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Found 18 results

  1. I'll state my thoughts, then different points of view and finally my conclusion. Please read through it calmly and mindfully The passive skills system has seen discussions regarding the grind and balance since 2015, i don't think its gonna end anytime soon. The way the system works currently is your levels go from zero to ten, the first skills are easy to achieve, but the higher you go gets exponentialy harder, from level 9-10 its is required a sole 150.000 xp, something you will probably only achieve with a 600 REAL LIFE hour save. the current grind of all level beyond 6-7 is objectively insanely hard. just fighting zombies wont cut it for the high levels, you will have to exercise. even if you drug your character, sleep 3 hours a day and do enough pushups to a point were you would get permanent muscle damage in real life you will take weeks, probably entire months of not playing the game. Exercising a bit every day is much more feasible, but you will still take more than 365 real life hours in a save to get there. "That's not unrealistic at all. Getting in shape doesn't happen over night, and level 10 is meant to be the absolute peak of physical perfection. Athletes take years to get there training every day." "perhaps 3-4 is really the "average," and numbers as high as 10 aren't just athletic, but Olympic" "They're meant to be there and still a challenge for 1+ year players." For this argument, we must assume that level 10 fitness would be someone who is at peak human performance, who could spend an entire day running around, climbing tall walls, hitting zombies with axes and hammers without stop thanks to their breathing tecnique, one even said its almost DEMI-GOD like performance. what does the demi-god actually get? 20% higher swing speed. 20. the reward a player gets for grinding the soul out of their bodies in a videogame for 300 hours is a 2% attack speed increase from level 9->10, which is pathetic for what level 10 is sold out to be. Now lets assume that the argument of "the fitness and strength level are really proportionate to a human maximum capabilities" is right, there is either a problem with the system being to stingy to reward your character for getting the max level, or the argument itself is entirely wrong and the system is unbalanced thanks to a misconception regarding high human performance. The game is supposed to be ground in reality right? A person who reaches 10 fitness in real life needs a specific diet, training, routine and general genetics. And yeah it takes a lot of time, but the point is not that they work for a long time, is that in an apocalypse, that is literally not achievable performance, you just can't get real life peak human performance during an actual apocalypse, thats how real life works. Now with what i've said, we come to the conclusion that the game makes you work for what you be real life olympic perfomance without rewarding you properly, and since i said that you cant actually become an olympian, you can understand that in my opinion, the level rewards should stay as is and the grind should be severely reduced (150000, come on). Regardless of my opinion, there is a problem with either the game NOT rewarding you properly or requiring too much grind, there is an unbalance. Now for other problems that this brings, project zomboid is a game where you character dies and all your stats are lost, which is the biggest things that makes current players quit, but its how real life works. The fact that dissasembling objects is the only reasonable way to get levels in some skills is a big issue, since dissasembling is can only be done once, so once you get electrical 1 by dissasembling all objects in your town, you die, you realize you can't grind electric by dissasembling now and you give up with making a new character on your save (this issue seems to be getting fixed with build 42 making build paths to learn skills, which is a renewable way to grind). The problem comes with the fact that if the fitness and strength system take SO LONG to grind it will make players have an even bigger incentive to give up, which could be the devs vision, but you can always bring a new view. What i see is, the reason that players like zomboid, a simulator game, is not for doing sluggish and tedious tasks, its for interacting with the world in a methodical and detailed manner, and i think there is a line between good realism and bad realism. This also creates a problem for character creation, because, since 95% of the playerbase avoids the problems i listed by picking strong/athletic from the character creation, thing is, it would be much healthier if the player felt like they had a reasonable choice. What i think should be done is that, first of all the players should still have the options to make zero to hero characters. For the role playing aspect i like the idea of some people having traits like unfit, or fit or strong, you could still go in character creation and for example get the strong trait, you will start with +2 strength, a 50% xp multipler and the strong trait itself gives you like 40% more damage. But for you to achieve the strong trait dynamically you have to achieve level 9-10 strength. Now make the grind lower, i want it to the point of being hard enough that you have to do proper exercise like running and squating and burpess regularly, but in a realistic and healthy way, not overdosing on pain killers. Now, the roleplaying aspect is intact, the zero to hero is intact, the player is being incentivised to do regular exercise, the grind is healthier for the game since it leans into the good kind of realism, and the expectations for the capabilities of human performance during the apocalypse are ground to reality. You can expand on the idea, i personally think it can go beyong this, if the devs want to make an unachievable 11 fitness and strength to never let the natural grind stop or something, but i think this system will improve the experience drastically, and make players want to play the game more. Thanks for reading
  2. I've been playing this game for quite a long time and have never run into any issues of crashing, corrupting, or stuff like that. Last week, a Windows 10 update gone wrong caused me to reinstall most things. I haven't had any trouble with it, even regarding other Steam games. I've launched plenty of them regularly and they all run well enough. However, Project Zomboid refuses to start normally at 64 bits. I'm not a computer guy at all, but I have done the following Reinstalled the game Verified all game files Reinstalled NVidia geforce driver Checked that all PC systems are up to date Launched the game alternatively The game works fine at 32 bits and when launched alternatively, but I still want to fix this issue. I don't believe I have anything broken on my PC, because other things aren't affected, but again I am not at all a PC guy. If anyone wants to help me out, that would be epic.
  3. Hi, I'm very embarassed to be another random guy needing help with this issue but even with 2 hours of reading and searching, I couldn't find anything to solve my problem. So when I launch the game in solo it works just fine (even if a bit laggy despite my relatively good computer, but I have a LOT of mods and maps). But when I try to locally host the server with the same mods/maps, it shows "Normal termination" without launching the server. I allocated 16Gb of ram, tried with default and modified sandbox settings and tried to delete the "multiplayer" folder (in User/Me/Zomboid/Saves). I hope someone will be able to help me, whoever read this, I wish you a good night and hope you'll find my issue.
