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Found 99 results

  1. Please move - cant post in suggestions Defcon is a game by introversion (the guys who did prison architect). Players participate in cold war-like nuclear warfare on a risk-like map of the world. As time goes on the defcon level moves from 5 to 1 where different global rights become available. Players can adjust the game speed where the minimum speed between players is current game speed. So if Player 1 has speed set to 2x and Player 2 4x - the time will only go up to 4x when both players set speed to 4x. Vice versa - time will go back down as soon as any player lowers their setting. Two suggestions 1: as explained above everyone can "vote" are current game speed which will jump up and down based on common player setting within server 2: for a sleeping solution a player can indicate "ready to sleep / X hours" (admin can choose whether or not this shows up globally) where no one sleeps until everyone sleeps. as soon as one person wakes up so must everyone else fully rested or not. obviously there are challenges and drawbacks that arise in various settings might be something to consider nonetheless sorry for long post, wrong section, poor formatting cheers! Bensk
  2. What would a zombie apocalypse smell like? It probably wont be a very pleasant sensation to be honest, but I think a game like Project Zomboid could use a bit of realism like this! I feel as though the incorporating of a smelling mechanic would be pretty interesting to experience within the game. When I was thinking it through, it would be included as a moodlet that the player has. When in close proximity to rotten food in containers or on the floor, this example of a moodlet would appear: Stench: "smells terrible here" It could have varying amounts of severity depending on the level of rot: "smells a bit bad" "smells terrible here" "smells absolutely disgusting" These are just ideas of of what they could display. Being around something that stinks could also prompt the already existing "queasy moodlet" when staying in that area for a while. Of course, a very useful way to find out if food could be going bad. Another small and maybe a far out suggestion for food items to have an option to be smelled. This could also help in a way with the new nutrition system. Though this could be a bit primitive, zomboid is all about realism and when surviving in apocalypse, we will use all of our thinking ability, power and sensing to stay alive. Which leads me to another very important aspect that can add to the zomboid experince. Smelling zombies. You know that feeling when your raiding a house with your fire axe in hand, opening each door of this seemingly quiet empty house very carefully, and suddenly a zombie comes at you from a sharp corner without any sort or warning? Well what if you were alerted to its presence before hand with that beautiful thing between your nose? This could possibly take away from that absolute shock when raiding, but it will add much much more to the experience. In addition, as another suggestion, each zombie will probably emit a varied "stench zone". Perhaps the decomposition of a zombie will stink more as a fresh zombie will not. I was just thinking about how the recent addition to 3d sound to the game could also work as 3d smell. (which in retrospect sounds silly) Hordes, as you can imagine, will also smell terrible and probably emit a larger "stench zone", alerting you to their presence even if you can see them straight away. Imagine your on the first floor of a quaint home and you've cleared it pretty well, but you "smell something absolutely disgusting". this will give you an indication of something waiting upstairs, which in my opinion would make this game just a tad bit more immersive. In addition, this will give more insensitive to clean out home bases or general spaces that you need clean. In conclusion, smell will help overall with the zomboid experience in my opinion. Not sure though.
  3. I'm a bit confused why this isn't already in the game, given the point of Sandbox is to let us set things up however we like. We can set 'Instant' but not 'Never' for when water and/or electricity gets shut off right now. Would it be possible to please add a 'Never' option for water and electricity, so we could have them never shut off if we wish? Obviously this would *only* be a Sandbox option, not something for regular difficulty modes or challenges! Hopefully this would be very easy to implement and give the player more choice in setting up their Sandbox games as they wish (for roleplaying terms, it could be that your game area is in a 'quarentine' zone where power and water are suppied from outside since the rest of the world is uninfected).
  4. Currently, if you make a profession add a 'free' trait that isn't a profession-specific one, it can still be manually removed by the player (thus creating a second duplicate of the trait in the list). This is a problem when we want to mod in our own professions that add existing traits. While there could be other ways aroudn this, it requires modifying large amounts of code, and some that cannot be modded, so... Would it be possible to make it so that *any* trait added for 'free' by a profession was 'locked' in place and unremovable when added in this way? That way, manually adding - for example - the Graceful trait would allow the player to add and remove it during character creation, but a profession that added the same trait for free would *not* allow it to be removed unless another profession was chosen? This would be a big help too if someone wanted a profession to add a permanent 'negative trait' ("Pensioner" = low vision, for example) too. If this requires a huge effort in the game code, I understand not doing it, but if it's a fairly simple change, could this perhaps be implemented?
