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Found 2 results

  1. Story 1000 years ago a world war known as The Great War took place. The world was once a peaceful place. People lived together in peace. They worked with one another for the better of the world. However over time people began to change. People started to have different views of the world. People did not accept the differences of other people. This led to the Great War. Many lives were lost in battle. A great power was created by the Dragon Wizards. The original purpose of this great power was made to restore the nature that was destroyed during The Great War. The power is strong enough to destroy the galaxy. No man has ever wielded such power. Since that time peace has been achieved. After the war, people who shared common interest formed nations. Many nations work side by side continue the peace on Earth. Neon was once a peaceful nation; it is the largest nation on Earth. 100 years ago a man known as Gauchet would rebel against his own nation, Neon. A nation that he once defended as a high classed knight became his foe. Gauchet attempted to overthrow the king as he believed he should be worshiped and treated as a God for his great deeds as a soldier. His attempt failed and he was banished from the nation. Many people did not understand why Gauchet changed into a power hungry man. Three years later Gauchet made his return. He led an evil army to rule the land. In the present time Gauchet has prepared his forces to rule over Earth. Gauchet’s four generals have gathered the resources to start a new Great War. Some nations have fallen to Gauchet’s might while others are barely holding a fight. Now the Dark Army has it sights on Romanica. Characters The Allies Franklin- Age 22 Class-Warrior Bio- Is a young warrior from Clarksville. Although he is not enlisted in the army, he has trained to be a knight more for pleasure instead of a true need. He is charismatic and uses scartisic humor. At times Franklin can become depress because he is inexperienced with women. Brad- Age 21 Class- Soldier Bio-He is Franklin’s best friend. In his spare time he enjoys crafting weapons. Brad feels like he lacks a personality. Audrey- Age 20 Class- Witch Bio- As a baby Audrey was abandon and was found in the woods by Mayor Rox. Audrey is deeply angered by her parents' actions. She feels her parents did not want her. Audrey is very physically attractive. Her large breast attracts unwanted attention, and Franklin often stares at them. Jayden Age- 26 Bio- Jayden is a young attractive woman from Cookville. Her mother and father were killed on a ship that was attacked by the Dark Army. She hates the Dark Army for killing her family. Everday her heart is becoming darker. Rachel Age- 23 Rachel is a legendary Holy Paladin. Holy Paladins are some of the most powerful warriors in the world. Jack Age- 28 Bio- A young man with a dark past joins our heroes. Known to be a loner Axel does things his way. Once his mind is set there is no turning back Richard Age-35 A strong minded man with years of experience. Supporting Cast Mayor Brown- Age:48 Bio-Mayor Brown is the mayor of Clarksville. It is rumored that he is the town’s playboy. Big Daddy Age: 39 Bio- This is the man with the stuffger! Big Daddy is cool with our heroes! He’s like to play game on the ladies! He is also a skilled weapons maker. He has made many air ships and weapons for nations' military. Captain Favre- Age 35 Bio: Favre is a leader of a small crew of pirates! He is very boastful and extragrates his accomplishments/crimes. His crew members are Peterson, Harvin, Bryant, and Anderson. The Dark Army Warning: A character's description maybe uncomfortable. King Gauchet- Age 135 but looks like he’s in his mid-twenties. He is an elite knight who once was a top ranked knight in Neon. Yesterday he was a good man, but today he has a dark heart filled with hate and greed. He betrayed his state by trying to overtake it, but failed. However, he would return and conquer the state. Originally other states did not fear him because the problem was seen as Neon’s problem. Now the world is seeing Gauchet’s true goal in motion. Epsilon- This general is trained the ancient ways of the Dark Knights. He puts brains over fist any day. He first joined Gauchet decades ago as a young teen in the war that gave Gauchet power in Neon. Edge- Is a top general in Gauchet’s Army. Arrogant, cold hearted, and self-absorbed, Edge believes he cannot be defeated by anyone. He is one of the world’s greatest expert swordsmen. Jericho- Is a magician general in Gauchet’s Army. He uses his wisdom to dominate his opposition. He thinks Edge is an idiot. Orton- He is Jericho’s understudy. Redick- Is another mighty general under Gauchet. He is a demon knight. Demon knights are known to live up to two hundred years. He is very close friends with Epsilon and Jericho. Very little is known about his past before he met Gauchet. Velvet- She is the deadly female general in the Dark Army. She uses her beauty to seduce her victims. It is rumored that she rapes captive enemy soldiers to death by having intense sex. Screen Shots Demos Demo 1.0 http://www.mediafire.../Dark_Chaos.exe Demo 2.0 http://franklingaming.blogspot.com/2012/08/new-dark-chaos-demo.html Video Previews Game Introduction Battle System Credits Franklin Enterbrain Fomar0153 Yami Yanfly (for his ideas from Melody) Nessiah & EvilEagles (some other ideas) Many testing guys
  2. Welcome to my video tutorial series! Watching videos was how I learned to use the RPG Maker programs. Sometimes reading posts can be confusing without seeing the directions applied. That's what inspired me to make videos for potential RPG Maker users. My latest video is How To Create A Boss Battle. It first of the series with me talking on the mic. I feel more comfortable speaking on the mic and hopefully will improve in future videos! Please tell me what you think I should improve on in future videos! Do you think these videos will be useful for new users? Thanks! I don't have a video recorder at the moment. Don't expect any new videos soon. RPG Maker ACE Tutorial-How To Map The House's Interior RPG Maker VX ACE Tutorial-How To Make A Shop RPG Maker VX ACE Tutorial-How To Create A Boss Battle
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