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Found 98 results

  1. My dad just bought a Dehumidifier from Walmart, and it got me thinking... "Maybe THIS could fit in a Zombie Apocalypse!" After about five hours of being turned on, it already picked up around a quart of water, if not more, just from the air! He also told me that it's pure, but that one might be debatable in an apocalypse. The other awesome feat about it is that it barely makes any noise... almost like a simple fan being blown. Anyways, I just thought I'd shout that out. Sorry if it's not enough details to go by, but I kinda figured "Takes water out of the moisture of the air" could sound like something people would go for in a zombie apocalypse.
  2. The Concept A Last Stand tribute to George Romero's zombie film classic Dawn of the Dead (1978), and not the 2004 remake shiz... How will it work? The player would have to survive alongside three other NPC survivors in the shopping mall during a zombie attack. Further Applications When NPCs are fully developed and implemented into the game, new Last Stand locations should be added as well as the ability to have a small team of NPC survivors with you. This would work great in future areas of the map such as Fort Knox or the city.
  3. Small suggestions here, but I could not help but putting it out there. Equip a Spiffo plush to gain a sleep boost! Before the player would go to sleep, he or she would equip the Spiffo plush. This would give the player a "Comforted" moodle that would do something like reduce panic before sleep, or prevent the player from waking up early from a sound. The player would wake up with the comforted moodle and be temporarily less susceptible to fear. Equip Spiffo while outside to reduce panic! After an intense fight with a horde, the player may end up experiencing extreme panic. This can take a while to disappear and can mean life or death if you are forced into a showdown with more zombies. Equip a Spiffo plush to quickly reduce panic before another engagement. After panic is completely resolved, the player then would gain the Comforted moodle and be less susceptible to panic when near a zombie. In a world where the dead come back to life, people (NPCs) will kill you for a bag of chips, and the military that once protected you now have your head at the end of their sights... its good to know you still have a friend that can give you a little comfort. These are just some dumb little ideas. Just wanted to show some love for Spiffo!
  4. Disclaimer for the devs -- Indie Stone devs, your game is excellent. Please feel free to take these ideas on board as if they were your own for inspiration sake, These ideas are donated as fan service and compensation isn't necessary or expected. If you think this works for your game, take and keep any and/or all ideas to implement into the game. Thanks in advance for reading! Please leave your thoughts/feedback in comments section!!! Table of Contents------ 1A. Introduction 1B. Your involvement in this thread 2. NPC Content - [+Add your own, and you'll be credited in this post] 2A. Faction list - Different Factions/types of NPC survivors 2B. NPC Trust - An Important Mechanic 2C. Faction Ranks - Roles/Jobs [And what they do] 2D. Faction Inventions - New items you can make! 3. NPC Event(s)/Behaviours - Kidnappings, Raids, Zombie Herding, Faction interaction. 3A. Events NOT Involving YOU 3B. Events Involving YOU - 1A. Introduction: This is a community post brainstorm which means you can contribute ideas toward it (and you will be credited in this original post). This post is open to subject to change course and modification. In this post, it explains varying ideas that could help create interesting gameplay and basic objectives with NPC survivors which don't divert you from how you play, and may possibly offer new ways to play the game as well. You could (if you wanted to) interact with NPCs through trade or neutrality (3), or systematically wipe them out one by one, the choice would be up to you. If developers find this thread feasible, I'd like to hope that our ideas could be implemented so that interaction could lead to rewards (2D) in some way which could help benefit confirmed future content updates. 1B. Your involvement in this thread: First things first - Please don't expect or feel entitled to compensation in any form if the developers take inspiration from this thread and use these ideas even if they're identical upon implementation, I'd like to make that very clear. How you view this threads idea comes down to personal interpretation, so that means if your interpretation of this sort of idea and/or opinion on it is different to anyone elses e.g it being good enough to implement in the game or not is appreciated and respected if you choose to have your say (Even if you hate the idea so much it makes you miserable) it's still fair enough to have your say, however it'd be nice to see some constructive criticism toward this sort of thing instead of abuse! Please feel free to join in the discussion and add your own thoughts and ideas! Thank you very much. - 2. NPC Content - [+Add your own, and you'll be credited in this post] 2A. Faction list - Different Factions/types of NPC survivors Note: Faction/types of NPC survivors may/may not exist at all during a game or certain