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Found 68 results

  1. I have released my first mod! It is still very much a work in progress, but it is working! What would MacGyver do? He would have course make all kinds of crazy weapons out of stuff that are obviously not weapons in the first place. Most people would settle for that baseball bat or a fire axe or a crow bar. But not MacGyver. He would be on a constant search for new and creative ways to kill zombies. This is what this mod is all about: Making new weapons from all kinds of stuff you can find in Project Zomboid. I hope I will never actually finish this mod, and that it will continue to grow and evolve as the game develops. I will upload it to Steam Workshop when it has a bit more content and a consistent style of icons. Here are the two items currently in the mod. Feel free to give constructive feedback.
  2. Silvestredude

    Kung Fu Mod

    Are you tired to fight with guns? Do you have Chest Hair? Do you want chop some zombies by your bare hand´s? Well, this mod should be for you It will add new itens - Kung Fu Book (shelves) to learn how to craft the dummy and train - Towels ( necessary to train, totaly craftable and can be use to bandage) - Craft Train Dummy (Carpentry) - Learn 3 kick ass moves (Hammerhand strike, Knifehand strike and Wrist strike) Water necessary to repair your body....tons of it Sorry about my English My 1 mod guys, be kind ok Download Version V.02 http://www.megafileupload.com/daLX/KungFu_0.2.rar Test Version (spawm a lot on zombies but less condition..anoying) http://www.megafileupload.com/4Muo/Kung_Fu_Test.rar Installation Just drop the file on: C:\Users\USER NAME\Zomboid\mods Planned versions Soon i ll add iron knuckles, box gloves and everyone start with a standart punch weapon =)
  3. There is a difference between bladed weapons and blunt weapons when it comes to aim in-game. IMO there should be a difference between two handed firearms and one handed firearms (I am using those two terms to encompass shotguns, i.e. not rifles vs pistols). Not only are two handed weapons much easier to aim IRL, but this would stop KOSers who level up "Aiming" quickly with a shotgun and then switch to a pistol. Ability to shoot a rifle accurately ~= ability to shoot a pistol accurately Just a thought.
  4. Ability to pull bullets from weapons. I can see people might complain about this because you could increase your reload skill without expending any ammo, but practicing mag changes is a real thing that people do to become more proficient at it. Body armor - would decrease damage done from bullets. This would help out in MP.
  5. Here are three new items with their respective mechanics that would flawlessly fit this game: 1. Ladders Ever seen one of these? These foldable metal ladders (which are rather commonplace in garages, construction sites and tool shops) would make quite a great addition to the game. First, they could be used to access the second-floor window of a house you were trying to get into. The downside would be that the zeds could knock it down as you are climbing and send you to your death (or a lot of fractures if you happen to survive). Also, they could be useful for building roofs to our bases, instead of having to waste wood and nails on building a freaking stair. They should be pretty rare (sorta like Sledges, which are hard to find), but completely indestructible. Another downside would be that you wouldn't be able to put it on your pack; you'd have to carry it in both hands (just like with a corpse) and its great weight (I think 10lbs would be a good weight) would slow you down. 2. Machetes No zombie game or movie is complete without one of these, and the same goes for pretty much every garden shed. Currently, the most practical weapons in PZ are always Blunt weapons (with the sole exception of the Axe, which is pretty uncommon); all Bladed weapons either do too little damage, break too fast or have a range so short you end up getting bitten. The addition of a machete to that list would help to balance against the more advantageous Blunt weapons like the Crowbar and the Baseball Bat (Nailed or not). Because the Axe is on the same level of rarity of the Sledge (which would be its Blunt counterpart) and given its wood-chopping capabilities, most ppl prefer (or at least so I've seen) to use it exclusively for lumberjack'n. Machetes should be the Bladed counterpart of the Crowbars; uncommon but not that rare, weighty but durable, and with a real good damage. They would also be found on the same places as Crowbars (crates, tool sheds, hardware stores, etc) which wouldn't make it to hard for them to be implemented. 