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Found 24 results

  1. So, I made a public server/browser list that's compiled from the public server list and the steam API. You can see it at http://pz.archspace.org/ If you do not want the bot to pull details from your server then add Robots=Disallow to your servertest.ini (or $servername.ini) You can also kick or ban the user PubServerBot from your server and it will eventually get removed. Optionally send me a message or post in this thread. Almost every server is actually flagged 'public' but a couple of popular servers weren't flagged and I was unsure if I should keep them or
  2. new server, pvp/pve rules, so pretty much no rules. Server status : Online this is a vanilla server from now on, there is no mods needed to play here, just join and have fun. IP: Port: 16326 Name : The Brutal Monster Location : Minisoda, USA Version : Build 27 Player slots : 20 Server up time: 24/7 server should never be down, both the router and the machine run off a battery backup.(if it goes down for maintenance i will post
  3. Hey guys! Just bought my own public server with 20 slots available. If the demand is there I'll gladly increase it. It's my first time running a PZ server so any tips or suggestions would be nice! Server IP: Port: 16261
  4. Hogans Hideout Build 29.3 PVP/COOP TOUGH ZOMBIES/5 Hours days WEST COAST USASERVER IS BACKUP AND WILL NOW has a full dedicated machine for it 16gb or RAM QUAD CORE.NEW RELEASE! HOGANS HELL NEW IP SERVER STANDARD PORT NEW!!! JOIN Team Speak @ ADDRESS: 1-6 month Power/Water -Days are 5 hours server ages constantly, So lots of time to get setup before power outage. -Would like to see RAIDERS and COOP. -Zombies are Tough and can Zombies and will follow your for longer so don't let them spot you on your way home.
  5. 8 - 17 - 2014 UPDATE: "... and from its ashes a new phoenix arose" After almost 2 months, the server is finally up. But since then new ideas have made it into my head. The server is released under a new name, THE UNDERTAKING: ORIGINS , so go there now, and read all about it. This forum post/thread/topic will no longer be in use. old stuff if you want to nag me about changing my stance on certain things. MORE ABOUT HARD/SOFT RESETS ABOUT THE SOFTCORE ROLEPLAY HOW PvP/PvE WOULD WORK SPAWN AREA / OUTPOST ROSE / AND NEW PLAYER STARTER SURVIVAL KIT I
  6. Server is down: IP: projectz.noip.me UPDATE: Server now works! UPDATE 2: My internet is cutting out sporatically. Until I can resolve the problem efficiently, the server will be offline. I'm sorry for the massive inconvenience. I will try to have it up and running by tomorrow. *LAST SERVER RESET: (5/30/14) -Soft (6/9/14) - Hard Features Here is a list of features that this server has included. Roleplay: This server is heavily roleplay based, we expect everyone to roleplay and to put themselves into the scenario that they are being faced. We expect everyone to be realistic and to fol
  7. Welcome to the Narcotical Project Zomboid server, where you can be a total douche and it's allowed. The server is currently run in a VPS in Chicago, allowing strong performance and great up-time. The server allows for players to engage in PvP with no real restrictions. Friendly or not, that's up to you. We allow attack on sight with the disabling of the status system. We're a simple server, so we don't really find much purpose in listing out a large amount of features. If you just want straight Project Zomboid PvP multiplayer fun, come join! Our only rules are no hacking, no racism, and g
  8. hi, me again. playing with a friend. anyway, we're hosting a PZ server for a day or two or so and if you're looking for some short fun come on and join. this is likely not going to be a long lasting server, only going to be up for a day or two so join in while you can! we only have a few rules going on: 1. no hacking. 2. no hacking. 3. seriously, no hacking. otherwise, pvp is enabled and so is global chat. so have fun with that IP:
  9. Hostname (IP) : zomboidatope.no-ip.biz Port : 16261 Username : YOURNAME (without spaces or special characters) You can choose a password if you want, so your username will be protected. ______________________ Dirección (IP) : zomboidatope.no-ip.biz Puerto: 16261 Nombre de usuario: TUNOMBRE(sin espacios,o caracteres especiales) Puedes cambiar la contraseña si quieres, de esta forma tu nombre estará protegido. SERVER SETTINGS PVP=true PauseEmpty=true GlobalChat=true Open=true ServerWelcomeMessage= <RGB:1,0,0> Artelo. LogLocalChat=false AutoCreateUserInWhiteList=fa
  10. IP : ll2 . l87 . ll7 . 1O - just type that (do not copy and paste, avoid bot) Player slots : no limit simple and easy 24 Hours, no down teamspeak