map, and may spawn at different times during a game depending on player movements. Certain factions may or may not work together. Factions should be enabled/disabled by player choice in custom options prior to a game. For the most part, each faction won't trust you at all unless you prove to them you can be trusted, and some may carry default moods/agendas set by their Faction Leader toward anyone that isn't part of their faction - Could result in kidnappings, killing on sight, or warning shots/calls. Type 1 - Civilian: Exist in urban areas. These are the last remaining shred of civilisation, and are mostly helpless and not used to being thrown out of their standard way of life. Civilians are usually armed with light firearms and various melee weapons, depending on rank. How well armed they are depends on rank, as their rank dictates what they usually do. May work alongside Military. Type 2 - Survivalists/Hillbillies: Can exist in both outer-urban and wilderness. How well armed they are depends on rank, raider rank is heaviest armed, utilizing long ranged weapons and heavy melee weapons. Usually works on own, without need of Civilians or Military. Type 3 - Military: Can exist anywhere, but mostly in large contained facilities such as prisons, and fenced guarded areas. Some may patrol in organized groups in the map on their own accord. Moderately to heavily armed depending on rank. May work alongside Civilians. Type 4 - ?? Type 5 - ?? - 2B. NPC Trust - An Important Mechanic Depending on what you do, you can impact factions depending on what action you make toward them. Trust is gained over time, and word can spread around to different ranks within factions about you. If you help defend individuals against zombie hordes, make trades with them, don't kill them on sight - Then you can gain trust with them. On the other hand, if you do all you can to let them die, raid them, steal their stuff, the opposite occurs and can carry consequences toward how they interact with you. That will result in increased hostility and nasty tactics toward you and your base (3). ---Factions may even choose to not trust you at all regardless of what you do, this comes into equation based on the Faction Leaders agenda--- - 2C. Faction Ranks - Roles/Jobs [And what they do] Civilian and Survivalists/Hillbillies NPC survivors can share some same 'ranks' and behaviours depending on trust toward you, or their purposeful demeanour. Traits listed are as a guide to explain their purposes. Traits listed in each rank are varying possibilities and may/may not all occur. The following ranks shared between Civilians, Survivalists/Hillbillies/Military which should usually stay within their base are: Faction Leader - Have a purposeful goal/agenda set for their faction. This can vary depending on how you interact with each faction. Some leaders may choose to enforce friendly or hostile actions toward you and other active faction(s) at the start of the session, and they can also enforce what types of ranks spawn depending on where they are located. Their demeanour in their agenda also applies to what faction they are in. Killing a leader can topple the entire faction which can be a useful game mechanic/purpose. <Don't expect that to be easy though!> | Traits- Lucky, Strong, Brave, Hearty Eater, Resilient, Athletic Workers - Produce food, build, create/combine items, repair items (vehicles in future), treat heavy/major injuries etc. | Traits- Handy, Feeble, Cowardly, Light Eater, Clumsy, Agoraphobic The following ranks shared between Civilians and Survivalists/Hillbillies are: Scouts - Usually spots and locates and reports back to their factions. You can kill them if you don't want to be seen&known at all providing you witness them near you/your base-. Scouts can offer remote bag trades (bag containing notes of Trade for Trade items), orienteering, locating, can mark environment with messages/diagrams, treats their own basic/light injuries. | Traits- Athletic, Eagle Eyed, Graceful, Feeble, Night Owl, Outdoorsman, Patient Raiders - Dispatched usually if scouts/workers don't sustain to loot surrounding areas to replenish faction supplies, can kidnap you, can also raid houses you don't own, can mark environment with messages/diagrams, treats their own minor/light injuries. | Traits- Stout, Axe Man, Short Tempered, Brave, Hearty Appetite, Thick Skinned Loners - For the most part they're just like you. They can be anti-social. May not be part of a faction, may be aggressive, may be highly threatening if surviving mid-late game. If part of a faction, they're usually a Sniper/Self sustaining Hunter type, and some may resort to Cannibalism. They like to hoard so if you locate their base/stashes you're in for a good time. | Traits- Eagle Eyed, Athletic, Cowardly, Marksman, Outdoorsman, Patient, Light Eater, Resilient Ranks which only occur in the military are: Soldier - Protects their base at all costs, only grant access to players that have gained trust, conduct rescue missions for their faction and in some rare cases based on trust -you-. Can treat light/minor injuries. | Traits- Athletic, Marksman, Light Drinker, Stout, Brave, Keen Hearing, Night Owl, Eagle Eyed. Field Medic - When Soldiers leave their base on a rescue mission, a Field Medic can accompany them to treat major wounds. | Traits- Athletic, Graceful, Hard