!
  2. Willkommen zum German zomboids Server, du suchst ein Anfänger freundlichen Server? Dann bist du hier genau richtig, wir bieten euch ein Vanilla(alle Einstellungen sind auf einfach gemacht)Server für Anfänger an und für die erfahrenen unter euch einen modded Server mit über 200 mods, aktuell suchen wir auch Leute wie dich die Erfahrung haben in Discord Moderation und oder ingame Moderation Folgende Bewerbungen sind geöffnet ↓↓↓↓↓ • Discord-mod • Ingame-mod • (Mod)Developer • Eventmanagement/Mitarbeiter Alle ingame Einstellungen können im Discord Server eingesehen werden sowie modliste 🤙 Jeder kann sich bewerben und eine Chance haben, wenn du willst trete uns bei uns werde Teil der Größten deutschen PZ[German] Community https://i8.ae/HnPZq https://discord.gg/QFW4GsK3Uy
  3. Film bez tytułu ‐ Wykonano za pomocą Clipchamp (27).mp4
  4. Hello. My friend and I play the zomboid project on a server on Steam. We wanted to make sure that zombies do not appear at all, but they spawn almost regularly in places where there was nothing before. Our idea is probably quite common. Make a lot of zombies, but turn off their spawn. Help configure the game) We play on the latest version with mods. Without mods, the situation is the same
  5. There's not much to explain, bodies shouldn't just be traits. Fat zombies have reduced mobility, make more noise (which may attract more zombies to you), can break wooden fences but cannot go through small windows, the same should be true for the player, but him could not jump high fences. .
  6. If I've got a lot of stuff I want to take with me, too much for me to conveniently carry, I might want to get somebody else to help me out. The problem, though, is that everyone else is infected with a disease that means they don't care about me anymore. It doesn't matter what I say, all they do is follow me and try to grab and bite me. But wait! Whatever mind-altering ailment they are affected by means the zombies will follow me whenever possible. There is no need to ask them, nor to be polite. The only problem is what would happen were they to get their hands on me. So here's me idea for how to recruit my sickly neighbours as porters. After picking out a fast, strong-looking zombie, I catch him in a trap, or use a Y-shaped stick, or use a "martial artist" trait, or a "policeman" trait, or good armour, to wrestle him down and tie him up. I then wrap his hands and make him wear plenty of mittens to stop him from scratching anything, but leave him with the use of his arms in case he falls over or needs to climb. It might make things easier to tie his hands together in front of his body actually. I then make it so he can't moan and attract other zombies, perhaps by bunging up his throat, and prevent him from biting by doing whatever is sensible with my materials, maybe I tightly wrap his head so that his jaws stay shut after removing the teeth, or use leather straps and a mouth-cage, or something like that. I then make him wear distinctive clothing so that I know it's him easily. Finally, he is given a hiking backpack and made to follow me on a leash. I can then tie him to something while I am looting things or cutting wood, and untie him once I've given him his load to carry. A few slaves like this wouldn't be too hard to manage if they were all tied to each other like slaves, perhaps each tied to a long pole by their neck to keep them together. Without governmental interference there shall no longer be any law to prevent slavery, and zombies would make ideal slaves. They never need to be fed, and will even follow you if they lose both their legs. I don't know if they age, but if they do eventually die of old age then that'll be more good news that bad news, because the zombies'll be mostly gone!
  7. Hello, I've made this mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2888099799 And I'm trying to add this feature: Given a specific time of the day, assign a specific hearing/sight to a zombie (eventually to ALL zombies if not possible on a one-by-one basis) I've been looking at the documentation APIs but beside the name of properties or functions, they don't really explain how to use them. What I've found is this: - https://projectzomboid.com/modding/zombie/SandboxOptions.ZombieLore.html#Hearing - https://projectzomboid.com/modding/zombie/SandboxOptions.ZombieLore.html#Sight Which could work in changing the hearing and sight of all zombies I guess, which is good enough eventually. My question would be then: - How to I get/set this value (code example) - Do I need to have the game/server reload the sandbox values or is it automatically happening? If the former, how do I do that (code example again)? If there are attributes that can be set on the individual zombie level that would even be better but it's a "plus" that I'm willing to compromise with if it's not possible Thank you!
