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  1. I am someone who loves the rain. Ever since I moved to Arizona, I spend 10 months out of the year craving the rain that almost never comes. Arizona is the 3rd driest state in the country, behind Utah and Nevada, and my 11 inches a year comes mostly from monsoon season. Whether rainless overcast, light drizzle, medium soak, heavy rain, or monsoon downpour, I can't get enough of it, in reality or in video games. Heavy rain is better. I'm always cranking up the rain values in games I play if they allow it. Which is why I would like to request some kind of mod to add in intense thunder
  2. This probably would take a lot of reworking for the firearms but as of right now they're near useless anyway. The current system relies on chance and accuracy with no feedback other than click (miss) click (miss) click (awe yeah you got a hit) Reworking firearms to show more feedback to the aiming factor with a visible cone that narrows as you sit still with accuracy factoring how quickly it narrows and how narrow it's final AoE can affect. Panic could cause it to fluctuate depending on the level of panic while tiredness could cause it to narrow slower and not as well.
  3. This is my first PZ suggestion in this forum. So this has probably been suggested before or the developers are planning to add cash which would make searching wallets off dead zombies useful? I believe the game could be modified to make cash useful. Perhaps vending machines and gas pumps. Cash could be looted from containers or zombies? Maybe cash could be obtained from atms using an ATM card or disassembling if you have high enough electrical. I found it weird how you could grab everything in a vending machine without even tampering with it or inserting cash. I propose that to
  4. First I'd like to state, yes I know this is the wrong forum to post in, however, the website was not letting me post to the proper forum (Suggestions){Box was grayed out and unable to be clicked on}. With that in mind I continue... I've had a couple of times where things just get a little to close together and need some distinguishing... i.e. Disassembling needs to be more specific. > https://i.gyazo.com/291fad73b24cc63a02e8f55cf65a736b.png This photo is just a simple example of what I'm trying to explain. Adding the name of what you are trying to disassemble would make it f
  5. So, I got to thinking of some things that would be awesome in regards to the chat system that I know that is being worked on. So here is my list of features I know I would really like to see. Name colors able to be assaigned by admin. - Preferably, this would work on a system much like how minecraft does it where it does it by groups. For example, default, admin, custom group 1, custom group 2 Font Colors able to be assigned by admins - much like name colors, only for the text itself. Ideally, it would be best if these colors could be assigned via a co
  6. Hello, I am speaking for both the community and the Dev's, could you please add an Official Test Map for your latest updates ? For example a large parking lot with all vehicles having a place to spawn and such, different types of roads, terrain, etc. Zombies to roam a side of it, and a bunch more. Would love to see that kind of a test map. You could get a lot of information out of it and we could test all kinds of bugs and, fps decrease and other issues that pz needs fixed and as such I think it would be a good idea to be able to test the new features on a such said map. We could have trees t
  7. Hello there, Indie Stone staff and PZ players. My suggestion is: lets boost the PZ development together, by giving TIS more money, so they could hire more programmers, and be more rewarded for their work and thus be more productive and happy while being productive. Explanation: PZ saw the light of day in 2013. It's been 4 years now, since i've bought this game. Since that time a lot have changed, but there's still a lot to be changed, and some of us (i've conducted a poll between me and my friend, and the opinions was 100% positive) think that PZ could use some extra developing spee
  8. I begin thinking and wondering can we give your charachter the ability to tag the house . For example if you already looted the house you wont forget by tagging it( like grafity on the wall or on the ground. Because I think when NPC is (finnaly) released then we would have a hard to time to understand which houses are looted , stoked or used as a shelter . At least it's my train of thought.
  9. Hello all. First of all, sorry if this thread is being discussed somewhere else. It surely isn't the most original idea, I know; but I think, as the title says, that it would be really awesome if the game had this classic rpg styled inventory, when you could drag items and see their shapes in a lot of sizes (tiny sized items like rings or sugar, I don't know, or bigger items like a shotgun). It would be very fantastic. Please Devs make this thing real. The actual inventory is pretty dull.
  10. Hi, recently started playing again. Trying to sleep I lay pondering. Let me see if I can remember it all. Real time. How come this isn't default? There is the speed up buttons for those moment where it takes a long time. Item transfer delay would make more sense as well. (supported in sandbox) Not being able to carry almost anything without a container of sort. It would also be nice if you could use certain items from your backpack without the item appearing on you. Taking a pill for example. This includes fridges. More positive traits possible. Somewhere around the gene
  11. I have a suggestion. In the Pizza Whirleds there are big menu signs. I want to build a Pizzeria so I want to be able to take those menu signs and put them in another location, but you cannot currently dismantle them and carry them. I know they're bigger than one tile, but so were the drawings in the Kindergarten, and they were split up, so it could be done for the Pizza menu too. Any chance the pizza menu can be split up in three or two pieces (Depending on how many tiles it is) so that we can take it? It would improve my experience a lot!