of Hearing, Handy, Short Tempered, Stout, Light Drinker Elite Soldier - Protects Military Leader, heavily armed, calls in Helicopter reinforcements if possible (This includes emergency supplies, or Soldiers). | Traits- Strong, Thick Skinned, Athletic, Marksman, Night Owl, Eagle Eyed, Keen Hearing. - 2D. Faction Inventions - Each faction has a small number of inventions that they use to their advantage in some way, which you could learn to craft if you gain enough trust. Here are some examples (along with items needed if not pre-made), if you can think extras or better then please add: Civilians: -Two Way Radio: Battery + Baby Monitor/Walkie Talkie -RC Racecar Noise Distractor: RC Racecar + Battery + Walkie Talkie + Use of 'Taunt' Button -Breakable Lockpick: Paperclips, Nail/Tent Peg, Tape [Makes 3] Survivalist/Hillbillies: -Bear Trap -Crossbow: Planks, PVC pipe, String/Wire, Nails -Basic Compass: Needle, Paper Clip, Fridge Magnet, Bowl of Water, Razor Blade Military: -Scope -Makeshift Protective Armour -Claymore 3. NPC Event(s)/Behaviours -writing in progress- Depending on what NPC factions are present, how they interact with one another and also your trust gained/lost with NPC factions, certain events/behaviours may trigger. 3A. Events NOT Involving YOU Factions would be able to have interactions between each other: -These include territorial disputes, trade altercations, and caravans. -Contributed by forum user 'Ryfar' -If a Faction member comes back to their base wounded by a Zombie which could make them turn, they may be ordered to be killed by their Faction so they don't turn on them. 3B. Events Involving YOU Any of the following may occur if YOU have no trust, or are hostile to a faction and i) Your base discovered by that faction: -You may have Scouts shepherd zombies/hordes to your base (Small chance it could backfire on Scout). -Raiders may ransack your base of valuables, and your base wrecked/disassembled. -You may have a chance of being kidnapped as a hostage when you sleep in an unfortified/unsecure base. This will mean your base looted and disassembled. Items removed from you and possibly distributed between faction members, or stored somewhere. -Military may surround your building, and order to imprison you if you commit crimes (Theft/Murder) against them. Or they may choose to just try and kill you. ii) You are located in a temporary location: -You may have a small chance of being kidnapped as a hostage when you sleep in an unsecure/unfortified location. Items removed from you and possibly distributed between faction members, or stored somewhere. Any of the following may occur depending on the level of good trust YOU have with a faction and the Faction Leaders agenda: -You may be offered the opportunity to capture or kill an opposing Faction Leader if they're causing issues for the faction you're supporting. -You are allowed sanctuary within a factions territory but you must perform duties/jobs to assist the faction in order to keep that benefit. -You are offered a job of your choosing within the faction, much like a worker. You get food in your belly and a roof over your head so long as you meet daily/weekly quotas for the job. I'm planning on updating this when I've got more time to over the next few days. Thanks for reading! Please leave your thoughts/feedback in comments section!!!
  5. The Problem In Project Zomboid, the primary method of getting past zombies is engaging in combat, either with melee hits or with weapons such as firearms. The other option is to slowly sneak past them and avoid the zombies' line of sight. This is a good start for stealth mechanics, but it is definitely lacking. How Can the Game Improve in Respect to this Problem? Add throwable objects that produce a noise which pull nearby zombies towards it. Note: Would only work for zombies that have not yet locked onto the player. Two Types: Short Distraction - Rocks, glass bottles, etc. When thrown they produce a loud noise on impact. The zombies would them travel towards the point of impact, linger there for a short amount of time, and quickly begin to separate and diffuse. This allows just enough time for the player to sneak past. Prolonged Distraction - Airhorns. Combining air horns and scotch tape would create a makeshift device that can be thrown and used to pull zombies into another areas. The noise would continue to pull zombies for a prolonged amount of time. It would have the same effect as a triggered house alarm. This would allow players much more time to sneak around, but it would also attract distant zombies. Does it Make Sense for the Game? Stealth mechanics are important for a survivor. A survivor should never fire his or her weapon or engage a zombie unless it is absolutely necessary. This would allow players, especially those playing in sand box with ultra rare loot, to conserve ammunition and weapon durability. Being able to pull zombies away from your path or towards another area would be especially helpful in locations such as the mall. Is it worth the time and effort to develop? Adding this feature would allow players whole new strategies to taking on zombies and zombie hordes. It would not require any extreme overhauls, and most of the mechanics needed (throwing objects, zombie-attracting sound alarms) are already in game.
