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Found 13 results

  1. I think it'd be really nice if you could use saws to cut trees like in real life. I mean I get a bit tired of having to wack away axes to cut down trees. It's repetitive plus I go through a lot of axes. Be nice to just use a saw to make the tree into logs. I guess for balance you could have the saw lose condition health or make it take awhile longer than using an axe. I guess to saw a tree you'd right click it and select "saw tree" and your survivor would cut in a scripted fashion. You know like using the axe in a scripted fashion.
  2. As a carpenter or metalworker you should be able to build guard towers. Like imagine you're a level 10 carpenter and you want to build something to stand high up in to watch over your base or even shoot from it in an emergency. Well this is where the guard tower comes in. It would require level 10 carpentry for wood users and level 10 metal working for metal users. It would require a ton of materials like if you use wood it could take like 20 planks, and 100 nails. If you use metal like at least 20 metal sheets and 4 propane tanks. You could go up to the tower via staircase or a ladder (should useable ladders be implemented). Then when you get to the top you can attach a sheet rope for an emergency escape! Okay so what are the drawbacks of these guard towers besides requiring a ton of materials as well as a maximum level of carpentry or metal working? Well here's where things get drastic and action packed! If the zombies (or hostile players or NPCs) bang on a guard tower enough it comes toppling over or crashing down! I imagine the guard towers would be rather high. So if the player is in a guard tower while it gets destroyed they're falling down HARD. I was thinking the materials could crush the player in addition to them getting broken bones. Of course that's if they even survive. If they don't topping guard towers could spell instant death for the player inside of them! So if the undead or some survivors with an attitude problem start knocking on your guard tower take care of them quick, otherwise THIS IS HOW YOU DIED.
  3. It would be great for 6 month later to have to convert a car for use whit wood-gas if fuel is scarce. Don't know what I mean here is google translation link to an explanation. I would love too have the option in-game whit pros and cons.
  4. I was thinking and discussing with friends about different ways to build things in this game. I also noticed something missing. The ability to craft wooden nails, or even a notch/wood dowel system. I think it should be in the later levels of carpentry as things of that nature would be fairly difficult for a beginner carpenter. With this idea, adding in a few more tools specific to the trade, like a hand drill (to drill the dowel holes), a chisel (for making notches in the wood to join them together), and ultimately give wood glue/ropes some sort of use in this process as well. This system, by itself, could jump start the creation of log homes or player made structures and give players that wish to be carpenters a more efficient and long term use. My suggestions in total (TL;DR): Wood Nails Wood Dowels Log Carpentry Chisel Tool Hand Drill Tool Minimum Carpentry Level 5 I think this idea can give the Carpenter Occupation more incentive to be picked and played in single and multiplayer. Sort-of Relevant: http://www.aloneinthewilderness.com/images/building_the_cabin/dicks_tools.jpg
  5. Hi everyone. Had the following idea last night while chopping some wood. Different type of wood have various quality in real life, making them a better choice for specific uses. Ex.: hard wood tend to burn more slowly and provide more heat; softer woods like spruce (over here up north) are generally employed in construction for their light weight and decent sturdiness. For now, i won't go to any specific value/variables (v/v). I could gladly research and propose (freely) such v/v at a later point if the idea is generaly accepted and i get a go from the devs. The community and dev would then be able to review, comment and eventualy approve the values. Thus, i will concentrate here on the general mechanic and types of v/v. In addition to yeah/nay expression, i would appreciate input on the types of v/v. For the devs, i will need an agreement on what v/v are required (and whether essential or usefull for stage 2 discussion), as well as a list of sprites (with images) for the trees and approximation of what they are intended to be. I beleive that only a change in color/texture of the log is necessary to implement the various logs and they can share common model (or not, devs prerogative as far as i'm concerned). The different v/v i see that could be usefull (and a reference if integrated after community input) : Weight (18-03-2015)Hardness, different from resilience [see comment 1] (18-03-2015)Resilience, a meseaure of resistance to flexion and other mecanic stress [see comment 1] (18-03-2015)Caloric return from combustion [see comment 2] (18-03-2015)Time of combustion [see comment 2] (18-03-2015)Comment 1 : In effect, they could be combined into a stat called sturdiness or equivalent. Hardness and/or density is still usefull for weight ratio between woods. Comment 2 : In effect, they could be combined into a stat called fire resistance or equivalent. The caloric return could be simplified into it by assuming an adequate return for all wood during combustion, the lenght of it being the only factor affecting the net return. Thank in advance for the feedback on utility of the concept and different v/v required.