  12. Here is a list of my suggestions... I don't really know if I should divide them into groups and make multiple threads. I would like to get lots of feedback - both positive and negative - as long as insults aren't included. I know its a very long list of suggestions, but in my opinion, some of them are pretty nice ideas for the current game. 1. Different character sprites for different body traits. (Obese, overweight, underweight.) - I understand this is too much work for too little outcome. (Because of different clothing and upcoming updates.) But it is
  13. It'd be nice if in one of the more urban areas you could find a plant nursery with seedlings, saplings, cuttings, and all the other sources of rare fruit you could want. The catch? You'll need to get there before the power gets shut off, because the automatic watering system will only last so long, and allll those rare plants will die without water. You'll never taste a banana, orange, pineapple, lemon, or avocado again...unless you can get in, get the sprouts and seedlings, and load them into your car before the zed get there. It'd also have big stocks of seeds, shovels, trowels,
  14. Power Plant/Energy plant - I've noticed that, when the lights turn off, you can't turn them again in a house or in the city, not even with a generator and fuel, I don't know if it's a bug with the generator, it's supposed to generate electric energy to power a house or a place, but it seems that it didn't work that way, just for a fridge, T.V. etc. So my suggestion is, for example to create a new building like an energy plant, it's very common in all cities to have one that feeds all the electric energy in it city, it could be an objective for players as well, try to repair some generators i
  15. Please move - cant post in suggestions Defcon is a game by introversion (the guys who did prison architect). Players participate in cold war-like nuclear warfare on a risk-like map of the world. As time goes on the defcon level moves from 5 to 1 where different global rights become available. Players can adjust the game speed where the minimum speed between players is current game speed. So if Player 1 has speed set to 2x and Player 2 4x - the time will only go up to 4x when both players set speed to 4x. Vice versa - time will go back down as soon as
  16. What would a zombie apocalypse smell like? It probably wont be a very pleasant sensation to be honest, but I think a game like Project Zomboid could use a bit of realism like this! I feel as though the incorporating of a smelling mechanic would be pretty interesting to experience within the game. When I was thinking it through, it would be included as a moodlet that the player has. When in close proximity to rotten food in containers or on the floor, this example of a moodlet would appear: Stench: "smells terrible here" It could have varying amounts of seve
  17. I'm a bit confused why this isn't already in the game, given the point of Sandbox is to let us set things up however we like. We can set 'Instant' but not 'Never' for when water and/or electricity gets shut off right now. Would it be possible to please add a 'Never' option for water and electricity, so we could have them never shut off if we wish? Obviously this would *only* be a Sandbox option, not something for regular difficulty modes or challenges! Hopefully this would be very easy to implement and give the player more choice in setting up their Sandbox games as they wish (for rolepl
  18. Currently, if you make a profession add a 'free' trait that isn't a profession-specific one, it can still be manually removed by the player (thus creating a second duplicate of the trait in the list). This is a problem when we want to mod in our own professions that add existing traits. While there could be other ways aroudn this, it requires modifying large amounts of code, and some that cannot be modded, so... Would it be possible to make it so that *any* trait added for 'free' by a profession was 'locked' in place and unremovable when added in this way? That way, manually adding - f
  19. It'd be pretty nice late-game to have a glass skylight to light up your house/room on sunny days and moonlight nights. Problem is, so far as I've seen there's no way to remove glass without breaking it. So why not change that? Bring knife, cut polyurethane/tar free, receive Glass Sheet ready for use. Maybe require more than one sheet for skylights like the one on the Convenience Store near the medical office.
  20. Basically, it'd be nice if you could actually sit in chairs. Maybe give an effectiveness bonus to resting, or add rest time to crafting and other tasks to remove Worn Out status faster.
  21. Namely, I'd like to see what a given player or zombie is wearing/carrying. Not everything, mind, but if they're carrying a bag, a weapon, et al; it'd be nice to have an indication. There'd be limits to this, of course. Weapons/items in hand, but only weapons and containers-there's no need to add a 'held' sprite for literally every item. Guns would be tucked into a pocket or holster, and shotguns with strap would be displayed strapped across the body. Various backpacks could also be rendered on the back. This'd make engaging the zed a more tempting idea; you see one carrying a duffel bag sh
  22. Since I'm getting into PZ again, I thought I would make a suggestion. I have already seen all 3 of the things that I am about to suggest listed on this forum, I just thought I would back their ideas and show my support without resurrecting 3 separate threads. Keep in mind that I do not have knowledge of the entire change log, and since I have only recently started playing, I may be rambling on about things that may already be implemented into the game. Problem- I feel like the chef profession, along with the cooking skill in general are bad trade-offs in comparison to other skills such a
  23. Firstly, I realise there has been work done on zombies grouping together and moving about. It is really good, but there is still a problem, and this is it... The first part of the game is intense and challenging and fun. It is also great fun collecting supplies, hardware, etc. and building yourself an well defended base and trying to settle down into a livable, self sufficient lifestyle. That is fun for a while just surviving. But then what? Times goes by and the game becomes boring and monotonous. Plant crops, go fishing, set traps, eat, sleep, repeat. There really is no challenge anymore
  24. I posted this on Reddit's /r/ProjectZomboid Subreddit and was told I could post it here so I thought I would copy/paste my suggestion right here and see what people (and hopefully the devs) think about it. "Hello /r/projectzomboid[1] I came here today with an idea or suggestion for the sense of a more in depth game. A few days ago I sprained my wrist and honestly thought I could leave it alone till I realized that it made blue collar jobs a lot harder. I couldn't lift anything heavy due to the pressure that I would apply to it causing massive pain. I could barely grab certain things from dri
  25. I think the idea of a special blend of zombies, or having the option, would add surprise and jump scares and give all zombies a bit more of a unique personality - even if its randomly generated. Each zombie on the map would have a randomly generated set of variables set to them from the drop-down list when editing zombies. Some will have bloodhound in terms of smell, while others would have normal or very weak smell - others would be fast shambles while a small group could be sprinters. (for lag/management reasons) I believe this would add variety, make scenes and encounters more dramatic
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