  6. Seeing as the devs now plan to make bodies harm you if you're around them too long, how about giving the player the ability to dig graves if they have a spade and place bodies in them? You could also add a grave marker if you wanted (maybe only with NPCs and not zombies) with either a custom message, or one the game makes up in a format like "*Name*. Died of *cause* on *date*. Rest in peace." It would also be cool to come across some graves dug (either via the NPC's AI or randomly placed to look real) with names/causes of other survivors who died. It would also show you how good a set of survivors were getting on (lots of graves in their safehouse meaning, of course, they're not very good at this type of thing).
  7. My idea so far, was perhaps a Canopy for those that take to the wild. As rain always puts fires out or soaks players to the point of sickness or even drowns crops, it is a very deadly thing and to be honest, I feel players have to be weary of rain more than Zombies, natural killers are the ones that'll get you before the Walkers will. So a Canopy would allow a player to make a walled in Safe zone deep in the woods and still be protected from the rain, so they can cook foods and regulate when to add or take down the canopy over say the crops or something and even stay dry. It would be a lot easier than hunting for a shack that is so far away from town that when you get lost you die of Hunger. *Had it happen*. :3 That is all I have to suggest right now, hopefully more later!
  8. Just a quick suggestion for the burning of corpses as shown off in the build 28 video. I would like to see a pyre that you could build. It would take a large pile of wood and then from there you can use the "grab corpse" from the ground and then walk to the pile you've built and drag it into it's inventory. Using the world filler the corpses could show up on the pile as you stacked them on. Once the player has piled the zombies on top he could then light the pyre and it would burn, taking the corpses with it. The main reason I thought this could be a good idea is so that the burning of bodies as shown in the videos seems a bit dangerous, the fire could spread or the player could accidentally burn himself. Also this would be a good idea for a mod I suppose but I don't know how!
  9. The Problem Bodies of water are dull and almost unrecognizable as water. They are static, produce no ambient noise and have no glint or shine that differentiates it from the land around it. How Can the Game Improve in Respect to this Problem? Better water textures. Give water a flow and current. Maybe even a subtle shimmer.Waves. No matter what size, waves make bodies of water instantly recognizable.Audio and proximity. Allow players to detect when they are near a body of water by slowly fading in the sound of flowing water . Does it Make Sense for the Game? Bodies of water would become important for the player to be aware of. The sound of flowing water can muffle or block out the sound of an approaching zombie. Trash and useful items would wash up on the shores of rivers and lakes. Is it worth the time and effort to develop? The game seems severely lacking in giving movement and "life" to the game world. More dynamic and visually appealing bodies of water would give the game world more "life" and would also make the player more aware of them.
  10. Right now I don;t think there is anyhting else that may happen to you if you get extremely bored except that having your Happiness decreased So here are some suggestions : 1) Really Bored : Just sits down and if he remains like this for 30 more minutes he starts sleeping 2) Extremely Bored : Takes out a knife and commits suicide. So do you like it ?
  11. Hello. So I read the Mondoid from the 26th and I thought about the whole thing with clothing and what variety of clothing there should be, so I thought what if they added hoodies? They would have better protection than blouses, some storage (1-2) in the front pocket, the pull over ones and then the zippper ones that can be un-zipped if you get a little to warm and they would not be as good for protecting from the cold than a sweater in the winter but warmer than a blouse. Thoughts?
