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Found 12 results

  1. Version? 41.68 • Singleplayer/Multiplayer? Multi • Host or dedicated? Hosted • Mods? No • Reproduction steps: Connect two popsicle fridges and a couple of lights. See attached image. Generator total fuel consumption is way higher than the sum of the listed appliances. Have been monitoring over more than one in-game week and the generator actually consumes the higher total amount. I tried uploading a screenshot or inserting from URL but the indie stone forums hang and then after a while return an error so I uploaded the screenshot of the consumption here: https://phishtank.de/~evilphish/generator.png
  2. Hello everyone, First thing : I tried to use the search feature on the forum but after almost 10 mins of waiting I couldn't get the results to load so i'm posting. I wanted to know if solar energy and solar panels was planed for future updates ? The technology was already well developped in 1993 and this would be a good alternative to gas stations running dry and biofuel to get power. The power of the sun has been used for as long as we recorded history and is always something comforting when humans are in a survival situation. It brings light, warmth and make the crops grow so we can eat. I really feel this could be a balanced feature if it is less efficient that generators with gas while requiring way less (or even zero) maintenance, and of course, a rare loot. Thanks for reading me.
  3. Power after the electricity shuts off should be producible via means other than simply using a fuel generator. For instance, small wind turbines IRL are used to power battery chargers and mobile homes. Subsequently, they could fit the role of a power source that is both renewable and quiet, unlike the fuel generator, provided that the player could find any, or construct them once they reach a high enough mechanical and/or electric skill. The obvious trade off would be that they're less efficient. Furthermore, I think also giving the player the ability to find and/or build home batteries, again under the condition that they have a high enough mechanical and/or electric skill.
  4. As the title. It doesn't appear on the consume list, does it mean it doesn't consume any power to work? And... Do you see that I can see the item icon through the window, but can't see the floor?
  5. On the large ware house in the noth-west of mudraugh i found a power bug. After installing an outddor lamp on the second floor, it wont switch on, it has a lightbulb. Something similar with the garages south (or just in general ?) i placed a wall on top and placed an outdoor lamp on that wall. I somehow expected it to get power since there are other lights on that garage on ground level, but it got no power.
  6. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/206rep4zuxbxhkk/Power%20plant.tbx?dl=0 Image: Note:This place is good for cooking a lot of food because this is a coal powerplant. Enjoy it for free.
  7. So with generators coming out soon. I have been tossing this idea to my group of PZ friends. What I think can be added is a whole expanded "power system" to the game with the generators. I.E. Power storage, alternative power, and other items used with power. Realistic, when setting up a generator a person would want the ability to store the power and use for later long term. here are some things I think would make sense. Power Storage: Small Power Storage Box( or whatever better name can be found) - Maybe have to need to have 6 batteries, 1 Wire, 3 Planks, and 2 Nails to make. This will hold a small amount of charge from your generator to use when you need to NOT make any sound. Large Power Storage Box - Needs 3 Car Batteries or 10 batteries, 1 Wire, 3 Planks, and 2 Nails. This is hold more power than the small box. Building two or more power boxes next each other will stack the storage ability you have. Must be indoors? Alternative Power Sources: Small/Large Solar Panels - These panels will only generate a small amount of power per panel and will only work during the day. The panels will be required to be cleaned every few days, which uses 1 sheet or something similar. This is something that might be hard to add. I was thinking of a few ways. 1. first would be having new items that can be found to make this. Like glass, solar film, or something. OR 2. Make it where there are panels on some roofs of houses or buildings. The player then needs to craft a ladder to get on the roof and disassemble said panels. I would make the panels heavy to move, maybe weigh 9 or 10 Small Windmill - These are similar to the ones you find on Amish houses. The windmill will be like solar panels, where they will generate small amount of power. However they will work all the time but will require maintenance every few days. The windmills will need to be placed on a pole or on top of a roof. These can be like the solar panels where they can be found or built. Fuel cell Generator (instead of natural gas piped in, uses propane) - You see these more and more these today with newer houses and large companies going GREEN. For the game I would see these working with propane and generate close to the same amount of energy as the regular generator. So the player will need to find propane tanks around the map and can fill propane tanks at Large propane storage tanks. You would find these tanks at the groceries store. Other Uses for power: Just some ideas... Power tools: - Electric Chain Saw for cutting down trees. This can be used instead of your axe, saving your axe for fighting the dead. Maybe cut ten trees or less then needs to be charged. Maybe add a Powered Drill that can used with screws to make everything the hammer and nails make plus a expanded list of other items. Cold Storage: - Having the ability to turn on your fridge or maybe move fridges around. Like disassemble a fridge with the Power Drill and reassemble it where you want. Central Air/Heating: - Being able to cool your self off or heating your self to increase happiness or help with outside temps. Water pump: - Building and adding a water pump to your house so that the shower/facets works. These are just some ideas that I came up with and I bet you guys have already thought about it. I just think that if there are going to be generators that there needs to be a large use for the power being made.
