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  1. Been playing PZ for some time, left a glowing review on steam. Always been sorta disappointed by the radio system. Its nice to have a radio system at all in the game, with lore, and useful information. But I always find myself turning on spotify music, or a podcast. Now I understand not adding the music, that can be expensive if you get your own made, and there are copyrights issues getting already made music in, but the lore, and talk channels? Why not voice those, even more so the Automated Emergency Broadcast System, you can just use a TTS voice for that. It just gets sorta frustrating to try to read the radio while driving, or be trying to do something else while soaking up the lore and such from the radio. I mean, hell. I'm actually from kentucky! I'd be glad to do one of the radio voices! Would love to see, or I guess hear, voiced radio stations. The same "More then 7 billion billion dollars was pledged to tackle some of the worst problems in developing countries" really has been starting to eat at me recently lol.
  2. The implementation of a Radio Signal Tracking mechanic in the game can provide a more engaging and strategic gameplay experience, adding layers of realism and challenge to survival. Introducing tracking, players would need to consider radio signal transmission when undertaking crucial activities, such as communicating with other survivors or establishing meeting points. This realistic dynamic adds a strategic element to gameplay, compelling players to balance the need for communication with the risk of revealing their location to other players or hostile NPC survivors. The tracking mechanic could foster the development of specific skills in the game, such as the ability to use radio equipment, find secure locations for communication and resource gathering, and even track other players or threats. This would encourage players to diversify their survival skills, making gameplay more challenging and dynamic. The introduction of tracking could facilitate deeper interaction among players in multiplayer mode, enabling more advanced cooperative strategies. The ability to track the location of other players could be used to coordinate efforts, share resources, or even create strategic ambushes against threats. In summary, implementing a Radio Signal Tracking mechanic in Project Zomboid would not only increase the complexity of the gaming experience but also add realistic and strategic elements, challenging players to enhance their survival skills in an increasingly unpredictable environment.
  3. Formatting such as [col=255,255,255] or *255,255,255* doesn't work over radios, either in overhead messages or in the chat log. The cause of this is twofold. For the chat log, this appears to be because SayChat.getMessageTextWithPrefix calls ChatUtility.parseStringForChatLog, while RadioChat does not. Notably, this also affects vanilla radio broadcasts, for example ones that use music. For the overhead messages, it appears to be because RadioChat.showInSpeechBubble doesn't call ChatUtility.parseStringForChatBubble, whereas RangeBasedChat.showInSpeechBubble does. (This is because RadioChat overrides it and doesn't call super, but I'm not entirely sure why the override exists.) Frequency doesn't show up properly, as -0.1-MHz. You can test it by listening to the AEBS. This is probably because radioChannel defaults to -1, and setRadioChannel isn't called in Radio.AddDeviceText. Even worse, the override that takes a string argument doesn't create a chat message, meaning it cannot be called there, at least not without changing the surrounding code. Frequency now shows up properly, at least. Also, stationary/placed radio messages don't show up in chat, even if they're from players. Combined with the quick message fade, this makes it almost impossible to use for multiplayer communication. Finally, handheld radios will automatically turn off if not held in your hand, which makes clipping a walkie-talkie to your belt useless. This makes even handheld radios useless in multiplayer.
  4. I would like to suggest giving the Radio towers in the game a purpose acting similar to the power and water but, it stays on a little longer due to at the start of the game having a small army force stationed at all of them. This could have a range of possibilities with the people (Npc’s) stationed there staying or deserting their post making it random on how long radio communication or at least how long far range communication continues. eventually another choice for the people still there after the exclusion zone and military break down could be to just dig in and stay near the radio towers or leaving to somewhere else. Adding military remnants scattered on the map. Also rare ham towers at houses for ham radios possibly. Also they could be used as a way to leverage power against npc groups that have a dependence on the need for radio communication.
  5. Playing on 41.68. The second "Place here" option is missing when I try to place the radio on the counter. When I try to place now, the radio is tiny. I'm guessing this is a bug? I now just dismantle in my inventory and wait until I find one already placed in-world to tune in to the weather situation. Please take a look at this, thank you.
