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Found 9 results

  1. Hosting an Roleplay server, it's private and i will ask mods to lock it once i reach server capacity. LORE: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1X3GTdqfSmONSwh6DlkGzTvuksAp5ddTH_hnrLc1V1V0/pub CHARATER SHEET: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_VzvpAuul6dB8pbL7ExXebsjAMoLMyhVyYJiSVL7jgM/pub (If intrested in creating a faction) FACTION SHEET: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-EWTLYOfffpnUcdqEJeSmuGV0Wv2e-uPiIauEcSGik8/pub RULES: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-EWTLYOfffpnUcdqEJeSmuGV0Wv2e-uPiIauEcSGik8/pub EDIT: Forgot to mention that for admin's comfort we use NecroForge and cheaterman menu. EDIT EDIT: Im dumb, add me on skype and send your applications: maciej.hartuna
  2. I do apologize if this isn't in the right forum, I'm a bit new to this I've been using Gameranger quite a bit recently and it's been very easy and lagless for me. On top of this, Gameranger has good UI to support player hosting of Zomboid servers. If Gameranger and Indie Stone were to collaborate and get support for PZ and Gameranger, players can easily set up public or private servers without the mess of port forwarding to a bunch of people or renting a server. Just a thought, as the only current MP aspect is full-time servers and LAN, and it would be a huge improvement if players could host for themselves using Gameranger.
  3. The Struggle Role-play [TSRP] IP: Port: 16262 Need to be white-listed to join. I'll be changing song's randomly through the year. Server Lore Prologue - SERVER HAS BEEN REVAMPED PROLOGUE WILL HAPPEN SOON, (NEED MAIN CHARACTERS AND A PLOT HOLDER I DON'T WANT TO WRITE HOW THE VIRUS STARTED, JUST A NORMAL DAY THEN YOU HEAR SCREAMING THROUGHOUT THE STREETS AND SUCH!) NEED A GOOD WRITER ALSO! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Factions Slot Available: Slot Available: Slot Available: Slot Available: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rules Server is Private you must APPLY to join!No randomly shooting.. don't charge 5-10 zombies at once if you are alone.. Fear RP and Run if neededPVP will be activated when I have a good reason to activate it.Do not steal from others meaning; Don't drink their water, Don't take their items, Don't even walk inside their base..You must add Warsow [TSRP] once you applied or add that account on steam if you haven't already.Server isn't that strict, just play like your actually in-game.. sure you can OOC: In "Y" for OOC stuff but without "Radio:" it's not IC.Be Mature on the server admin has the last word well because it's my server ^^.No Power-gaming.No Meta-gaming.There are no Vaccines for zombies, once you are bit it's over.. no admin heals unless you fall down something unintentionally or you encountered a bug.When all players log out, Server will shut-down.. Server turns on at 12:00 on SS and 3:00 PM on MTWTF [sMTWTFS are the week names via; "Monday"] Have fun on the server please.I look at logs daily.. so I know what you are doing.All applications must be on Indie Stone, previous ones are an acceptance. You can add me by typing in the username below in steam, it should come up with that funny little Nicholas Cage picture. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/TheStruggleRoleplay That's for the group page on steam, you will be invited once you are accepted. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to Apply on the Server ATTENTION: You can apply on this server most likely you will be accepted but put EFFORT into the applications the server has no current staff and will be getting a player wipe soon. So PM me on steam that you are active within the 1st day of December. Post your application on the forum i'll most likely see it rather than on the website [b]Steam ID[/b]: http://steamidfinder.com/[b]In-Game Name[/b]: [b]Character Biography[/b] (2 paragraphs minimum) [b]Why do you want to join our server[/b]:[b]What will you do on the server[/b]:[b]Notes[/b]: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. Hello All, I just started running a private server for my friends and I, via port forwarding method and not VPN (Hamachi). All works fine and we all are able to connect, the only issue I am having is that we all (including myself) get a "Connection to server lost" message every once in a while, and by that I mean at least once an hour. The CMD window running the server doesn't say much other than the users have been disconnected. Does anyone have experience with this? Any tips on how to resolve this issue? Please let me know what other information I can provide to help everyone out in helping me.. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hey Guys i need help. me and a friend just rented 30 mins ago (for real) a server on nitrado to play PZ together. As soon as we launched the game on steam we got the update of the game from build 28 to build 29.3. Actually we are not able to play on that server anymore since the Server is still with build 28. The server service has been done with NITRADO. We actually already openmed a ticket with them, so basically I'm just asking also here if there are some chances to update the server aswell in short time by our own, and how to do that? Thanks for help. Cheers Riccardo