  8. I would like to suggest changes for the sake of realism, or perhaps options in the menu when starting a new game to bring more realism to the game. I love the game and one of the things I like most about it is that it has a feeling of realism to it that other games always lack. It is brutal and unforgiving just like a situation like this in real life would be. To that end, there are a few things already in the game, or expected to be added to the game in the future, that I think would break immersion. 1 - Tool/Weapon durability. I understand that this was implemented to add difficulty to the game but it is completely unrealistic and just seems a bit silly to me at times. I am a contractor and I have been building houses from the ground up for about 10 years now. I still own the first hammer I ever purchased 10 years ago. While I did eventually upgrade to a titanium hammer, the steel hammer I used previously saw about 40 - 60 hours per week of smashing steel and wood repeatedly. After all of that punishment I can still pick it up now and use it. I never had to repair it either. The axe is another tool I use frequently. Admittedly an axe does require occasional repair but that involves popping in a new handle, which is just a milled plank of hardwood. Using these tools as they are intended would not damage them in any significant way and using them to chop or bash what is essentially human bodies would actually be less likely to damage them. Guns do require maintenance but that involves breaking them down and cleaning them and applying oil where necessary. 2 - Power Generation - I know that generators are a planned feature but unless animal fat rendering is added to the game it wouldn't make any sense. Gasoline has a shelf life of about 30 days, so using that beyond a month or two is just out of the question. Same thing goes for vehicles. The only engines that would be viable after an event like this would be of the diesel variety, as they can run on biofuel. I would suggest that solar panels and windmills be added to the game as solar panels are fairly common and windmills are ridiculously easy to build. 3 - Farming - I think the farming in the game is excellent and I'd love to see how the devs expand on it further. I just have one simple suggestion here and that is hydroponics. I usually play with the grow times cranked to max for more realism. It is harder and requires a much large farm. I think that growing indoors/underground would be the way to go in a situation like the zombie apocalypse. It would also be interesting to see the mechanics involved as growing with hydroponics is more complex than one might believe. 4 - Fire - For the love of all that is zomboid, please fix the fire. I have the worst luck with campfires and watching fire spread across dirt, gravel and concrete just completely breaks immersion. 5 - Forge - We need forges badly. Forges are relatively straight forward to build and simple tools, weapons and armour can be crafted with most metal lying around absolutely everywhere in modern civilization. While blacksmithing can take an entire lifetime to master, rudimentary gear could be crafted even by an amateur that would serve the desired function well enough. Perhaps some or all of things are planned for the future and, if so, I can't wait to see it. If anybody has any additional ideas to add realism I would love to hear them as well. This game is the closest I have seen to a true survival simulator and I believe it has the potential to take that realism even further. I believe it is the greatest strength of the game and the game should be pushed even further in that direction. Make it hard, make it impossible even, but do it in a realistic way, so that it's that much more horrifying when our face gets chewed off by a zombie.
  9. Hey All, Got another suggestion to throw out there. This one is for the idea of backup power sources besides the main power grid. For example buildings like hospitals and prisons would have backup generators to make sure nothing goes wrong in the event of a power outage. Some homes would also have generators for backup power. The implementation of this would be localized and possibly limited output player/npc activated power sources. An easy example would be a diesel generator. It requires gas to run, provides good energy locally, but produces a hell of a lot of noise bringing in a hoard of zombies. Another example would be solar panels. tramplable by zombies, difficult to maintain and low power output but don't generate noise. This would also open up opportunitues for rechargable batteries and power locked metal doors. (I.E. prison doors and those black security doors with the pin pads on them. For example, you can't smash a metal door down with a sledgehammer (In the game you currently can, but it'd be real hard IRL) but you could flip on the building's backup generator to open the door (and attract a horde of zombies). I am sure there will be those that say this would make the game to easy. I agree with it possibly making the game easier, but I would disagree withthat premise. The game is not meant to be brutal and hard for the sake of being brutal and hard. It is hard for the sake of REALISM. In a "real" zombie scenario I would be seeking out backup power generation, it would make my chances of survival a hell of a lot better. Anyway let me know what you think.