  6. This would probably add a new radio station to the game which plays 1980s-1990s music. Or an alternative to reduce the workflow on the soundtrack designers would be adding a method to insert audio files into the game to play on a specific radio station. My dream is to be able to drive down the outbacks of Kentucky running over zombies while playing country music in my truck.
  7. ApCom [sP/MP] Apocalypse Communications code: TurboTuTone, artwork: Nasko Features: HAM Radio and 12 Walkie talkies with different properties.Wear a walkie talkie in secondary slot to use it normally, place it down to lure zombies or spy on people.Small HUD element that displays your walkie talkie's status.12 Frequencies to tune in on.A taperecorder and 5 different styled cassettes.Record speech on cassettes.Broadcast cassettes repeatedly via a HAM Radio.Power usage, devices need a battery to operate and drain power hourly.Interference due to bad weather, or when a device is bordering its maximum range.Players chatcolors are copied by all of the mods devices to dinstinguish "voices".Depending on type, the devices will attract zombies in certain radius. Look at the information section at the bottom of this post for more detailed info and usage, it also showcases some of the awesome artwork Nasko made! Make sure to send him some love when he posts in this thread Thanks to: Twiggy for testing, suggestions, support, streaming, awesomeness Viceroy, for a bunch of cool suggestions made during one of our apparantly more serious convo's LogiHack, a fellow country man who helped out testing! EnigmaGrey, testing and correcting my grammar error's dko112, gameplay convenience suggestions A special thanks to: Both EasyP and RJ, various functionallity of the mod would not have been possible without help from your side, thanks guys! its awesome and very much appreciated [incase i forgot to mention someone, gimme a poke!] Thanks twiggy and subscribers for testing the mod with a bunch of people! A save of the stream can be found here: Project Zomboid | Subscriber Stream w/ ApCom (Radios) | Indie Hype*~! Twiggy @ twitch.tv Twiggy's twitter Download Requires build 27 and a fresh world for the items to spawn in containers. On a server to get best out of it set 'GlobalChat' to false serveroptions.ini. Also works in single player but chat is limited to the lines produced by pressing 'q'. Eventhough it has been tested, it's version 1.0 so there may be unforseen consequences. Apcom version 1.0 Up to date version can be downloaded here. (last update 13 june 2015) Credit goes to Dr_Cox1911, who has tracked and fixed the incompatibility issues with new PZ versions! Also, a shoutout to ThatUser and Siriusx72 who posted a different approach for a fix in the thread, much appreciated! previous versions: Public servers running ApCom mod: Information This device can only be used when placed in the world, it can broadcast all over the map and thus is ideal for base to base communications. The ham radio has the ability to play cassettes as repeated broadcasts on a frequency, so they could be used to gather people or advertise a merchant outpost as well. (see tape recorder section for more info) A ham radio can be picked up and it will return the radio + optionally the battery or cassette inside the device. Whacking a ham radio with a weapon is not advised as it will destroy the radio and all in it. When receiving transmissions this device shows a animation. This device will attract zombies in a wide range, so secure your base perimeters, zombies will locate the sound coming from the machine but the cold steel confuses them so they wont destroy it Walker Talkers When equiping a fresh found walker talker as secondary, a GUI like this will show up in left side of screen. Insert a battery and it will display battery status: When equiped as secondary, you can rightclick the inventory icon and turn the device on. When doing so, the sprite will show a green led, and more advanced models will light on their display, the frequency text will also be brighter when turned on: When the device recieves text it will also indicate it in the hud: The hud will display different stages of battery life as such: Finally when the battery is about to die, the item icon will start blinking a red led: About chat behaviour Interference will occur during bad weather, when its thundering the interference will be really bad. When interference is applied it will replace words or even multiple words at once with scrambled text. Interference will also occur at the last 10% of a device's range, the interference will become worse as you reach the limits of its range untill nothing is received anymore. Power consumption These cool oldskool cassette tapes can be found all over the place, when rightclicking a cassette in your inventory it will display its ID and for convience the lines that are recorded on it. This menu has no functionallity, but the ID will come in handy. Tape Recorder The item properties below can be read as follows: - broadcast range is for outgoing signal only, to be clear a budget walker talker can only emit 500m but still receive chat from for example a ham radio which has global range.