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Found 10 results

  1. When zombies fall from high places they don't make "fall" animation, they just keep walking into you. in the image you can see upstairs broken doors, the zeds came from there.
  2. hello, Having two stairs side by side to make a double does not allow the player to pass from one to the other because of the invisible wall of each staircase. Making a staircase does not require a wall on the sides because there are already some that are invisible. ---original --- Bonjour, Avoir deux escalier cote à cote pour en faire un double ne permet pas au joueur de passé de l'un à l'autre à cause du mur invisible propre à chaque escalier. Faire un escalier ne requiert pas de mur sur les coté car il y en a déjà qui s
  3. Going up the stairs I can go through the closed door. In the previous version of the game, you could not build this door in the frame, it can be used but it does not work. That's how it looks - non-public movie on yt
  4. If you build stairs, then a floor as a roof, and then cover the stairs, you can still climb the stairs all the way to the roof and get stuck up there. And have to jump down again
  5. There's a lot of building designs where the stairs are just behind the forward facing wall making players unable to see anything on the lower level when walking down the stairs until you reach the floor below. This is very hazardous for players, because there could be a group of zombies right at the bottom of the stairs and players won't be able to see them until they are right on top of them.
  6. Currently, if stairscases are placed directly above each other, it causes them to not function properly. Here's an example: This is a fire escape for a map I am working on. (I have removed the railing so that it's easier to see what's going on.) The game allows you to travel from the first floor up, using the lower staircase. It also allows you to use the upper staircase both ways. But you cannot go down on the lower staircase. I don't know the game engine but I assume that the game sees that I am trying to walk into a staircase, and, since stairs are a physical object, it refuses
  7. Hry guys, now this one might be a bit weird request, but is it possible to make a half-staircase and then let it turn to another side the last half. One such eksample os in outlast, i need such a staircase that isnt straight, but is broken into sections before you reach the 1st floor. We also need stairs that can be placed in any direction, så we arent limited to always have them go one way. I really do need this or I fear the asylum will be more of a weirdlooking place, and not the asylum we are used to.
  8. Ladders. From what I can tell. Very common. I have a pair, my neighbours have a pair, and people generally have ladders, And if you don't you will never get to high places in life. Simple things, they help you go up. They are moveable. You already have static ladders on the map. So, just add ladders to the game? Acquisition Can be found or Can be crafted (Simple crafting I guess) I-I I-I I-I I-I I-I Cons You have to carry them. Makes you walk a lot slower, Requires both hands as equipped and very heavy (Just like a Corpse) Your easier to grab and slow down. Uses Basically acts lik
  9. Well i have noticed that in almost all two (or more) storey buildings the staircase is just made out of wood more or less. You are allready guessing it, aren't you? What if you just destroyed the staircase with an axe or a sledgehammer? Especially in the houses that the stairs are just supported by some wooden pillars it would work 100% and your second storey would be out of reach of the undead for ever. When you have a more sturdy staircase foundation it would work a little worse and a little worse as the foundation gets stronger from case to case. You just have to make a (preferably retrac
  10. It is more like general question the request or anything. I noticed that i`m able to destroy crafted stairs via sledgehammer (which is awesome), but it doesn`t seem to be working for stairs in houses (they looks the same but im` unable to pick it up by right click.So my question is - is it possible to destroy stairs by sledgehammer?
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