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  1. As title says, unable to sleep more than once per game session. Restarting game allows me to sleep once more, then unable to sleep again until next restart.
  2. Allow survivors to sleep on the floor for an uncomfortable but successful nights sleep. 1. Sleeping on the floor with a pillow equipped will dampen the hard floor resulting in a better nights sleep. 2. Having the homeless occupation allows you to sleep outside on the floor with less harsh consequences. 3. Becoming far too tired, or far too drunk will result in you collapsing from exhaustion and sleeping on the ground for an appropriate amount of time. Allow survivors to sleep on the toilet. (If my survivor is able to sleep on a kid's plastic chair, I'm fairly certain a toilet would suffice; plus this would stop us from having to pick up a chair and haul it to the bathroom to sleep in the security of having an extra door between you and the zombies.) Obviously sleeping on the floor (especially outside) would have serious consequences if you were to be ambushed by roaming zombies during the night; but as of now, you can just carry a chair around with you to sleep outside on instead and face the same risks. So sleeping on the floor, especially inside, should be an enabled feature.
  3. Sleeping Overhaul Did you ever want to hole up in the Pile 'o Crepes or Spiffo's Burger Joint but couldn't because there was no place to sleep? Then this mod is exactly what you are looking for. It allows you to sleep virtually anywhere (in beds, on sofas, in tents, in armchairs, on chairs, on benches, on the floor, and more...) and every object has its own comfortability levels which affect the recuperation process. You too can sleep in the lovely smell of crêpe. But this mod does more than adding more sleeping possibilites to the game. It changes the whole sleeping system. The player won't sleep for a fixed amount of time anymore but instead only until he is fully recuperated ... or awakened by a nightmare. You now can also sleep whenever you want - No more "you aren't tired enough to sleep" modals. Take a nap and be happy! Church is closed... but open for napping. There is also a chance to pass out when too tired now, so try to sleep regularly. If it happens, your character will drop to the floor and stay unconscious for a few hours. Of course this has a few repercussions so try to avoid it ... not to speak of the zombies who might munch on your brain while you are dreaming of better days. Who wouldn't sleep in a fast food joint!? The recuperation system is more realistic than with the vanilla sleeping mechanics. With this mod a healthy character who's very exhausted sleeps about 6 hours to be fully rested. But there are other factors that influence the recuperation time. For example being stressed will make the player sleep longer to regain fatigue, because who could sleep deeply during a zombie apocalypse anyway? At the moment the most important factor for the sleeping time is the comfort level of the furniture (from best to worst):Level 0: BedsLevel 1: CouchesLevel 2: Armchairs, Tents*Level 3: Chairs**, Benches, Treatment TablesLevel 4: BathtubLevel 5: Toilet, StoolsLevel 6: Floor* Park Rangers have the "Camping Enthusiast"-Trait which makes tents as comfortable as beds for them. ** Security Guards have the "Chair Man"-Trait which makes chairs as comfortable as sofas for them. Sleeping in a bed will of course offer the best recuperation, but I tried to keep the values balanced so even sleeping on the floor (without any other effects) won't be too bad. Of course I know that there are some people out there who'd prefer sleeping on the floor. For those people the values are easily changeable in the Sleeping_Config.lua file. Some of the new modal dialogues. As of version 1.1.0 there are two new traits for the Park Ranger and the Security Guard which affect the sleeping behaviour for those characters. The custom icons were made by the one and only Thuztor! Finally sleeping is affected by a multitude of factors (stats, comfortability, etc...) and there is even more stuff to come in the future! For a complete list of the current features check out the changelog below. As always crits && comments are appreciated. If you find any bugs or places where the sleeping overhaul doesn't work please report them here! Also the stats and different values aren't carved into stone. If there are issues with the balancing I'm totally open to change it. Download for Updated Sleeping Overhaul (Build 27) updated by Pravus The mod in action: (ENG) Awesome showcase by Rancorist: (GER) Great let's play by totu: Known Bugs: - Player starts sleeping before walking to the object (Fixed in v1.1.0) - Fatigue is reset right after sleeping (Fixed in v1.1.0) - Nightmares happening even when negative stats are zerored (Fixed in v.1.1.2) Special Thanks: EreWeGo: for all the testing and feedback! Thuztor: for helping with the tile sheets && creating the trait-icons! RobertJohnson: for his work and help with modding! aricane: for pz-mods and being a nice guy! 7roses: for helping me figure out the overriding stuff! ... and finally all the people I forgot Changelog
  4. Just found out that your character is unable to sleep on the piano stools that are found in certain houses with (you guessed it) the piano. Not so much of a bug as it is an intended feature that is looked over; worth mentioning nonetheless. (Please allow characters to sleep on floors for an uncomfortable but successful nights sleep.)