- voice detect range, the amount of tiles a player has to be near the device for it to pick up speech.- can hear range, the amount of tiles a player has to be near device to see "hear" its text.- loot chance, obvious.- zombie attraction, the displayed value for played devices, walker talkers have reduced attraction when worn as secondary item. Also note this value doesn’t always coincide with can hear range.- battery consumption, rate at which a device will consume power on hourly basis. HAM Radio: broadcastrange: GLOBAL voice detect range: 5 can hear range: 16 weight: 15 loot chance: very rare zombie attraction: extremely high battery consumption: extremely low Tier1: Walker Talker Budget standard broadcastrange: 500m voice detect range: 6 can hear range: 12 weight: 0.5 loot chance: high zombie attraction: high battery consumption: very high colored broadcastrange: 1000m voice detect range: 8 can hear range: 10 weight: 0.5 loot chance: high zombie attraction: high battery consumption: very high army broadcastrange: 1500m voice detect range: 10 can hear range: 9 weight: 1.0 loot chance: normal zombie attraction: high battery consumption: very high Tier 2: Walker Talker Standard standard broadcastrange: 2000m voice detect range: 12 can hear range: 8 weight: 1.5 loot chance: medium zombie attraction: medium battery consumption: medium silver broadcastrange: 2500m voice detect range: 14 can hear range: 5 weight: 2.0 loot chance: medium zombie attraction: medium battery consumption: medium Tier 3: Walker Talker Black Edition standard broadcastrange: 3000m voice detect range: 16 can hear range: 3 weight: 2.25 loot chance: low zombie attraction: low battery consumption: low army broadcastrange: 3500m voice detect range: 18 can hear range: 2 weight: 2.5 loot chance: low zombie attraction: low battery consumption: low Tier 4: Walker Talker Tactical standard broadcastrange: 4500m voice detect range: 20 can hear range: 1 weight: 2.75 loot chance: rare zombie attraction: very low battery consumption: very low army broadcastrange: GLOBAL voice detect range: 25 can hear range: 0 weight: 3.0 loot chance: very rare zombie attraction: ZERO battery consumption: very low
  8. I've been thinking for a while that the game could use a little more deep music integration, there's already instruments and tapes in the game, so the amount of time it would take to do depends on how deep the devs want to go. As an example, for playable instruments, I don't think it's necessary to add a whole skill for each of them, but I wouldn't complain if it was done that way; and playing an instrument (besides alerting nearby zeds) could have different effects on your character such as lowering your depression or your boredom if you can't or don't want to go outside. The way I think it should be done, and the way it's been done in other games, is you have a folder in the game's directory where you can download and store .midi files that you can then play ingame with any of the instruments, wether it's from the steam workshop, or from any other source. Something else I've thought of is music tapes, say you want to listen to some tunes while you're on the road; because adding original music and or voice acting would be too expensive and time consuming, I suggest just having a different folder for these, with .mp3 files. It could be integrated into the game as a "mixtape" tape you find in a store, or someone's house, or a custom radio station, that you can play in the car, again, it would alert nearby zombies but it would help with depression or boredom. For obvious reasons, it would also make MP a lot more fun in the endgame, say you've already made a safe base with friends and food and water aren't a problem anymore, you can play songs with other people, or host a concert, or whatever; the only limit is your imagination.
  9. When trying to talk into a HAM radio to a friend I could only hear them using VOIP but they could not hear me using text or if they used text I could not hear them.