  12. Hello my fellow PZ people! So today, while playing PZ, I was thinking about how awesome a 3d model bag would be. Bag equipped = 3d model bag on your back Long weapon in bag = Weapon sticking out from bag You should only make it for "equip on your back", as it would be a problem with second hand slot. I think this would be pretty great. Also, I've been looking around on google for a 3d model import tool, but is it true that you haven't released one yet?! I mean, so modders can actually do stuff like adding 3d model bags? Let me know what you think about 3d model bags. -Stenmann
  13. My suggestion is to add smoke grenades. Both military and homemade. Like the m18 or the l83a1 at military depos and police station. But for the homemade ones you'll need saltpeter, sugar, a frying pan, a can, some string, a frying pan, heat source and a cooling storage. First you'll have to mix the sugar and potassium nitrate, then heat the mix up and cool it down. Then just set it on fire and your done. Got no idea what use smoke grenades would but why not ;D
  14. I know cars are already confirmed and in progress, I just wanted to add a few ideas, in case the developers want to hear suggestions before finalizing the project. There should only be a limitied amount of cars in the map. Maybe 32-42. Out of that number, only 15-20% should be usable, you should need a set of keys, or something else, to make it difficult to acquire. And the rest of the cars should be useful only to suck gasoline and perhaps scrap parts. I don't know if keys would work, because if they are lost due to glitch deaths and invetory loss, then the car may not ever be recuperable anymore..?
  15. My suggestion/idea came up when I read the thread bout the new cooking related stuff. And then I thought of fish. Dried and smoked fish exactly. And that is the thing PZ needs! A way of preserving food for a really long time. Dried beef (beef jerky) can last up to one and a half years! Kinda OP, but who cares. No more perishable foods going to waste in the first days of survival!
  16. This is a idea for a mod that adds a need to brush your teeth.... Research has shown that mouth higienne is a big factor to health. The worse your mouth higienne is the more prone to disease you are. I don't how to code and make mods, so yeha.
  17. And this suggestion came up a long time ago. How about one type of clothing would protect more against zombie bites or scratches. It's pretty obvious that a leather bomber jacket is gonna protect a scratch, maybe even a bite, but a polo shirt isn't. And what if you clothes get so much drenched with zombie blood, it would make your character sad or even drepressed (I can't believe if anyone would like to wear blood coated jeans or t-shirts).
  18. Hi guys, this is my first post, i'm a gamer that likes RPG and also like the idea of Zombie Apocalypse, there is something come up in my mind that maybe making PZ more fun, more exciting. 1. giving more different stats to the equipment, attack effects, damage, speed, range, etc. and make the zombies to drop equipment after death, give some abilities to zombies so that they are hard to be killed(but rewarding), In the other hand, add abilities for players so that they can deal with the tough zombie, just like the NOTD:Aftermath, i don't if anybody have played NOTD:Aftermath before but it is a warcraft3 cutom mission. So does anyone like this idea?
  19. Delete this thread not posting anymore..
  20. As the tile says, using those smaller bags as a alternative for water barrels or a smaller version of one. I always seem to have trouble finding a garbage bag for a barrel so I think using the grocery bag would be a nice way to fix that, or use them in another way because once you get hiking bags, those smaller bags are pretty much useless as a long-term item.
  21. Around the area I live (I live in Northern Kentucky) I can think of a great amount of creatures that'd make great additions to the game as huntable/trappable food sources: (The Obvious) Deer Deer are very populous around here and would only get moreso without more hunters. They're also very quiet and would not rouse attention from wandering stiffs. Deer meat is absolutely awesome for cooking, but there is a danger one should be wary of - in certain seasons, Lyme disease is a huge risk. If the inherent danger of contamination is taken into consideration, this could make hunting deer in Project Zomboid risky but rewarding, as that is probably going to be the only source of red meat available after power goes out. Deer meat could go toward any recipe that uses raw red meat. Potential Loot: Deer Meat, Antler, Hide, Innards [Fishing/Compost?] Wild Turkeys Wild turkeys range all around the area I live, one can even see them crossing roads sometimes in their little flocks. Good meat, and plenty more on them than any chicken. There's also less disease risk than, say, Deer - but eating raw would still be higher