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Found 15 results

  1. Would be cool if we got new trapping system since animals like rats, rabbits, squirrels etc. gonna may be in the game (animals will interact with traps, for example: stepping into them, geting scared of other animals being trapped and so on).
  2. Guest

    Trapping Guide

    Greetings everyone! I'm The Gravedigger. I really hope you don't need a grave. But I'm so sorry if it happens. I'll take care of your character corpse. An honorable burial! After all, everyone dies in this game. Then, I'm creating some guides, maybe could be useful. Let's start with Trapping! Feel free to contact me if you need any help. It'll be a pleasure. https://imgur.com/a/eCiM0H5
  3. • Version 41.71 • Multiplayer • Host • Mods = none vanilla • Old or new save? old save 3 months on current survivor started playing on 41.69 stable and updated the to .71 stable Grew some carrots and used them as bait in box traps. I have them in my inventory but when I right click on the trap only Chips from my inventory show up as being added as bait. I posted on the discord forumns and other players thought maybe the carrots where stale, but for bait that should not really matter. i can still make salads and use them for soups and stew. The dont have the "fresh" prefix on them anymore.
  4. Hello all, I've recently encountered a problem regarding butchering. For some reason, despite having a fresh dead bird and a hunting knife in my primary inventory, I cannot butcher the corpse. No option to butcher has appeared, both when I select the bird and the knife. I've attempted this with both a hunting knife and a kitchen knife, as well as both a bird and a mouse, yet the option still hasn't appeared. Does anyone know of a potential resolution to this problem? Thanks.
  5. As I was patiently spamming "Remove Grass" from a large field, I thought, wouldn't a lot of these nice homes have lawnmowers to do this job? Maybe just a cheap push job (that is tiring to use but makes little noise) or a gas-driven model (that makes a ton of noise). Maybe a big house might have one of those fancy ride-on mowers, which might be a bit quieter than the push model - but I'd need to know a lot about mechanics to keep it going. While I'm thinking about the grass, I'm wondering if putting up barbed fences will slow down the zombies [still not implemented??]. If I had a spare mower and a decent level of skill in making traps and wiring stuff up, I could use the blades to create a zombie trap - with a motor, maybe even a nasty spinning blades job I could install in my base in that bottleneck... Now if I was a real expert, maybe we could get all Mad Max on this town and stick some spinning blades on my truck's front bumper... EDIT: oh yeah, the ride-on mowers are rare, but the best bit is, you can't lift them into the back of your truck... you have to drive them home
  6. It occurred to me that the skill Should be useful for trapping larger ' game' at higher levels. You Should be able to create pit traps, or those 'sharpened tree branch stabby' traps, and so on. These should probably require a recipe. Also, you Should be able to create non lethal traps, and keep mice as pets.
  7. According to the Wiki, popcorn can be added to a trap to attract squirrels, does it have to be uncooked? On the wiki the icon is the cooked version.
  8. Some suggestion to help the would-be trappers in game ; It's largely inspired by what we have already in play for Farming. Basically, the idea is to show "in game" the informations related to traps you currently can only get by wandering into the wiki. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwDBOcOKZQS7Q3BWZ1RuZEs1Vkk To access the following panel, you have to right-click on a trap put in the world. The accuracy of informations displayed reflect yout Trapping skill lvl (as it's the case for the existing Farming model). For this example, i assume it reflect a lvl 6-7 trapper (my guideline is still Farming indications on the original model). The informations you can access are : Best used in zone : FarmLand, TrailerPark, TownZone, Vegetation, Forest, Deep Forest (only mention the best one or the 2 best ones). Can catch : Mouse ; Rat ; Squirrel ; Rabbit ; Small Bird (only mention which ones could be captured by the inspected trap) Valid bait used : Yes/No (yes if it's valid to cacth prey these trap "can catch" (ex. : Bread, Bread slice, Worm, Corn, Cereal for the Trap Stick) ; No if not (ex. ; if you add anything other in a Trap Stick). The Yes/No displayed depends on the bait you put in. If no bait is added to the trap, this line is left empty. Valid bait list : List valid bait for the trap (list the best if can't list all). Time left before check : given in IG minutes (60 min when you put a bait). Also add this to the info box you get when mousing over any trap in inventory : "Trap will not cacth anything with people (dead or alive) in proximity". Some guideline for revealing informations could be : Lvl 0 : you get "???" for all of the informations displayed. Time left before check isn't displayed. Lvl 1 : "Can catch" is revealed ; "Works during" is revealed (it's tied to the potential prey). Lvl 2 : Time left before check is displayed but in an qualitative way ("soon" / "not soon") Lvl 3 : Best used in is revealed* Lvl 4 : Valid bait information is revealed. Lvl 5 : Valid Bait list is revealed. Lvl 6 : The "Time left" bar is now expressed in minutes (as displayed on the image). Lvl 7 : The catch chance is revealed. * : From the trap stick example, and according to the Wiki, the Farmland is the best zone, so this one is displayed. If more than one "best" zone type, they're all listed.