  10. Hey hopefully someone here can help me out Looking at ways to do these things. Make radios into proximity sensors for zombies Constant fog Snow but no cold effect (like ash fall) Change zombie means and music as well as maybe random event sounds If I can get some ideas or help I can slowly make a pack to transform the game. Other ideas would require 2 types of zombies so I could make different silent hill monsters. Anyway I hope someone gives me some ideas or help on how to get started
  11. WordZed Version 1 - download You can add custom radio data to the game via a mod. The radio data including final translation files should go into "media/radio/" within the mod directory. Optionally this simple mod package can be used to get started quickly: RadioTestMod Note: The current version may contain some bugs, which can be posted here when encountered. Some additional info bits: The following spoiler contains a list of channels from the games radio data, if you intend to use wordzed for custom contentavoid these channels unless you intentionally want to override a certain existing channels. The following tutorial video has some information on the operating basics: Manual: Manual.docx
  12. The newest edition of Survivor Radio brings you MUSIC! Coming soon, Voice Acting! Catch it on TVM, 93.4 and ... on a secret channel only available on walkie talkies! [PLAYLIST] Come As You Are -- Nirvana 40 oz to Freedom -- Sublime Enter Sandman -- Metallica Gimme the Loot -- Biggie Smalls Radar Love -- Golden Earring The Pot -- Tool Paranoid -- Black Sabbath Don't Worry, Be Happy -- Bobby McFerrin Carry On My Wayward Son -- Kansas Personal Jesus -- Depeche Mode Mama Said Knock You Out -- LL Cool J Alive -- Pearl Jam Man In The Box -- Alice in Chains Losing My Religion -- REM Creep -- Radiohead Live and Let Die -- Guns and Roses Good Day -- Ice Cube Far Behind -- Candlebox Sober -- Tool Sunday Bloody Sunday -- U2 Danger Zone -- Kenny Loggins Hungry Like the Wolf -- Duran Duran I Ran (So Far Away) -- A Flock of Seagulls Shout -- Tears for Fears Nimrods Son -- Pixies House of the Rising Sun -- The Animals Rooster -- Alice in Chains American Jesus -- Bad Religion Immigrant Song -- Led Zepplin Roll With It -- Steve Winwood Rebel Yell -- Billy Idol Somebody to Love -- Jefferson Airship Hotel California -- The Eagles I Heard It Through the Grapevine -- CCR American Woman -- The Guess Who [IMPORTANT STUFF] -You have to catch the start of a broadcast for the sound files to play. There's no way around this currently. Sorry -Fast forwarding will mess with the duration of the text lines and will cause songs to either cut short or overlap. -Turning off a broadcast will basically prevent you from listening to it, I suggest using mute if you need to shut it off temporarily. -This will conflict with the Old Survivor Radio, make sure that it's not enabled. -If you're having issues with errors popping up when it should be playing music, exit the game; go to where the mod is stored on your computer and take the RadioMusic Folder and put it in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\ProjectZomboid\media\sound\ ---------------------------------- Adds the following radio stations: 93.4 (with DJ Erin Fontaine, a survivor who likes to play music for you.) 92.6 (Bob + Kate's radio frequency) 101.4 (with Reverend Dan who likes to read scripture and play gosepl music.) 95.2 (?????) 91.8 (the Blind Justice Gang's frequency) 88.8 (The Godess of Secrets radio Frequency) 102.2 (Hilltop Colony) 105.8 (Classified) 104.4 (Mike Lopken) 101.6 (Dianne Caldwell) 103.6 (Max Stone) Also adds a couple TV channels: TVM (plays all music) KBC (which will have The Big Lebowski) ZBS (Has Star Trek: Next Gen) 213 (Haunted channel that has Twilight Zone) AniNation (Cartoon Channel that plays some stuff I made up and kids commericals) Action Classics (With Pulp Fiction) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2017654378