  5. Good afternoon. I am reporting a bug in "Project Zomboid" concerning sickness. My character got sick and, as everyone knows, that's a death sentence unless you have Antiboitics. I tried to feed her and he lp her sleep, but when I went to bed, she died in her sleep. In her Inventory , she had a Tote Bag as a secondary item and a Big Hiking Bag on her back, as well as a wealth of rarer items and skill magazines in her arms. Note that she died in the bed while the sleep clock was skipping forward. When she died, I started as a new character and went to where she died. I found the Tote Bag, but my previous character's body and everything in the Big Hiking Bag were completely gone. I tried to disassemble the bed, only to find nothing underneath or near it. What happened? Did I do something wrong? Thank you for any assistance you may render. -TURTLESHROOM
  6. How are there no sleeping bags or other forms of portable beds in all of Knox County? The only real solution would be to find either a stationary mattress (not a craftable one, that doesn't work) or military cot, pick it up using the "pick up" function, and set it up at your preferred location. But that seems like such a hassle. Sleeping bags are a necessity for those who might have to take shelter in a location with no beds or other furniture available. I know they're available in Hydrocraft, but that's a mod. Will we see sleeping bags in the future?
  7. My wife and I have been playing Project Zomboid together for quite a while, and one serious immersion buster is the fact that there's no sleeping in multiplayer. This makes the passage of time awkward, and detracts seriously from the realism of the experience. I know you can sleep in "co-op" mode, but this isn't practical because playing on a single screen is annoying. I understand that people disagree with multiplayer sleeping because of servers with 10+ people playing, but we're just two, and I'm SURE that there are more couples and small groups of friends that play PZ together, that wouldn't mind having a minecraft style sleep system. Is there some major technical hangup that makes multiplayer sleeping a bear to implement? I haven't played seriously in about a year because I've been waiting for multiplayer sleeping, because it's such a deal-breaker for the experience.
  8. From realistic and balancing reasons sleeping is needed feature in multiplayer but there are not really good ideas how to do it at the moment. I thought about something like this: Character goes to bed/chair etc. and then he goes into invulnerability state when he can't be harmed for about 5-10min depends on how sleepy/exhausted he was. So it would be something like forced afk. Balance beetwen how fast character is getting exhausted in multiplayer and this "sleep" should be something around 1h of standard player activity and then need to go to "sleep" for 5-10min. This system could be paired with safehouse system that is already in multiplayer. Possible option could be that in safehouse you are perfectly safe and in other places when you sleep you could get robbed etc. Other things that this sleep could affect: ability to still chat with other players or not ability to look at map when it will be introduced
  9. I find it strange that we can sleep on a chair and get the same quality rest as sleeping in a bed, it's pretty unrealistic and I've seen quite a few people talk about adding something to fix this. So my suggestion is quite simple, while we could have some complex system that will effect your character in the long term from sleeping on nothing but wood chairs and while that would be ideal a, much simpler method is to make sleeping on stuff like chairs decrease your tiredness at a slower rate, so that you would require more sleep if want to become fully rested. Basically giving your character the restless sleeper effect when sleeping on chairs. And obviously sleeping in a bed would be the best choice and your character would need less sleep to be fully rested.
