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  1. Hello I'm working on a map of my home town, I've made a few personalized houses, that I won't be sharing of my own house and my friends, but for the most part houses are generic. It's a highly suburban map, I wanted to recreate the apocalypse in my home town, but I'm not a hoarding scum bag and I'm happy for anyone to use my buildings if they feel worthy, so long as credit is given where due. At the moment I'm working with what is on the default editor, however, later I plan on customising it a little more for specific locations which will involve some spriting. I plan on having 50 or
  2. Maris

    [WIP] more mod tags

    At the very beginning, I just wanted to add the tag "Build 41". For myself, I solved this issue. But then I decided to go further and make a real mod "more_mod_tags" for other modders to add custom tags. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2138864719 But which tags should be there? This is the question. So I ask you about your ideas. I don't like too many tags, so I want to add just most popular and useful. Currently there are these tags: Build 41 Build 40 Multiplayer Interface Textures
  3. List of changes: "BACK" button discards all changes; "ACCEPT" button applies all changes and start reload lua (even if there were no changes). Panel with filters and search: - button "Show all mods" resets all filters, but not search; - when reload lua, panel is reset to default state. List of mods: - be careful with "To favorites" and "Remove from favorites": after clicking "ACCEPT", favorite mods will be enabled in all saves; mods removed from favorites will be disabled in all saves; - icons are read from mod.info; image will be scaled to line-size (which
  4. Updated to 34.28 Sorry for taking so long guys, I switched jobs and I spend most of my free time trying to figure out this being a father thing lol. My son is only 8 months old and I spend all of my free time with him. He and his mother went on "vacation" to visit family out of town so I finally got time to complete the mod. Sorry, and I hope everyone hasn't lost interest. When you choose one of the custom hairstyles at the character creation menu the character preview will show the player bald. Don't freak out, that is completely normal and as of right now there is no
  5. Hello Guys! Recently I'm playing PZ extensively with my Girlfriend and because I have 3 monitor's I always have the map (http://map.projectzomboid.com/) open on one of the other monitor's. One thing that annoyed me was that even in borderless window mode I had to click out of PZ to move the map to see everything I wanted. Finding the position of your player was also a bit annoying, so one night I sat down and started programming and PZTracker was the result. PZTracker connects the online map to the game. The map will follow your player position if you like and you can move around (arrow k
  6. ACDCC: Artfactial's Compact Discs & Cassettes Collectables.(Working title) Alright, I posted a Mod suggestion yesterday, but got anxious so went ahead and started working on it. So, here’s the idea: inspired by the BookMod by Simulatedbyalgorithm and Maska_zgz this is going to be a collectable CD/Cassette mod. I don’t want to overcomplicate the project and burn myself out and this should be a straight forward learning introduction into Zomboid modding. Things I'm working on: -Every item will come with their album cover art. -Every included artist will ha
  7. Hello! We are Far North Entertainment, a group of five based in Sweden. We have been working together for three years and are currently developing our second game, a sandbox game in a post apocalyptic cyberpunk setting where you explore the world and find materials for crafting tools to help you survive against thousands of zombies. We have been working on this project for about four weeks and have taken inspiration from other games such as Terraria, Left4Dead as well as Project Zomboid, which is why I found it fitting that we let you guys know about it. Our intention for the game
  8. Monroeville has now been released! An area south of Rosewood. This map contains a suburbia, Airport, Military base, Research Lab, City, Farms, and various outside settlements. The map is in a usable state. I plan to add more detail and buildings in the future. If you discover any bugs please report them here or in the Steam work shop page. You may download the map from the Steam workshop here. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=915801691 I've used many community made buildings from the Building Pool V2 which was made from 30 different
  9. Hello, I create a "patch" for hydrocraft 5.7, that include 3D weapons for the mod. I need help on debugging and testing. I create a lot of the models, but some of them are based on free/without licence files that I found online. If someone think that I can't use some specific model, LET ME KNOW. To cheat all the weapons, read the instructions (you can enable and disable the cheat mode via config files). Some examples (not all weapons are in the picture, but all of them are in the patch ): Required: I think that I finished ALL the weapons. Please tes
  10. Hello folks, I wanted to share something I've been working on. This is a mod that makes it easier for you (as a fellow modder) to add new crops to the game, which can then be grown using the usual farming methods with no additional work on your part. About ModdableFarming My intent is to give other modders a foundation which they can use to add their own custom crops to the game. I have tried to override as little as possible within the default farming code, both to make updating the mod easier as the game develops, and to keep it true to the original intent of farming. I'm new at modding
  11. Kaltag