chance of sickness than starter, fridge found meats. A zombie might have a hard time even getting close to a Turkey given how easy to spook they are. Potential Loot: Whole Turkey, Feathers, Innards [Fishing/Compost?] Hungry Coyotes & Feral Dogs Kentucky, and many other places, are lousy with Coyotes since they got reintroduced after about being wiped out. Now, especially in my county, there's literally open hunt on Coyotes to keep the populations in check (and it's still not very effective). Also, tons of people keep Dogs here - they're a lot more popular than Cats, at least in my area, and there'd be a ton of ownerless dogs turning feral. Depending on how lore is determined for Project Zomboid, these wild dogs could be more hungrier or less hungrier. In the Walking Dead Comics, most predators like feral dogs or birds can still eat Zombies, so they'd be a lot less on the hungry side and breed in large numbers. If we're going by Max Brooks/NoTLD staple, animals avoid stiffs like the plague they are, so they'd be a lot more hungry and brazen (and likely dangerous to players). Either way, Coyotes and Feral Dogs could be a source of red meat that might keep a player alive - as well as a threat while travelling, especially in wooded areas. Given that they are capable of being very fast, relatively social, and might have been eating zombies (or at least, scavenging filth), bites could cause all range of diseases and death. Big survival challenge. Potential Loot: Dogmeat, Hide, Innards [Fishing/Compost?] (Feral) Cats, Rabbits, Groundhogs, and Squirrels As unpalatable as it may be, there will be tons of feral housecats in a Zombie Apocalypse. While cats aren't as popular in my area, there are many spots I do know of where stray cats are extremely common and would be a much more accessable food source than most game (let's not get soft here, folks, this game is about survival). Consider also that cats will undoubtedly be trapped in houses when their owners are zombified and could turn quite feral without food. Scratches from feral cats could get infected easily and be a challenge to the player. I'd imagine that most cats would generally flee zombies to mixed effect, and do breed fairly rapidly. Likewise, small mammals like Rabbits, Groundhogs, and Squirrels are common even in towns out here. They'd be very spookable and flee from zombies or non-stealthing players, but with the right means (Such as traps) could provide handy foodsources. Potential Loot: Mystery Meat, Pelt, Innards [Fishing/Compost?] (Feral) Chicken & Wild Fowl Many people near me have chickens they just let freerange on their land, and the things usually stick to yards. Zombies would be attracted to eating the chickens and could overwhelm them, but most chickens will flap/flutter away easily without anyone to keep their wings trimmed. Likewise, Ducks/Geese are common, but so are ground Pheasants and other small birds that are quite edible. It'd be nice to include nests with lootable eggs, so that players can have access to such things after power goes out. As cliche as it is, one shouldn't have a game that takes place in Kentucky without the ability to make Fried Chicken. Potential Loot: Whole Fowl, Feathers, Innards [Fishing/Compost?] Pondlife & Fish A fishing system should definitely be included in Project Zomboid, maybe even with its own skill. Fishing is very common around Kentucky. There's plenty to catch, from Bluegill, Catfish, Bass, to Gars (*which aren't very useful for meat, but hey, they're there to annoy), even large Crawdads. Heck, there are bullfrogs in my ponds that weigh as much as cornish hens with legs like small drumsticks. I'd absolutely love for these kinds of things to be catchable in Project Zomboid for a character to survive off of. Zombies would not have access to most of these creatures and thus could provide a relatively safe foodsource for players willing to invest the time/luck. Potential Loot: Fish, Fish Bones, Innards [Fishing/Compost?], Dead Frog, Crawdad I'm hesitant to include Wild Boar and Elk on here, as they don't to my knowledge tend to get close to suburban/urban centers. I do know that Wild Boar are getting brazen and would only get moreso during a Zombie apocalypse, though - they might be an additional consideration.
  22. So I thought it would be good to have this, why? Because if you play the same map for a long time, you'll know where to go, what to do etc. and it ruins the experience in my opinion. It feels much more immersive if you have no clue where you are. How this would work? It's easy, certain sets of buildings being put in random locations, so it's not a huge mess with everything going everywhere. For example: - Set 1, 5 Civillian houses - Set 2, Police Station And gas station, with a few houses beside - Set 3, Pharmacy, Parking Lot and supermaket. These are not the best sets I could come up with, but it gives off a good idea on what it could be like. Thanks for reading!
