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Found 95 results

  1. Hi Indie Stone! Great work on pushing out a new update! I'll be playing it for the next while, hopefully have some more bugs to keep you all busy :). I really like how now I can replace my starting schoolbag with say a dufflebag I found, however when I do so I naturally assume the game is smart enough to know this also means I want to transfer all items. Can you please make the game smart enough to know? Thank you for reading.
  2. Are there any plans to have different appearances for underweight/overweight and weak/strong?
  3. Would it be possible to have animations to turn your head while walking/running? I feel this would make movement feel smoother because you wouldn't have to stop to aim, making you very slow, or change direction while running to see your surroundings. Running away from zeds also kind of puts you in the dark unless you stop and aim behind you to see if they are following and if they are close or not, but this slows you down and makes you vulnerable. Overall, being able to look in one direction while moving in another without aiming and slowing yourself would be great. Sneaking would feel a lot smoother from this as well. During combat, I often check behind me because of rear vulnerability, but it looks a little weird 360'ing to check and it also makes you vulnerable from the front if you check what's behind you. A quick head turn to check what's behind you, while maintaining your front guard would feel great, but I'd imagine adding something like this in would be difficult and/or time consuming, which is probably not a priority. A lot of things could come from having the ability to turn your head, like new perks and injuring your neck (sleeping in chairs) could limit your head turning ability
  4. I first off would like to say i tried what i could to get this to the suggestion form but i just cant seem to so i am putting it on here. i had an idea while setting up a game of zomboid, what if we could peel off the skin of a zombies face and put it on us and it would keep us hidden from them. to add difficulty around it maybe it could degrade over time just like other clothing and if we need to put skill into it we can put it into the hunter skill.
  5. This probably would take a lot of reworking for the firearms but as of right now they're near useless anyway. The current system relies on chance and accuracy with no feedback other than click (miss) click (miss) click (awe yeah you got a hit) Reworking firearms to show more feedback to the aiming factor with a visible cone that narrows as you sit still with accuracy factoring how quickly it narrows and how narrow it's final AoE can affect. Panic could cause it to fluctuate depending on the level of panic while tiredness could cause it to narrow slower and not as well. It would act as more of a gameplay helper with making firearms a useful tool in the game where as of right now pure chance until 5+ skill leaves them as ignored and left behind.
  6. Allow survivors to sleep on the floor for an uncomfortable but successful nights sleep. 1. Sleeping on the floor with a pillow equipped will dampen the hard floor resulting in a better nights sleep. 2. Having the homeless occupation allows you to sleep outside on the floor with less harsh consequences. 3. Becoming far too tired, or far too drunk will result in you collapsing from exhaustion and sleeping on the ground for an appropriate amount of time. Allow survivors to sleep on the toilet. (If my survivor is able to sleep on a kid's plastic chair, I'm fairly certain a toilet would suffice; plus this would stop us from having to pick up a chair and haul it to the bathroom to sleep in the security of having an extra door between you and the zombies.) Obviously sleeping on the floor (especially outside) would have serious consequences if you were to be ambushed by roaming zombies during the night; but as of now, you can just carry a chair around with you to sleep outside on instead and face the same risks. So sleeping on the floor, especially inside, should be an enabled feature.
  7. This is my first PZ suggestion in this forum. So this has probably been suggested before or the developers are planning to add cash which would make searching wallets off dead zombies useful? I believe the game could be modified to make cash useful. Perhaps vending machines and gas pumps. Cash could be looted from containers or zombies? Maybe cash could be obtained from atms using an ATM card or disassembling if you have high enough electrical. I found it weird how you could grab everything in a vending machine without even tampering with it or inserting cash. I propose that to get snacks/soda from vending machines you have to pay cash or disassemble it to get all the cash and snacks inside if you have high enough electrical. Maybe implement a pay at the pump system at some gas stations so whenever trying to obtain gas you would have to use that cash[or use a credit card maybe?] I hope people like this suggestion and I hope others can add some ideas to this topic.