  6. Getting My Fix I'm back with more hyper-real ideas. But, I don't feel like fucking around with an intro today. So let's just get into it. Complicated Healing There should be more to it than just, slapping on some bandages, and choking on some chicken. Bandages. I feel, different body parts, should have different healing requirements. Like Bandages. . . for example, maybe you'll only need around 2-3 bandages for your arms, but for your body, you could need anywhere around 5-10 bandages (depending on the specific locations and your size of course). But, if you don't have any tape, or safety pins, etc., then you should have to tie the bandages together. But, no matter how you apply the bandages, you should always be able to add more tape. For more durability (that, we'll get in to later). Health & Infections. Food's healing ability should also differ on different parts. And as a matter of fact, we should have health indicators on each and every body part (that you are willing to do). Full health meaning: Healthy, and No health meaning: Infected. However, if it's a Zombie infection, or just simply, a Bad Wound infection, both will kill us the same way. By spreading to our heart, lungs, and/or brain, but the Zombie infection always does it faster, plus, it can't even be treated, it only gets worse (that's how we'll know). So, even if it's just ONE, of your hand's (or even finger's (depending on how far you go)) health indicators that has completely depleted, that, will start depleting the next connecting indicators, and so on and so forth. So, if the infection is in your arms or legs, you're savable with proper amputation. But, if the infection is in your body, neck, or head, you're fucked. More Complicated Healing Now, unlike the Zombie infection, Bad Wound infections are obviously treatable. So let's dig into that. Step 1. Wound Cleaning. Rivers, streams, pools, baths, showers, sinks, and even toilets, should all be able to be used to clean your wounds at least, assuming they are all clean of course. But if not, you can boil it. That is, if you can't find any alcohol, good enough for sterilizing. Application would involve, pouring the water or booze all over the wound, and/or pouring it on to a rag, bandage, or whatever, then wiping down your wound. Step 2. Stop Bleeding. If you're Bleeding BAD, and you have a belt or something, you can just strap on the pressure, easy peasy. But, if you have nothing that can handle wound applying pressure, then there should be two options. One, put a bandage in one, or each of your hands, as in, put a bandage in either the the Primary and/or Secondary slots. Then allow us to apply one, or both hands with pressure on to one or two wounds, max. Only what's doable obviously, I wouldn't ask to be able to apply that kind of pressure with my left hand onto your left arm or whatever, wouldn't make sense. But when it comes to option two, it's the same as one, exept it's just your bare hands instead. But, with your bare hands, it can be more unsanitary. Step 1 & 2. Cauterize. Got a fire? Got a sturdy piece of metal? Good, then you can go ahead skip Steps 1 & 2. No need to clean it and squeeze it, just sear it shut. Which means you'll save time, but you better have something to bite down on, because it's gonna suck. Plus, if your character screams a lot, you are definitly gonna wanna smoosh you face into a pillow or something. Step 3. Rebandage Periodically. Through time, the bandage will get dirty. So you'll need to change it from time to time until it's healed. And allowing us to change our bandages, can force us into a situation like, you simply bandage it when you're on the go. Then clean it when we can get to water or booze and safety, and then rebandage, stuff like that. Other Stuff Wear & Tear. I think more than just your weapons should have a durability. Like, your clothes, your bags, and your bandages. Whether we get badly hurt, or not at all, each injury can be taxing on our clothes, bags, and bandages. So we'll probably need to get good at Sewing and stuff. Solid Wood. If you break a solid piece of wood, like a 2x4, a branch, or a baseball bat. You should be able to use the broken end you're holding as a quick stabbing weapon, but then still have to find, or make a whole new one. Except for the bat, bats always break in that way that allows you to screw, nail, and bolt the other piece back on. But first, you have to make sure you don't use the handle end as a stabbing weapon too much, even though it would make a much stronger stabbing weapon than the 2x4 or the branch. And second, you'll need to grab the other end of the bat, and then get a hammer and some nails, or a screw driver and some screws, or for the sturdiest repair, a drill (or a hand drill) and a wrench and some bolts. But, once the baseball bat has been repaired, the next break, is permanent. B & R. We should be able to take the good parts out of other guns, and put them in the place of the shitty parts in our guns. And with the proper tools, materials, and skills, maybe we could even make our own guns and ammo. And same idea for all the different types of melee weapons. I feel, every Role Playing Game, should thrive off detail. Especially when Graphics, are not what they're maxing out. But, that's all I got so far, I love you all, peace. P.S. Are you planning on adding surgery to the game?
