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Found 1 result

  1. Hey Everyone, I go by the name Rycon and I have been running my channel Rycon Roleplays for a year tomorrow. I'm posting on here as I have just started a new roleplaying series on Project Zomboid. Essentially that means I'm playing the game in character, a character I've created. So you won't hear me talking but rather the character and the choices he makes are his not mine. I think that Project Zomboid will be perfect for this as the jeopardy is high and death is always a potential outcome every time he steps out the door. If you do watch and enjoy it or even if you don't let me know in the comments section & feel free to check out some of my other content while your there. I can safely say that you can look forward to our main character going slightly loopy as the series goes on, being the only person that's living can be diffcult, no one to talk to, socialize with, just another one of the challenges surviving in Knox County will bring. So click on the link below and I truly hope you enjoy what I believe will be a unique series. Rycon Roleplays Project Zomboid And here is a quick blurb about our character Nicholas Miller was a student before the world came to an end, he moved to the US to study and had the opportunity to live with his Brother Daniel & his wife Jessica in the small town of Muldraugh Kentucky. It was an hour and a half commute to Kentucky University but he didn't have any living costs staying with Dan. Life was good. Then the outbreak came, first in the larger city centers then finally reaching out to smaller pockets like Muldraugh. Dan tried his best to convince Nic to come with him and Jessica but Nic wouldn't budge. After days trying to convince him Dan finally left, Jessica was expecting and Dan had heard of others trying to reach Fort Knox and that it was safe. Nic locked himself in their old room and tried to wait it out. After weeks of seeing nobody but the occasional shambling figure move past his window he decided that he was finally going to have to do something, he was running out food & it wouldn't be long before the water was gone too. He needed to leave that damn room and venture out into the changing world.
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