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Found 3 results

  1. Japer

    Resident Evil Mod

    Here I will be showing some new items,weapons,recipes and various other stuff created for my Resident Evil Map The plan is to add as many features and items to truly live out a Resident Evil experience within Project Zomboid for both multiplayer and single player, and for custom scenes/scenarios with NPCs. Recreate old and create new stories around Raccoon City with friends and family! (Rated R for Raccoon) Download Version 1.0 Mod Features Readme Resident Evil Mod v.1By JaperForum Thread: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/5926-resident-evil-mod/ This mod is designed for my Resident Evil Map Project but will work fully on vanilla PZ and with any other communitymade maps. Resident Evil Map Project: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/4822-resident-evil-biohazard-map-project/ Highly advised to read Mod Features.txt before starting. Place Resident Evil Mod folder into C:\Users\NAME\Zomboid\mods\ folder, start up PZ, click mods and enableResident Evil Mod, restart game and start a new game to play mod. Loot spawns are not fully tested, for additional spawns delete ResidentEvilMod_Distribution fromResident Evil Mod\Resident Evil Mod\media\lua and replace it with ResidentEvilMod_Distribution X2 from the optional files folder. I suggest you use the x2 Distribution for first time using the mod so you can explore the features easier. Place ResidentEvilMod_Cheat.lua into Resident Evil Mod\media\lua folder to spawn with some of the mods items. Please report any bugs and suggestions on the forum thread so I can fix and improve the mod. Currently Available Features Reloading Tool - Some may remember this from RE3, you find various types of gunpowder and using the reloading tool you can create ammo for your weapons Herbs - Everyone has always wondered how the herbs in RE were administered to the body, and now you can do just that in PZ! Featuring red, green and blue herbs, which can be combined together to create more potent effects, they cover all your needs, from healing wounds to curing food poisoning or the cold Strains Of Virus - Well the outbreak had to happen somehow didn't it? But with all these already infected zombies running around, what is the use for a vial of the T-Virus? Well one use is to drink it to see what it tastes like, another is to throw it at your friend in MP and see how long it takes him to turn, entirely your decision. But when there is one, there are many, also included is the G-Virus, the experimental strain that has unpredictable results. Will you consume it and become exceptionally strong, fast and posses regenerative abilities? Or will it consume you resulting in death? That is a risk some of you may be willing to take. Alternatively you could play it safe, and seek out the highly sought after Anti-Virus, perhaps one day it will save your life. Weapons - So far we have handgun variants for military factions, combat knives and a grenade launcher that shoots flame rounds (not advised to be fired indoors, results may vary) Professions - Enlist today in some of Raccoon's finest specially trained units Factions - Start off as a member of S.T.A.R.S., U.B.C.S. or U.S.S. Play as your favorite and have a three way battle on MP. Each faction starts off with their own pistol variant, combat knife, specific traits and a combat vest to hold extra ammo + weapons. Wage war between opposing factions or group together for a common goal. Planned Features Guns - Variations of the pistols found through out the games, including the S.T.A.R.S 9mm handgun , magnums, bowgun, machine gun and the grenade launcher with interchangeable rounds Appearance - To play the part, you must look the part. Uniforms for RPD, STARS, UBCS etc, and of course Wesker's stylish sunglasses Infected - If possible in the future I will add some of the most renown monsters from the series, from dogs to hunters to the feared Nemesis Your Suggestions - Any feature you can think of that would enhance the experience, feel free to request it or put some of your spare time in and help out on this project
  2. Resident Evil's Raccoon City This map is created along side it's corresponding mod I will be re-creating Racoon City based on the game series, it will feature many different 'landmark' buildings such as the mansion, police station, clock tower etc. Some locations from the movies e.g The Hive may be implemented, so if there's anything you would like to see, feel free to suggest putting them in. Here is my progress so far; Full Scale Map - The map is currently 1200 x 900 pixels, that is 4 x 3 game cells Spencer Mansion Raccoon Police Department (RPD) Kendo's Gun Shop RE3 Start Warehouse RE3 Bar Jack (Bar Where You Meet Brad) Stagla Gas Station (Waiting on custom signs + detail to be added in tiled) Will update this when I do each new area, so please give some feedback on what you think so far as I will continue to work on this regularly. Up Next; - Spencer Mansion exterior buildings (Guardhouse, lab etc) - Racoon City Police Department (RPD) - Kendo's Gun Shop - Hospitals, schools etc Ideally this will slowly piece together to create one large recreation or Racoon City, and if anyone is a fan of the series and would like to help out with ideas, mapping, sprites etc feel free to pm me. Some misc. houses; There will be a Spiffo hunt, where you must find hidden Spiffos throughout the map, and we can see who can find the most. Some will be a bit of a challange to find, and if you remember any hidden areas from the original games then you should find them with no problems.
