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  1. We have nearly 270 sites of sugestions a list of what was sugested earlier could be cool to not repeat. We know what devs think about some topics like cure, overpowered weapons or diffrent view in game but still there are a lot more suggestions to come and some have nearly 10y old. Topic how Suggestions shuld look is offten ignored. I would like to do a list of stuff suggested be4 and add to that weakly new suggested stuff.
  2. There was a time where PZ never appealed to me when I used to play it with my ex years ago but now coming back to it and playing with my friends has made me spend so many hours on it and has made it one of my favorites along games like rimworld. So here are some things that I would like to suggest. Enhanced cooking There are lot of ingredients, condiments, meat etc in the game but not many dishes to make. Would be nice if you can make things like pizza among other stuff(including some fancy dishes). Buff and Debuff System A system that give you temporary buffs and debuffs. whether you are eating a food that energizes you so you don't become fatigued more quickly or drinking whiskey/bourbon to reduce the speed of becoming cold in winter, this will go hand in hand with my enhanced cooking suggestion so different food/drinks can do different things for you. on a side note, a goofy thing I thought of was players could play with the rubix cube and it has an RNG element to it where there's a low chance of solving it and when you do you get a nice little buff from it and if you fail then you get a debuff so kind of like a risk vs reward kind of thing lol. Lower infection but greater combat I know there are settings that can do this but hear me out, one of the things that quickly annoyed me was how easily you can get infected. The main thing that can damage you is zombies & every other element can be avoided very easily like wearing boots, removing glass before going through window etc. But the problem was that you don't want to get hit by zombies at all because there's a chance to get infected by even a scratch. This also makes the first aid skill quite useless because whats the point of leveling if any wound from zombies can be potential infection. I know that if you lower the infection side of things, you will take away the challenge but the challenge can be replaced in more of combat/Health managing form by giving zombies a couple of abilities like leaping, having special types of zombies, maybe something dangerous that spawns at night and despawns when its morning. This way you maintain the challenge level but in a less annoying way and you don't have to remove infection just simply make it bite only like in the settings and there can be ways they can get bite on you like if they successfully leap on you. This would mean you would also have to give players the ability to block with weapons & dodge. So Its a huge rework of how combat and zombies would work but I think that in the end it will be a more fun, active & intense experience. Separate sickness from the infected Moodlet Would be nice to at least get an option to separate these two things because its an annoyance when trying to guess why you are queasy. Better Foraging & the environment Foraging should keep its search style but also there needs to be bushes, trees etc that you can simply right click and pick from. Better skill in foraging would mean better speed at picking them and less chance of picking rotten stuff. So I would love to see more visual side of things for foraging like trees, bushes, plants etc. These can also help the map feel more in-depth. Furniture and other appliances interaction & animations It would be nice to be able to sit on couch & chairs, lay down in bed etc. It would also be nice to be able to take a bath/shower (with animations) using the bathtubs/showers. The difference between washing yourself from sink vs bathtub/showers can be the speed and amount of water used. So washing from sink is slow but uses less water but bathing in tub or showering is faster but uses more water. Never underestimate the power of animations 😊. For PVP: Ability to Play Dead Ability to play dead can be a good survival strategy for PVP. I don't play PVP but I'm sure it would be a great addition to it. And if players are close enough, you can trip them over by swiping at their feet lol. That is all for now, I have a lot more for NPCs and Animals but will wait until they are released before I suggest things relating to it. Sorry if this was a lot. Thank you & Goodluck!😊
  3. Alright, warning, slightly long post here with a few of my suggestions for the game. I will continue to add to this topic when I feel an idea is worth adding, and I'll remove any ideas that you guys dislike. Would really love to hear a dev's thoughts on these to see where they stand. Please take a look and share your thoughts and ideas! #1 - The Hunger Zombies are primarily known for their hunger for human flesh, however in the game currently they'll take chunks out of you UNTIL you drop dead, at which point they'll leave the body and wander away. As of now this doesn't matter much, but when NPC's and Multiplayer are added, you'd expect the zombies to actually eat bodies, if they find a corpse they'll start to munch on it (unless there's already one or two zombies eating it) until they see a living human. For one thing it would increase the diversity of zombie behaviour, it would be easier to sneak past zombies who are in the middle of eating, and also can be used as a distraction (shooting your pal and letting the zombies eat him). Also it would give yet another incentive to remove dead bodies from near your base, as walkers would come for a meal. In order for this to work, there would need to be a new eating animation (bent over, gnawing on the corpse), and also perhaps a new corpse sprite (the point in which it's a bloody mess of half-eaten gunk). If left for a while the zombies will devour corpses entirely. #2 - The Bowman Bows and arrows, suggested a lot, but I feel like I need to add this here. In the gun store in West Point, I feel that there should be bows and arrows to be found. The bow would be equipped, and when holding CTRL or RMB, the character raises the bow, and aims in the direction of the mouse. Holding the left mouse button will draw back the string, releasing it will fire an arrow. Releasing RMB or CTRL before firing will cancel the shot. Bows would be a silent weapon, headshots would be essential to kill a walker, and your aiming skill would determine the probability of hitting the head (a lot like a gun does, however probably less chance on lower skill levels). Arrows can be recovered from a corpse or from the ground. Bows can also be crafted, albeit a more inaccurate and flimsy bow, same goes for arrows (trajectory would be off) Crossbows would work similarly to guns, in the way they are used, they'd have more range than a bow and also more accuracy, however the expense being the time taken to reload and being able to fire one shot at a time before reloading. Bolts can be picked up from corpses. Crossbows would not be craftable, only found in the gun shop and rarely in houses. Also they would not be entirely silent, about as loud as a melee weapon. #3 - Some more customization options Because why not? I think that at some point we should have a range of new hairstyles, faces and beards to diversify when multiplayer comes along. Also, a new range of clothing would be cool too (basic t-shirts, puffy jackets, cargo pants, hats, waterproof jackets