  8. I was thinking what if someone could make it so the zombies hold forks and knives (1 in each hand) while they chase and try to feast on you? The zombies would use the folk and knife to try and stab the player and they could still bite as well. But not scratch or lacerate since they're holding the folk and knife and can't freely use their nails. They may be able to use the fork and knife to grapple the player kind of like when barehanded though this would take health away. When the player is killed by the zombies you could see them feeding on your corpse with the folk and knife before you reanimate. If you die without being infected if the zombies find your body they can continuously feast on it. This would create a unique challenge to the player since the zombies would basically be using melee weapons to a very limited degree. Also it serves as good nightmare fuel and could even make the player panic more than with normal zombies! If the player kills one of these zombies they can get the folk and knife. I've imagined this funny scenario in my head for awhile and maybe someone could make it into reality.
  9. When I host a game with my friends, it always seems like all the zombies are in big clusters, really close to each other, and I haven't seen any spread out zombies, how do I fix this bug, please help.
  10. In Project Zomboid if you don't dump the loot and clothing a corpse (zombie or regular dead human) has before the time they rot away, it'll rot away with them. This makes it incredibly inconvenient to have to go to every corpse and dump the clothes and loot so you don't have to constantly check the body to see what it has on it. The body disappearing but everything it had on it remaining is what should happen. It'd be so much more convenient for the player as well as being more realistic.
  11. I would love for being drunk to have more effect on the player stuff like blurry view, less control over the movement of the character and slower and weaker swing speed. And with sanity would go down when you will not do anything beacose it will allow the character to think about how everyone around him died. And also without any contact with other people he would go insane. Animals could help to restore some of the sanity lost and also looking at the tv when there are people can help with the sanity. If sanity is low enough the player will hear voices seeing someone that isn't there or when npc will be added that they will hear something that the npc never said or some zombies banging on doors or windows that they have never been there. other thing if the sanity would be at the lowest you could barely sleep and you could hear zombies whispering. Do you agree or disagree with me with what part let me know
  12. Okay so get this, the guy on the cover of Project Zomboid is a on car and yet we can't climb vehicles in the game? I mean if we could climb up cars that would add some protection from the zombies. You know, in a "I have the high ground!" kind of sense. The zombies would either not be able to climb up making you completely safe but surrounded; not able to climb up but able to pull you down if you're too close to the edge making it so you should go inwards on top of the car as much as possible; or they can climb up and maul you to death in addition to pulling you down. If they can't climb up but you're surrounded it would give you the opportunity to pick them off with your gun or strike them dead downwards with a melee weapon. Same thing if they could pull you down which is a bit more challenging. It the most extreme case they can climb up or pull you down making it so you have to attack the most immediately threatening zombie. Like the one that gets up first, that's who you kill. The most extreme case would force you to fight quickly and sequentially to at least endure a bit longer. Might want to add some kind of move to knock off climbing zombies or swat away zombies trying to pull you down. Personally I prefer it if they couldn't climb or grab you down. The balancing factor would still be that if you're out of gun(s) rounds you got to pull out your melee weapon. If your melee weapon(s) breaks then you could very well be screwed. Screwed because you'd essentially be stranded on your car which would eventually lead to your death due to hunger and dehydration not to mention you probably could sleep too well. I mean a horde of zombies growling at me inches away while I'm on a hard cold car roof ain't exactly a sleep number bed experience. The car could also serve as a temporary barrier between you and the zombies. For example, they're chasing you, you quickly vault over a car (or climb it and jump off the other end) and now the zombies have to go around rather than just making a beeline for you. That could buy you some time which is always of the essence in the game in every conceivable way! So yeah I want to be able to use a car roof to my advantage as well as be like the chad on the cover!
  13. Is there any way to add completely new animations to certain zombies? I don't want to replace animations, just want to change walk/attack animations for new zombie types i plan on adding.
  14. As a long time player seeing the zombie spawn maps is a huge spoiler and would be better if the spawning map was tied into the map itself. Something like, Every house could have a chance to increase spawns depending on the house type and if/or nearby houses is present. Car pile up could be added for more randomized road hoards and so on. Know edge spawns was recently introduced so you devs know the rules required and if it would be feasible, and not to taxing. I'm remembering an awesome dev post it was a few years ago where you discussed this, it would be great to see a follow-up. Also think it would make the map feel much more alive if the zombie spawns received a slightly different taste on every creation.