  8. I am someone who loves the rain. Ever since I moved to Arizona, I spend 10 months out of the year craving the rain that almost never comes. Arizona is the 3rd driest state in the country, behind Utah and Nevada, and my 11 inches a year comes mostly from monsoon season. Whether rainless overcast, light drizzle, medium soak, heavy rain, or monsoon downpour, I can't get enough of it, in reality or in video games. Heavy rain is better. I'm always cranking up the rain values in games I play if they allow it. Which is why I would like to request some kind of mod to add in intense thunderstorms, and make the rain much more intense than it is now, both visually and audibly. The "very rainy" option simply makes it rain more; what I want are storms with howling winds, crashing thunder, lightning strikes, and water puddles. For those who have not played Don't Starve, it had an expansion called Shipwrecked that adds in a very visually entertaining hurricane storm followed by a monsoon. It looks something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWcgq4ZA8UY I understand that Muldraugh and the area south of Louisville don't get hurricanes and monsoons—hell, I was born 80 miles from where this game takes place, near Evansville. Which is why I wanted to request this mod. Something to spruce up the rainy season, and really give a sense of surviving nature's wrath.
  9. First I'd like to state, yes I know this is the wrong forum to post in, however, the website was not letting me post to the proper forum (Suggestions){Box was grayed out and unable to be clicked on}. With that in mind I continue... I've had a couple of times where things just get a little to close together and need some distinguishing... i.e. Disassembling needs to be more specific. > https://i.gyazo.com/291fad73b24cc63a02e8f55cf65a736b.png This photo is just a simple example of what I'm trying to explain. Adding the name of what you are trying to disassemble would make it faster and easier to work in the game.
  10. So, I got to thinking of some things that would be awesome in regards to the chat system that I know that is being worked on. So here is my list of features I know I would really like to see. Name colors able to be assaigned by admin. - Preferably, this would work on a system much like how minecraft does it where it does it by groups. For example, default, admin, custom group 1, custom group 2 Font Colors able to be assigned by admins - much like name colors, only for the text itself. Ideally, it would be best if these colors could be assigned via a command and by a config file in a server Looks good and adds flavor to the game Allows admins to even assign their own name colors unique to everyone as well as chat color to be seen easier in a wall of text Chat types - whisper (pm), whisper very short distance, talk (normal distance), shout (longer distance, global Chat Windows - defined much like how in WoW you can define what you want to see in the chat window with tabs. ie - Tab 1 - whisper, talk and shout only, Tab 2 all chat types Chat type memory - with the addition of chat types by distance, the ability like many MMOs to do /s (say) /shout, /g, etc and have an indicator right before the text box to say what "channel" they are speaking in that remains as such until changed. Customizable chat box background opacity Admin - When an admin types in chat, it says "Admin" before the name Quick and dirty example of my thoughts....
  11. Hello, I am speaking for both the community and the Dev's, could you please add an Official Test Map for your latest updates ? For example a large parking lot with all vehicles having a place to spawn and such, different types of roads, terrain, etc. Zombies to roam a side of it, and a bunch more. Would love to see that kind of a test map. You could get a lot of information out of it and we could test all kinds of bugs and, fps decrease and other issues that pz needs fixed and as such I think it would be a good idea to be able to test the new features on a such said map. We could have trees to crash in or to chop, a mechanic shop filled with the parts you need to test out anything else and so on. That way it would be easier to test and see where problems arise. Below is a really poor example (really poor) but I think that everyone gets the idea. We can test houses, how the rendering will affect buildings and such and vehicles. We can have a dense area with a bunch of houses, a bunch of two story buildings and then just normal country road. Tight curves, intersections, etc. We could basically do a lot of stuff on it and it would be a fun way for everyone to test out new features before playing or if they are willing to make the game better and report anything unusual. This is just a suggestion but I hope it will come true. A cell or four at max would probably be enough for the car to accelerate, do leaps and anything like that. Please think it through and share your opinions with me and anyone else.
  12. Hello there, Indie Stone staff and PZ players. My suggestion is: lets boost the PZ development together, by giving TIS more money, so they could hire more programmers, and be more rewarded for their work and thus be more productive and happy while being productive. Explanation: PZ saw the light of day in 2013. It's been 4 years now, since i've bought this game. Since that time a lot have changed, but there's still a lot to be changed, and some of us (i've conducted a poll between me and my friend, and the opinions was 100% positive) think that PZ could use some extra developing speed, because, you know, it's been a year since the new 3d models was promised and all that... So i came to understanding that i would love to give another 15 - 20$ to support great developers team and one of the most unique games on the market. I mean, come on, 15$ for 4 years of playing (and ongoing development), that's just come on. Core: The Indie Stone, consider making a gofundme, kickstarter, or any kind of crowdfunding event, where players who want to do it, could express their gratitude for your work and boost the development of this great game. Disclaimer: please note that english is not my native, be forgiving.