with hoods, etc), the waterproof jackets would help out during the rain and puffy jackets would slightly decrease the possibility of bites and scratches breaking the skin (a bit like construction worker) I understand that graphics-wise this would be pretty tough to implement with all the animations, etc, but currently we do have a very limited customization range and I think things like waterproof jackets are definitely needed so that we can be out during the rain without getting wet (assuming you have your hood up which ALSO limits peripheral vision, so it's balanced) At worst, this could be a mod, however I do feel the game lacks in clothing, and diversity of characters. #4 - Some better weaponry Okay, so currently the majority of weapons generally do not survive a lot of combat, they break pretty easily since they're not designed with combat in mind (kitchen knives, baseball bats, etc). I was thinking maybe we could get some more combat ready weapons, I'm no weapons expert but a combat-knife of sorts would be similar to a kitchen knife but a lot more durable. Also machetes or even swords would be suited better for combat. As for blunt weapons, again I'm no expert on this but I'm certain there are plenty combat-ready blunt weapons. Honestly I don't care much for guns since they make a lot of noise, but an assault rifle and hunting rifle would be pretty good to have when dealing with hordes (on the downside, scarce ammunition for the assault rifle), hunting rifles will come in handy for hunting animals (also bows and crossbows for this) All of these 'better' weapons would be a lot harder to find than the common counterparts, any military or police buildings would contain some of the combat-ready weapons, and perhaps a store containing medieval weapons like swords, maces, etc; also, armour. #5 RIP #6 - Corpse Disposal Corpse disposal is planned, however I'm not entirely sure of which way we will be able to remove corpses. Personally, I'd like the ability to drag the corpses to an open area (or put them in a pickup truck and drive them there), put them in a pile and set it alight. However if it was a member of my group, I'd like to be able to bury the corpse and even give their grave a tombstone (craftable). I think that having a shovel, and the context menu option 'dig grave' could appear, allowing you to dig the grave, place the corpse in it and 'fill grave' would fill it back up. #7 - Better Trait System When choosing traits for a character, there could be an "Advanced Options" button in the corner that changes the trait menu into advanced mode. Advanced mode would mean that rather than choosing individual traits like: Strong Short Tempered Light Eater Brooding It would allow us to assign points to each trait (kind of like how Fallout does it) so that we could go: Strong <2> Short Tempered <1> Light Eater <4> Brooding <3> The number between the arrows would be the point number (1 to 4), which would increase and decrease by using the arrows. The 4th 'level' would be the maximum for the trait and would be stronger than the default is (let's say that the default for Strength would be 3, choosing 4 would make that strength trait a little bit stronger at the cost of an extra point, while choosing 2 or 1 would give a little bit of strength but not as much as default, but in return letting you use the leftover points to spend on other things such as Athletic 2 or 1) #8 - Social Traits With the arrival of NPC's coming 'fairly' soon, there isn't much in the way of traits that really contribute to your social abilities and interaction with other human beings (okay, short tempered could perhaps be related), so how about a few traits for better/worse social interaction with NPC's? Deceptive (-4) - People are less likely to be suspicious of you Obvious Suspect (+4) - People are more likely to be suspicious of you (even for things you may not have done) Cool Tempered (-3) - You don't get angry often Intimidating (-6) - People are less likely to cross you Timid (+4) - You are more likely to be threatened/attacked by other people Socially Awkward (+6) - People are less likely to listen to you (pretty much impossible to lead a group with this trait) Socially Confident (-6) - People will listen to you and look to you for guidance (Easier to become a leader) Comforting Presence (-3) - Your presence will help comfort most people (Kajin's Suggestion) These are just a few, I can imagine there is a very large amount of social-related traits that are possible. Some of these (Intimidating and Timid) could just expand on existing traits (Strong and Weak, respectively). Also the point addition/subtraction is not accurate, balance would need to be struck. -SUGGESTIONS END HERE- All done, let me know what you guys think of these idea, and to the developers, please consider these, I've tried to think of them in ways that will really fit with the game and enhance it. Thanks for reading. -GodWaffle
  4. By buying, I mean rewarding, since mods are usually created voluntarily with dedication. I don't know about you, but I tend to focus almlst entirely on the immersion, realism and controls of the game, rather than multiplayer which I never really liked to play with other people online. Up until now, I realized the reason I kept on playing the game (and I'm sure 99% of you also do) is how the mods are drastically improving the immersion, realism and control of the game, which the base game would be rather empty and dull without it. With mods going into the base game, the devs would only have to sometimes expand from that mod to their preference, but also make some fixes so that the mod becomes more playable. Personally, I have so many immersion-improving mods at one point, I couldn't even know what was making the game, and now I have to accept whatever error there is, because I only wished the game would become much more immersive than the base game, from more diverse firearms, makeshift armory to throwing corpses out the window and even gun suicide. You should be glad you're backed by dedicated modders who made the game much more immersive to learn from, while focusing on much more important matters, such as human NPCs and hunting. Now, as much as I like to have immersion-improving mods in the base game, this remains to be my opinion, which I admit would still need to be further discussed.
  5. Additions to existing traits: - Pacifist: + Increased stress and unhappiness upon killing zombies (and humans, in the future builds) - Prone to illness: + Higher chance of zombification through zombie scratches and lacerations. - Resilient: + Lower chance of zombification through zombie scratches and lacerations. - Clumsy: + Higher chance of failure when crafting - Graceful: + Lower chance of failure when crafting More traits: - Bloodlust (opposite to Pacifist): More effective with weapons, stress and unhappiness upon killing zombies (and humans, in the future builds), increased stress and happiness upon not fighting for too long - Slowpoke: Slower manual action performance (movement speed, crafting, first aid, eating, drinking, rip clothing, close/open curtains, etc.) - Speedster (opposite to Slowpoke): Faster manual action performance - Pessimist: Actions that increase unhappiness/depression now increases even more unhappiness/depression - Optimist (opposite to Pessimist): Actions that decrease unhappiness/depression now decreases even more unhappiness/depression - Nyctophobic: Gets panicked when in the dark There could be more that I haven't thought of yet. More ideas in replies are also highly appreciated.