3. Fire Extinguishers Technically, these are ALREADY in game, but they serve as much purpose as combs and toothbrushes (according to the Wiki, at least). But, let's be honest, we've all gotten our safehouse consumed by flames at least once. So, at the moment we see the flames emerging, why shouldn't we be able to grab one of these and put them out before they do more damage? It would require the same mechanics of a shotgun; just wear them in both hands aim at the flames and unleash a cone of CO2 upon them. However, they would run out after a few uses, just like a paint can. Not to mention they would be quite noisy and probably attract some zeds. Given they wouldn't have any combat use, they'd probably be pretty common. They could be found at houses' kitchens, offices, shops, schools, storehouses; in fact, they'd be found in lots and lots of places. Thing is, many of them would probably have little charge left or be plain empty. And, you wouldn't be able to refill them in any way; it takes a lot of specific tools and materials to get such task done, and it wouldn't be possible in a post-apoc setting. 3. Nightsticks Commonplace in many zombie games, and some places in real life too. So I was pretty surprised that I didn't found any of these in the police station. They would be a decent Blunt Weapon; less range than the Bat, but with a faster swing and much more durable. (Police Officer and Security Guard Jobs could come with a swing speed bonus to it, kinda like Axe Man does for Firemen and Lumberjacks). As for places to find it, Police Stations or any place that may require a guard (Like Banks, some Offices, Stores and Supermarkets, etc ), and sometimes maybe in the corpse of a zombie. (Zombie Cops should be a thing too) 4. Mops/Brooms Who doesn't have one of these at home or has seen the one the janitor of your office uses? They're not exactly a deadly weapon, tho (Unless you're Rei Miyamoto from Highschool of the Dead...). They'd be the shovel's weaker but more commonplace cousin; long range and lightweight but prone to breaking and rather weak. However, they'd be utterly common, and clearly a much better weapon choice than a pencil or your bare hands. 5. Wrench/Spanner Now were's a commonplace favorite I can't believe I forgot about! And although they're not common in people's houses or garden sheds (unless you're the handyman type or the ''Screw mechanics, I'll fix my own car!'' type), they'd be omnipresent on Auto Repairs, Hardware Stores and maybe even the trunks of cars and trucks (when they get added, that is). Combat-wise, they'd be the crowbar's bigger cousin; heavier but deadlier too, yet not as strong as the Sledge. Plus, now that the new Engineer Job that comes on at Build 32, they'd make a fitting weapon for them, or maybe even have some purpose disassembling stuff (it takes more than a Screwdriver to dismantle freezer) . Not to mention that if you're female, you could call yourself a Wrench Wench, one with a mighty Wrench Whack
  6. I think new weapons should be introduced to the Project Zomboid universe! (I'm sure I'm not the first to say this) I think Antize Weapons and bags Mod is a good start if you guys weren't already working on one, or is there a way to upvote/vote for a mod to be implemented into the core game? I've tested it and it seems fine, and you can tweak the balance of the weapons easily too.
  7. Hello everyone, I had this idea that, as far as I can tell, doesn't appear in the "often suggested" or "definitive no" lists. It goes as follows: When using a bladed weapon, the player has the possibility of lathering it in zombie blood, making it "infectious". Hitting another player (or NPC) would mean contact with zombie blood, and thus risk of infection. The chance wouldn't be as high as being bitten, but it could still be substantial depending on the damage done. I actually got this idea while playing the walking dead game. There's a scene where a character hacks another's arm off with a bloodied axe. Even if the arm came off, the blood on the axe would have meant the infection was still there. So basically I feel like it could be a nice little trick to add. Not sure whether it would make certain weapons OP though...