  13. Hi, recently started playing again. Trying to sleep I lay pondering. Let me see if I can remember it all. Real time. How come this isn't default? There is the speed up buttons for those moment where it takes a long time. Item transfer delay would make more sense as well. (supported in sandbox) Not being able to carry almost anything without a container of sort. It would also be nice if you could use certain items from your backpack without the item appearing on you. Taking a pill for example. This includes fridges. More positive traits possible. Somewhere around the general guy would be nice. Whenever I make characters based off my friends, it usually ends up with them having too many positive traits to be able to play. Your body turns more food into fat when you sleep. Do you gain more weight if you go to sleep on a full stomach in the game? Temporarily feeling sleepy after decent meals. Decreased stamina after large meals. More strength makes sense. Feeling tired rather than sleepy after digging. Watering is such a bore. Garden hoses would be such a relief. At least when there is still water. Rotating sprinkler. (needs garden hose) Tall and short body perk. Metabolism. Your body will save more calories if you are not getting enough food. Extreme weight loss also turns down your body's metabolism for many years regardless of the amount of food eaten after. To be able to drop worn backpacks to the floor. (right clicking) Being hungry should decrease your ability to learn. Same goes with being tired. It feels like being full goes away too quickly. The ability to use spoiled and rotten food as fertilizer. I know you guys have said no regarding bathroom business, but have the topic regarding watering and fertilizing the fields with your wastes been brought up? Activity takes more calories, but you feel less hungry while in the midst of it. You feel more hungry after, though. Food after activity helps build muscles. Some food are more effective than others at this. Swinging melee weapons indoors would be unwieldy in rl. Buildings may be more suited for firearms. Buildings would also reduce the distance of the sound being heard. Weapon magazines. Useful for handling and maintaining weapons. The weak trait penalty is too great. It should be worse to be frail imo. I would consider myself weak because I have little upper body strength. Doesn't reduce my ability to carry heavy backpacks that much, though. Upper and lower body strength traits. Body type muscles traits such as strong and endurance. Most food should reduce thirst. The body absorbs a good amount of water from food. Allergies. Ash from biologic sources, such as wood, make fine fertilizer. Night owls and morning bird traits. I really miss seeing the ability to sterilize rags by cooking them. Filling pots or pans with certain liquids. If you for example put alcohol or disinfection on a bowl, then you could put rags and bandages in them multiple times. Staying warm by sleeping in bed. Keeping food cool by digging it down. Symptoms such as nausea and fever helps your body combat diseases. Being able to survive the zombie plague. This doesn't mean you are immune as the plague can create new strains over time like the flue. Cannibalism. Zombie meat might even be safe if you prepare it properly. However, prolonged cannibalism gives you brain damage. Weapon traps against invading survivors. Shotgun tied to door for example. Risking death by eating too much after starvation. More suggestions may follow.
  14. Hello all. First of all, sorry if this thread is being discussed somewhere else. It surely isn't the most original idea, I know; but I think, as the title says, that it would be really awesome if the game had this classic rpg styled inventory, when you could drag items and see their shapes in a lot of sizes (tiny sized items like rings or sugar, I don't know, or bigger items like a shotgun). It would be very fantastic. Please Devs make this thing real. The actual inventory is pretty dull.
  15. I have a suggestion. In the Pizza Whirleds there are big menu signs. I want to build a Pizzeria so I want to be able to take those menu signs and put them in another location, but you cannot currently dismantle them and carry them. I know they're bigger than one tile, but so were the drawings in the Kindergarten, and they were split up, so it could be done for the Pizza menu too. Any chance the pizza menu can be split up in three or two pieces (Depending on how many tiles it is) so that we can take it? It would improve my experience a lot!