  5. It'd be pretty nice late-game to have a glass skylight to light up your house/room on sunny days and moonlight nights. Problem is, so far as I've seen there's no way to remove glass without breaking it. So why not change that? Bring knife, cut polyurethane/tar free, receive Glass Sheet ready for use. Maybe require more than one sheet for skylights like the one on the Convenience Store near the medical office.
  6. Basically, it'd be nice if you could actually sit in chairs. Maybe give an effectiveness bonus to resting, or add rest time to crafting and other tasks to remove Worn Out status faster.
  7. Namely, I'd like to see what a given player or zombie is wearing/carrying. Not everything, mind, but if they're carrying a bag, a weapon, et al; it'd be nice to have an indication. There'd be limits to this, of course. Weapons/items in hand, but only weapons and containers-there's no need to add a 'held' sprite for literally every item. Guns would be tucked into a pocket or holster, and shotguns with strap would be displayed strapped across the body. Various backpacks could also be rendered on the back. This'd make engaging the zed a more tempting idea; you see one carrying a duffel bag shuffling brainlessly in the middle of a small pack and go..."What's he got in there?" Early-game when finding a container matters, it'd be reason to engage the zed at all-because they've got a Big Hiking Bag, dammit! A little extra work, but not too much, I think; the code should be there, needing only a little tweaking...but then I don't know what the item display code looks like.
  8. Since I'm getting into PZ again, I thought I would make a suggestion. I have already seen all 3 of the things that I am about to suggest listed on this forum, I just thought I would back their ideas and show my support without resurrecting 3 separate threads. Keep in mind that I do not have knowledge of the entire change log, and since I have only recently started playing, I may be rambling on about things that may already be implemented into the game. Problem- I feel like the chef profession, along with the cooking skill in general are bad trade-offs in comparison to other skills such as carpentry. While it is nice to be able to maximize food potential, I don't feel the need to be a dedicated cook, since you can easily find foods in town, grow them in your garden, go fishing, or be a trapper. While being a chef isn't necessarily bad, I feel like there are many other professions which trample over the usefulness of being a dedicated cook. Solution- I would suggest giving a player with a high cooking skill the ability to create foods with certain perks or bonuses, with potency based on cooking skill. This would allow a dedicated chef to prepare his group with certain foods that would provide temporary buffs such as reduced panic, increased strength, better accuracy, and increased stamina. Problem- Foraging is a very nice, and welcomed addition to any survival game. I feel like foraging has its uses, but it could be so much more. I feel like alone, foraging isn't something that would make a man rich, however I feel like it should be a means of substitution for other professions to acquire certain products (Albeit diluted products) that are difficult to find otherwise. Solution- Foraging should be a skill that also benefits either the group, or another profession. Adding a few very basic herbs to the game (Such as Aloe, Chicory, ect.) would allow a high level first aid player to treat minor wounds, and make a diluted substitute for other medical items. This could also apply to other professions, such as cooking, fishing, and trapping. Let me know of your thoughts on this.
  9. Firstly, I realise there has been work done on zombies grouping together and moving about. It is really good, but there is still a problem, and this is it... The first part of the game is intense and challenging and fun. It is also great fun collecting supplies, hardware, etc. and building yourself an well defended base and trying to settle down into a livable, self sufficient lifestyle. That is fun for a while just surviving. But then what? Times goes by and the game becomes boring and monotonous. Plant crops, go fishing, set traps, eat, sleep, repeat. There really is no challenge anymore. You have built a carefully planned, well defended fort but for what? The defenses you spent all that time and energy planning and building are never actually tested. The odd zombie or three turns up once in a blue moon banging his head on the wall and that is easily taken care of. So, my suggestion is that later in the game, zombie hoardes start migrating out of the urban areas. Slowly in small groups at first, and as time goes on, more and more frequently and in larger groups. It can easily be explained. They have simply run out of food (as in people or rodents or whatever) in the urban areas. Everyone is dead. So they instinctively and mindlessly start migrating outwards looking for food. Especially once the power goes out. There are no lights or sounds left in the cities to keep them attracted to those places. But on a pitch black night, even a campfire casting a feint glow on the horizon a long way away may bring unwanted attention. So it works as far as the "story" goes, but I think it would also dramatically improve the gameplay and fun factor later in the game as the fort you built will actually get tested. I am not suggesting that you are under constant attack ever. The farming and trapping and surviving in the wild part of the game is great already and I am not saying turn it into a constant hack fest. I just mean that every once in a while a large hoard of zombies might stumble across your fort meaning you have to take time out a deal with the situation. For example, maybe they start migrating out in small groups once the power goes off. So maybe once a week you get a group of five to ten zombies stumbling across your camp. And as more and more time goes on, the groups get larger and more frequent. I am also not suggesting your fort gets over run (maybe really late in the game, as a year or more later, forcing you to flee and complete restart). I am just suggesting that it actually gets tested. You get to appreciate all the hard work you did when it successfully keeps out a large hoard of zombies.