  8. I would like to suggest changes for the sake of realism, or perhaps options in the menu when starting a new game to bring more realism to the game. I love the game and one of the things I like most about it is that it has a feeling of realism to it that other games always lack. It is brutal and unforgiving just like a situation like this in real life would be. To that end, there are a few things already in the game, or expected to be added to the game in the future, that I think would break immersion. 1 - Tool/Weapon durability. I understand that this was implemented to add difficulty to the game but it is completely unrealistic and just seems a bit silly to me at times. I am a contractor and I have been building houses from the ground up for about 10 years now. I still own the first hammer I ever purchased 10 years ago. While I did eventually upgrade to a titanium hammer, the steel hammer I used previously saw about 40 - 60 hours per week of smashing steel and wood repeatedly. After all of that punishment I can still pick it up now and use it. I never had to repair it either. The axe is another tool I use frequently. Admittedly an axe does require occasional repair but that involves popping in a new handle, which is just a milled plank of hardwood. Using these tools as they are intended would not damage them in any significant way and using them to chop or bash what is essentially human bodies would actually be less likely to damage them. Guns do require maintenance but that involves breaking them down and cleaning them and applying oil where necessary. 2 - Power Generation - I know that generators are a planned feature but unless animal fat rendering is added to the game it wouldn't make any sense. Gasoline has a shelf life of about 30 days, so using that beyond a month or two is just out of the question. Same thing goes for vehicles. The only engines that would be viable after an event like this would be of the diesel variety, as they can run on biofuel. I would suggest that solar panels and windmills be added to the game as solar panels are fairly common and windmills are ridiculously easy to build. 3 - Farming - I think the farming in the game is excellent and I'd love to see how the devs expand on it further. I just have one simple suggestion here and that is hydroponics. I usually play with the grow times cranked to max for more realism. It is harder and requires a much large farm. I think that growing indoors/underground would be the way to go in a situation like the zombie apocalypse. It would also be interesting to see the mechanics involved as growing with hydroponics is more complex than one might believe. 4 - Fire - For the love of all that is zomboid, please fix the fire. I have the worst luck with campfires and watching fire spread across dirt, gravel and concrete just completely breaks immersion. 5 - Forge - We need forges badly. Forges are relatively straight forward to build and simple tools, weapons and armour can be crafted with most metal lying around absolutely everywhere in modern civilization. While blacksmithing can take an entire lifetime to master, rudimentary gear could be crafted even by an amateur that would serve the desired function well enough. Perhaps some or all of things are planned for the future and, if so, I can't wait to see it. If anybody has any additional ideas to add realism I would love to hear them as well. This game is the closest I have seen to a true survival simulator and I believe it has the potential to take that realism even further. I believe it is the greatest strength of the game and the game should be pushed even further in that direction. Make it hard, make it impossible even, but do it in a realistic way, so that it's that much more horrifying when our face gets chewed off by a zombie.
  9. Just wondering what in-game advantages a sawn-off shotgun has over a regular shotgun, and/or vise versa?
  10. Bigger, Better, Meaner - Battle of Tanks: Reloaded, our new Android game is out: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.thoughtshastra.battletankreloaded Battle of Tanks is an action-packed, addictive, 3D Android game. In Battle of Tanks Reloaded your goal is to win the war by completing 5 challenging objectives: 1. Demolishing the marching fleet of enemy tanks 2. Destroying 5 enemy posts 3. Launching an offensive to destroy enemy's air-base 4. Cutting off enemy's fuel supply 5. Destroying the command centre
  11. So I got to thinking, the developers don't really want you taking on hordes of zombies, and at the moment, I still do take on small groups even when fully exhausted + panicked. I think this suggestion has the potential to make people like me think twice (or carry a lot more spare melee weapons). What if when your exhausted + panicked, you have a chance to drop your current melee weapon on the ground, to simulate the zombies potentially grasping onto it (not that the zombies are smart enough to do that, simply that their trying to grab a hold of you and are grabbing at anything associated with you). This chance could be lowered with points in the guard skill (to simulate better control of your weapon). If they do grab your weapon, it simply drops to the ground, and if your in the middle of fighting a small horde, it defiantly isn't retrievable. This would ONLY happen if your swinging your melee weapon at zombies when your exhausted + panicked, and the chance can be scaled up with the exhaustion + panicked level.
  12. I am always annoyed about how often there are tables and chairs around that offer no use other than taking up space, but a table leg can offer a decent club in a tight situation and like a tree branch a stone or nail could be attached to it. A table top can often be broken down into thinner and easier to use planks for building or barricading. Just an idea mainly due to the mechanic of being able to create weapons from sticks and stones. (Which in PvP will most definitely break your bones.)
  13. A minimalist version of the TommyGuns Mod. This mod contains the following: AR-15Remington 700MacheteSurvival AxeSuppressor for the ARSuppressor for the vanilla pistolRucksack Enjoy!