  16. Here is a list of my suggestions... I don't really know if I should divide them into groups and make multiple threads. I would like to get lots of feedback - both positive and negative - as long as insults aren't included. I know its a very long list of suggestions, but in my opinion, some of them are pretty nice ideas for the current game. 1. Different character sprites for different body traits. (Obese, overweight, underweight.) - I understand this is too much work for too little outcome. (Because of different clothing and upcoming updates.) But it is one of my most wanted suggestion... 2. Changing primary/secondary hand to right/left hand. - During character creation, the player has an option to choose between right-handed and left-handed. - Depending on the player's main hand, a wound to that specific hand/arm will have more penalties than wounds to the other hand/arm. - Holding a weapon can be done in either both hands, main hand or sub hand, with best to worst weapon performance in that order. (This will affect gameplay during injuries/amputation.) 3. Ability to sit down - on the ground, on chairs, on benches and on beds. - (With a 1 second delay for both sitting down and getting up.) - Sitting down will replace resting and will have the same effect but with animation. - Sitting on the ground will have the minimum effect with beds having the maximum effect. 4. Ability to lie down - on the ground and on beds. - (With a 2-3 seconds delay for both lying down and getting up.) - Lying down will replace sleeping and will have the same effect but with animation. - Lying on the ground will have the minimum effect with beds having the maximum effect. - Waking up will make the screen blurry for about 5 seconds. (From the black screen) 5. Push-able objects - such as shopping carts, trolleys, strollers and wheelchairs. - Can carry lots of items with reasonable speed but with a lot of noise. (Loudness is proportional to the weight of items in the object.) - Wheelchairs can be used as a future vehicle for survivors with leg amputation or leg fracture. 6. Sprites for bags - for equipping on the back, in primary and in secondary. - Different sprites for each bag. 7. Sprites for carrying heavy objects - such as generators and corpses. - Different sprites for each object. 8. Sprites for character's injuries - scratches, bites, wounds and deep wounds. - Different sprites for each wound on each part of the body and a different moving sprite for fractures. (This helps in multiplayer for doctors/nurses to be able to immediately take action.) - Sprites for bandaged wounds and a different moving sprite for splinted limbs. - Sprites for dirty bandaged wounds. - Blood stains on clothes when worn above the wounds. 9. Sprites for blood stains on clothes. (Similar to blood stains on the walls and the floors.) - Blood stains on clothes from fighting zombies. - Blood stains can be removed from clothes in a similar way to removing them from walls and floors. 10. Craft-able and loot-able items to avoid getting wet. (From the rain.) - Umbrellas that can be found as a rare item and makeshift umbrellas. - Both umbrellas can only be used while holding in either primary or secondary. Holding them will reduce walking/running speed and have view penalties. - Raincoats that can be found as a rare item and makeshift raincoats. - Both raincoats can only be used while wearing. Wearing them will reduce walking/running speed and have view penalties. - All four items will reduce durability for time spent in the rain while holding/wearing them. The amount of durability from highest to lowest - umbrella, raincoat, makeshift umbrella, makeshift raincoat. - Umbrellas and raincoats cannot be repaired but makeshift umbrellas and raincoats can be. - All four items will only increase the time for each stage of getting wet. The amount of time increased from highest to lowest - raincoat, makeshift raincoat, umbrella, makeshift umbrella. 11. Decreased running speed while walking/running in the rain or on snow. - Rain boots can be found as a rare item to be able to walk/run at normal speed in the rain. - Snow boots can be found as a rare item to be able to walk/run at normal speed on snow. 12. Rename-able clothing. - Some of us like to collect different colors of clothing for cosmetic reasons, and being able to rename our clothing would be a nice add-on. - This feature would also remove the stacking of clothing, which would make it easier to see the color of each clothing. Thanks for reading, and again, any feedback is very much appreciated. Please let me know if there are any suggestions that have been mentioned before, and/or if they have been either approved or declined by the developers already. Cheers.
  17. It'd be nice if in one of the more urban areas you could find a plant nursery with seedlings, saplings, cuttings, and all the other sources of rare fruit you could want. The catch? You'll need to get there before the power gets shut off, because the automatic watering system will only last so long, and allll those rare plants will die without water. You'll never taste a banana, orange, pineapple, lemon, or avocado again...unless you can get in, get the sprouts and seedlings, and load them into your car before the zed get there. It'd also have big stocks of seeds, shovels, trowels, watering cans, spray bottles, fertilizer, pre-made mildew and bug spray, and everything else you could want to stock your little backyard garden. Planting trees would take a year before you'd see any result, and you'd need to plant the tropical trees inside a two-storey greenhouse for them to survive, let alone thrive. But you could stay a happy gourmand, with the last banana palms in the Continental US.