    [WIP] Alaska Map

    Hey! So I've been thinking that a cold map would be really interesting and so I'm making one What Will It Be Like? I was thinking of making it around Anchorage, but I am open to ideas. I would also like to make one in the Nome region, as it would give a nice uninhabited/alone feel. I also want to make it so it is not so about zombies (although it will, trust me ) but also about surviving in a harsh environment, little food, cant really grow food a lot, etc. Anyway tell me what you think and again, I am open to suggestions. Features If you want to help with this, I would love hel
  12. Zed Bag Patch With the state this is in right now I am not posting a download link. However if you would like a workaround for your mod list let me know. I can make a custom workaround patch for you. This is a patch to allow multiple mods to create Quick Access Containers in the players inventory! I like to use both Quickbags, and US Military Gear but found out that it would only allow the mod that loaded last to have the quick access bags. This 'patch' is just a modified ISQuickAccessContainers.lua with the bags from both mods. Once I have had a chance
  13. Hi! I'm welcoming you to join the first unofficial real world map expansion for Project Zomboid! Community project: Radcliff Now in blindcoder's PZ Map project! http://pzmap.crash-override.net/?desc=Radcliff0dot2L0 Map description: ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Radcliff Beta v0.2 Disclaimer: I can not and will not support any MP versions of the map and can not commit bug fixes in the forseeable nearTM future. The map is a beta version and does have bugs. If you're willing to live with this knowledge without complaint here's something for you: DOWNLOAD Installation directi
  14. First of all I want to thank the people at The Indie Stone for such an amazing game. So I began this project very recently. I've always wanted to survive the zombie infested lands where I live myself and the surrounding towns. My project will be to make an as exact match as I can get to the real location of Uppsala, Sweden and surrounding towns. https://www.google.se/maps/@59.8844851,17.6289256,64489a,20y,344.06h,0.31t/data=!3m1!1e3 My start location is here: https://www.google.se/maps/@59.9503013,17.5483208,1743a,20y,344.06h,0.34t/data=!3m1!1e3 And here is what I've got after an
  15. *epic music starts playing* This thread will get more info along the making of the mod. And eventually the mod itself... for now... enjoy this teaser. There will be no public test versions untill we feel content with the state of the mod. However, starting now, people can submit applications if they are interested in being a tester through private messaging. This project is being done in collaboration with the amazingly epic WolfeClaw!
  16. BayCon (Also known as El_Buhdai, or Ɛɭ Ɓʊɧɖąį) Presents... Something I had been meaning to write for awhile but never had the time... A guide so extensive, that it should be highly referred to... Ɛɭ Ɓʊɧɖąį~βαɣƇᴑŋ's Extensive and Comprehensive Guide to Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse [WIP] Pre-Introduction Introduction My goal with this is to make an almost fool-proof, community-made guide to surviving long amounts of time in Project Zomboid. I want it to cover almost every possible scenario, with steps and tools for how to stay alive when faced with as many specific dangers as poss
  17. Well, this all originates from a request from miss DemonXelo, found at http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/16455-a-reason-for-doing-what-we-do-request/ Yes! XD Something to just make life a little more livable in PZ, not sure about stationary, but if that's the only way, it's what it has to be since there are no npc's :c, but It is doable?! YES!! And I agree, If you can do this, that'd be AMAZING! xD!! I'll first finish the portable fridges, then first do some tests with making my own npc's (or well, companions), and if the tests are unsuccesfull, it'll be a stationary ob
  18. Scientific Mod Ever wanted to be able to spend your time trying to level up your research skills? Such as learning more about the zombies and discovering how to create an antidote that prevented you from getting infected for a limited time? Well, now you can. But that isn't all this mod will consist of. How will you research these zombies? Well, does shooting them with a tranquilizer you made specially for them count? You can set up your own lab, create antidotes. This mod will also add more scenarios into the game. Anyway, I will try to make videos for each new thing added into the mod. T
  19. valrix