  14. Hey guys ! I don't know if it's already planned, but i'd really like to see more interactions between survivors (multi or solo!). I imagine something based on the new medical skill, with the right click opening a box ; but with much more option : - give something wich is in your main inventory (the others cant see what you gave, but there is an explicit animation they can see), - whispering, i think it can really be usefull, - if you have twine or things like that ... Attach some one ! He can only run half of his abilities, and can try to free himself, a very long option with a noteworthy animation ... "Hey stranger, you already want to leave us ?" - And the best i imagine with that system : a sort of description of the guy's life : if he is a good carpenter, you can read things like "this man seems to know how to use a hammer, and not only to blow heads off", if he killed many players "in his eyes you can't see compassion, and you know his hands already know blood", and also a description of the weight he carry : "his bag seems really empty" - "these guy seems to carry many things, maybe some supplies..." . And next... Why a big No ? I play since a little time with "Realistic Kentucky Firearms" and i think it add much more to the game : - First they have plenty of guns in Kentucky, and you can't just have one sort of pistol, just because there are plenty of different ammo. - Second, people like you and me doesn't know about what ammo go in what gun, except for the very famous ones (9mm Beretta, etc), so we have to try, except if we can find a book about, or at high reload lvl we can detect the type of ammo for a gun. - Next, and the point i'd love to see, is the possibilities it would give to the multiplayer : i have found a big shotgun but no ammo, i still can bluff if some one attack me, but i will need to negociate with people to found the ammos i need... - And finally, it will ended the fact that you have so many weapons, even in the USA i think you can't find as easily ammo for your pistol or shotgun, in storage building and not in the house of the people who buy this, it's a bit WTF when you think about it ... So i'd like our lovely devs to take a look to this mod, maybe ask questions about guns in Kentucky to his creator (who is a real Kentuckian) and maybe change their minds, for more realism and possibilities in the game ! I hope you will find this idea as good as i hope, and i really apologize for my english : i'm one of your greatest french fan, since the vey first build (that i miss a little, thanks Bedford to heal my nostalgia !). Long life to the developers of this just awesome game !
  15. Here's a list of a few things that I thought could be cool in the game • a wider variety of weapons, you know like a lead pipe or a brick and for guns you could have a burst gun or a revolver, a sniper rifle, an smg just things to make weapons more varied and exciting because more weapons means more tactics the player has to come up with. • More clothing, like when it's winter and it's cold you could use a wooly jumper or a puffy jacket maybe a fur hat or some earmuffs different clothes with advantages and disadvantages like boots good for treading in the mud or trainers good for running around, gloves to protect against scratches. • Sprites for Backpacks because what else could possibly make a survivor look more grizzled than a pack filled will survivy crap • Armour/Craftable armour it'd be cool to find and wear like a football helmet to protect against head injuries or some shin guards to save you from pesky crawlers or be able to craft armour. • bandages of different tiers for example Tier 1 plastic bags and garbage bags Tier 2 rags Tier 3 band aids and bandages Tier 4 med kits • traps for players, NPCs and zombies Like a rigged shotgun Or a pressure bomb Or a spike pit A swinging log And snow cos nothing beats that sunny "winter" than a bit of snow
  16. I was playing the other day and had my shotgun with a sling on it and it made me think that the slings should have more use than just giving a weapon a flat weight decrease. My thought was that instead of a sling reducing the weight of a shotgun or rifle, the weapon would maintain it's regular weight while being wielded or stored in a container, but having the sling on would give you the option to carry the weapon on your shoulder or across your back so you can keep it on your person in case of emergency. On top of this, adding the option to tie a sheet or rope to a weapon as a crude sling would be easy enough thing to do in reality.. Only while the weapon is over your shoulder would it