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Found 4 results

  1. A: Put in some code that would allow defining exactly what items are allowed in a container. Kinda sorta like the Keychain works but for specific Items as opposed to an entire Item category. In the script it could look like this OnlyAcceptItem = ItemID:MaxAmount;AnotherItemID:MaxAmount, Possible use? Toolbelt that when held in inventory could act like the Keychain (Always equipped) but it only has slots for Hammer, Screwdriver, Nails and whatever. Gun holster, as above but only allows a Pistol and maybe some extra magazines. Ammo belt for holding Shells B: Also Replace the th
  2. I tried to get example from food's poison traits, at first. But I found it is coded in Java, which is far from my coding capacity. So, is that possible to make a recipe forbidden using rotten food? I mean only using scripts or lua? Is there lua files that have similar functions that I could use as example?
  3. YOU DON'T NEED TO DO THIS ANYMORE YOU CAN RENT A READY TO GO SERVER. LIST HERE: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/9856-project-zomboid-server-hoster-sites/ TESTED ON DEBIAN WHEEZY, SUPPORT FOR UBUNTU UNKNOWN WILL BE COMING LATER IF NEED BE LOOKING FOR LINUX INSTALLATION GUIDE? GO HERE http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/5841-buying-running-a-linux-project-zomboid-server/ SCRIPTS FIXED AS OF 23/06/2014 Hey there, Are you struggling to install a Project Zomboid server? Trying to cut your way through all that Linux mumbo jumbo? Well then do I have the script fo
  4. (I apologize if this is covered elsewhere; I searched but didn't see anything. I might not be searching correctly) I read http://www.projectzomboid.com/modtools/ModdingGuide2.rtf but I'm still trying to sort out how the scripting works and was confused by calls like: The zombie.scripting.objects.Script class will actually take that line, chop it up and: - Find the zombie.scripting.commands Class whose name matches "SayIdle" - Create an instance of that command object - Look for an aliased object called "Gaurd1" (whatever object SayIdle(...) is being "called" on) - Bundle all the paramet
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