    ZConomy v0.1

    Greetings! I've made this mod as an attempt to implement currency and allow the use of machines that would require such currency. With it, you can loot money from wallets and purses, then buy from vending machines, which have been loaded up with drinks and snacks. If you don't have the money and don't mind making a lot of noise, you can also pry them open with a crowbar, destroying some of the contents. I haven't had a chance to test this in multiplayer yet, but I tried to implement it best I can. I'm afraid my experience with multiplayer is close to none. Planned Features: Downloads: L
  20. VGSChat Version 0.9.1 > Download < Installation Extract vgsChat.zip to %username%\Zomboid\mods (or ~/Zomboid/mods for linux users) Set the vgsChat Menu bind in the options to whatever you want, it defaults to 'X'. Add/remove/modify lines as you like in %username%\Zomboid\mods\vgsChat\media\vgsChatLines.txt That's it! About I remember reading a few threads where people wanted quick hot key chat messages and I remember how useful such a system was in Tribes. So I wrote up a quick proof of concept that hopefully I'll put in the time to polish up for an actual release. Here the player is i
  21. I'm not sure if this counts as more of a mod or script, but I've managed to enable custom tooltips by setting an item's getModData()["tooltip"] object. It supports multiple labels, too! I haven't managed to make the values stay centered, but got pretty close. Example: local md = result:getModData();md.tooltip = {};md.tooltip.amount = ZombRand(3) .. "." .. ZombRand(99);Installation: Paste the following spoiler'd script into a new file and save it in the "client" folder of your mod for it to work. Script: Changelog:
  22. The idea To slowly have the map detoriate over time, nature grows wild and the urban areas slowly decay. What will the mod do? Currently the planning is for Erosion to add the following effects to the game: Plantlife:Nature will slowly start to take over, popping up on natural tiles.Currently plants have 6 stages (low grass to tree), only the most fertile spots will reach the maximum.Random special objects with a very low chance of spawning (imagine a dead campfire and the likes).Streets:Big cracks in the road that gradually become more intense.Patches of cracked road where grass and s
  23. So I've been working (and mostly have working) doors that you can be 'latched' or locked from the inside. The major caveat is that they only work on building boundaries (much the same way current default locked doors work.) I'm also expanding it to allow for locking doors that can be locked/opened from the outside using keys. That's very much so WIP. The way I plan it to work is that keys will spawn in residential buildings (which works but needs loot balancing) and then the player will be able to knock out the building's doors for the doorknobs that those keys will work on. Keys will only
  24. Japer

    Resident Evil Mod

    Here I will be showing some new items,weapons,recipes and various other stuff created for my Resident Evil Map The plan is to add as many features and items to truly live out a Resident Evil experience within Project Zomboid for both multiplayer and single player, and for custom scenes/scenarios with NPCs. Recreate old and create new stories around Raccoon City with friends and family! (Rated R for Raccoon) Download Version 1.0 Mod Features Readme Resident Evil Mod v.1By JaperForum Thread: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/5926-resident-evil-mod/ This mod is designed for
  25. dred

    Round garden

    Hello and greetings to all fans of Project Zomboid! I wanted to share with you a map that i've been working on lately. It's not a very big project, just a single cell, an idea i came up with for a last stand map. Because my set of tools wasn't working well(missing strings in blends.txt) i had to do all the blending by myself tile after tile. Also sets of tiles I chose from those that have adequate blends. Right now i am working on the buildings that i want to put on this map. Feel free to comment and give some possible ideas and thoughts, all feedback will be appreciated. Alright, enough tal
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