  11. Server Info: (IP: pzo1.no-ip.biz) Welcome to Project Zomboid: Online! ProjectZomboidOnline.com is the first multiplayer PZ community, aiming to host a selection of quality servers and maintain an enjoyable and structured environment. PZ:O recognizes the amazing MMO-esque potential this game has and hopes to gather like-minded individuals to enjoy the same aspects (as well as let the PZ team know that such interest exists)! PZ:O will host a handful of servers of varying types (with different PVE/PVP types, reset times, etc.), as well as providing community tools to introduce players to each
  12. THIS SERVER IS CLOSED If you want to know why : http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/5746-offline-pzmindescapeeu-closed/page-22#entry101810
  13. THIS SERVER IS RUNNING THE BUILD 25v3 updated at 26.03.14 - 19:45 CET See here the instructions : http://theindiestone...build-25-sp-mp/ Hey Yo Survivor, its me Jesse. What you didnt knew, i love Video Games. I thought i host a Server after my odyssey with Walter.... finally can chill out in Germany (alaska was way too cold) and play pZ all day long. mostly very friendly ppl playing on this server PS: still got some blue meth left muhahahaha! CONNECTION Hostname (IP) : Jp-Pz.No-Ip.Biz Port : 16261 (default) Username : YOURNAME (without spaces or special characters) You c
  14. Come and check out our 32 man server, Always On, Dedicated Connection. Settings are set to default, will change according to what active population wants. IP: Port: 16261 Connect to our 512 man TeamSpeak and talk with other survivors, Private Channels available for Clans/Groups Address:
  15. Skyfire Zomboid Server Rules: 1. Do not kill players in the spawn house. 2. No Spamming or Cheating. ---------------------------------------------------------- Where are you hosted? Is the server 24/7? Skyfire Zomboid is a 24/7 dedicated server hosted on the East Coast of the United States. Unlike other servers we are not plagued with lag and rendering errors due to a lack of resources. We have everything to keep you and your friends on the server and happy! ---------------------------------------------------------- Are there wipes on this server? This server is wiped when the admins see it fi
  16. NOTE (1st March 2014): Once the new update is out, the server will be switched to a PVE - WhiteListed only server. I will setup a few links soon where people can sign up for the server's whitelist. I simply do not want any hackers or griefers on my server. I want an atmosphere of coop gaming and that is what I will be pushing out. You will need to provide your SteamID or your Steam Profile link to be able to qualify for the whitelist. Stay Tuned! NOTE (25-Feb-2014): As of right now, hackers, griefers are running wild and free on the server and we currently have no admin tools to kick/ban th
  17. Welcome. This is a server hosted by me. This server is on build25b because I really love the 3D Models, and I can't run the new version. It crashes on startup. But anyways, PvP Is on, safety is on. I hope you all enjoy the server. You can play on this server with the new version, I think. But enough talking, here's the IP: "" Port is default. Have fun!
  18. Server Closed I need to put more ram into it, wasn't going to work very well with out more
  19. Hi everyone! My friend has started up a server and is opening up to the public, feel free to join! The IP is: There are generally no rules, feel free to do whatever you want on this server, just please refrain from using cheats; we feel this ruins the experience for everyone else. If you use cheats, we are likely to ban you.
  20. // Kiwion's Public Server // This is the public server hosted for Kiwion (streamer on Twitch, tweeter on Twitter). It's hosted on a dedicated server with no player limit as of right now. The server is up and running 24/7, and PvP is enabled. We welcome anyone who wishes to join in on some casual PvP fun! We also provide a TeamSpeak server for those who'd like to make use of voice communications. To make life easier, please use the same TeamSpeak name as you use in-game. Kiwion's public server details: Server address: kiwi.streamjes.us Port: 16261 (default) Kiwion's TeamSpeak
  21. hi, this is my own project zomboid server. it's chill. PVP is enabled, and so is all talk. no whitelist or nothing. i don't really need to bore you as if to why to choose us, it's just a server i'm hosting on my VPS, we're not really going to have some special focus like OMG PVP or anything, no, just a server, not much more needed. if you're a stupid nerd and want the specs/details on my VPS here they are: four full dedicated HT CPU cores, with 4GB of ram and 400 GB of RAID-protected storage. it's good enough for a PZ server in my opinion. it's currently running Windows Server 2008 R2 (who
  22. Hi ^^ IP: 8 slot server looking for some more people to talk to during the end times
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