  10. I posted this on Reddit's /r/ProjectZomboid Subreddit and was told I could post it here so I thought I would copy/paste my suggestion right here and see what people (and hopefully the devs) think about it. "Hello /r/projectzomboid[1] I came here today with an idea or suggestion for the sense of a more in depth game. A few days ago I sprained my wrist and honestly thought I could leave it alone till I realized that it made blue collar jobs a lot harder. I couldn't lift anything heavy due to the pressure that I would apply to it causing massive pain. I could barely grab certain things from drinks to large pieces of sheet rock, Glass panes, or cinder blocks. So I had an idea to possibly implement this in the main game. I figured that you can sprain your wrist from injuries while climbing or even falling (as you would a sprained leg.) Having this negative status effect would cause you pain (possibly random) while eating or drinking or even slower process of it. You can't carry more then your character can carry (18 if you use the Strong Perk) and barricading/building is impossible and it takes 48 hours to fully heal. . . you know, if treated correctly by wrapping it in a bandage or splint to help keep it immobile, applying ice (or coldpack that comes in the Hydrocraft mod) to the wound to help relieve swelling and pain. I know that it might be a stupid thing to include, but I feel that it could add a bit more depth and possibly have players be a bit more cautious. Then again it could just be a stupid unneeded feature that I can fantasize about. Thanks for reading my ramblings thus far hope you have a great day!" Again thanks for reading and I do hope you enjoy the idea
  11. I think the idea of a special blend of zombies, or having the option, would add surprise and jump scares and give all zombies a bit more of a unique personality - even if its randomly generated. Each zombie on the map would have a randomly generated set of variables set to them from the drop-down list when editing zombies. Some will have bloodhound in terms of smell, while others would have normal or very weak smell - others would be fast shambles while a small group could be sprinters. (for lag/management reasons) I believe this would add variety, make scenes and encounters more dramatic, movie-feel, and more surprising as you won't really know WHAT you might encounter other than zombies afoot. I believe this is also easy and quick to implement since it's just randomizing the zombie's stats to create a mixed bag of different "unique" zombies. Tell me whatcha think, or just "like" this post. Even if it doesn't get added, would like to see if the community thinks its a good idea regardless.
  12. So playing around and surviving for a little bit (2 months to be exact) got me to think a little bit about the area I was surviving in, that being West Point and after looting pretty much the whole city dry and seeing everything there is, I just thought of something that could be added, would fit in with the lore and make a survivor's life a bit easier, though it was a bit too obvious so I thought it must have been suggested before, but after skim-reading around a little bit I havent really tripped over it, but if its around I apologize for repeating it Hunting crossbows Yep, not very original I imagine, but hey I dont know why such weapon isnt really available already, the idea would be pretty simple, mid-range, silent firearm that would allow you to take care of those pesky deaders that are so inconviently in your way to loot and oddly close to a horde that you could just sneak past, if it werent for that one annoying strangler. As far as lore goes, West Point has a gun store specialized in hunting gear and in my personal experience these tend to have not just guns, but also hunting bows and crossbows if you are into that, so the loot spot would probably be only it or the shooting range a bit to the east or one of the few hunting cabins in the woods around if you wanted to make them really hard to get. Ammo-wise it would be pretty simple to craft together a stick and a sharpened rock (it would give use to those things aside some very basic tasks that you can use actual tools for anyway). And for the sake of balance it would be either a single shot weapon or you would have to rack each bolt after shooting with a relatively small capacity, lets say 4-6 bolts max. So efficient enough to take one or two guys out and be on your way, but nothing to be killing thousands with and it being silent it might just be your best friend once you find it. You could even be able to make a hunting bow after all, that would take just a few flexible branches and a bit of twine that could work the same way, but be just the poor man's choice instead.