give you the weight reduction and depending on if it's a cloth sling of an actual weapon sling can dictate how much weight is reduced and how quickly it can be drawn or put away As for melee weapons, being able to craft a sling out of sheets for melee weapons like the bat or axe and have them function the same as the gun slings would be simple enough to do. Even the frying pan wouldn't be hard to do in reality like threading the cloth through the loop in the handle and tying it to a belt or backpack loop. Finally, pistols and knives can have holsters/sheathes be lootable objects most commonly found in areas like the police station and be worn be the character. A pistol holster could be essentially programmed like a backpack, but instead of a "put on back" option be "tie to belt", "tie to leg" or "wear on shoulder" depending on what type of holster it is. The object could then be set up as only allowing storage of 1 item - the weapon it's designed for- and have a right click option for "holster" on a pistol or knife and "draw weapon/equip primary" on a filled holster on the character menu. Just some ideas I think would help help out and fit in pretty well into the game
  17. b133d_4_u

    Project Dark Souls

    Hello, everyone. I am a new to modding in general and this is my first mod. It adds several items and weapons into the game from the Dark Souls universe. I hope you enjoy it. Adds: -Soul of Smough -Soul of Priscilla -Smough's Hammer -Lifehunt Scythe -Humanity -Firekeeper Soul -Bonfire Kit -Drake Sword -Estus Flasks -Uchigatana -Several Rings -More in the future! !!!!!!!Update!!!!!!! *Changed Estus Flasks,Humanity,and FIrekeeper Souls to Food Planned features: Homeward Bones-Teleport you to your Bonfire(Do NOT make more than one!) Bosses-Get Boss Souls Souls-Currency/Experience Dark Souls Arena-New area where the player fights bosses Dark Souls II Expansion-Adds new items,weapons,and rings Rings Apply Traits I am open to suggestions for more to add so feel free to comment!I'm also looking for icon makers so feel free to "apply", as well! Disclaimer:NONE OF THESE ICONS ARE MINE!I AM NOT HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY PROBLEMS THIS MOD MAY CAUSE! Request:If you would like to help me with my mods, please message me. My .lua files are a little wonky ^^; P.S. I suggest downloading the Profession Items mod( http://pz-mods.net/weapons-items/ProfessionItems/ ) for quick access to Boss Soul Weapons! You may use this and any of my other mods, as long as you give credit to me! Project Dark Souls.zip
  18. Hi! Today I was watching Night of the Living Dead and I realized that zombies possess a limited capacity for understanding, within the universe of films of Romero(In every movie). So i thought this suggestion: Zombies with the ability to use weapons and other tools to attack, but in a primitive way. This would give them the ability to (for example), break a glass using a rock, or attack the character awkwardly swinging a bat/crowbar/etc Just like this: Obviously the zombies with weapons / tools create more damage by attacking a target. PD:I apologize if I make grammatical or spelling errors, I speak Spanish and I'm really bad when it comes to English
  19. I came up with some weapon ideas, and i want to share it with you guys. Let me show you. Cleaver: Why not? would be perfect to hack a zombies skull in. Most commonly found in restaurant kitchens. Sometimes found in normal houses, but not very common there. Skill is blades, obviously. Glass: Can be picked up by broken windows. Very low durability. Better than the butter knife,spoon, or fork. Not as good as the kitchen knife. Chance of cutting your hand when using it. Also blades skill. Spear: Long range. Not very long durability and sharpness with low carpenty skill. The better your carpentry skill, the longer the durability, and the sharpness. You can either make it by sharpening a stick, or attaching a sharp stone/glass/knife to it. It also helps you a little to having a good aiming skill, even when you use it as melee. Doesnt level up aiming skill tough.
  20. Last night I was playing PZ and I was using the hammer (with the strong perk but I have used it many times without it) and the hammer is very op. You almost never get exhausted from swinging it , it takes a very long time to break and it does a lot of damage. The only thing slightly balancing it would be that the reach is short but that has not been an issue in my multiple hours of using it. One way I think it could be balanced is slightly lowering the damage and making it break faster but these are my only two ideas.