  10. ...there is some abuse to the sleep mechanic. So, apparently, sleep in multiplayer is to be added, which it should be, however, it is not there just yet, which means that anything sleep-related is irrelevant. That means you could take the 'Restless Sleeper' and 'Sleepyhead' negative perks for multiplayer and they would not affect you at all, they would just give you additional points you can spend. That is 10 extra points for a missing feature; I wouldn't call that something to be ignored and not a priority. Also, since there is no sleep, it makes some items, such as sleeping tablets, useless. So, my obvious suggestion is that you, at least temporarily, add the Minecraft-like sleeping - where if everyone goes to sleep, time passes fast, otherwise it's real-time. I know it has been suggested a multitude of times, but it still isn't here and it's desired by many! And my other suggestion is: either remove sleep-related perks from multiplayer, or in multiplayer make them add no points, as they are irrelevant. Till sleep is implemented, it should be this way.
  11. Wouldn't it be nice if you actually sat down in a chair to reduce fatigue instead of a bar hovering over your head? Wouldn't it also be nice if you could lay down to help alleviate some nausea or illness so you could recover faster? That's the idea! I'm a stickler for the details, and the fact I can't actually sit or lay down bothers me. I got a major burn wound once, and I thought to myself the whole time I should be laying down and babying my leg for this! Something else that I'd love to see, is if you are sitting down - why not let people read books or do other activities while sitting down? I understand some things you simply can't do.. but some of the smaller scale crafting or cooking I feel it's appropriate to do while sitting down. In short: 1. Laying down in beds should help you recover from sicknesses and injuries. 2. Sitting down should allow you to do other minor activities like reading. 3. Animations for both so that you can free up the 'Floating Progress Bar' for productive stuff!
  12. Purpose: Disable sleep. Created with splitscreen games in mind. Tested on: Build 32 Created by: xenoglyph Greetz: ethanwdp & EnigmaGrey Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/vxao9ga7wwxbixz/NoRestForTheWicked.7z Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=547784112
  13. Something like that... I know there are tents, maybe making matresses unsleepbale outside would be alright. I often sleep on matresses down on the floor when there aren't enough beds while visiting someone. Also, tent resourses are pretty rare and it's weird to put a tent indoors.
  14. I wanted to survive longer next time. Speaking of surviving, most essential is the sleep to regain health. Unfortunately, most servers disable sleep and I understand their reason as some doesn't want to sleep at all. But that kind'a kills the purpose of some traits like night owl, and insomnia for build 31. I find sleep very important especially surviving longer when wounded. Is it possible to sleep only when sleeping pills are taken for these servers? If the game hasn't that ability, can this be implemented?
  15. I live in America and I can't read a 24 hour clock if my life depended on it. Do you think it would be a good idea to add in option in the settings where you could switch from 12 hour clock to the 24 hour clock? I won't be able to respond until around christmas as my laptop refuses to charge. Tell me what you guys think.
  16. First off: Sorry if this have been made before, I haven't seen it. And if it has been made it a good idea. I was thinking that there should be varying levels of rest. That is, you should get a small bonus (similar to the one you get for being well-fed) for resting in a bed as compared to a chair or a couch and maybe get a small penalty for resting in a chair. Also, you should be able to sleep on the ground, especially if you have say blankets/sleeping bags, which I do believe has been proposed, here: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/10914-blankets-sleeping-bags-maybe-even-a-snuggies/?hl=%2Bsleep#entry140908 Thoughts? I was thinking like a slight boost to healing, stamina, and how long till you feel drowsy again for a good nights sleep in a bed v.s. sleeping on the floor with a shitty blanket = more prone to sickness, minor pain?, reduced stamina,etc
  17. hey everyone, it may just be me, and maybe there are some things I haven't read yet that are going to be implemented later on, or have been recently but here goes... I would love to be able to "Modify" / "Upgrade" construction projects, i.e walls, floors, doors, crates, etc. so that as you level your construction ability you are able to change the strength and look of objects built in lower levels... On that same note, if that is not going to be something considered... (if we must tear down walls, etc, to replace them with new ones) can there be an option (right click a wall or item) for destroy like there is with furniture? I had walls built and a crate full of wood planks near the wall. I took down the wall and the crate and everything inside disappeared... Sleep...Takes forever... I understand it is good for the ambiance of the game. but can there at least be a way to wake the character? (have them be not fully rested, or drowsey?)