  6. Basements should have multiple entry points. On the inside of the home, basements can be accessed by a door followed by a staircase which descends into the lower ground or a trap door with a latch handle that would be followed by a ladder/rope. The outside of the home, basements can be accessed through a cellar door which can be followed by a staircase or a staircase which descends into the ground which is then followed by a door leading into the basement. When crafting a basement, pillars should be placed in specific locations to hold the ground above. Walls of the basement can also leak water in heavy rainfalls which can then flood the chamber, causing players (or zombies) to move at a slower movement speeds (depending if the player is jogging/Sprinting). Cellar windows can be another entry point for players to enter buildings in a more "stealthy approach" or be used to escape hordes of zombies. The Cellar windows can also allow players to have a "Shin-bone View" of the surrounding area. Trap doors can be crafted using Wood or sheet metal while, latch handles can be made out of rope however, if a player crafts a metal latch handle, locks can be applied to the trap door. Cellar windows can be glass or barred with metal scrap/wood planks.
  7. Here are the things I wish to see in future updates. (Some of these might have been in the game and I just didn't noticed ) 1. General Mechanics and Realism -Proper Sleep and Resting Animations -Loot Sheets from Beds -Craftable Pillows or Sheets -Craftable Bags/Sacks/Rucksacks -Lie Down on bed/Sit on chairs to rest -Sit on any surface slightly higher than the floor or on any seat-like object like boxes or furniture -The character must find the closest object to lean or sit on when resting and not just stand there for hours like a maniac -Rain should soften and destroy cardboard boxes -Proper Animation when using shower and bath tubs to clean self -Zeds randomly attacking other zeds -Make items 'visible' on pickup truck container -Pockets on clothing as small containers - this should be craftable as well -Exploding Tanks/Fuel Containers -Improve the appearance of dropped loot -Peeking through door peep holes or small holes/cracks on walls -Trees should fall as fallen trees, this should block the pathway, fallen trees can be chopped down to logs using the axe -Trees could fall naturally over time or if there is strong wind or if they are partially chopped by the player -Pouring Cleaning Liquid on glossy floor should make it slippery for both player and zeds -Dismemberment 2. Abilities -Leaning on walls and peeking on corners -Throwing stuff to make noise -Throwing weapons on enemies -Setting up traps -Going Prone/Crawling -Dual-wield: Use primary and secondary weapons simultaneously - like pistol on the right hand and machete on the other -Create Bonfire using pile of trash or dry leaves in the woods. Make trash/leaves pile using rake. -Expanding vision using mirrors: Facing the mirror should make the behind visible or strategically placing the mirror on walls to make you see around corners - you get the idea 3. Crafting/Building/Furniture -Dragging furniture across the floor for quick blockage of passageways -Use tabletops and furniture surface as container like the chairs on vehicles -More Non-Glass Window Variation -Fixed and Movable Ladders -Building Underground Bunkers -Living Potted Plants -Craft improvised light source from car batteries and lightbulbs -Adding Pillows and Sheets on Couches of Beds to slightly increase bed quality -Somewhat realistic plumbing and wiring system -Wind make curtains/sheets on open windows/doors move: this should also affect visibility
  8. After I reached a certain point in the Vanilla Sandbox, it becomes kind of boring. Since I got my endgame Gear, build a sustainable Base with generator running and Water supply, Bed, etc. I began decorating my house. I drove to other Cities because in Riverside where no building with certain floor titles and so on. But even after that time sink I just came up with kind of “boring” ToDos like: - Max out each skill tree - Build A Garage - ? That’s it. Nothing more to Do. In my Optionion the Game (Endgame) would be MUCH better if such things where happening: - Zombie Hordes will Attack your base, they are increasing in numbers and stronger, and they will come in more or less predictable Timeframes. Resulting ToDo: Reinforce your base, (missing) Build Defensive Structures, Maybe Landmines, maybe Kind of Traps, maybe even Turrents you can Build. - Weather or other Effects will affect your base health. Like Blizzards, Thunderstroms, Fires, and you have to counter those. Resulting ToDo: Build Fireproof Defences, Heating for Blizzards, ....maybe stronger materials for buildings Other ideas that came to my mind…. - Make Building more realistic / more flexible e.g. Piping from from multiple barrels to one Sink or to multiple other targets of water supply, (Auto) Watering Structures for Farming, Electrical Switches for Lamps, Ceiling Lamps a kind of missing, also the wireing from generator to specific devices Is currently “to easy” (because there is none) - I want to build Streets - A Way to store bigger amout of gasoline (maybe build Tanks) - Toilet has no function, my character should have SH**T his pants like 50 times by now - BTW where goes the dirty water ? - Maybe implement Dogs for Security inside the Base - Achievements would be a nice addition too - Why are there only Wooden Doors for the Player Base ? - Im missing Plaster in Hardware stores in large numbers - Would be cool if there would be a train that drives from city to city....but i have no idea who will drive the train =) - Rare Vehincle Spawns (that motivate players to explore more) - Car Tuning (defensive Purposes) - Maybe Winter Tires / Summer Tires / All-Weather Tires - Rare Car Parts (like a really good motor, better light, better tires, breaks,...) - Would be cool to reinforce walls / Doors with multiple layers of base material (e.g wood) - Collecting Titles for nicer Floors seems unrealistic. They are too heavy if you ask me 1 would Reduce their weight to 2 or 1 (instead of 3) - Would be cool to have something like a Pushcart to transport wood a shorter distance - Generally i would introduce Rare Loot ontop of the existing loot table. So that there are "rare" versions of each cloth (with better stats) - Washing yourself is currently purely optional ? Would be interessting to see that you smell attracts zombies, an the longer you are not taking a shower the bigger is you smell radius - including that you leave a smell-trace zombies are following (could be a reason to wash yourself more often, or use some sort of cologne) - Introducing mosquito bites, that can lead to an infection (maybe even a trait that makes that worse via allergy) if you are living near water / wood there should be more mosquitos (but less zombies) - maybe countered by repellent - remote control for opening gates at your base (so that you dont have to leave the car) - e.g. honk for Open - i mostly ran around with a machete and didnt use guns at all. But they should be usefull somehow. Shotgungs for bigger groups. Maybe you need other kind of zombies or animals that better be killed in a certain distance. Weapons would be also pretty usefull for base defence - if you are able to shoot through fences or can build structures to shoot from above over wals etc. - if you could have more than one electric ciruit you could make on for permanent use (e.g. fridge) and one for the night (e.g. light) Bugs in 41.50 - Tiles build on Ground cant be removed (e.g. Wooden Floor) - Some kinds of Gras (the brownish ones) cant be removed (so they stuck out of a e.g. Wooden Floor - Car Heating cant be repaired ? - Light bulbs (for Cars) have no indicator of their quality status (only visible when you want to install them again via the context menu, but not in invetory)
  9. Hello, here is my list of suggestions for PZ, I will be adding to this as I think of more suggestions and removing suggestions if they were implemented into the game. World Some fences in the world cannot be deconstructed or destroyed by zombies, add the ability for zombies to destroy these objects and allow the player to deconstruct them (I'm not sure if this was intended or not) Player The player should fall down much more frequently when they run into zombies, right now it's too easy to just run through a small crowd of zombies to get away User Interface Allow containers to be set to specific categories or allow us to move all <category type> to the container with the click of a button instead of having to click select drag the items into the container everytime (e.g. "Move All Literature to Bookshelf", "Move All Food to Fridge") Add an option to replace bandage instead of going through the manual process of removing then adding Add a UI section that shows which books we have read and what books we still have yet to read Expand the sandbox "Starter Gear" checkbox to a UI section that allows you to bring any number of items you choose into the game Searching containers should take time to discover what's in that container, only one item at a time will be revealed every few seconds (each item could have its own unique time it takes to uncover what that item is) Bugs [Tested in Build 41] You can close doors inside a house when you are outside of the house near the outside wall (the door inside is close enough to you that you can close it)
  10. Hello. I'd like to suggest having a small update to the current notebooks and pages. I as a player like to use notebooks to write character diaries or simply record items, currently the PZ notebooks are these cramped little black boxes, barely any space, or personality not to even mention that they're only 10 pages long! I'd like to see in the future a small overhaul to notebooks and pages. A different look, the ability to write with colored pens, and a pencil. Making it a bit more similar to the current ingame item maps. I believe the current system for notebooks is lacking and unfriendly to players that might consider actually using it, rather than just going for objectively more useful items. Having something as simple as just a texture for notebooks and pages would improve not only the single-player roleplay aspect but multiplayer as well! Leaving notes or reading another player's notebook would add another layer for player-to-player interactions and the last thing I'd like to suggest would be the ability to doodle both on notepads and maps without being limited by symbols or text only. So players can make their own unique markings and messages!
  11. So I had an Idea for a mod, because I want to do some gaming and maybe some Twitch streams/Youtube in the coming year. I'm looking for someone who wants to make it or who knows how to because I've never made a mod and would need a lot of help to make it myself. I used to play Resident Evil Outbreak when it came out (As I'm sure most zombie fans did) and 2 things I have always wanted: 1. A Remake (And I have some hope with the remakes we have been seeing so fingers crossed!) And 2. An open world Resident Evil Game. So I've been playing PZ under the sandbox to try and recreate the Raccoon City Incident by changing the settings and so far it has been very enjoyable and I feel I'm pretty close to a classic Raccoon City Apocalypse. I have had a lot of fun so far and I think it could be an amazing experience. But I'm missing 2 very important things for the experience to be complete: 1. A Mod that effects how the virus kills you and adds items related to that. TL:DR Virus fills a meter from attacks and over time, when at 100% you become the zombies. Can be stopped temporarily with certain medical items, some craftable. Typically once infected you know that it's over and that you will die in X days. No ifs ands or buts, no delays. The change would be to make the infection follow a gauge that could be checked under the health menu, from 0.00% to 100.00% Like in the RE:Outbreak Games. Once attacked by a zombie and injured your gauge would increase 10% for a scratch or 30% for a bite, then the gauge would steadily increase by 1% per real world hour (1 In game day) Alternatively, you could start infected and then it would slowly increase by 1% per in game day and then jump up when attacked as before, giving you a soft limit of 100 days. The infection could be TEMPORARILY paused by using some items: (Times listed are in real world time, not in game time) 1 Green Herb stops the meter for 10 Minutes, Painkillers and Mixed Herb (G/G) stop the meter for 15 Minutes, Mixed Herb (G/G/G) or 1 Blue Herb can stop the meter for 20 Minutes, Mixed Herb (R/G) can stop the meter for 30 Minutes, Antibiotics and Mixed Herb (R/G/B) stops the meter for 45 minutes, Anti Virus Pill stops the meter for 50 minutes, Antivirus Pill (L) stops it for 1hour 30 minutes. Green, Red and Blue herbs can be found rarely in the forest zones (In order of rarity) by foraging, the Green or Red can be used to disinfect wounds and the Blue one can also fight normal wound