  13. hi, and sorry for my english Guys, at the new patch, we how never, nedded a view from a window. Actualy it's explain a blocking view, and than you drop from window - you drop at the arms of zombie, create a function to look under windows, and for seen this to the players on the site of the sight. It's unreal stupid to be in the arms of zombies now, then we had no choise, then we have micro bash from animation on the drop of window. And some interesting stuff i think: - More treats and functiones for the medicine in multiplayer, like a medical death or anesthesia for surgery. - Most of peoples ( who playing long part) complain, becouse them don't have more cosmetic for the house, like a wallpapers, more posters... it's little thing... - We must do something for the loosing weight, this like unreal... or we must have a some dieta stuff, like a food, or we must have a training stuff, for helps a loosing weight. Or diarrea tablets x) - Do tattos into body >:D (by the one for each killed zombie of course x) ) - I think for the gamers who love radio, be a good present a Radio-tower and re-transponder, who dublicated a signal. And i think useful do a repeater, who can take a cassette and be recorded and played to the broadcasting. - Actualy most of peoples interesting at the bulding a roof on their buldings, for creating a more good visible. All live at the boxes, you know, how long it's be)
  14. jajaqu

    More Radio and TV

    Hi all, I made a new radio station using WordZed to add a little more flavor to the game's airwaves. There are two extra radio stations: - Parson's Park Radio on frequency 99.4; - and WCVI on frequency 100.6. You can get it here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=975088107 Cheers
  15. The car in vehicles is called "WaveSignalDevice" (visible on title bar of the item) which I think it's a placeholder? Even if the name stays it lacks the spaces, but since the regular radios are used as a vehicle radios, I guess it should show the name of currently mounted radio. The second issue is that you unlike the regular radios, you can't connect headphones or earbuds to the radio mounted inside the car – you can uninstall the radio, equip it and then install the headphones/earbuds manually, but if placed back inside the car they can't be used (headphones/earbuds are there, but unusable, so I suppose they don't work). Finally, radios in the cars seems to have the (regular, not car) battery in them – I'm not sure if the battery is being depleted (seems not, as I extracted 100% ones) when used, or whether they are being used when the vehicle uses up all the car battery (never happened to me yet), but if you uninstall the radio, take the battery away and install it back, you basically have a free (regular) battery available. It would be nice if either the radios in cars spawned with no battery, or the battery inside them could actually be used (and visible inside the regular panel, along with headphones/earbuds I mentioned earlier). For a similar issue, see also my previous bug report: Deaf character should not hear radio in car.
  16. Jetrian

    Custom radio

    Hi, I created an radio game file in xml using wordzed. Now, how do I make a mod out of it?
  17. Build 39.64 and Build 38.30 Singleplayer When in "place mode" and having multiple placeable electronics (radios, walkie-talkies and TVs) in the main inventory, cycling placeable objects with the "R" key does not cycle through all of the placeable electronics and only cycles through the one. Example 1: Player has a radio and a walkie-talkie in their inventory. Entering "place mode" with the radio and pressing the "R" (cycle) key will do nothing, i.e. will not cycle between the radio and walkie-talkie. Example 2: Same as example 1, except player also has other furniture such as a chair and a table in their inventory. Entering "place mode" with the radio and pressing the "R" (cycle) key will only cycle between the radio, chair and table. The walkie-talkie will not be included in the rotation, unless the radio is dropped/placed. The same thing happens with all the electronics I tested. I've only managed to test it with the WalkieTalkie1, WalkieTalkie2, WalkieTalkie3, HamRadio1, RadioRed, RadioBlack and TvWideScreen. After noticing in build 39.64, I tested in build 38.30 where I still encountered the issue. Also noticed if I entered "place mode" through the walkie-talkie (or any electronic) contextual menu, it would switch to placing the radio instead (I think it was the WalkieTalkie3). However, having the TvWideScreen in the inventory as well, would always switch to placing that TV instead. Personal Thoughts To me, seemed as if all these electronics were recognised by the "place" mode as the same object, with a preference list with TV at the top going: TV > Radio > WalkieTalkie. Tried to see if this had already been reported, but I didn't see anything.
