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Found 10 results

  1. Hey Everyone, I'm a huge fan of this game, and recently decided to start making some youtube videos of my gameplay. I've made a short walkthrough of one of the simplest strategies to survive the first day & night in the CDDA challenge. If you like this video please also check out my ongoing "One Painful Year" challenge playthrough series!
  2. As some of you know, there are few ways to deal with zombies. You can kite them with melee, use the guns (usually backfiring or not being very effective.) Using stealth (not consistent due to the randomness and respawns unlike other stealth games with actual patterns of enemies in a level.) Or leading them away from areas. If you're a engineer then you have a extra option of bombs (currently not worth investing into outside of 2-3 traps.) Suggestion 1: What if players were incouraged to use the verticality of the game, such as leading zombies onto a roof, depending on the height this can outright kill them, or turn them into crawlers. (in their current state, they land like a super hero with no consequence, and recover from falling faster then the player.) Suggestion 2: Electric fences, using a combination of metalworking and electric skill, incouraging the player to actually level up these skills for the reward of killing zombies that try to vault over it, and also the player if he/she does not turn it off from the outside. (this would likely need somethign to balance it, such as high fuel drain on a gen. And also still break if enough zombies vault over the electric fences at the same time.) Suggestion 3: More buildables in carpentry and metalworking, there is a huge lack of customization, while I do think going out and collecting useless items for survival is fun, and often times dangerous for no reason it would be nice to have options with the mentioned two skills, maybe even electric combined with them. Example: Building your own version of reinforced doors you can find in banks, rosewood secret facility, police stations. Or something more simple like the doors that are mainly glass, or wood with a glass to view whats on the other side. Suggestion 4: More alternative recipes for crafting within the existing crafting recipes. This idea is more inspired by cataclysm, though I do not expect it to match the same level or complexity as Cataclysm, it would be nice to have less straight forward options on some things. Take desperate crafting mod as a example of this, without completely ruining the balance of the game.
  3. Hi guys! Our tight-knit AEL Entertainment team is going to release a new installment of popular saga Happy Empire - A Bouquet for the Princess. We have always enjoyed playing strategies but this time we’ve decided not to kick it off with long-running strategy games but with time-management games. Our game allows you to command workers and princes. Workers collect resources and repair bridges, roads and buildings. The main task for princes is to find flowers for a bouquet to win a princess`s heart. We took into account all the comments and recommendations from players concerning the first installment of Happy Empire saga; we improved CGI and added charismatic characters with a variety of dialogues. We did our best to fill characters` interactions with wit and humor and to build conversations the way you will never be bored. Our project Steam link: Happy Empire - A Bouquet for the Princess on Steam Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyFGKW1eOj8 All updates will be published in this thread. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to post them here or to send us e-mail happy@aelgames.com
  4. The Company takes you on a brutal trip through the business world, simulating every aspect of a company's rise to world domination. Using more than 50 variables, the game's engine can calculate precise growth figures and takes into account a huge amount of factors, from political tensions in neighboring countries to your employee's happiness with their salaries. The game is currently in alpha stage and we're looking for feedback and ideas! We have no doubt that there is a huge market of potential entrepeneurs who are interested in this genre, so we'd like to know what are your opinions and comments on the game.Available (for free) at: http://gamejolt.com/games/thecompany/243782 http://www.indiedb.com/games/the-companyA few screenshots:Select one of four unique industries, weighing every factor before you decide. Choose how hardcore of an entrepeneur you are by selecting the continent where you will begin. Each continent has four different countries to further increase your choice of difficulty. Each country has different factors that are considered in your company's sales success, such as national investment on research or current economic situation. Use your initial capital and entrepeneurial drive to start building your company from the ground up. Choose from over 80 different upgrades in Logistics, Marketing, Strategy, Motivation and Company Culture to increase your market traction and company's success.Expect to encounter challenges around every corner as you surpass important milestones during the game. Your strategies will be constantly put at check by unexpected events.
  5. Hi all, First, I'd just like to say thanks to the indie stone for allowing other developers to talk about their games here. I'm Daithi, a game developer from Ireland. I'd like to share the game I've spent well over 4000 hours working on. It's called Vigilantes, and it's a crime themed, turn based tactical RPG, largely inspired by the classic turn based RPGs of the 90s, like X-Com and Fallout. The best way to give you a feel for it is to show you the release trailer, which is 97 seconds long. A polished preview demo with 3 hours of gameplay is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. Players assume the role of Sam Contino, an idealist dragged down the rabbit hole of vigilantism as he leads a team of vigilantes against the three gangs that dominate Reiker City: the mafia, survivalists, and Church of the Final Exodus. Vigilantes has all the features you would expect from a turn based RPG, yet we feel it stands out from its peers in a number of areas: Avoids typical RPG settings, striking out in its own direction with gritty, neo noir. Melee combat is choreographed and fluid to an extent rarely seen in turn based games. Avoids the trend of simplifying character systems and gameplay. It's very much old school, with the best of modern design advances. Emphasis on atmosphere: memorable allies, deadly opponents, a declining city, all brought to life through quality writing, artwork and voice acting. Use surveillance to locate gang facilities and leadership. Randomly attacking footsoldiers won't get you anywhere. Kickstarter and Greenlight campaigns have recently gone live. Both are going quite well. The most popular reward on the Kickstarter offer a Steam key, standalone download, early access and exclusive wallpapers for €8, roughly half the expected release price. So if turn based strategy is your thing, and you'd like to get a great deal and support a small but incredibly hardworking studio, you can find the Kickstarter here. Our Greenlight is also underway. There's a lot of information on the page, so if you's like to find out more, it is here. If you'd like to meet one of the allies from Vigilantes, here's a voiced intro for Ray Case, private eye. If you have any questions about Vigilantes, or comments, or observations, please let me know!