infections. The Herbs can be mixed with each other and to make pills IF you have a high enough medical skill and some supplies: Some recipes I have thought of: Combining the Herbs into R/G and R/G/B mixes. No skills needed, but will need 1 mortar and pestle and 1 piece of paper alongside the herbs. Gives a moderate amount of Medical experience. To Make a basic Anti-Virus Pill: Medical LVL 3 or 5 Tools: Mortar and pestle, Heat Source (Lighter/Matches, campfire, lit stove or grill), a Spoon One Of: Vitamins, Painkillers, Empty Pill Casings (Item would need to be part of mod) One Mixed Herb (R/G) To Make an Anti-Virus (L) Pill: Medical LVL 5 or 7 Tools:Mortar and Pestle, Large Heat Source (campfire, lit stove or grill), a Sauce pan/Frying Pan/Pot/Baking Pan/Roasting Pan One Antibiotics One Mixed Herb (R/G/B) Makes 2 pills Now the important thing is that these pills won't stop wound based increases from zombies, and they do not reverse the gauge at all. You will eventually succumb, just a matter of how/when. 2. And the second thing needed for it would be an advanced customizable zombies mod. There are some mods out there that offer bits and pieces of what I'm looking for but none that offer the full package and most conflict when installed together. TL:DR A mod to store zombie 'templates' and have a way to control each templates spawn rate. Each template would store their senses strengths, physical stats and speed stat, it would also allow them to be dressed in a specific way on spawn. Basically I need a mod that would allow templates to be created much like how the zombie population can be customized in sandbox. The template would include: Zombie stats like: Strength, Speed, sight, hearing, smell and Durability multipliers. The multipliers would go from 0.1 - 20.0 times the regular population stats. Appearance including whether they are a skeleton or not and what clothing they wear. The percentage of the population they would spawn in as from 0.00001% -100.00% I'm hoping to be able to make templates for the major BOWs from REs 2/3 and maybe some of the others. ---------- For example MR X could be like: (Assuming zombies are set to normal where applicable) Strength 5.0 Speed 1.3 (On fast shamblers setting) Sight 2.0 Hearing 5.0 Smell 2.0 Durability 10.0 Wears : Leather Long coat (Black) Black Hat Black Pants Military Boots (Black) Leather Gloves (Black) Percentage: 0.001% ------- While a Hunter Beta would be like: Strength 3.0 Speed 2.0 Sight 1.0 Hearing 2.0 Smell 7.0 Durability 2.0 (3.5 for remake version) Wears: Skeleton form Ghillie suit Percentage: 0.02 So If anyone knows some mods that work together and allow these kind of features, or knows how to make it or wants to, I'd love to hear about it! Happy new Year everyone, hopefully it will be a bit better than 2020.
  12. We can build walls and doors on level 3 carpentry, but there is for some reason not a single way to make a roof for your own base, unless u wait untill level 6 carpentry, build stairs and build a floor on a second story. So... Can we please get an abbility to build roofs? uwu
  13. This post is mainly just a few ideas that have come to mind and I think would if not be fun would add some lore to the game and would be downright fun. Read my ideas below and tell me what you think. Idea 1#: Hazmat zombies (Immune to environments): Ideally in any disaster zone FEMA usually responds to dangerous situations to assist the State governments with relief and that includes disease as well. I believe, it is important to add a quarantine base with large zombie counts with some items along with a decent amount of lore. However, the Hazmat Zombies on a lore basis would be Federal Agents that became infected Via Bite or Scratch usually. These Zombies would be much harder to kill with fire mainly because the suits are highly flame retardant. But If my idea was added to the game - I think based off this idea we could add some new medical jobs along with Military / Government job types and skills to help push that agenda along and it would be nice to see some new medical items such as a undamaged hazmat suit or another rare item or two but at an extremely rare cost of opening the Infected cages. Keep in mind you would only find this at the quarantine base and if it’s possible - maybe add two to three different spawn locations A: if it’s possible to do so without a lot of work and B: to not always guarantee the same location of rare items. Idea 2#: Personally, I think Gasoline should be the short term idea to fueling cars , generators and other building items that require it however, it should run out or be extremely an low amount of to begin with. I believe that Biofuel and or Solar panels should be added to the game as well. For solar panels, it should be an extremely rare item to find in the game and must require a lot of skills to do so as a tradeoff but would make the survival of your characters more worthwhile. it should be mentioned that Solar panels could be placed anywhere and removed at anytime to supply power to your base throughout the day along with charging your batteries for night time usage as well but the trade off here is how extremely rare they must be per game. Secondly, Bio-fuel would nerf cars and gas powered items from being abused at the start but if someone were able to make a decently sized farm and had the right amount of skill sets - they could make their own fuel and would be able to use cars and other items at their own leisure. Honorable mention to also consider : I think its notable but something I would find some enjoyment is the possibility to have more electric based defenses such as electric fences that would cause Zombies to catch fire and would also disable Human players whom have a long period of exposure to said defenses. - JewishCowboy - Over and Out ! ( Radio goes silent)
  14. Since we have seen trailers and towing now, I feel we should have something like "car extensions". So you know like a canoe on the top of a car, i mean something like that. With a high mechanical skill you could Jerry-rig some thing to your car, like a crate on the top of your car for more storage. Another passenger car on the back for two extra people. Or spike on the front of your car to mow down zombies. Or the ability to put zombie heads on your car to show who's boss. Or have a friend look out of your car to shoot at zombies. You could also possibly read like a comic that gives you info on how to make your car zombie-proof. Or attach a ladder to your car so you can sleep on the roof or shoot.