  13. Soooo i'm curious about adding new skills. Or better said replace carpentry for more suitable skill like Builder, or Engineer, or... i don't know name that covers all the things player can made by himself... Maybe Handyman? There is a mod, where player can create almost any building that you can see in the city. But i don't really like mods that adding many things in this game, because of so many releases and mod compatibility, even one can be lost in many mods in some future build, where some mods would be added into vanilla. So why not add it into vanilla? I really, REALLY would like to see that player can made things out of metal(no more nails-hungry in survival mode), or making glass windows. And adding feature of making roofs(without making stairs build before, scaffold kit would be needed). And if making glass works are too much, so at last being able to disassemble windows from neibourhood houses and add it into your house/fortress. Oh yes, another idea just now popped out. Disassembling. Wooden walls, doors, floors... and destroying things with sledge into visible rubble, where something usefull can be, if lucky. Another idea is... TIME. And DATE. IRL human can't know, what time and date is now, without watches. I saw digital watches once in great mall, so... Why don't take out time and date from the upper right corner? It will be more realistic. And give watches a purpose. Wearable loot. If char find watches, from that point he can have his upper right corner back. Another thing... different looks of zeds. Bodies. Some skinny, some obese... even char. And more clothing types, like for example raincoats, jackets, necktie, uniforms/overalls...
  14. Is there anyone in the modding community who knows of a way to create a mod where, if someone dies, they return to the "choose spawn location" screen? The reason behind all of this is because I love Project Zomboid and The Last of Us and a few friends and I would love to see something of a "Supply Run" (TDM w/ ticket system) where it's survivors versus survivors and throw in some zombies in the mix. You would also be able to upgrade your stats, but cannot max anything out farther than 5. Perhaps vitamins could heal you somewhat/give you +1 to all stats. (so they will be scarce) Bandages would heal every wound to keep the pacing going at a decent rate. If someone could do this, or least help, it would be amazing. I would love to have just a 4v4 type thing, not trying to host a 30v30 scenario. Just trying to bring two games I love together for a neat thing.
  15. Hello, this is my sugesstions: ZOMBIE LORE: (new) Zombie horde mode: on/of -will sometimes attack a group of zombies, which over time will become very big Speed: Zombie mix: (10% are sprinters 70% fast Shamblers 20% shamblers) (you can also mix other features zombie creating poor sprinters And crawling Up Strong etc.) Transmission: - Only blood - Only saliva - Infected meat (see below) Infection Mortality : 2-3 days (You have a 20-30% chance to survive) 2-3 days (You can survive if 'll survive 2-3 days) 1-2 weeks (You have a 20-30% chance to survive) 1-2 weeks (You can survive if 'll survive 1-2 weeks) ( can also be given antibiotics to cure zombification which are very rare) Infected meat: When you use " forage " in the forest you can find meat infected by zombies (rabitts, deers, etc)
  16. I did a search but I don't think this has been mentioned before: I think it'd be neat if given fresh tomatoes, vinegar, salt and sugar, we could make ketchup. The thought occurred to me when I was feeding my character a mouse-meat-and-cheese sandwich. I can only imagine a liberal dousing of ketchup would make that go down easier, and the required ingredients are all already present in the game. (Maybe omit the sugar and make it just tomatoes, vinegar and salt, since sugar isn't a thing a person would necessarily guess goes into ketchup.)
  17. Hello, now I was sure this would be suggested at some point or another, but I haven't really seen it around in suggestions anywhere, if it was I'm sorry I did look through the list somewhat. Anyway, I was thinking, anyone who survived for decent amount of time currently probably would feel the same. So right now once you get set up, build or secure your safe house, stack up food, get a farm going, the game really loses a lot of its former tension and gives you very little reason to go out there again, instead people just hunker down and enter sleep/wake/sleep/wake/harvest/sleep/wake cycle. And there is really no in-game event that really prevents the player from doing that, the threat is suddenly gone. So here is the actual idea, world in the game actually every now and again spawning a horde out of the view of the player or just on the edge of it, that would wander in the general direction of the players safe house and as time went on the hordes would get bigger over time and more resource consuming to deal with, I think it would give people who have survived for extensive periods something to do, something to worry about, something to have to constantly deal with instead of simply hiding in their cubbyhole and never coming out of it, also it would be a reason to get back out there and look for resources to fight back the horde. After all, the game always begins with "There is no hope of survival, this is how you died". Or a little bit less invasive version would be having several hordes on the whole map constantly wandering from place to place randomly, having big numbers(most likely several hundred at a time) it would be something you cant just deal with by picking of one zed at a time, but rather it would be a threat that would exist with a chance of one day arriving at your door, where you would have to sit behind barricaded windows and pray they don't know you are in there. Now feel free to tell me if you like or dislike the idea, I just thought as someone who have survived for months on end and didn't have anything to do, it would be something to spice it up a little bit. And to add last, I did try to play with High/Insane amounts of zombies, to me it really makes the game more of a chore where you have to get out bash a few, rest, bash a few, rest etc. etc. I like the base normal amounts of zombies/survival mode, that you can dodge and avoid instead of having to go rambo every five steps just to get to another house.