  4. Hi, I have problem with translating mods into polish, the error occurs in special characters and i don't know how to fix it. Translation file looks like this: For example Simple Overhaul: Traits and Occupations (SOTO) have orginal polish translation and it work correct (my txt files with translation look the same)
  5. Project Zomboid goes to black screen after loading, there's no music and the indie stone logo loads in but gets quickly cut to black screen. I can get the main menu to show up if I click continuously on the loading screen in specific period but it lucky turns to a black screen soon after showing the menu. I've tried compatibility mode and verifying my files, I'm also playing on Mac version 10.15.7. I've tried reading through the forums and found similar problems but when I try to fix it doesn't work. Also tried uninstalling and installing and I bought the game on steam today.
  6. Hello I'm having trouble with plastering walls. Cannot do it if there its a metal counter installed. The command works fine, but it just wont let me click on the wall. Any way to bypass this other than having to pick it up and install it all over again? (Sink has 25% chance to be broken ) Thanks. This also happens with Gray Garbage Bin and Industrial Fridge. I didn't tried on other containers. I also tried to walk and click on the wall from further away. Added Pictures
  7. Somehow when I try to open build 41 it runs, but nothings happens, not even a single screen shows. But build 40 works normally. My computer configs are: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2120 CPU @ 3.30GHz 3.30 GHz 6,00 GB 64x bits.
  8. Hello guys! I have a problem that I could not solve on my own. We make a custom model of police car for Project Zomboid (Link). After we upload it to the Workshop, and we saw that the textures of light, damages and rust do not worked. In lua file the textures was writed to the model, but it still does not work. Anyone know, how fix that problem?
  9. So, after countless hours of changing settings and figuring out how and why this is happening I got nothing other then the fact I messed up TileZed but fixed it and ruined two beautiful maps I've made. Basically I am using TileZed and WorldEd as well as the tiles from here. Basically, all the tiles are clear as day in TileZed as seen in the picture here: And yes it is supposed to be this empty. However whenever I try to zoom in or edit one of the cells in WorldEd to add my custom buildings and such I have this: As you can see I have a little bit of an issue. I've been trying to figure out how to get the tiles to work in WorldEd for hours but I have lots of studying to do so I was hoping one of you kind people knows the solution for this and is willing to share. Either way, tell me if you need more information and of what, I'll be happy to do my best to contribute in resolving this problem if it's necessary. And thank you for anyone who might be able to fix this.
  10. I host a private server for me and my friends. Around 25-30 days into surviving, I start running into a rhythmic lag, every 30 seconds or so I experience a lag for about 1 second. It has nearly killed me. Is it a memory leak after playing for about 13-15 hours? Maybe its because I've set stuff to respawn after 1 month (We're stationed at Twiggy's, near the gun store in West Point) and we are close to the centre of town. Anyone else having similar issues?
  11. I'm trying to host a server with Hamachi, it worked previously after i changed from 1gb to .75gb, but now it just wont work? Any ideas on how to fix this? Here are the .txt files: coop-stdherr http://pastebin.com/5hEs6hqV coop-stdout http://pastebin.com/Dgen9cr8 console http://pastebin.com/zyq16N6u
  12. Hello I've been trying to start up my own server with mods after being dormant for 2 years. But I'm experiencing error after error... Been searching on google and the forum for almost 3 days straight, but all in vain. So I decided to embarrass myself with (what would believe to be) a petty problem. Had problems with mods not loading but after I fixed that I still get "server terminated" I have. Opened the all the ports, updated JRE, made exceptions in the firewall, Reinstalled PZ and cleaned all the leftovers . So where/what's wrong and how do I fix it? Log and servertest below. "server log" http://pastebin.com/AQ1jjKRa "Servertest.ini" http://pastebin.com/dmqmyyWj /Omen
  13. so im trying to download mods and some of them dont come in a folder, just 1 file. no poster, lua, scripts, etc. just one file, help?
  14. I feel like you shouldn't get completely panicked from simply going indoors. It should vary depending on the amount of room you actually have. For example, a living room or kitchen (etc.) could make you slightly panicked. Where as, a closet or a skinny hallway (etc.) could make you extremely panicked. If this is something you can eventually do, that would be awesome, if not, I love you all either way, peace.
  15. The setting of zombies speed " Sprinters " are glitched a bit, becouse they sprint fast, okay, but they have same movement speed as a player, so player cant run away from them or loose in a corners of city. By the way, when they reach you they just STOP like on a millitary command and slowly bite you, then again they sprint very fast, and when they reach you, they stop and slowly bit you. It should be fixed, they should have more rage, like in really 28 days later movie
  16. I made a post about port forwarding. And I still haven't figured it out. I got a program for doing it and yet again I have failed at forwarding. I post some screens of the program, and the stuffs. Please help me. WE ARE DOOMED
  17. So my techie keeps getting this error whenever he's trying to start up our server and he's at his wits end.
  18. So..... me and my friend (Josef733 on the forums) have run into a pretty annoying issue. I tried to hold up a server for both of us. I did like it said on the Multiplayer post by nasko: 1) Run the .bat file 2) Put my ip 3) have fun. And I was really pleased it was supposed to be so simple, but I get "connection failed". We tried having our hamachi network on, but no luck . I tried multiple IPs: 87.xx.xx.xx,, my hamachi IPv4 (25.xxx.xx.xx) and localhost. The localhost worked for me, but obliously not for Josef733... We are both running build 25b, so we should be working, but no luck... ((( Please help us . Help would be appreciated I added my console log, if that helps anything http://pastebin.com/sxJXRwZp
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