  18. We all love project zomboid, we've been playing it since forever! I'm a little ashamed of the results of the multiplayer function, i'm not a big fan of massive servers but i love to play with my friends, the problem is that multiplayer isn't designed to support the same gameplay feeling that singleplayer, because of player communication and other stuff, i'm not here to discuss what's good for multiplayer or what's bad but to suggest that those who are playing in small parties vs. the world get some space on PZ, As we play in small numbers all can be fixed with communication, i remember those quake 2 days when you called a vote for everything, with that system we should be able to sleep & fast forward just like in single player, if you wanna sleep just lay down in a bed, time should be running normally while you rest more lightly, but if everyone is laying down, then they can sleep normally just like single player. wanna fast forward? No prob! just click the fast forward button on the clock hub, that will alert the other players by coloring their fast forward button differently to show them your intentions, if everyone wants to do it, seriously.. where's the problem? I know that those functions can only be effective if you play on small numbers with people you know, that's why you should let it as a "Small party configuration" server...
  19. So, I was thinking; it would be nice to be able to build some kind of bed or cot - even just a makeshift matress on the floor would suffice - for sleeping when there is no other means present. We already have tents, which is noce, but they're kind of odd to have for sleeping indoors. I couldn't find this suggested anywhere {though the search function results always leaves much to be desired} and figured it was high time I made a suggestion topic. The reasoning seems self explanitory, and the purpose is justified. For example, the Large Warehouse is a popular place to build a safehouse, but it has no bed. Many just set up a tent on the roof, but that's just not my style. Why not be able to make a bed? It'd work much the same as building tables and chairs, etc. You can construct a really shoddy frame at first, and then a really nice one at advanced carpentry skill levels. For a standard bed, all you would need are; PlanksNailsHammerPillowSheetPossibly also: Rags, Pillows, or Newspaper (for mattress stuffing)Sheet Rope, or Rope (to hold up the mattress)For a crate bed (on the floor) you would need; PlanksNailsHammerPillowSheetPossibly also: Rags, Pillows, Newspaper, or Sand Bags (for mattress stuffing)For a folding hammock you would need; PlanksNailsHammerPillowSheetSheet Rope, or RopeTent PegsFor a suspended hammock you would need; Sheet Rope, or RopePillowSheetFor a suspended Tent Hammock you would need; Tent KitSheet Rope, or RopePlanks or Sturdy SticksPillowSheetFor a Cot (folding) you would need; Planks or Sturdy SticksNailsHammerDoor HingesSheet Rope (to make canvas)PillowSheetFor a Tented Cot (folding) you would need; Planks or Sturdy SticksNailsHammerDoor HingesTent KitPillowSheetAlternatively, the current in-game Cots could also be an item you can find and take with you.
  20. Small suggestions here, but I could not help but putting it out there. Equip a Spiffo plush to gain a sleep boost! Before the player would go to sleep, he or she would equip the Spiffo plush. This would give the player a "Comforted" moodle that would do something like reduce panic before sleep, or prevent the player from waking up early from a sound. The player would wake up with the comforted moodle and be temporarily less susceptible to fear. Equip Spiffo while outside to reduce panic! After an intense fight with a horde, the player may end up experiencing extreme panic. This can take a while to disappear and can mean life or death if you are forced into a showdown with more zombies. Equip a Spiffo plush to quickly reduce panic before another engagement. After panic is completely resolved, the player then would gain the Comforted moodle and be less susceptible to panic when near a zombie. In a world where the dead come back to life, people (NPCs) will kill you for a bag of chips, and the military that once protected you now have your head at the end of their sights... its good to know you still have a friend that can give you a little comfort. These are just some dumb little ideas. Just wanted to show some love for Spiffo!