  18. Hi Everyone, In UT2004 there was an auto-downloader option for the server to directly download mod installed on it. Will be nice to have this feature in Zomboid so one can mod the server without telling user "Download this zip, extract in this folder" and thus avoiding confusion. Thank you for the awesome game, Simon.
  19. Hello, I am here to make several suggestions about bags. 1. Backpacks should also be able to be broken/ripped. They would wear-down however, only when you are almost at their weight limit/at the weight limit. If a bag broke, all the contents could drop onto the ground, or items could slowly fall out depending if it was torn or ripped. These could also make it so you could no longer carry it on your back. 2. You know when you go on a scavenging run, and you load up with tons of pointy little objects like hunting/kitchen knifes, well, if you had them in a bag on your back they could have a very small chance of when you are running of them poking/cutting you. The worst they could do would make you bleed and get scratched. This would be very uncommon. 3.If you had a lot of sharp things in your backpack as well, sprinting with them could make the bag deterorate quicker. 4.Sheaths and other containers for knifes and other blade weapons could be implemented to make the chance for the bladed weapons to damage your bag lower if at all. 5. Also, I'd like to see clothing items such as Shorts, Athletic Shorts, Cargo Shorts, Cargo Pants, Hoodies, and Rain Jackets. Cargo shorts could have a bag option on the side but only be able to hold like 2 lbs, and cargo pants 3lbs. Same with the hoodie. 6. Also, I'd like some more canned foods such as Peaches and Chili. Thank you for reading these, please, post your opinions in the comments on these suggestions! PS: Sorry if any of this is planned or has been commonly suggested, I didn't see anything on it however.
  20. I've been playing for a while, and thinking of how annoying it is that there is no control over the burglar alarms. I was thinking maybe have a home console that you can control the system, with a bit of a delay from entering and the alarm going off to get to the console if you notice, and maybe in the actual cites having either the police station or the security system company HQ where you can fin all the houses that have an alarm or just a way to shutdown all alarms in the city. Just a thought, thanks for reading ^^
  21. So I've been watching these forums closely for a long time now and never felt like I needed to comment. I was always happy to read what others suggested for the game. But recently with the news of things to come, be it far or near have made me want to make a suggestion. So here is what I was thinking. Wouldn't it be cool if the track had some sort of use. A train that allowed quick but noisy transport up and down the track. With news of the city map expansion in the works, I think it would be something interesting to look into. Considering the map will double in size. Instead of having anyone able to operate the train maybe you could start off with a profession or find a rare instruction manual. I know the devs want to make the game realistic (which I think is awesome, too many arcade shoot em' ups out there) but there would have to be some way for players to acquire the knowledge to operate the train to make the game balanced. I haven't really thought about it too to much but I thought it would be a cool idea to throw out there. Secondly about cars. It's just a suggestion about the placement of cars more so than anything. What I would like to see is the highway densely populated with cars and maybe less, but still many in urban areas. While suburban areas would be less populated with cars. I'd imagine in a zombie apocalypse everyone would be trying to escape in a frantic hurry all at once and highways would become congested while the suburbs would be more or less evacuated or clear of cars. Thirdly and lastly. I couldn't find a word that rhymed with planes for a more clever title for the thread and then I thought, why not add some fancy champagne to the game. No better way to get drunk in a zombie apocalypse than some classy champagne. Add a little more variety to the games alcohol and another role play aspect for the players. Something small but it would be cool to pop a bottle of the stuff with your group after clearing out the town of zeds or whatever the occasion. So I'm not sure. I'd like to hear what you guys think of my suggestions. Like I said, my main suggestion is the addition of a train to the game. I personally think it would be cool. But I'd like to hear what others have to say on the suggestions.