  6. Hi everyone! I just bought the game this summer sale, and so far I'm loving it, having a lot of fun! Since I bought the game with some friends, we wanted to get a private server running just for us which we could save and manage as we please. However, I haven't been able to get a private server running, no one can connect. I've read the forum and haven't been able to find a solution. So far here is the list of things my friends and I have tried: Portforward both TCP and UDP ports 16261 to 16270 to the same as entry port.Add Project Zombid exe file to the firewall exceptions.Disable the firewall altogether.Connect to my ip, both local (just me) and external.Install hamachi, start server and use hamachi IPv4.Unfortunately, every one of our tries we get the Connection failed error. I get no error message on the server.bat command prompt, the last thing I get is: server is listening on port 16261. We've tried choosing ports 16261, 16262, etc. when connecting and nothing works. I've changed nothing in the server configuration, everything is default, and all I did was run ProjectZomboidServer.bat. The only other error I get is translator: failed to parse Recipes for language=EN and translator: failed to parse Items for language=EN. I'm running the game in portuguese, could that be a problem? Please we really need some help, we love the game and really want to play on our own server. If there's anything we've missed or something we're doing wrong could someone let us know. I tried providing all the information I could, if there's something I should have included please let me know, or if the text is not clear, excuse me as english is not my first language. I can try to write it better if needed! Anyway, thanks everyone for the help in advance and thank you for the great game!
  7. _____________________ Server is currently CLOSED.
  8. I am hosting a Server for a few people i have played with in game. I will decide to add other people depending on the reply they give. If you have played with "Kid lonewolf","Morgan Freemann","Mr freeman" And enjoyed doing so then leave a reply for a spot. There will be role playing so prepare yourself. This server is for people who want to have fun with the same group of people every time with no griefers or anyone else looking to ruin your online fun. You get one warning in this server, if you decide to do something a second time you will be banned for good. Its easy to work together without being an asshole. I don't need to post rules, if you cant figure out to play well with others then you have no place here. NO PVP unless both people agree for a bit of fun and challenge. The server settings are high zombie count, normal zombie settings, 2 hour days, And You spawn with a bottle of water and an axe! I will be changing the setting every now and again if you guys are interested. If you want to build a base and want to be able to log off without worry of theft or destruction, then this server is for you. I will be attempting soft resets when needed, if i cant get them to work then hard resets when requested. Though i will be spawning zombies frequently. I accept those i played with first then the new comers, but i might change my mind to keep the server active. Just leave the name you had when we played or one you wanna use along with your reply. BUT DO NOT JUST POST A NAME! If you want a place in the server, tell me why(mostly for people i haven't played in game with.) Server goes up today at 4-5pm eastern time, depending on the replies. Hope to see a few old faces and maybe some new ones as well. Get ready to write your death!
  9. Recruing up to 4 survivors for PVE session. Server located in NZ and players must use hamachi to join the server. #Simple Server Rules# 1. Respect others, no swearing. 2. Please help us stay alive(NO smashing windows, NO running around, etc) 3. PVE ONLY 4. NO IDIOTS 5. HAVE FUN Will comeback with public ip address hopefully in near future.
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