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Found 10 results

  1. Is it possible to remove tree from the tile without dropping its contents on the ground such as logs and branches? I found only methods related to render, fade, damage, hitbyvehicle but nothing else.
  2. Hello. I think the picture is pretty self explanatory.. I don't see myself, and I don't even see zombies right in front of me when they are trees or objects far in the background I put the quality at a minimum, maybe I changed something I shouldnt have ? Thank's in advance for the answers
  3. Hey TIS team, I have not found the question on the forum so here it goes: are you planning on improving trees? Because essentially everything is on scale in the game except for the trees that don't exceed more or less 2,50 (1 floor). I know that there are some deep forest areas where trees are blown up but i was guessing it was a placeholder. I can completely understand why something like this would not be a priority considering what your team is working on at the moment, but that would be a very nice visual improvement and would impact almost every frame in game... It would also make all forest area less repetitive and more scenic. It might actually save some performance advantages (but I might be very wrong) as it would mean drawing one big tree instead of 9 small. I drew one just to illustrate my point
  4. Hello, I have some troubles finding Hydrocraft trees to cut them down through craft menu. Can anyone tell me where should I try to find them? Thanks.
  5. I think chopping trees down with an axe is way too easy. It should take far longer, as should sawing, with a progress bar so you can continue on from where you left off if you need to interrupt it. This would make dismantling objects like doors/wardrobes for planks/wood be far more necessary (and how many times do people in a zombie movie chop down trees? They're always breaking up furniture tho.) And when chainsaws are in, it'll be a nice balancing act between noise/fuel and the extra time it would take to just use an axe. Also, making chopping/sawing harder would essentially make them be two separate jobs (as in, one player helping another out by sawing what they chop) for players in multiplayer/eventual NPCs, helping with roleplaying etc.
  6. This is a very specific suggestion that needs a bit of a back story. So I'm out at the farm with the chicken coop & well and driving on the driveway as nature begins its reclamation. I start running into saplings to the sound of glass breaking. So I jump out of the vehicle with my newly acquired ax to chop down the tree but the ax does not interact with the sapling no matter what I try. I chop down a couple trees just to make sure it is a not a bug. So my suggestion is one of two: 1) Have the vehicle take a small amount of damage and destroy the sapling (preferred-seems a bit more realistic) 2) If the tree is large enough to 'crash' the vehicle, have the ax be able to interact with it. If you go with option #1, I would think driving over a path would keep it rather clear of all growth. thanks, lee
  7. After just reading the latest mondoid at http://projectzomboid.com/blog/2016/06/career-zeds/ and seeing the video on trees, I realized that there needs to be more variety. Now, some of you may not be taking me seriously right now because there are nice variety of trees, but I don't mean the species of tree, what I'm taking about right now is the quality of wood. As I, and just about any other person that works with wood knows, that different species have different hardness and looks. This would be applied in the game by different kinds of wood constructs having different strengths, and different kind also looking different, some looking better a than others. It would also show how much damage would be done to your axe. Next, chainsaws, a destructive weapon, and an amazing tool. It would cut down trees a lot faster that an axe, do more damage than any other weapon, and would be pretty easy to use, your aim not being as important. But it would have problems, like you'd have to be strong to use it, they'd be very rare, they would be extremely loud, and it would swallow up our precious fuel. Finally (I don't know if they have this, so if they do, let me know) I think that trees should reproduce and grow on their own, making barren neighbor hoods, into shrouded forests given enough time. You should also be able to collect seeds from said trees when you cut them down, or as a forage drop when under a tree, then you could take it home and plant it, being able to create and orchard. this would lead to a variety of fruit bearing trees, allowing characters to have more variety in their gardening and cooking.
  8. Probably someone already asked this question, but probably that my terrible English does not allow me to find it on the forum. I loaded cell muldraugh map in TileZed. Then I decided to clear a spot on the map for the new building. But when I tried to erase the BMP eraser part of the tree and the grass, I was disappointed. Because grass and trees refused erased. I also tried to create a new layer above the standard, but it did not help ... How to deal with it, I might do something wrong?
  9. I was thinking and discussing with friends about different ways to build things in this game. I also noticed something missing. The ability to craft wooden nails, or even a notch/wood dowel system. I think it should be in the later levels of carpentry as things of that nature would be fairly difficult for a beginner carpenter. With this idea, adding in a few more tools specific to the trade, like a hand drill (to drill the dowel holes), a chisel (for making notches in the wood to join them together), and ultimately give wood glue/ropes some sort of use in this process as well. This system, by itself, could jump start the creation of log homes or player made structures and give players that wish to be carpenters a more efficient and long term use. My suggestions in total (TL;DR): Wood Nails Wood Dowels Log Carpentry Chisel Tool Hand Drill Tool Minimum Carpentry Level 5 I think this idea can give the Carpenter Occupation more incentive to be picked and played in single and multiplayer. Sort-of Relevant: http://www.aloneinthewilderness.com/images/building_the_cabin/dicks_tools.jpg
  10. One of the things I've noticed with my game style, is that I really like to get good at carpentry. Whenever I start a game I go straight to the Warehouse in Muldraugh, barricade the doors and windows, and grab an axe. I scavenge for food occasionally, killing zombies along the way, but not really getting terribly good at Blunt or Blade. But I primarily go across the road, and start swinging away at the trees, making planks and making fences to keep the baddies out. Then I make a crate to store things in. But I've always thought, swinging that axe so many times, and breaking the fences with a sledgehammer would benefit my ability to use them, or other things like them, as the character becomes more proficient with the object. So, my suggestion is to add the standard experience for completely chopping down a tree as one would get from killing a zombie to the blade skill. And for destroying carpentry, the player would get the standard experience put into blunt as killing a zombie would. Or maybe add a woodsman skill. My next suggestion is that destroying certain carpentry items such as crates (I know there's lot of them) would give back some of the materials used to make them. in a way that they have items hidden to the player in their inventory, which are dropped upon destruction. This could lead to the requirement of more materials for construction, or the individual plank, rather than planks.
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