  18. Hello! I drove on new cars, tested the update and crushed the zombies. I wanted to see the possibilities of the car. I opened the windows, moved to another seat, looked at the amount of gasoline, and then came to the radio. I turn it on and I understand that there is no sound, but instead of a sound, the text line is running. Of course i know that this is a game style «project zomboid»! But! But! But you can't imagine a huge desire to destroy the dead along with quality atmospheric music content! The one who watched the series called "walking dead" probably will understand me. Under the musical accompaniment, I don't mean any musical tracks, it can be simple melodies as well as those that are now involved in the game. Considering this idea, you can also add some simple sound for TV. It can be just a hissing sound with an illegible voice on the background. It can also be a variety of other extraneous sounds, like the squeaking of a microwave or an open faucet with water. (I confess, I don't remember maybe this sound is already in the game). The bottom line is, I think this absolutely does not break the general style of the game! You know in the game a «project zomboid» in principle, not many sounds... But it was very important for me, to hear in the game the sound of broken glass, recharging weapons, screaming zombies or a distant shot. I also understand that you are busy with more pressing questions. Like the animation (which we are waiting for) or the same machines, but I ask you not to forget about the importance of sounds, this invisible factor plays a very important role! I think that such a simple soundtrack, in my opinion, is simply necessary in order to feel this wonderful atmosphere of this wonderful game. Thank you, the creators <3 Sorry for my English Yours faithfully, the guy from cold Russia.
  19. So, today I worked a little in Wordzed to test it out and to do that, and with a little help from @turbotutone (thank you!) I created a single channel called "Action Classics" with one short script: The first scene of Pulp Fiction. So, I'm thinking, I might expound upon this and either add the script to the entire movie as a mod, and/or find other scenes from other awesome movies and add them in. If so; what movies would you guys like to see?
  20. I've grown real fond of the radios in this IWBUMS; whenever I have a moment of peace, I like to listen to whatever news is going on. Still, it's a bit awkward to having to go through the inventory every time you want to equip it. So, I was wondering if it'd be possible to have a hotkey for the Radio, just like we have for the Light or gun.
  21. This is a perk I thought of with the new Radio system. It would go like this. Trait Cost: -4 (As unlike Herbalist, it won't help you stay alive) Electrical +20%XP Electrical Skill +1 Can craft all three types of Radios (He basically starts with the knowledge from the Guerrilla Radio Magazines) Knows all the existing Public Stations Frequencies(Basically, every radio he picks up comes with all the Presets for the radio Stations) Knows a random Military Frequency (OK, this one's based on a rumor I've heard that there are secret military stations you can listen to with high power radios. Never heard one of these myself, tho) So, wadda you guys think of this perk idea?
  22. First of all, I gotta say that I just LOVE how everything in the news is written; it really grips you and you feel the nervousness of the characters and even your own. I really enjoy listening to the news in the game. The sad part, however, is how I always end up with a ''Bored'' Moodle every time I spend a while standing in front of a TV, watching it. Seriously, the news are exciting enough that I try to always watch at least one when I'm in my safehouse, and yet my char gets bored? That feels wrong.... I think that TV and Radio shouldn't allow Boredom to settle in, and I don't think this should be too hard to implement; just make being in the range of listening to either radio or TV count as if you were outside. That way, we even save more books and magazines for when the power inevitably dies out.
  23. As the radio system will be implemented into Build 33, people will definitely be curious about its functions. In my idea, it should provide two main functions: 1. contacting with NPCs 2. Broadcast the information of some random world events. For example, the radio will broadcast and warned players (and NPCs) that some areas that will be bombed by the Government to stop the zombie herd's movement (there maybe other requests need to fulfill before activate the event, like the zombie population of that area); and then that area will be bombarded in few days. So, would we have the random world events shortly after Build 33?