  9. TRAPPING MOD FOR PZ v2.9.9.17 By Thuztor (sprites & textures), Nelolis (scripting) and Peanuts (code) Well, time to dig out this mod from the old PZ forum! OK. So, you're feeling like a trapper ? Ok let see that...This mod will let you place traps for catching some meaty and delicious preys. DOWNLOAD LINKpz-mods.net : http://pz-mods.net/weapons-items/Trappingmodxeno-mods.com : http://xeno-mods.com/mod/157/trapping-mod HOW TO USE THIS MOD When installing this mod, you'll have in your inventory a rat trap, a box trap (something like that) and carrots for the bait.What you have to do is right click in some place and choose in hunting menu one of the two options (place rat trap or place box trap). Once done, you'll have to craft some carrots slices (right click on carrots item) to make some baits. Then, right click on the trap you just placed and in the hunting menu, choose the option "load trap with" and carrots slice will appear in the submenu. Once the trap loaded (note that you can unload the trap by right clicking on a loaded trap), you just have to wait if some stupid cute animal will fall into the trap If this is the case (you'll see that the trap's texture has changed), you just have to right click (one more time ) on the trap and then choose the "retrieve" option.Simple ? Yes. But be careful. Choose wisely places for your traps otherwise your chances to catch something will be thin. ACTUAL MOD CONTENTRat trap : this trap can catch rats and chipmunks (don't ask me why I choose chipmunks ). More chance to catch rats in urban zones. Best is in houses (near wall). More chance to catch chipmunks when placed in countryside.Box trap : this trap can catch rabbits and squirrel. For both, placing trap in countryside, far from houses is good idea. Near trees is good choice to catch squirrels.New recipes and items : rabbit, chipmunk, squirrel, carrots slices, cheese slices, apple slices, steak slices for making baits (the 2 last need knife/axe/saw to be crafted).PLANNED CONTENT Preys will disapear (escape or eaten) if not taken earlyTraps will become worn over time and can be damaged (by zeds, predators, etc.)Add field dressing (skinning and gutting)More traps More animals, lures, recipes, items (like fures, etc.)Add trapping and skinning skills and add books/magazines/etc. for learning new trap crafting recipes. Some traps will need a certain level in trapping skill to be crafted.More accurate calculation of chances to catch animals (if needed) As you can see, nothing really new since the last version except the fact that there's now textures for traps items and zeds no more attack traps like if they was doors or windows. Keep in mind that's still WIP. So expect bugs, gameplay balance problems, inconsistency on certain points.Any feedback is welcome
  10. Animals stay away from urban areas because of the noise, people, and lack of habitat and food. As world erosion sets in, there is no longer any such thing as 'urban' and it should get easier to find birds, squirrels etc everywhere. I live in Christchurch, New Zealand. In 2010 we had an earthquake that levelled big parts of the city. Within a few weeks of abandonment, properties were overgrown and plants were invading houses. Within months, abandoned suburbs were habitats for all sorts of birds, insects, and mammals. We could hear bird calls of tui, bellbirds, and other creatures that never enter the city. Did you know, there are more wild coyotes living in towns and cities than in 'the wild'?
  11. So I was thinking about the range of wildlife we can currently trap and it's kind of limited. I looked up the mammal species in KY and I think we should able to catch these in our traps as well. Shrew/chipmunk/vole: Mousetrap Skunk (spotted): Wire trap/snare trap (may cause unhappiness to eat) Beaver/otter: Snare trap near river Fox: Wire trap Mink/racoon/muskrat/opossum/woodchuck/long-tailed weasel: Wire trap, box trap, snare trap Add some sprites and good 'ol rngesus.
  12. So, I'm digging into the Trapping luas and while it seems routine enough to add new animals and baits to the tables, I run into a wall when I try to add new traps. It can't be a problem with sprites because I'm only using existing sprites at this point, just trying to figure out the coding end of it. Even if I set it to use, say, the sprites for a mousetrap, and I add the new trap item (which shows up under "Place Trap") there's no sprite to place. I'm assuming I need to be editing a file other than just TrapDefinitions, but I can't seem to figure out what it is.
  13. Hello ! I've gone through the wiki on Trapping in PZ and followed the instruction very carefully with my 1-point-in-trapping character. I've set up a total of five traps, a crate, two sticks, a lace and a wooden cage thingy, appart from each other by like 100 PZ meters... but until now... NOTHING. They're in a clearing in the forest, no zombies ever sighted around during the many times I went through my traps (peaceful foraging there <3). Traps never change position or go off in any way. I add recommended baits (worms in the stick traps, proper fruits/veggies in the other ones...) but the baits disapear quite quickly and I have to add new ones... but no animals caught in there ever. I've been trying for days and days replacing baits more than twice a day and sometimes at night too. What am I doing wrong D: do you guys manage to trap animals correctly and if so, how ? x_x Also can you cook the catches or use them in receipes ? Thank you for reading !!
  14. So you know all those rings, mirrors, and useless jewelry you find on random zombies and in bathrooms? Birds LOVE shiny stuff. So how about using jewelry as bird bait for trapping? Squirrels also love to get their hands on paper, newspapers in particular, for tearing them up and making nests out of them. So how about some inedible bait for trapping that offers a lower catch chance, but can still lure animals? It'd be nice to not have to spend non spoilable food and fresh crops on traps that may or may not work, depending on your luck. It makes sense and it's realistic Also, for further down the animals development trail, maybe some larger traps such as pitfalls (Spade, axe, logs) and bear traps for the big game? Pitfalls might be pushing it a little, but then again we're capable of building a small house in a day, so why not? Plus they're reusable after they're cleaned up and reset.
  15. A quick mod I slapped together in 10 minutes but I figured the community might like a chance to use it. TRAPPING BOOKS MOD This mod creates and distributes the missing Trapping skill books throughout the PZ world at the usual locations for skill books to be found. Enjoy! Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/go2m60e4ec87uaa/Trapping+Books.rar Updated to v1.1: Forgot to edit a server file that applied the skill multiplier upon reading the books. Whoops! Fixed now! Sorry about that!
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