  18. I begin thinking and wondering can we give your charachter the ability to tag the house . For example if you already looted the house you wont forget by tagging it( like grafity on the wall or on the ground. Because I think when NPC is (finnaly) released then we would have a hard to time to understand which houses are looted , stoked or used as a shelter . At least it's my train of thought.
  19. Power Plant/Energy plant - I've noticed that, when the lights turn off, you can't turn them again in a house or in the city, not even with a generator and fuel, I don't know if it's a bug with the generator, it's supposed to generate electric energy to power a house or a place, but it seems that it didn't work that way, just for a fridge, T.V. etc. So my suggestion is, for example to create a new building like an energy plant, it's very common in all cities to have one that feeds all the electric energy in it city, it could be an objective for players as well, try to repair some generators in the plant to fix it and make it work as well, that could add as well new books, like some specialized to the plant control, add a new kind of zed (now with the new clothing/animation system) a plant operator. That could be a hard task, but worth of it in the end. Windows - When you start the game, all the world is completely untouched, but when you progress, practically all the city is totally destroyed, I'm particulary a hard roleplay fan, so we sometimes use to barricade a small fragment of the city and then populate again in our servers, like a safe zone, so, maybe the glass windows could be a great implementation to the vanilla game (since we have wooden window frames but we don't have any windows to put in them, so they are particulary useless) Magazines - The guns has a simple reloading, just press "R" key and if you have the ammo, it reloads totally. I've noticed that there's a 9mm magazine but it's just an adornment because it has no use in the real gun. I'm just suggesting a new and real reloading system, where you have 3 magazines (just for example), with a capacity of 15 bullets, so you need to fill it and go out, if that magazines get out of ammo, then you need to fill the magazines again. I know that using a gun is basically activate a dinner bell, but a new gun system could be great. Asphalt - When erosion starts, you can't get out of it, again, I'm a hard roleplayer so if we are living in a city zone that's barricaded, it's supposed that the community is giving maintenance to the asphalt and buildings, so I would like to see any way to repair that trenches in the asphalt or buildings. It could be useful for construction as well, for example if you're living in the forest, you can put asphalt to make roads (thinking in a big server with a safe zone populated), I've noticed as well that there's no way to reconstruct/remove floors from the ground level (I've set a wooden floor in the road accidentaly and that floor stayed there). Those are my suggestions, just a point of view.
  20. Please move - cant post in suggestions Defcon is a game by introversion (the guys who did prison architect). Players participate in cold war-like nuclear warfare on a risk-like map of the world. As time goes on the defcon level moves from 5 to 1 where different global rights become available. Players can adjust the game speed where the minimum speed between players is current game speed. So if Player 1 has speed set to 2x and Player 2 4x - the time will only go up to 4x when both players set speed to 4x. Vice versa - time will go back down as soon as any player lowers their setting. Two suggestions 1: as explained above everyone can "vote" are current game speed which will jump up and down based on common player setting within server 2: for a sleeping solution a player can indicate "ready to sleep / X hours" (admin can choose whether or not this shows up globally) where no one sleeps until everyone sleeps. as soon as one person wakes up so must everyone else fully rested or not. obviously there are challenges and drawbacks that arise in various settings might be something to consider nonetheless sorry for long post, wrong section, poor formatting cheers! Bensk
  21. What would a zombie apocalypse smell like? It probably wont be a very pleasant sensation to be honest, but I think a game like Project Zomboid could use a bit of realism like this! I feel as though the incorporating of a smelling mechanic would be pretty interesting to experience within the game. When I was thinking it through, it would be included as a moodlet that the player has. When in close proximity to rotten food in containers or on the floor, this example of a moodlet would appear: Stench: "smells terrible here" It could have varying amounts of severity depending on the level of rot: "smells a bit bad" "smells terrible here" "smells absolutely disgusting" These are just ideas of of what they could display. Being around something that stinks could also prompt the already existing "queasy moodlet" when staying in that area for a while. Of course, a very useful way to find out if food could be going bad. Another small and maybe a far out suggestion for food items to have an option to be smelled. This could also help in a way with the new nutrition system. Though this could be a bit primitive, zomboid is all about realism and when surviving in apocalypse, we will use all of our thinking ability, power and sensing to stay alive. Which leads me to another very important aspect that can add to the zomboid experince. Smelling zombies. You know that feeling when your raiding a house with your fire axe in hand, opening each door of this seemingly quiet empty house very carefully, and suddenly a zombie comes at you from a sharp corner without any sort or warning? Well what if you were alerted to its presence before hand with that beautiful thing between your nose? This could possibly take away from that absolute shock when raiding, but it will add much much more to the experience. In addition, as another suggestion, each zombie will probably emit a varied "stench zone". Perhaps the decomposition of a zombie will stink more as a fresh zombie will not. I was just thinking about how the recent addition to 3d sound to the game could also work as 3d smell. (which in retrospect sounds silly) Hordes, as you can imagine, will also smell terrible and probably emit a larger "stench zone", alerting you to their presence even if you can see them straight away. Imagine your on the first floor of a quaint home and you've cleared it pretty well, but you "smell something absolutely disgusting". this will give you an indication of something waiting upstairs, which in my opinion would make this game just a tad bit more immersive. In addition, this will give more insensitive to clean out home bases or general spaces that you need clean. In conclusion, smell will help overall with the zomboid experience in my opinion. Not sure though.