  7. SomeENG

    Wood stoves

    Is there currently a mod to make the wood stoves in the cabins run on wood instead of city power?
  8. We all know that its pretty easy to make a campfire lit in this game. And i tought it was a little bit too easy and a little bit too unrealistic. So this overhaul would make it a bit harder and a bit more realistic. And thats all what this game is about, right? So lets gets started. Wet wood: You just chopped a tree down and you got plenty of wood. But its imaginable that the wood is probably very wet because it stood outside all the time. starting a fire with wet wood is incredibly hard. So its the best solution to store it somewhere inside for a few days until it becomes a little less wet. The more dry the wood, the easier it will get to make a fire. Now, wood you find in a container is another story... Dry grass: You need something to start a fire with once you get a lighter/matches. In the overhaul you have the abilty to pick some grass on a grass tile and store it in your pockets or inside. After a few days it will become more dry, and eventually it will become a great way to start a fire with. Ofcourse, one plumb of dry grass wont make a fire start for the average joe, so you will need lots of paper and dry grass to start a good fire. Fire stages: When you start a fire, it will change, and have different stages. I will show my ideas: Fire tent: This is the first stage when you start a great fire, lots of flames and warmth will come, but you have a great chance to burn your food when cooking. Black wood: The fire has been goign for a little bit. The paper and dry grass have already burned away and the wood has become black and ashy. The fire is still in great condition but the flames are less high. You have less chance to burn your food and this is probably the best opportunity if you dont have time. Collapsed black wood tent: Your fire tent had collapsed, and your flames are less high. This is also a great moment to cook food but it takes longer. Ashes: Your campfire is now smoldering red ash. It still gives some warmth and it gives a bit less smoke. Sleeping with the ashes stage in a cold winter is safe and a good way to keep warm. Fire making skill: The more you make fire, the better you will get. eventually at level 2 you can try to make a fire with a notched wooden plank and such. It wont always work, But its a good way to grind your fire skill without wasting wood. at level 4 You will get much better at making fire without matches/lighters. At level 5 you have no reason anymore to use matches or lighters for a fire, as you will be a firemaking god. This skill will be under the survival category just like trapping and fishing. There will also be fire making books around for you to find. So what do you guys think? Id like to hear your opinions about it.
