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Found 2 results

  1. So to preface I searched the steam workshop and the forums for the terms: Nemesis, Stalker, follower and didn't find anything like I'm looking for. On to the topic: Does anyone know the feasibility of making a mod that: -Creates a zombie enemy from the edge of the map that always knows where you are and travels at Shambler/ Fast Shambler/Jogging/Sprinting speed consistently. -The zombie is 10X the health of the other zombies and 2x the strength And then one other thing and this is where I wonder if it's possible: -Each time the enemy is put down it collapses and then revives after 24 hours/a week regardless of zombie settings OR -After it's put down it will respawn from the map edge after 24 hours/a week I've seen in the Terror Zombies mod a zombie that is always aware of you up to 250 tiles, but can that extend into when the enemy is in virtual tracking mode and be always aware? If anyone has seen a mod like that let me know, I'm playing a Resident Evil Sandbox and so far it has been very fun.
  2. Delete this thread not posting anymore..
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