  22. The zombie apocalypse would bring about many changes. Shuffling, man eating corpses, rotten food, the power going out... and nature reclaiming the land. Obviously there would be some trouble for some animals to survive being eaten by slow lumbering zombies. Some small pets trapped in a house may be fairly unlucky. But a fair many pets as well as wild animals may be able to evade the zombies, be able to escape their pens and holdings/houses and escape into the wild. Which comes to my suggestion- the chance to see feral dogs and cats running about with varying degree's of hostility. You may encounter the friendly but spooked man's best friend of a dog or a curious cat. Or, you could meet that starving hound with fleas, rabies and anger issues that lives with a pack of other similar, ravenous individuals that want to rip your face off. Many disasters (such as Hurricane Katrina) saw dogs forming packs within a matter of days, and cats are already feral and not fully domesticated and would escape the first chance they get. (It's scientifically proven dogs mourn their pet owners and will not eat their bodies unless they are starving, while cats have been known to chew off and eat the faces of their owners if they died within their house.) So alongside these animals roaming freely, some friendly and some not, maybe even some being able to be food sources or companions, we also got to think- Hey! This is Kentucky! There should be sheep, horses, pigs, chickens and cattle on some of these ranches right? Some animals may very well just be butchered or not be able to escape. But some may very well just bust down their holdings, especially if they are panicked and in a herd. Seeing feral farm animals about every once in a while or potential in farmland area would be fairly interesting because it provides the player with multiple agricultural or food options. And eventually, as nature fully reclaims the towns of Muldraugh and West Point (and others,) wild animals from the outskirts would most certainly come trying to find scraps and wandering around freely. Which adds a whole new level of danger and potential while playing. I am not saying these encounters should be common, but having them ingame would be something not only realistic, but quite cool. And adds a whole new dynamic to potential hunter trappers, herdsman and farming style gameplays, or the fact you may just end up being dog chow. Lemme know your thoughts.
  23. I was playing PZ and one day i thought the world looked too pristine, too undamaged to be in a Zombie apocalypse so when i saw the erosion mod being added into the main game I thought "That's a step in the right direction" then i thought that when a new world is loaded in addition to being loaded with the roads being slightly destroyed a bunch of windows and doors could be broken/barricaded. So that when you find that ideal safehouse it may need a bit more work to be done, some of it would be done for you or maybe a mixture of both. It would also add that added feeling of you being in an apocalyptic world that's been torn apart.
  24. I came up with some weapon ideas, and i want to share it with you guys. Let me show you. Cleaver: Why not? would be perfect to hack a zombies skull in. Most commonly found in restaurant kitchens. Sometimes found in normal houses, but not very common there. Skill is blades, obviously. Glass: Can be picked up by broken windows. Very low durability. Better than the butter knife,spoon, or fork. Not as good as the kitchen knife. Chance of cutting your hand when using it. Also blades skill. Spear: Long range. Not very long durability and sharpness with low carpenty skill. The better your carpentry skill, the longer the durability, and the sharpness. You can either make it by sharpening a stick, or attaching a sharp stone/glass/knife to it. It also helps you a little to having a good aiming skill, even when you use it as melee. Doesnt level up aiming skill tough.
  25. We all love project zomboid, we've been playing it since forever! I'm a little ashamed of the results of the multiplayer function, i'm not a big fan of massive servers but i love to play with my friends, the problem is that multiplayer isn't designed to support the same gameplay feeling that singleplayer, because of player communication and other stuff, i'm not here to discuss what's good for multiplayer or what's bad but to suggest that those who are playing in small parties vs. the world get some space on PZ, As we play in small numbers all can be fixed with communication, i remember those quake 2 days when you called a vote for everything, with that system we should be able to sleep & fast forward just like in single player, if you wanna sleep just lay down in a bed, time should be running normally while you rest more lightly, but if everyone is laying down, then they can sleep normally just like single player. wanna fast forward? No prob! just click the fast forward button on the clock hub, that will alert the other players by coloring their fast forward button differently to show them your intentions, if everyone wants to do it, seriously.. where's the problem? I know that those functions can only be effective if you play on small numbers with people you know, that's why you should let it as a "Small party configuration" server...
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