  15. Hope to change the way of multi person online archive in version 41。 The current version of 40.43, due to the mechanism of archiving, will produce a lot of problems. For example, players entering the server to search for archives are based on the server IP address. For many dynamic IP address servers, every time you change the address, you need to manually modify the archive name located on disk C. This is not good. And because the certificates are stored locally, players can back up their own archives. Once the characters in the multiplayer game die, they just need to exit the server and re cover the archive to get a complete character. Because this way players search things stored in the map box, death will not affect their income. Desired archiving method: Stored on the server, the player can save by login account name. Minimum requirement: archives can be saved and searched by domain name. At present, it is feasible to store files by domain name. You only need to fill in your domain name in the IP address of the server, but it needs to be filled in manually every time. Once the IP address of the server changes, the "saved server" will disappear. When the domain name has been accessed to the server list, the list will not show whether the server is online. I gave feedback many times, but there was no response
  16. Hello dev team and forum community! So, here's a small list of some ideas I've had for small details. -Choosing "short sighted" gives you glasses by default. That pair, and only that pair, negates the effect of the perk, if they're kept clean and not broken. If lost/broken, too bad. -Pain tolerance traits (increases/decreases pain moodle amounts) -Noisy clothing (like those pants that, no matter how you walk, always go "SHZWEP SHZWEP SHZWEP" when they move) -Different footwear should affect climbing ability and stamina drain -Gas masks should provide face protection, and maybe have stamina drain a bit faster when wearing one -Slings/straps/sheaths added to models on the player's belt or back, either as an added thing to the belt or weapon that allows it to be added to a quickslot, or just by default. -A separate mode or sandbox option or something for clothes being far stronger than they are by default so it can be more realistic, because holy fucking shit, no human being on the planet, zombified or otherwise, can get through a fucking firefighter's jacket with a single bite or scratch. That is insane bullshit. I was okay with ignoring how hard it is for human teeth to get through denim, because denim is very common and popular, gotta balance that and make it weak, sure, but heavy fabric lined with asbestos being just sorta okay protection is WAYYYY different than a pair of jeans. Got a little mad at the end but that's all. Elsewhere is a full review from steam that I wanted to make sure was seen and it mentions some of this.
  17. Hello survivors, my name is Filip and last year I was working together with Neutz to make a large city map. We both had to stale due to me having exams and getting into university, and also breaking all of my facial bones on my right side and forgetting a month's worth of things. I am happy to announce that as of now I am thinking of starting a map, while using the over 300+ buildings that I have made in the last year, plus hundreds more to come. I don't know the basics of map making or what my map will be off, just know that it will contain both rural , hills, towns and some cities. Alongside that I will be adding things such as a monorail and other assets that I think will make some people happy when exploring cities ( no, the monorail won't be drivable, but you can climb on the tracks, jump through the emergency openings and maybe find some valuable, random loot to check and stay safe in the air from the hordes of zombies below. Stores will be gated, broken down cars, checkpoints, contained areas and much more will be available in the cities, while the rural areas will be either picked clean or swarming with the moving hordes of the undead. You will be able to find an airport that you can explore, bunkers, cabins deeply burrowed in the woods, burnt down suburbs, a factory sewer system and much more. It will take time, sure, but I will do my best to see it done. Any ideas are welcomed for this project and I will take them into account. If you want any poi's to be added, anything special included and so on I will try my best to do so. Waiting for your ideas and responses!
  18. Hello everyone, It's me, Decay, I haven't been on the forums for quite awhile but It's nice to be back and It's also lovely to see the progress that the IndieStone has made with their little game. I haven't been playing too much of PZ recently apart from the here and there testing of the new additions like vehicles and occasionally to try a mod or two out. But In saying that, my love for this game will always be there since I started playing in 2014 way back when baldspot could fatally mess up making a pot of tomato soup Anyways, here are my suggestions that I would love to see in project zomboid. 1. A more realistic inventory system It pains me to see dead human corpses with more than one large firearm in their inventory I mean where do you keep six rifles on you with three boxes of ammo without a bag and weapon holsters? A possible solution to this would be to add in a bit of text saying "You can only carry one large firearm at once and no large equipment without being severely encumbered" or even to add in weapon holsters/slings for your back. (I imagine firearms will be shown on the players back once animations are out, so holsters could be another thing.) Perhaps maybe even a complete inventory revamp in this manner because how do you carry all those tins of beans in your pockets? PS - A fix to the too many firearms in the inventory for corpse spawns could be to spawn them next to the corpse. 2. More random new game! It's lovely to have the chance to either spawn with a key to your house or not, it could add backstory to your character is this their home they're in? Or just a building they've gone to scavenge. I'd like to see more random new game in terms of characters moodles perhaps spawning in panicked? depressed? anxious? after all if we're to go by the (survival) timeline of the outbreak when you take control of your character at the start of the game if I can remember correctly it's already been three days since things have been kicking off so why not give us a bit of a taste into such things? Also in saying that perhaps a chance to spawn with car keys? Or (even a small randomly generated number of zombies killed at the start of the game, perhaps an option before you begin playing as I know the zombies killed meter is supposed to work for every zombie the player kills. Still, It would be nice to have it as a small addition.) Edit 1. Also a chance for your clothing to be dirty or bloody upon spawning in. Also.. putting sledgehammers in backpacks is that possible in real life? I assume that when the animations system is in place we'll be able to see items in our characters off hands and maybe even being able to fight using both weapons at the same time? Another thing, you shouldn't be able to push multiple zombies with only five strength maybe around 8-10 strength you would be able to push more than one. You should be able to jump in to the back of vans, sit in truck beds and even sleep in them. If I think of any other suggestions I'll make sure to bump this thread.