  21. Hi guys! What I REALLY miss from the game and I think it would be an excellent addition is the craftable weapons. There is nailed bats, nailed plank and thats it currently. 1. Spears - Long weapon made of stirdy sticks/pool cue and knife and ductape/wire. Has the same kind of durability as a knife (so not much), but provides a slight advantage as you are able to hit/stab the zombie slightly further away from you, providing you with some safety. 2. Shields - Now this one might be slightly obvious, but none the less exciting and fun! You could either make these out of planks, nails and a belt (I crafted many of these practise shields at home for fun with friends), these would not be very durable and would either reduce the chance of being scratched or damage, or give you a little more pushback when zombies aproach. Could be very nicely animated as when they are close and you push with your axe, it would push with both hands shield and axe. (Riot shields and reenforced versions could also be handy e.g. Spikey Shield (extra nails needed like 20). 3. Swords? - Under swords I mean either traditional American civil war weapons (there are some in every household) or craftable metal weapons. I believe that a home made forge could and WOULD be very nice addition to the game, recycling some old car batteries for bullets, or create knives/smaller swords/ machete from old metal trash. This however would be a late game feature requiring a lot of hard to find items that are also heavy (like an anvil). 4. Tinkering existing weapons - Very much like the nailed bat/plank other weapons could be tinkered. First thing that comes into mind is a laser sight or small torch ductaped ontu a gun so that the lamp does not occupy the second equipment slot. This could either increase accuracy, or just simply add the light effect there so you see in the dark better. You could also fix a knife in front of the shotgun for the close combat scenario when you run out of bullets. Not to mention the Scythe which is a very popular weapon in many games and it can be located at farms, hardware stores. Not more durable than a spade, but looks much cooler. Sharpening the weapons could also be an option, or repairing if you have a forge /hammer anvil, or just a sharpening stone (increasing damage, reducing durability slightly). 5. Bows/crossbows - I am sure many threads are on this one already, but as I am a sport archer I think I can add to it First bows are hard to make, the ones you make first time will probably not even kill anything. The ones we use for sport are quite strong and hard to come by which means I would suggest that you have to find these. However the arrows can be made easy, if you aquire the materials (arrow head, stirdy stick, glue, feathers (3)) this makes a nice arrow, which could be recollected from dead bodies and have a chance to break. Then there are the carbon arrows, which hardly ever break and are commonly used by professional archers. These could be recollected many times before breaking or loosing the edge. If we want to make bows craftable, as I said they should be either very weak at first that you shoot 3 times at a zombie before killing it, then slowls increase in quality as the more you craft, or very bad durability and break after 2 uses (very much like fishing rods. Now there could be some other fun craftable items that are weapon related: 1. Ammo pouch - can be equiped as a separate bag for the ammo, and the weapon takes out the ammo from this as a priority. This would allow you to separate the ammo from the other stuff and also maybe reduce the weight somewhat, or make it easier to keep track of your ammunation. It could be crafted at 2-3 level of tinkering. 2. Placeable torch - a lit torch that can be put in the ground and lit for an amount of time. Can be very useful when setting up a battlefield where you will battle the zombies, and very cool light effects Or just when you hear a horde knocking on your door light the ones placed on top of your wall for more visual. Rain puts them out. 3. Scope - When equiped on the weapon, durig the aiming you are able to see further away but your vision gets very narrow. Increases accuracy and can be attached to guns, (rifle) and crossbows. Needs 2 mirrors and a crafted tube (could be just a plastic tube found somewhere). 4. Bayonette - A sharp knife used on the front part of a weapon, can be crafted from a knife and ductape/wire. Or found maybe. 5. Poison - Now this would be interesting Could be made from mushrooms, rotten stuff or dead zombies. Create arrows that are infected with the virus (dipped in zombie blood) and shoot them at that looter who just broke in your house. Use them to set up traps to unwelcomed looters too. Could be used to ruin the water/food supply of another gang. 6. Binoculars - How cool would it be if you could scout your area from a rooftop with your awesome binoculars? They can be found in most hardware stores, or in hunting cabins for sure! This would be an excellent item for those who wish to entrench themselves in one place and looking out for hazards from high places. Could be crafted from two toilet paper rolls and 4 magnifying lenses ^^ These are the ideas I could quickly summon I hope we will get some ideas bouncing back and forth and get some developer insight.
  22. Hi I thought about putting this into the bug section, but decided otherwise as it could also seen as a lack of feature. With the new 27 Build it got, at least for me harder to find a proper weapon. (I LIKE IT!!!! ) Result: I kill a lot of zombies with pens, pencils, forks spoons or with my hands etc. However: These kills are not honoured in the blunt or blade combat section!!! In Fact there are not honoured at all. Last time i killed 46 zombies with my hands or spoons or the like and i did not get a single xp from it. (I don't even know if the butter knife gets blade xp but i think not otherwise i would have a few.....) This is a serious bummer for me as i kinda like killing this way. Also actions/surviving in the game should be rewarded. My proposal would be: Make a hand to hand combat skill. This skill improves when you kill with improvised weapons or with your hands. With progression it would need less hits on the zeds to kill them. Other idea is to put spoons, forks, etc into the blunt category for xp gaining Would like to hear the opinion of a dev on this. Thanks a lot!