  21. The sleeping system is pretty much useless in MP, since it speeds up time. And that would de-sync the server, and/or its clients. So here's what I'm thinking. Substituting sleep for "Resting" and add 2 new animations. sitting down and laying down. So you would get tired as time went by and you performed activities, the same as normally in the SP game, but instead of sleeping, you sit down to rest. Benefits. Reduces anxiety Reduces tiredness It would give us an incentive to use all that fancy furniture that it is meant to be used. You should still be able to sort the inventory while resting. Also reading books.
  22. So I just went over all of the suggestions after making an account and saw Sleep quality which is something I have thought about before, which would hopefully add to the expierience and not take too much away. Just like in real life, there are many things that can affect your sleep and when you awake, how rested you feel and how it might impact the rest of your zombie clubbin day. I can imagine a system that might have points (maybe not visual but in code) to determine how much sleep you get and the quality of it, depending on many factors small and big, some listed below. Health - How healthy are you at the moment that you are trying to sleep, slightly injured, critical damage, etc. would affect how well you sleepType of furniture you are sleeping in - As far as I know there is just beds and chairs I think, and obviously a bed would impact your sleep more than an uncomfortable chair.Saftey of envoirenment/house - This might be the biggest concept with Sleep Quality as an idea. When I think of sleeping in the zombie apocalypse I think of sleeping in a well guarded place. every single part of the envoirenemnt would be taken into consideration such as windows/doors being open or closed, and if they are barricaded, also if lights are on/off, on meaning zombies might be more tempted to pursue you, therefore not feeling as safe.Character mood - no mood would be best, but might be hard to sleep if very panicked, also things like being exhausted might actually be a good thing, you would feel like sleeping longer.If you fail to abide by sleep saftey your character might awake early or not feel rested during the day because you didn't think about your envoirenment very well. Those are just a few ideas, I know there must be some thread similar but I searched for it and didn't seem to find anything at first, so my apology if it's a duplicate. I would like everyones opinions on this and if they think it makes sense, also feel free to add in your thoughts and maybe your changes to it and such. Thanks.
  23. Hiho! Another suggestion either for Survival or Sandbox: Healing phase only during sleep Background: At the current, food acts like magical healing bottles. If you're recieved damage, eat something, recover your health and than continue your looting campaign (maybe killing just another amount of 20+ Z's on your way). Suggestion: If food won't have the healing ability (but should've positive effect on regeneration while sleeping if youre fed), you've the opportunity to decide wether to continue (with the handicap of being injured) or interrupt your looting campaign, return home to your savehouse and take a break for recover. While sleeping you regenerate your health (not fully recover, just an amount of hp), so it can take a longer time to be healed completly, compared of your suffered injuries. The condition of your hunger and thirst and the quality of your sleeping place should add a bonus to the regeneration. Suggestion II: To compensate for the lack of the healing rate of food, there should be added (rare or very rare) medical supplies like regeneration boosters or adrenaline syringes (too much playing JA2 ). Also an option "Rest until completly healed" should be added if going to bed. I'm looking forward to your opinions
  24. Do you dream when you sleep? Do you remember them? Are they interesting? Are you comfortable sharing them? If all of these questions accurately describe you when honestly answered yes, then I invite you to share your own fascinating or otherwise notable dreams, and politely discuss the dreams others have shared, unless specified otherwise.
  25. OK so you cant sleep on MP, but if there was a minecraft style sleep system where every player needs to be in bed before you can sleep i think this would be a good addition. I know that this wouldnt really work on a big server but for small groups like me and my friends this would be helpful when we need to loot and travel far. let me know your take on this
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