  15. Caminantes RP CaminantesRP Os presentamos CaminantesRP, un servidor de rol donde TÚ eres el protagonista! Ofrecemos una experiencia de rol única, con todo tipo de mods que mejoran la experiencia! Facciones lore, Sistema "Héroes", historia única.... 🧭 Misiones y eventos únicos. 💯 Todo tipo de vehículos, militares, deportivos, industriales... 🚗 Sistema de medico complejo y realista. 🩺 Sistema de facciones único. 🏘️ Sistema de rol que recompensa buscar y generar rol. 🥇 Lore-Masters con experiencia! 📚 Mecánicas de todo tipo... 🔧 Mapa custom añadiendo mapas muy interesantes! Barricaded Mall, Raven Creek, Over the river... 🗺️ Loot y configuraciones custom! ⛓️ Enfocado a que te pienses las cosas dos veces! 🧟‍♂️ Tenemos una comunidad sana y 0% toxica!! 💬 Contamos con una escuela de rol para enseñar los fundamentos del RP. 🧏 ¿Quieres ser el protagonista? ¿Quieres sentir que estas en una película? Sea cual sea tu historia atrévete a compartirla con nosotros, te esperamos!! https://discord.gg/RWgygjsWcQ
  16. Hello Survivor, Are you looking 4 a hard server but also fun? if so come join and give it a try there are active votes for mods and events. Events happen once a week from building clearing to loot boxes. there is a discord for help support and just meeting people, this server is going to be a long lasting one so you dont have to worry bout wasting time. only soft restarts unless voted to do a full restart. there are 2 active admins that can help with any issues or trouble! so please come give us a try and tell us what you think IP: https://discord.gg/jX3RaK5j
  17. I think that put achievements into the game it will give more reasons to play and i need to flex to my friends how much im dedicated to this awesome game i dont know how difficult is to add this into steam but for sure is a rigth thing to do sorry for my english :(
  18. grivcin

    Cherno and tiles.

    So I was lurking the forums (like I have for years now) and came across Cherbourg. What a beautiful piece of work. Even though I cannot play Project Zomboid (my 2011 yr old laptop can't handle it like it used to). I still admire most of the things that are created. I've been contemplating reworking the Chernaurus map since Cherbourg came along, but it's a massive endeavor. Cherno was a passion project. A hobby. Meant to ease a lot of anxieties and depression. I've since lost most of my photoshop files due to hard drive failure. But I still have some files. So I made a new base map. Making tiles is hard work. Multiple tiles, even harder. I have some drawing abilities, but not like the devs. Creating handmade tiles or sprites or whatever you want to call them is HARD. I scoured the internet to search for tiles that I think would fit in a post apocalyptic setting and of course some good 'ole regular tiles. But mostly things you would see in a dystopian setting like litter, clutter, etc. I found a blender file in this forum and learned how to use blender: in taking 3D models and converting to png tiles (I can't remember who posted it, but credit to them) These tiles are, of course, not mine. I also have worked on creating new recolor and texture tiles (walls and roofs) and trying to see how to work with multi-tiles (not mine) just converted in blender from a 3d model found on different forums from different dystopian and not-so-dystopian games: I also played around in photoshop just to see how multi-tile objects are built on an isometric grid. All in all, the pandemic gave me some time to play around and think how cool and rather complex it is to make multi-tile objects. I wish there were a tool that can auto-magically cut tiles on an isometric grid. NOTE: Though they aren't exactly "custom" by any means. These tiles are being made available for anyone to use for their map making endeavors. Of course you do have to actually make them useable for the game and create the respective files in TileZed. I wouldn't know where to start. As I haven't dealt at all with TIleZed or WorldEd in a long time. As for Chernaurus. I'm slowly working on it. As for buildings, clutter, litter, the farmlands, and all that wonderfully tedious stuff? That will take a little more time, unless boredom takes over. I saw there was a google drive with all the player made buildings and the sort. Some of those buildings might work on this map. But I feel that this map needs its own tiles (sprites) and a lot of "DIFFERENT" buildings all around with lots of randomness. In the original DAYZ game there wasn't enough difference between all the buildings. Honestly I don't know enough about LUA or other game aspects to create a mod for this. If nothing, I will just pass the project over to someone that has more experience and can actually make it happen.
  19. Hello there survivors, are you looking for a serious roleplaying server and cant find one? Are you looking for a chill server to relax with some PVP? Project Cataclysm got your back. *RULES* -NO KOS -DONT BE A DICK -DONT BURN DOWN A TOWN UNLESS ITS A SPECIAL EVENT -just be a nice guy honestly, be responsible with the pvp. *SERVER INFO* Address: Port: 16261 *Discord* Also if you are interested in my discord I will keep you posted on any special events going on in the server. https://discord.gg/xp86sZ6z
  20. Can you confirm the detection range of zombies again? It still seems to be looking very well.
  21. So, I play Solo most of the time, and let's just say that i suck at this game and die often, i do have the cheat menu etc installed so i CAN use god mode but i find that too booring, so instead i tried the "prevent death" option, which only heals you up if you ALMOST die, when the health reaches 0 it heals you + removed any damages etc. What I want, is a modification that does the same as "prevent death" BUT instead of healing me back to normal, i want the health to freeze at let's say 1, i.e I won't be able to die, but i still need to heal every wound to get back to full health, is this possible? If so any file i can modify? Cheers!