  23. Hello, I'm new here. I live in Northern Kentucky (I've met and talked with the peeps who created the Zombies!!! boardgame) and absolutely adore Project Zomboid. It's one of those games with a huge amount of potential that a lot of games just haven't reached out to grasp despite countless tries. What follows is one (of many) suggestions I hope make it into PZ, though if it doesn't - well... I'm definitely going to work with the modding community on no few of my other ideas. Sound Pings For those who have played Starcraft 2, as a Terran, you can build a radar tower that shows little red blips with exclaimation marks on them to express unknowns outside of your visible fog of war. It's very helpful. I think a system that is similar to show temporary indicators for peripheral noises outside of your line of sight arc would be most helpful for immersion and survival. I found it somewhat less immersive that you as a player have no representation of peripheral threats outside your vision. This would give the player a reasonable way to keep on their toes in situations (which they would have) where they could get surrounded that is sensible and fits the theme of survival. Some Idea Bullet Points: - Gives you brief red rings with a exclaimation marks to indicate near noises of interest outside your LoS, like blips on radar (Exactly like Starcraft 2 Radar Towers). This can potentially be zombies, NPCs, players, etc; or even impactful noises in the environment (You could get an idea of what direction that window shatter came from). These blips might move if they continue making noise or simply vanish. - The beauty of this is, unlike actually seeing in your line of sight arc, you are not sure what the ping is, just that it is a "something". It could be a player ally coming up behind you as much as a zombie. - A player could get up close to a door and hope to catch some pings from a room they haven't opened yet. (Assumption that sound pings will work in a fashion similar to LoS, but with some bleed over from walls or obstacles) - Modified Negative Trait: "Hard of Hearing" (-4. Decreases the range you see these red ping rings) - Modified Positive Trait: "Excellent Hearing" (+6. Increases the range you see these red ping rings, maybe even beyond what your LoS would normally be) - Negative Trait: "Paranoid" (-4. Sometimes see false Sound Pings that appear right near you, keeping you on edge.) - A good idea could be making Listening itself a skill. Higher Listen, better range of hearing. It is a skill that would make sense to develop as one survives longer and longer in a zombie apocalypse. - Zombies thumping on windows/doors might ping automatically if within hearing range - Doors opening, glass breaking, etc. - Shambling or bumping around into another zombie. - Anything moving through forest or tall grass can ping if in range (this would be particularly paranoia inducing when huntable wildlife is added; what if you're afraid of a little rabbit or deer?) - (Potentially) Different surfaces might impact the pings of movement - Plain Grass muffles the sound (Can't hear it until it's practically up on you, near melee) - Carpet muffles the sound (can't hear it until it's practically up on you, near melee) - Dirt / Dirt Road has mild sound range (About half the normal; crunching dirt. Close.) - Road has decent sound range (Clacking of shoes on asphalt. Able to hear a decent bit away.) - Wood floor has very noticable sound range (Clacking of shoes on wood. Very good distance.) Any thoughts?
  24. I think it would be pretty interesting to see the implementation of some sort of weathering to houses and structures both pre-placed and player built. For example, over time, old homes began to have weed invasions through cracks and crevices, wood starts to rot from rainfall, and walls and roofs become discolored from that as well. And maybe grasses begin to grow taller and wild plants begin to sprout from the earth, or maybe warehouses become covered in vines. As the older the player's adventure lengthens in time, they can watch their environment change too. This would add to the immersion i n the game.
  25. The most similar thread I could find went offtopic, so I'll post the first couple of suggestions that came to my fresh (just bought the game and tried multiplayer 2 days ago) mind. The first thing my friend and I did when we got to know the game was going to the police station where we thought we'd be able to procure a gun and although the server was freshly reset and there were like dozens of zombies around, we still easily managed to just get inside and safely take it... That was a very entertaining experience for once , but I think that such a game should ( and i hope it will become) be a lot more difficult and slightly more realistic. The most logical ,as it seems to me, way to make an improvement to it is to add some things like steel doors ( that you can not break ) that you'd have to have a key for to open. Or at least some key-requiring lockers for keeping guns in them, because ,hell, that's how guns are supposed to be kept everywhere in real life . The location of the key(s) for one safe should be randomized and it should be in some table/desk on the first floor if the safe is on the ground floor, or in a zombie in the same district. Maybe even simply lying somewhere on the floor ? Who knows. This would add a lot more replayability, depths and realism to this game that's already full of potential. In addition I'll mention that this is something that's extremely easy to implement and should really not be impossible with the current engine the game is running and will only require simple (yet already overdue) interface improvements ! It's really not intuitive and bugged anyways , so why not take this opportunity and overhaul it + add keys and things they unlock. thanks in advance.
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