  19. Hey, I've been playing zomboid for some time now. I'm what you'd call a low profile surivivor, I just derp around as much as I need to in order to find myself the needed tools. Once I have an axe, saw, hammer and trowel, I settle down in a quiet spot in the midst of nature, build me a fence for protection and start farming potatoes. Because, we all know about them taters, don't we now. Boy, I love me some puturdurs. Stuff them in a stew. Make a soup. Mmm-hmm. Anyway, before I get carried away, let me list a few things I noticed myself missing in the game. 1. Something to cut them pesky fences with. Like wire cutters or such. Helps breaking into those storage areas without having to circle round and meeting a gathering of former employees all standing around snarling about the lack of grey brain matter in the cafeteria these days. 2. More clothes, and different kinds of them. I'm talking jackets, coats, shirts, boots, worker overalls, raincoats, whatever. Something to add to the survivor wardrobe for some stylish brain bashing, and to help protect against the cold and rain. We can't all be outdoorsmen, and I know I prefer being a spud farmer. Because boy, do I love me some taters. 3. A bit more variety to the tool world, and maybe loosen the need for them up a bit. I do apprectiate the fact that you can basically use anything to cut down your tree with if you have the time, but since we're already at the stage of being able to cut down a tree with a frying pan, why don't we use the saw to do the same? I heard rumors about a possible addition of a chainsaw which is very welcome, but I think I could fell a tree with the saw currently in the game. 4. This has been up before, but I feel I need to say it again. Vehicles. We're in towns, and I really feel we need cars. Even if they're not drivable yet, just abandoned vehicles littering the streets, acting as barricades, perhaps lootable for gasoline and wunderbaums. Tire irons and such. These car-casses would add depth and the sense of apocalypse to the game. RIght now, it seems you're wandering an idyllic amish village without the horses and the awesome hats. 5. A bit more realism to the water part of the game. Right now after the trusty pipelines go dry, you either find yourself a well, or hope to have that fouth filled square on your carpentry skill and build yourself a plain old box with a garbage bag in it to gather the water. Unless you happen to be in West Point where you can just scoop it right out of the river. Right when we got perfectly good trash cans and buckets and pots, kettles and mugs, bowls and jugs all over the game. So who says we can't just stick any old container out in the drizzle and wait for it to fill up? 6. Maybe some kind of activities you can occupy yourself with while waiting for them lovely spuds to grow. Maybe exercise? Maybe you could get better fitness by running around, work on that spare tire you got around your waist from all that fast food you'll never see again. How about crafting yourself some kinda weight lifting rig in your safe house to work on your triceps, getting that strenght level up? These are some things I come to think of. Other than this, I thank everyone involved for an awesome gaming experience. It's an unique game, exactly what I've been looking for since the beginning of zombies in games. When I saw it come out, I knew this was the game for me, and I haven't regretted it since. Tipped off all my friends about it. Regards, BoxBeckin
  20. Well, this is sad, I lost my game just for a stupid scratch. I would like to share my story because it's not so reallistic and I think this kind of events should be changed. I don't understand why a character could die in a few hours for a scratch, bandaged and disinfected. The story: My character has been surviving during 3 months in a long-term game, and I was so proud about it. Surprisingly, a zombi made me a scratch. I didn't have a bandage at that moment, but I taked my car and drove home to heal my wound. When I was there I had "severe damage". Well, I don't undestand how a simple scratch can threat a person's life that way unless the zombie has the wolverine's claws. So, I disinfected my wound, I use a bandage and I started to eat until I reached the best boost for healing. Suddenly, I was in "Terminal damage", and I don't understand why! I ate everything I could during several hours, but my character was just stable in this "terminal state" meanwhile I ketp eating without control... (this is not reallistic, really). That wound was completely impossible to heal, and later he died... yes, he died for a scratch, after having eaten half the food in my fridge. ..... How is that possible? Developers, I love this game, you're doing an amazing work, but I have to ask you to check the health system again, because if you reach that state it's impossible to keep playing. A scratch from a zombie should not kill you anyway. What kind of nails do they have? @_@ I suggest some kind of changes about the health system. Minor injuries should annoy and prevent you to run, take objects, etc, like when you have a wound in your hands. I think thats great. But defenitely, not to kill you. It's nonsense! Even if you have a terrible scratch, bleeding during a while, it shouldn't kill you at all!. It could make you feel so weak, in pain, etc, but please guys, if human beings could die for a scratch in the reality, we shouldn't be here since several million of years. Unless you have a penetrating wound due some kind of accident or strong bite, any minor wound shoudn't threat your life! I propose to implement different types of wounds: A) Non-penetrating wounds: The result of blunt trauma or friction, scraping of the outer skin layer, like: Abrasions Scratches or lacerations from zombies, remember, their nails are not swords. Contusions (swollen bruises due to accumulation of blood and dead cells under skin) Concussions (damage to the underlying organs and tissue on head with no significant external wound) B) Penetrating wounds: The result from trauma that breaks through the full thickness of skin; reaching down to the underlying tissue and organs. (That kind of wounds could kill you) Stab wounds (trauma from really sharp objects, fall over an iron bar, etc). Severe and deep skin cuts (maybe a bite from a zombie) -> If you have many of them, you could die. Surgical wounds (intentional from other players or for a bad perform surgical procedures) Gunshot wounds on limbs. C) Deadly injuries: Several contusions from a zombie horde (Could break your limbs) Falling deaths (more than 1 floor). Serious infections (Caused by not treating a wound for several days) Food poisoning. Many open wounds (due the loss of blood). Gunshot wounds in important organs or head. D) Other kind of injuries: Thermal wounds: Extreme temperatures, taking hot objects from a cooker or a fire, operating generators etc. Chemical wounds: These result from contact with or inhalation of chemical materials from cars or industrial buildings. Bites from animals: Should cause infections. Electrical wounds: Maybe for manipulating electronic devices. That's all. I hope it could help to improve the game, or at leats give you new ideas. @Connall I summon you! I posted part of this post as a suggestion in the suggestions thread. Is it right? I'm not always sure where I should write a post hehe.