  22. Just encountered an unkillable/untargetable zombie after loading my save in riverside. Playing on Builder mode. Character would just swing bat through zombie without making any contact. However, zombie was able to bite/lacerate me.
  23. So to preface I searched the steam workshop and the forums for the terms: Nemesis, Stalker, follower and didn't find anything like I'm looking for. On to the topic: Does anyone know the feasibility of making a mod that: -Creates a zombie enemy from the edge of the map that always knows where you are and travels at Shambler/ Fast Shambler/Jogging/Sprinting speed consistently. -The zombie is 10X the health of the other zombies and 2x the strength And then one other thing and this is where I wonder if it's possible: -Each time the enemy is put down it collapses and then revives after 24 hours/a week regardless of zombie settings OR -After it's put down it will respawn from the map edge after 24 hours/a week I've seen in the Terror Zombies mod a zombie that is always aware of you up to 250 tiles, but can that extend into when the enemy is in virtual tracking mode and be always aware? If anyone has seen a mod like that let me know, I'm playing a Resident Evil Sandbox and so far it has been very fun.
  24. The challenge of "The Last Frontier 2" is extremely unfinished for the following reasons 1. You may feel thirsty during a test, but you will not be able to quench your thirst. Impossible to drink. 2. The zombie counter may break. When the wave ends, some zombies may still be alive. 3. Bonfire - imba. You don't even have to fight the zombies, they will burn themselves. It is enough for the player to walk away from them. 4. There are very few goods in the store, and leveling skills and buying perks are extremely expensive and useless. There are a lot of firearms and melee weapons in build 41, but why isn't all of this in the test? 5. A shotgun is a very imba weapon because cheap cartridges are sold for it and for effective use the accuracy skill is almost unnecessary. You can pass the test this way indefinitely. 6. There are no running zombies. They would make the test much more difficult. 7. Building skill is almost useless as it only affects the strength of the barricades. It is impossible to build objects in the test, and survival will be much safer and more convenient on the street than in the house. 8. After death, you can create a new character on the same map. That is, you will have the corpses of zombies and the corpse of your past character. Idiocy. 9. Speeding up time speeds up the game, but not the timer itself. It can be abused. It seems to me that the tests did not adjust to the 41st build. Please correct this problem. I wonder if other survival chellenges have the same problem?
  25. It's hard to find a suitable speed for the zombies in my plays. If they're not slow enough, they're either not fast enough or too fast. I've made this suggestion in the official Discord, but I figured it'd be best to create a suggestion here. I think it would be nice to have additional speeds for zombies for sandbox mode, such as: ----------------------------- Slow Shamblers: Much slower than the Shamblers, these zombies walk at a painstakingly slow pace in either idle wandering or pursuit of their targets. On their own, they're laughable and can easily be killed. In a pack, they're a fearsome threat, and even if you have all the time in the world, they'll catch up. The best example of Slow Shamblers are the zombies depicted in George Romero films such as Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead. In these two scenes from Dawn and the opening sequence from Day, you can see just how slow the zombies truly are, practically shuffling their way to their next meal. Simplistic, dumb, and slow alone, but a true terror in numbers. ------------------------ Joggers: A variant of the infected much slower than the sprinters, but much faster than the fast shamblers, joggers can still be outran but are more than capable of catching up to you almost right after. When idle or in small groups, they may not pursue quickly and be at the same speed as Slow or Default shamblers. If they are in bigger groups, they are more likely to start jogging after you. It can be easy to get cornered. The best example of Joggers is the first and second seasons of The Walking Dead. As Rick enters Atlanta, the individual walkers that see him and follow after are extremely slow, like a Slow Shambler, and is easy to just avoid. However, when he runs into the horde a few blocks down the street, that horde breaks into a jogging pace, some faster than others, yet eager to catch him. Here, Rick and Glenn are sprinting through a zombie infested street to get to the trucks a few blocks away, while a horde of walkers is jogging incredibly fast behind them, limping and struggling as they do so, but still able to pursue them. It is in this rare case that some infected are able to climb over the metal fence before inevitably knocking it down. It's as if the infected are far more confident than they are acting alone. -------------------- The current zombie speeds, while nice, still has some restrictions that I think more speeds like these could definitely fix. Slow zombies may be easy to deal with, but one mistake and it's over.
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