  23. Here is a compilation of some weapons that I think that can be implemented in the game: 1) Torch : How to make it : A Branch/ or Plank / or bat + A Bandage + Oil / Or Resin / Or any flamable Oil The torch will deal almost same damage as a Bat if it is not lit. If it is lit it will deal the same damage as a bat but there will be some fire damage too. Also it will create light. When you lit it can remain lit for about 2 hours then it becomes a branch and you can use A Bandage and Oil again to make it a torch again. It will also have a durability 2)Sling : You will be able to craft it using a Smashed Branch and a hammer . Using the hammer you create the weapons skeleton then you need to find the rubber part. Unlimited ammunition when stepping on land . 3 Damage 3) Spiked Shield : You will be able to turn a Plank into a shield with the use of 1/4 of a rope and some duct tape (you will also need a saw to cut the plank in the appropriate size and then to make the shields handle (made with ropes that passes through the shield)). Then you can Hammer some Nails on it to maked a spiked shield. 4)Caltrops : You throw them to the ground and if a humans walks over the area his feet is injuried and is bleedind reducing movement speed. Also Zombies slow down when walking on caltrops. You will also be able to use nails as caltops 5) Shovel as a Weapon ...
  24. food: should be able to make sandwiches depending on items ham, bread, bacon, lettuce, meat patty, tomato, etc. and should be able to make jello with sugar, bowl of water, one type of fruit and smores should be craft-able with a stick and fireplace if you have crackers chocolate and marshmallows weapons: bows should be craft-able with a piece of string and planks of wood if yr strength is over 12 inventory wise.... and arrows should be craft-able from knifes tent poles planks and duck tape or twine it would give use to twine as well and destructive arrows should also be craft-able where you combine gas with arrows and match or lighter or use alcohol instead of gas or batterys and bottle of water and wire to make electricity arrows also make it to wear you can make pipe bombs if you find the book to read for it items to make a pipe bomb draino and pop cans or aluminum foil would put emty soda can in trash cans or full soda cans in homes and vending machines wouldnt quench yr thirst as much as a soda bottle would.... ps if someone could make a modd to where you can kick crawlers in the face by clicking and commanding to stun them for 10 secs would be amazing it makes sense right y cant i curb stomp a zombie when he is down should work with any zombie on the ground also where are the machetes and lawn mower blades at? lol clothing and armor: i know everyone else wants it but y havnt anyone made these things yet should be able to combine duck tape or twine with newspapers and magazines to prevent scratches on the arms and legs and should be destroyed after being scratched on the arms or legs ten times helmets and running shoes to sprint faster or boots to do more damage with curb stomping would also be amazing ps we should be able to hog tie zombies with belts or rope just for the fun of it expesaly if your one of those ppls that want to feed your wife who turned on you or if you just want a friend for the next couple of days yr both still alive also the hog tieing feature would be amazing with pvp or random survivors
  25. Since whenever i have imagined a zombie apocalypse the first thing i imagine myself doing is frantically searching for a broom and then using its handle to craft a spear. Stabbing Just like when the zombie gets close enough you can stab him with the knife to one hit kill. We should be able to one hit stab in the head with a spear from way further. Please add this Advantages of spears in a zombie apocalypse Longer range Stabbing as well as blunt weapon Can be thrown as a javelin can be used for fishing Way a spear can be crafted and improved (Suggestions are welcome) Broom Handle/Plank/Baseball bat + Kitchen knife + Duct tape Plank + Axe/Knife (For sharpening) = wooden spear Wooden Spear + Fire source = Hardened Spear Broom handle/ Plank + Candle stand + hammer(To break away the candle cups and sharpen the ends) = multi-pronged spear Some other ways http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Spear What do you guys think? i for one will be very happy if this is added
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