  9. This might be a little preemptive, but since it seems exceptionally likely that we will be able to have generators and/or vehicles in the future, I want to suggest being able to use a wood gasifier as an alternative to petrol. For those that don't know what that is, it is basically extracting gas from wood via heating, which can then be used in combustion engines (or heating etc etc) The process for doing this is very simple and well within the reach of the common man. Wood gas was used before natural gas to heat homes and the like. It was also exceptional common during the petrol shortages of WWII for people to construct them at home to be used to power their cars instead of petrol. They are still made and used all over the world today in many different situations. The basics behind constructing a wood gasifier are: A large container that can be opened and shut (think a 44Gl drum) with a one way valve leading from it. This is placed over a fire, filled with wood (or sawdust, coal or even rubber). The outlet of the one way valve is then ran through some piping to allow it to cool, then a filter (optional) and finally into the carburetor of the engine. What happens is as the wood is heated, it releases hydrogen and carbon monoxide, which then pass thought the pipe, the filter and into the engine to be burnt in the combustion chamber as a petrol replacement. Now as I said, these are an very easy thing to construct by the average man, and in fact, were constructed, en mass, by the average man during times of need. They could be used to fuel a small engine which then runs an generator to provide electricity, or even (as they historically were) hooked directly onto a car to provide a fuel alternative. Some links: Wood Gas = http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wood_gas Wood Gasifier = http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wood_gas_generator A small simple gasifier to show how they work = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mgu9BdHeUYg Wood gasifier used to power lawn mower engine = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F258s13UxfY Example of what can be done with a gasifier = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYGKn12Weu4 How to build a gasifier = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDIiEjL5eGM
  10. I know, here might my bad english give me a hard time, but I give it a try. Every time I need wood I wait for a new day, go into the forest/park and chop some trees. The wood I gather by doing this gets carried to my safehouse where I store it for rainy days when there is nothing to do outside. My problem now is, that claiming and dropping logs takes a hell of a time so its more time efficient to carry the complete wood to your construction side, saw'em into logs and start building right there. This makes me some kind of unhappy. My suggestion: Wouldn't it come in handy if you can bundle logs into packages, using a rope or something to make it easier to carry/lift/drop etc?
  11. This thread is for suggestions/conversation regarding the carpentry skill and what suggestions/ideas you guys would have in regards of building with wooden materials. Now this is primarily for stuff that could/would/should possibly be added to vanilla so keep it simple, keep it non-stupid . I'll start with the suggestion I made in the mod ideas section: Door latches: Wooden dowels used as replacement for nails suggested and modded by Onkeen: Wooden flower pots for small size (indoor) farming suggested by willow512: Wooden craftable items (recipe type things): Sheetrope ladder suggested by Leolvanov + regular wooden ladder: Ladder: A simple but sturdy buildable ladder to the next floor. 4-6 planks keep hammer Shutters suggested by D_Malachi: Compost bin If any ideas poop in your head feel free to share. Ideas deemed good enough by me or the overwhelming support of the community will be added to OP. Discussion/constructive criticism is encouraged but be nice! What would you build if a zombocalypse came-a-knocking on your wooden little door?
  12. Training dummy, constructed out of wood, pillows and sheets (ripped sheets). Used to train up combat skills. Maybe even firearm skills for target practice, with the Pillow Silencer mod.
  13. Guys I'm back ! First post on the new forum ! ... Did anyone remember about me ? x) Well I was to much lazy to create a new account untill i'll be motivated to do so... So here I am ! To make a sugestion about carpentry ! Note : As Kinyoshi pointed out, what I call Cheville is Wooden Dowel pins. In fact, my suggestion is about Carpenter's Handmade Wooden Dowel pins (not the Ikea's little ones). C'MON ! Why my picture is REDUCED ! Time to Update the Suggestion ! This is the second part of my suggestion, it's a lot about my personal experience with Handmade Wooden Pins. Including how does it works, where does this method came from and some examples to show why it could be a good thing to unlock at level 4 and 5 in carpentry. SERIOUSLY ! That's even more reduced than the first one ! Roar ! Icons Update ! To show my devotion to this project, I have also made some icons pixel art sprites, modders should chek these out ! I'm about to do wall, floor and maybe furniture textures, but I need the original textures to do so, does anyone know where to find the vanilla tiles for items on the map ? Mod Update ! I've made it ! I was quite harsh but I'm proud to show you today The Handmade Wooden Dowels Mod You can download the mod here : http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/1091-handmade-wooden-dowels-realistic-nails-alternative/ Don't forget to repport bugs, I really hope ths mod will satisfy you !
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