  24. I'd like to preface this by saying I had too many ideas to make a good concise suggestion thread. I've culled a great deal of chaff and left as much good solid wheat as possible. This list is therefore very much not "all inclusive", and perhaps not as organized as we'd like. I apologize for any inconvenience this causes. I've tried to limit my ideas to three distinct categories, and I am seriously wondering if I ought to put the radio section in its own suggestion thread. Would love to see further discussion of these ideas, and applications. I'm a hobbyist, so I know my experience is a narrow window compared to real tradesmen/women. Timers, remotes and home improvement Timed lamp on post. A great way to use existing resources in more efficient ways. Put a timer on the lamp and it comes on at 17:30 (Sunset) and shuts off at 5:00 (Sunrise.) Would be even better to have direct control over this, but the coding for that would probably be pretty heavy. This would save a lot of battery life, and make the items much more useful, since we wouldn't have to trouble ourselves to turn on every light in the base at night. Remote lamps. Fix a bunch of lamps with receivers, toggle them remotely all at once. Give us control over frequency, and we could toggle a -set- of lamps with one click, and a different set with another. This could make for both fun and function, depending on what you do with it. Remote curtain management. Ever get up at god awful early in the morning, go to open your curtains and accidentally trip out the window? Or happen to be standing right there when the first zed of the day scrambles in to chew the fat over breakfast? Worry no more! Remote activation could save the day. A cheap electric motor, a battery and twine would be the other components to make that "realistic". With the addition of receivers, remotes, and timer switches, there's something wonderful we could do. Set off a home's alarm system from a distance. Perfect for clearing the neighborhood, or convincing a looter to pick a new street to work on. Radios, receivers, and you! It's a feature we've all wanted for a while, the ability to have private conversations or separate chat tabs. With radios, we can have it, and feel special for gaining access to it! Ham radio - Basically, a good transmitter, an antenna, and a power source to broadcast with. Anyone with a powered radio tuned to the right frequency would pick up the transmission. Great for organizing specific groups, or eavesdropping on the group you're wanting to be one step ahead of, or operating as a double agent, feeding false information to the people you know (think) are listening. Trust me, with as many ham radio clubs as there are (one even has a repeater within 15 miles of West Point Kentucky, KARS, out of Bardstown) there will be plenty of paranoid kooks absolutely sure they're being spied on by someone, somehow. Now, you could make the radio a stationary object, something you place, and have to power (via batteries, or generator?) and make it repeat whatever is being said over the frequency as though it were speaking in local chat... which means you'd need people to operate it, to listen, get the information out. You could make it a carried item, with a battery life, and let you get the broadcast as long as it has a battery. Point is, radios could be as big as moving furniture if it's done well! Especially if you give server admins the ability to disallow /all chat. . . Bombs, bombs, bombs! With the new bombs and devices, there are a number of setups I would personally -love- to see. Things that are terrifyingly true to life. Shotgun rigged to and aimed at a given doorway. Sneak in through the back or bust down the front door and it's going to cost you! Friends welcome [use the north window], zombies by appointment! Twine and bomb combinations for tripwire setoff. Sadly, you see this a lot in warfare, it's ubiquitous to every major war zone. It's easy to make, and the results are nothing if not devastating. A little twine, a bomb, and a few adjacent tiles to choose. Anyone walking [Or shuffling] through those tiles trips it. [Maybe counter this with a high light lightfooted skill?] Pressure triggers. Ubiquitous, but also multi-functional. A trapped crate that explodes if -under- a certain weight? A tile that explodes when stepped on? These things are not terribly hard to make [Though I'd give a standing ovation for those with the skill to code it], and it would certainly give us an answer for loss prevention... take my stuff at your own peril, thief!
  25. Just a suggestion to make MP communications a little more interesting/reality based. New Item. Radio. Requires Batteries. Turning on the radio will give access to the global chat function, but drain power. My thinking is that this mechanic would reduce global chat spam on larger servers (once established) and consolidate communities around local relationships (/say chat), but at the same time allowing organised communication between community cells once face to face contact has been made. ie organised broadcasts at 7pm for people to turn on their radios. Alternate options are radio can only receive but drains very little power, and transmission is linked to specific equipment/locations ie looted from radio stations/studios and requires large amounts of power ie generators.
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