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Found 4 results

  1. I think the sheet ropes should be overhaul with the purpose to difficult of using, because it's the easiest way to have a completely secure base. For example, it would be logical that we can not use them in any way when we have damaged hands. Also we are unable to use them, when we have overweight or underweight traits. The same for when we are heavily loaded. It also would be nice if zombies could break them when hitting from below.
  2. A lot of people with build 32, including myself, have decided that a floating base with sheet ropes is good as hell, which it is. What if you couldn't climb a sheet rope if your character was at all over encumbered, exhausted, exerted, etc? Simply put, you need to be in good condition to climb.
  3. Ladders. From what I can tell. Very common. I have a pair, my neighbours have a pair, and people generally have ladders, And if you don't you will never get to high places in life. Simple things, they help you go up. They are moveable. You already have static ladders on the map. So, just add ladders to the game? Acquisition Can be found or Can be crafted (Simple crafting I guess) I-I I-I I-I I-I I-I Cons You have to carry them. Makes you walk a lot slower, Requires both hands as equipped and very heavy (Just like a Corpse) Your easier to grab and slow down. Uses Basically acts lik
  4. Hi, I was looking in forum, but i was unable to locate related topic - if it is one please feel free to move it. Apparently on STEAM build i`m unable to hang sheet rope over the window. i have two sheet ropes (standard 1 floor building - ground floor and 1st floor) around 10 nails in inventory (not in bags) and a hammer but this option is still not available. i tried to play around take hammer as primary, sheet as secondary etc (all combinations) but no changes. Is anyone able to give me a hint to how to do it? I play with mods (sleeping overhoul, lockipicking).
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