  3. I've started a dedicated server with a buddy of mine. This is based on early RE Lore, between the times of Resident evil 1 and 2, in my personal opinion the glory days of the franchise. And if you're a fan of both Project Zomboid and RE chances are you feel the same. Raccoon City - population 26,649 Raccoon City is a small industrial city located in the Midwestern United States. Under the guidance of the Mayor Michael Warren, it has grown rapidly, transforming from a quaint hamlet in the Arklay Mountains to an industrialized metropolis by the investments of the Umbrella Corporation. However, the city's expansion and modernization appear to be accompanied by a spiraling crime rate. A series of bizarre cannibal homicides occurred in the forests of the Arklay Mountains north-west of the city. Victims being mostly hikers and campers who ventured into the forest. The Raccoon City Police Department (R.P.D) has been at a loss to explain or stop the phenomenon, blaming it on cult activity. The R.P.D has however, established the Special Tactics And Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S) as a countermeasure to the wave of crime. --------- So down to the nitty gritty: This is a roleplay server, the map used is Bedford Falls. We're looking for players familiar with the lore from the fixed-angle SURVIVAL HORROR era of Resident Evil. As far as I'm concerned, while 4 and 5 somewhat had redeeming qualities this is where Capcom began to lose it's way. Regardless the time this takes place is somewhere between the Spencer Mansion incident and the Raccoon City outbreak. Players will begin with a starting loadout, including a pen and journal (Remember ink ribbons?!) and a few other helpful things one would expect to see in their inventory at the beginning of the games. Players are encouraged to document their trials and tribulations, and leaving their stories behind for the next survivor to scratch the surface of what truly happened in Raccoon CIty, much like the real games. This is not a smash and grab, loot everything and kill everything type of server. I'm looking for team oriented people willing to work together for the greater good, to survive. Running around willy nilly with pockets full of loot and nowhere to go WILL get you killed, there is a HIGH congestion of slow mindless face munchers in urban areas. Also with the current loot levels and the low player cap finding what you need shouldn't be a problem, but the trip to get it may. PVP is not optional, but unless it pertains to the story or your particular character's archetype running around shooting everyone you see for the sake of killing will not be permitted. What this means is you have to be careful in groups, swing an axe too close to a friend, or hail shotgun bullets at a zombie while your teammate is in your line of fire will leave you with one less friend. Or slowing you down on the return from a supply run because your teammate is bleeding out all over the street. This is both good and bad, as accidents can happen but I believe that makes things all the more interesting. Especially the stress of coming across a stranger and deciding whether to trust them or not, because nobody is immune from a bullet to the head. This is why good group dynamics are key. The story is laid out, origins remain, how true we stick to the way the virus spread is still up in the air. Same general idea, but possibly the plan to destroy the Spencer Mansion was a failure.. If so what happened to Chris, Jill, Barry, and Wesker, and the remaining survivors of Bravo Team? Perhaps the outbreak would have reached the city much faster had they not destroyed the labs. Was Raccoon city quarantined in time? or has the virus made it's way across the state? Was it too late to cleanse the city by leveling it to the ground? Who are you? What is your part in all of this? The server is up 24/7, the details are still being worked out and open to any and all suggestions as far as configurations, starting load-out, story, and any cool ideas in general. Currently: Zombies: Insane 3 Hour days No PVP button (noone is magically impervious to bullets, or any other type of damage) Loot: common. Not so common it's unrealistic. (Everything happened so fast anybody who took the time to pack up before attempting to get the hell out of Raccoon City probably died) Zombies Respawn once a week +100 (Number will be changed, but as the days pass more people get dragged out of hiding and forced to join the zombie ranks, etc.) The endgame of all this is, the end is nigh. The city is already a deadly place for the unwary, as time passes it will only get worse, with zombie population rising by the day. Your best bet is to find a group or someplace fortify-able to plan for the dark days ahead. Where you begin, who you are, and where you end up is up to you. Things are being tweaked and I'm avoiding hard wipes at all cost, but once everything is final that is it. You won't have to worry about your hard-earned safehouse being erased. The world persists while you're away. What I'd like to do is put this out here, see if anyone likes it, get some suggestions and fine tune the server. Anyone interested in joining and post here saying which character they would like to be(RE 1 2, or 3, or RE: OUTBREAK files 1 & 2), if not an original character, lore-friendly non-essential characters are encouraged. We want to find your notes! We want to know your story! Once everything is final I will whitelist your character, and we will start from the beginning. Be careful though, as once you die you are dead. No coming back. (as in if I'm Chris Redfield and I get bit and die the new cannon is that Chris Redfield is DEAD FOREVERR) You can request a new whitelist character but I'm only taking on around 5 players at a time so if this ends up gaining interest, you may have to wait in line. Deceased canon characters will be posted on the forums. This may sound complicated but it's mostly just me going into excruciating detail in order to fully explain, and weed out the undesirables. This is an experiment. If it gets any reception we'll move forward with it but as of now if all this interests you and you'd like to come play in the meantime; the server is open without whitelist and the info is as follows: (REMEMBER THIS SERVER REQUIRES THE BEDFORD FALLS MAP, IN THE MOD FOLDER AS WELL.)
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