  10. Alright, so I've had this idea in my head for a actual zombie apocalypse, and for any sort of game involving one, for a long time. However, project Zomboid seems like the first game where the implementation of such a concept is really viable, or useful even. The power goes out after a while, and so does the water, you're in the stone ages, and you're not quite happy about it. What if you wanted to figure this out on your own? To find the switch that needs throwing and put such a plan into action as to power the dark zombie-infested streets again? Or maybe just not having to use rain collectors would be nice too. Most cities have their power stations and water sanitation buildings, and if you've been near one, you'll know that they can often stick out like a sore thumb, and sometimes also cause plenty of noise for the neighbors. However, now the neighbors are zombies, and despite maybe just a few loyal workers valiant efforts, they decided to find the noise. Overwhelming whatever staff was there, or chasing them off, and eventually, they found the source of the noise. Maybe a open water tank stirring to try and sanitize water, and somehow, they clogged it up, likely by just falling into it, contaminating the water, if not clogging and stopping it's flow entirely. This could also open up the possibility of a bit of a warning as to when water was going to go for new players, first it starts becoming murky, then black or brown, then shutting down. The power station would definitely make more noise though, and be the first to go, zombies breaking in, and finding some very noisy turbines. Not having more mental capacity than a moth drawn to a flame, they fling, or walk, themselves into the turbines, powered by coal, or maybe a running river (yay green technology.) This wouldn't really give the whole warning thing the water one would give, but it'd give some actual reason as to why the power went out. So how do we fix it? This was actually a really hard list for me to nail down for this game without it becoming horribly unimplementable(not that it's a easy task now), but I've narrowed it down to a few things that could be done, and might not be impossible to do either. Water Utilities: Sanitation or pumping facility invasion event (Or having already happened with the shutoff proceeding as normal behind the scenes)Possible roaming workers? Can't expect the player to really know how to operate everything unless it's simple enough, workers could stay behind and defend if player left fortifications for them, though the necessity of food may be a extra thing for the player to consider.Unclogging the pipes. The zombies clogged it with themselves, and as such, you're probably going to need a net, or maybe a shovel of some kind to get them out. However, zombies can't drown, so if you find one not too mangled, you run the risk of it biting you as you work when careless.Re-invasions later. They're not going to give up that easily, the player may have to come back if they want their precious water on tap, further adding a set of tasks to players who want to go above and beyond the call for survival.Possible generators and gas on site for when the power went out to continue powering the plant. This would be a good explanation for why the water stayed on if it was based around a system that needed powering, and possibly a location for the player to raid for such supplies. However, if the player showed up after the water turned off, they might have missed the window to find such gas, and be left with empty, heavy, generators.Lots and lots of zombies. This is not a activity for the weak of heart, this would be the perfect place to truly have a sea of zombies for the player to try and wade through. This would be a luxury event for players to embark on, and would likely require coordination between a few players, or very clever strategies.Power Utilities: Power Outage event: The power going out, usually the end of perishable foods, and also whatever staff was employed at the power plant still. This plant would be much louder, and as such, much more a target for the zombies, seeking food.As with the water plant, the player should not be expected to know how to fix and run everything in the plant. Possibly they find a worker that is necessary to run the plant as the machinery is a little bit more complex than before, maybe with special needs that threaten to turn the power off if not supplied booze or cigarettes, leaving the player in the dark as to if the worker was dead, or if they were just unhappy.The turbines must spin. Zombies likely would have crawled, or just maybe pounded on turbines until the sound stopped, or they weren't able to. They could have clogged the spinning up, leaving the player to shovel and poke out the corpses, which may still stand a chance of catching them off guard.Different types of power: It may be a coal plant, or possibly a solar plant, however, most plants do need water for steam, and subsequently, the ability to spin the turbines. A reservoir on site or maybe water from the other utility plant may be necessary for actual power. This could both implement the possibility of unclogging the intake pipes at the power plant, and dealing with the water plant, meaning the player had to put some problem solving skills into action.Power lines. Pretty self explanatory, but a power line could go down, leaving the player without power, making it a (relatively) simple fix that the player could accomplish with cutting down a few trees and maybe a ladder.Even MORE zombies.: Some power plants are quite loud near them, and are quite the beacon at night, usually having quite a array of lights on the various things needed to run the plant. Again, this is a luxury event, cleverness and resources would be the top priority for completing it, and the more companions you have, the easier the event would likely be. This is a long list, but I think it'd be a interesting thing for players who think they have it all to try and attempt, though this would probably be something that's not even a year down the line for development, the resources involved for creating this would be immense, but I think it would be something quite unique to have in the game.
  11. Hey Guys, I had an idea that someone else has probably requested before but i'm just gonna post it again. My idea is vehicles from cars, bikes, helicopters, etc. since you can get tired very easy from running and run out of energy I thought that you could fix up a car and be able to drive it around...although there would be some obvious consequences like the car makes noise, you have to keep getting gas, have to find parts, battery's, etc. Cars Cars would be something that would be pretty hard to find because everyone has either took them with them when they escaped or they crashed them so finding a car would be a rare thing to get but you could find it in barns, garages, roads (but would most likely be out of gas), and the body of one you can piece together. Fuel for cars would be as rare as finding farming areas since there possible to find but it can take some time. My idea is that while your driving you could have 1 hour real time nonstop driving and at the speed 3x of running. Bikes Bikes would be something pretty common to find but not something you would take over a car, although a bike will never need gas you will still need to use energy to peddle but you won't get tired as quick as running. Bikes will go 2x the amount of speed from running. Helicopters Helicopters are the huge prize you can find in the game they would go 6x the speed of running but they will suck up extreme amounts of fuel and will never be in perfect shape when found they could be crash landed in a field or in a military base where they would be in a little better shape. When you find one your gonna want to remember where it is because if you plan on piecing it back together because your going to be constantly looting for days on end looking for parts. Although helicopters are the perfect vehicle it is not an escape vehicle if anything you would be using it for a fresh start since no where is safe. Thank you for anyone who's reads this i'm not the best at posting but I am very grateful if you give what I posted some thought!
  12. Basically what the title states. I'm not sure if the power is really out, but when I right click an oven, it doesn't give the "turn on" option. Is there a way to make a fire to cook on or something? Thanks in advance.
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