  21. I suggest adding a method that will allow us to load skinned mesh in game! I replaced the original models of clothes, and it looks good. But unfortunately adding them without replacing the original is impossible, since there is no skinned model load method. :(( Class LuaManager.GlobalObject has a method that allows loading a static model, but it does not allow upload skinned model, because it sends boolean true to ModelLoader.instance.Load
  22. The idea is to make a world where all zombies are entirely absent during the daylight hours, they would flee, and coop up and hide indoors. The zombies would also be blinded, during the day no matter what, and they would be more unaware of their surroundings. It'd be interesting as hordes coop up inside buildings leaving you to scavenge outside, foraging, chopping, building. During the day, they leave. They are fast, strong, good hearing, sight...etc. Yet the only thing that'll effectively keep them at bay, is light. I know this is possible, there's a mod that can make hordes go indoors when it rains. Why not? Or devs who read this, why not? Plus the gameplay would be interesting, you can loot most interiors during the night, when the power goes out, you'll need to scavenge batteries, gasoline, flashlights. At day, it's sort of a break. Everything outside is free to keep. You can look through windows, break doors, the infected won't give a shit, until night. They can pillage your base, the day will kill them, you will be killed by them. Can somebody actually do this?
  23. To put simply, I think it would be pretty cool to have an acoustic guitar or banjo where if equipped, you can use the numbers 1-6 to play each note. Can start in Standard tuning then add the feature to change the tuning. It would play a sound clip of that note when pressed. Chords can be held with 2 or more buttons. Just a random thought. Add something to do while the night passes by. If a window is open, zombies might be able to hear the said instruments.
  24. So, first, a scenario to illustrate my point: I started a new Sandbox game, and it spawned me in the middle of the woods. No big deal, right? So I walked in large concentric circles, expanding out as I went. After an hour (real-time) of finding nothing, not even a berry bush or a single zombie, it begins to rain. Fifteen minutes later, at this point I'm wet, hungry, and tired - I realize my strategy isn't working. I decide to pick a direction and just walk. I head Southeast. Another 1/2 hr later (with my actual fingers beginning to fatigue) I'm now starving, soaked, and exhausted. I'm about to just give up. Suddenly, I come to a clearing, thank goodness. It goes in two directions; West & East. I head East. Another few minutes of this, and it curves northeast. another 10 min and it comes to a road; Northwest & Southeast. Hallelujah! There must be a town or structure around here somewhere. I go back to my strategy of heading Southeast. Half a freaking hour later, barely moving and unable to run, I am nearing total exhaustion (and my fingers are aching), and I'm desperate for food and water. Where is everything? I decide to try and find some berries, and head into the woods again. Some more time passes, fruitlessly. It's not looking good, I'm just wandering aimlessly in the forest. I'm completly out of options. I die - alone, starved, and perplexed. Is this a Zombie apocalypse? I wouldn't know... I never saw one in nearly 2.5hr of playing. As far as I know, I just woke up in the woods, like an amnesiac dropped from the sky. That just felt like a total waste of time, unexciting, and not engaging - but it doesn't have to be. I love that you can get lost in the woods, and think being miles from civilization (as far as you know) really adds to the immersion. However, it's not very realistic that you can literally die of thirst while it's absolutely pouring rain outside, and reach exhaustion when you have plenty of trees to sit under (or simply stand still to catch a breath). Suggestions from Observations: 1) Water Sources; There needs to be more access to water. While out in the woods, or even in rural areas, some streams or small ponds, or at least SOME kind of water source every now and then would be helpful. Realistic, even. If you've spent any time in the wilderness, or live in a small country town, you'll know water sources are much more plentiful than this game portends. Especially after a rainstorm. They may not always be GOOD sources of water, but at least they're an option. Heck, even being able to wring-out the water from the soaked clothing would be a nice option; it's a totally viable solution when you're desperate and dehydrated. 2) Resting; There definitely need to be more options for resting, especially when lost in the woods. I'm really looking forward to the new animations hopefully introducing some more methods for resting without beds or furniture. It's ridiculous that we can't lay down, or even sit down , and sleep for a while in the woods, to rest and regain stamina. It provides just enough cover to at least be moderately safe, to a degree, for a period of time, and rest up. Instead we just stand there, breathing heavy, with no relief, gradually dying of exhaustion. In the middle of nowhere. 3) Long Roads; The roads are just TOO barren. Walking for, what seems like miles, with no idea if you're heading in the right direction is not very fun - especially after an hour or more without seeing ANYTHING. That's not a game, and I'm not even sure it qualified as a walking simulator; at least those give you something to do. I'm not totally certain of how to solve this, though breaking up the monotony and adding some minor interaction aspects would be a start. Maybe placing some street signs that, at the least, let you know there's civilization somewhere; a speed limit sign, a mile marker, a billboard ad, a rest area sign, an 'X-Miles to Next City' sign, something. Also, maybe the occasional random item, pile of junk, wrecked/abandoned car, etc. Some way to possibly get some supplies, even if they may not be too helpful. Something is better than miles and miles of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Even seeing a few Zomboids would be a start. Anyhow, that's my long-winded two cents.
  25. Pushing zombies through the window Throwing items through the window Bottles = throwing bottles create sounds Throw able items can destroy windows Peeking before opening doors or use mirrors to peek Zombie falling through stairs when pushed Dismembering zombies when hit by a sharp weapons like axe Bashing zombies while running Different animations when destroying doors with different weapons Jumping through different floor to the ground have different animations. Jumping through higher floor may result in death Different characters positions when they die Firing zombies do not make them fall instead it's making a hole in the part where the bullets go through A way to see the health of an item, windows, doors with the looks of it. For example when the health of the door fall then it became cracked and it is the same with items that can be used for barricading Four nails for barricading Items on the ground not just in the containers pocket flashlight = doesn't need to put on primary or secondary small flashlight = can be attached to gun with a duct tape Destroying a wall with sledgehammer needs more than 1 try. Cracking first then destroying it Other light sources can be place and act like a lamp (source of light) Zombies on the bathroom , room needs to see instantly rather than it takes seconds before the characters see a zombie Floating bases should be remove or re-balance Soaked clothes when going outside while raining may reduce your movement speed Getting 2 bags with a ton of stuff on the same time reduced your speed a little Air condition can be open to reduced heat inside the house
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