  22. Hey there lovely survivors! I have recently come up with something to add to the game and since no one seems to have thought of it before, I've decided to write it down myself. I think it would be cool that the characters produced noise whenever you use the chat feature to communicate with players. If the conversations are long, nearby zombies will hear the sound and maybe come closer to the source. If the player is using capital letters (caps) the character will be shouting, so more noise and more chances of attracting a group of zombies. What do you think about it? It would not make a big impact on the experience but it's something that contributes to it.
  23. I'm a bit confused why this isn't already in the game, given the point of Sandbox is to let us set things up however we like. We can set 'Instant' but not 'Never' for when water and/or electricity gets shut off right now. Would it be possible to please add a 'Never' option for water and electricity, so we could have them never shut off if we wish? Obviously this would *only* be a Sandbox option, not something for regular difficulty modes or challenges! Hopefully this would be very easy to implement and give the player more choice in setting up their Sandbox games as they wish (for roleplaying terms, it could be that your game area is in a 'quarentine' zone where power and water are suppied from outside since the rest of the world is uninfected).
  24. Currently, if you make a profession add a 'free' trait that isn't a profession-specific one, it can still be manually removed by the player (thus creating a second duplicate of the trait in the list). This is a problem when we want to mod in our own professions that add existing traits. While there could be other ways aroudn this, it requires modifying large amounts of code, and some that cannot be modded, so... Would it be possible to make it so that *any* trait added for 'free' by a profession was 'locked' in place and unremovable when added in this way? That way, manually adding - for example - the Graceful trait would allow the player to add and remove it during character creation, but a profession that added the same trait for free would *not* allow it to be removed unless another profession was chosen? This would be a big help too if someone wanted a profession to add a permanent 'negative trait' ("Pensioner" = low vision, for example) too. If this requires a huge effort in the game code, I understand not doing it, but if it's a fairly simple change, could this perhaps be implemented?
  25. Something I've noticed in the time being away from PZ and returning to it is that drinking water from containers has been substantially changed: 1) You can now no longer drink water from a water bottle (or other portable water source) unless you are thirsty. 2) If you have water in your main inventory, you will automatically consume it when thirsty. While this is good for reducing 'busy work', it feels very unintuitive and indeed counter-productive to the game's otherwise 'hardcore survival' feel and gameplay. With calories and such now being added, this ramps up the 'push for realism' even further, yet we have a very 'game-y' auto-drinking system in place. Of course, I'd not want to see this removed or changed back because I'm sure a LOT of folks prefer the new way of handling this, however I'd propose the following changes would be a big improvement and a good solution for those who would prefer something more realism-based: 1) Allow drinking manually from water containers even when not thirsty. This would IMO have no impact on the game except removing an artificial barrier that reduces realism and player involvement. 2) Make 'auto-drink when thirsty from water in main inventory' a setting toggle under 'Settings', the way we can choose how 'realistic' we want reloading, etc. to be. (TLDR: bold text is the suggestion, above is just reasoning for it) 1 can be done simply by removing the thirst check in 'ISInventoryPaneContextMenu.lua', I found. 2 would obviously need more code implementation, though I don't imagine it would be hugely complicated? I'd welcome feedback from the devs as to whether this is possible or not.
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