  6. (!Warning English is not my main language, sorry if I made any mistakes!) Hey Ladies and Gentlemen, first a quick presentation. This is Royal Tea Time Studio, a one man game dev team created about 4 months ago. 3 days ago I participated in a GameJam and I was now looking for places to show my game, to get some feedback about my work. I'm not sure if this is really the place for this since many users here seems to have "big" games like greenlit or long projects. But I'm giving it a shot, if it's not the place for it, I will delete my post. I plan on continuing working on this project, at least for a little while, I already got some great reviews on what to upgrade. Next version will have: -Starting menu -Difficulty selector ( Easy - Medium - Hard) -Better help window ( game better explained and in more details) -Maybe a tutorial Download and Screenshots (choose your favorite): LudumDare Itch.io RoastMyGame Below follows the description I wrote for the GameJam ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MizzleBury is mostly a strategy game. Having a really old classic feel to it. It was made for the Mini LudumDare69 GameJam. Requirement- a screen resolution of at least 800x800. Controls - mouse click. I really suggest reading the help window in the bottom left to help understanding the game. If you got any question or something you don't understand feel free to email me or leave a comment. A bit of game story : MizzleBury take place in the year 927 in a parallel universe of magical steampunk. You live as a drone commander who need to colonize the MizzleBury region with the help of your fellow soldiers. The region of MizzleBury is consisted of many different flying islands. Each holding different dangers and treasures. A bit about How it was done: MizzleBury is a gameJam game, it was made in 3 days. I rushed that project, but I'm really proud of the results. To make this game I used Unity for the engine, and Piskel for my sprites. Everything in the game was made by me except for the music that was made by one of my friend and I did not used any old assets I had already made. A bit about me : I'm an inspiring game dev, mostly focusing on learning programming skills. I've been doing game dev for less than a year so I'm still really new to this. But I got a lot experience as a player. This is my second game jam, the first one being LD35. I absolutely LOVE gamejams, so this is why even if I became aware of this one pretty late, I decided to participate anyway. Contacts: email : royalteatimestudio@gmail.com Twitter my a bit out of date website SoundTrack Made By NINE - https://soundcloud.com/ninon-aud Thanks for trying my game, please leave a comment!
  7. I'm an indie dev working on "Mammoth Gravity Battles", a 3D turn based strategy/artillery game for multiple platforms, similar to the classic gravity wars/death star battles. Its going to have four player pass-n-play battles, a story/campaign mode, multiple weapons and destructible planets. I'm very excited about the progress of the game, its coming on nicely. Webpage: www.mammothgravitybattles.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MammothGravityBattlesIndieDB: http://www.indiedb.com/games/mammoth-gravity-battlesTwitter: https://twitter.com/SpaceMammoth
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQ9_J-h7DbI You awaken to the dawn of a new world. It's streams are clean, the forests lush and the local wildlife is hungry. You're cold and in need of shelter as you hear other voices on the wind. You are not alone. Your Quest: Establish civilization and explore the new world. Your Quest is a casual 2D Strategy/RPG with progressive gameplay where you gather resources to construct a village, craft new weapons and armor, and try to survive the depths of a procedurally generated dungeon under the surface. Can you explore the entirety of this new world? Help us get Greenlit on Steam! Vote Yes Here Current Features Turn-based CombatBuild a village the way you want itCraftable Armor and WeaponsProcedurally generated dungeon (accessible via Cave) with 10 levelsResources: Wood, Stone, Fur, Meat, Leather, Cooked Meat, Herbal Medicine, Iron, Steel, FishJobs: Lumberjacks, Stone Miners, Hunters, Tanners, Cooks, Foragers, Iron Miners, Coal Miners, Fishermen, SmeltersBuildings: Home, Houses, Quarry, Lodge, Tannery, Mess Hall, Herbalist, Iron Mine, Blacksmith, ArmoryMisc: Campfire, Roads, Flowers, Torches, Fences
  9. Exactly what it says on the tin. I've never really farmed before and I'd like a little run-down of how to go about. What should my farming grid look like, how much should I farm at once, how often should I water or spray? I have the two gardening cans and the materials to make the sprays, along with 2 watering cans and plenty of dirt and seeds. How do I get started?
  10. Hello and thanks to The Indie Stone for this space I'am Grouroux, the game designer of Gangs of Space, and I would like to present our indie space game. Feel free to ask all the questions you want (I'am not very well skilled in english, but I hope you will understand). Description Gangs of Space is a massively-multiplayer space online game of the 4X genre (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate), using a shmup / hack'n'slash gameplay. Gangs of ambitious players compete against each other to conquer the most territories in hostile planetary systems, using ships and items looted from destroyed enemies, or designed and built in player-owned space bases. The Gang which accumulates the most territorial, economical, technological and political influence is awarded the rank of Quadrant Administrator, and is allowed to write the laws of the universe. Features Action gameplay, hack'n'shash shmup with permanent death.Multiple ship classes, each with a very distinct gameplay.No XP, no levelling. The skill of the player himself is paramount.One universe (no sharding) to discover and conquer.Space structures to build & then protect in order to exploit the conquered territories.Economy, technology, industry, geopolitics are all completely player-driven.Governing players can set laws and taxes in their governed planetary systems.Innovative crafting system, which gives players complete freedom in designing their own item variations.API that let anyone create applications (PC/Mac, web, mobile…) that can interact with the game.AndThe Official websiteThe game is playable now in AlphaYou can help us and vote on greenlightScreenshots and video
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