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Found 8 results

  1. TrailerMODE: About Espada de Sheris is an indie game of 2D platformer chapters based and focused parkour where we control a European ninja cat called Kibo, He uses the Espada de Sheris to defeat masked duzkers and save the world in a post apocalyptic 2 world divided by cats and aliens Game Link: https://kittycreampuff.itch.io/eds or https://sketbr.gamejolt.io/eds Game features Parkour Levels Hip Hop Music! Nice Unique Pixel Graphics Easy Character Controls Constant update upto Chapter Five Play now any touch or non-touch screen Free To Play (F2P) Local Multiplayer System
  2. Hi everyone. I've just released my first game on google play. You can actually play. I hope it will be fun for you. Thanks all of you Here is a link to google play Or itch.io Release trailer https://youtu.be/FJQc65YYz7A
  3. Hi everyone, I'm Percy Legendre from Half Human Games, the small team behind Dwerve, a Zelda-like action tower-defense RPG where you play as a dwarven tinkerer that uses turrets and traps to fight. Dwerve launched on Kickstarter last week so I have been trying to tell more people about it. Dwerve is an epic adventure With an engaging story Tower-defense combat Vast turret upgrades Epic boss battles Are you ready for an adventure? If you are a fan of A Link to the Past and tower-defense games like Dungeon Warfare, Orcs Must Die, and Dungeon Defenders, check out the Dwerve Kickstarter. Thanks for reading my post.
  4. Get it on Google Play Get it on Microsoft Color your stress away, unleash your creative potential and have a lot of fun with a brand new sandbox coloring by numbers game! Step into the colorful world of pixel coloring games and unleash your creativity with this fun and above all relaxing color therapy. If you are tired or under stress, play stress relief coloring pages and enjoy beautiful pixel images coloring of which will calm you down. If you have been searching for stress-free games try colouring by numbers for adults and feel its healing power and numerous health benefits. Features of Colority™ Color by Number - Pixel Art Coloring Book:- Beautiful pixel images to color- Easy controls for the best coloring experience- The screen slides along as you color.- Artwork gallery for saving your works of art- Power saving - Share your works on social networks If you are an adult, playing stress relief coloring pages will help you improve logical, cognitive and other mental skills and spur your creativity in only one short session of coloring! Sandbox coloring by numbers games help children learn colors and numbers and improve their observation, motor skills and practice their creativity and imagination. Coloring games are a relaxing pastime and provide hours of entertainment for all family members. If you want to take a break and relax, take your mobile or tablet and download anti stress colouring by numbers for adults app that will relax your mind completely wherever you are. Turn these coloring images into true works of pixel art and share them with your friends on social networks. Explore the world of sandbox number coloring book, unplug and unwind by coloring beautiful images collected in this app. Play anti stress coloring games and color to your heart’s content, use your creativity to create unique pixel art and have a lot of fun doing so! Creativity has no boundaries, so unleash it and discover endless creative possibilities with color by number games. What are you waiting for, download this sandbox number coloring book and get your color on! Once you try this color therapy, you will color around the clock! Color by Number - Pixel Art Coloring Book app is an intellectual property of Colority™. ©2018 Colority™ If you have any questions contact us at colority@gmx.com.
  5. Hello zomboid community Been following this game for a while, I didn't think Id be able to get the game loaded on my little Acer Laptop and feared Id have to wait until I was able to update my hardware but damn it runs great with only a little lag from time to time. Really impressed with the depth the developers have managed to get into the game, I've been wanting a game like this for 20 years! The community has obviously had a lot of input too I'm glad to see. So um great job everyone I guess? Been spending far too much time in PZ since I installed, might have to abandon my family for a few months and just survive for a few months. Anyway, I made this retro pixel zomboid ... could be the mobile (like Nokia 8210) version, Id buy it.
  6. The water in PZ is aesthetically flat and a little confusing. There are pixel animations within the game and I was hoping maybe the water tiles could be re-done to look more like moving water, with waves lapping at the shore. This can be done in 3D and turned into pixel sprites, to more seemlessly integrate into the atmosphere of the game. I am very impressed with the 2x Tiles and I'm not trying to devalue anyone's work. But I think creating the world's tiles in 3D would fix a lot of the perspective problems, confusing details, aesthetic inconsistencies and make animations easier. Just a thought. You guys have done amazing work on the game art so far, and I know you're focused more on making the game work well and diversifying gameplay aspects. The water of the PZ world could use a little pixel-love is all. There are some shading issues that make certain aspects of the map look flat, rather than raised. I'm just thinking making some things, like structure, in 3D would help pop out the bridges, along with better shading beneath structures. Perhaps in the distant future boats, docks, floating homes, swimming, and travel via water might be a playable aspect of the game, and with that would need a water overhaul. So really, this is isn't an immediate issue. Just ideas floating around in my brain for future possibilities.
  7. The Indie Stone presents Pulchritudinous Paint Animation v0.5.2.0 (alpha) Pulchritudinous Paint Animation is a free pixel art animation tool, in the spirit of Deluxe Paint Animation, supporting true palettised graphics, and written by me It's currently in alpha so may contain bugs and slight weirdness. It's also fairly bare-bones, feature-wise, at the moment but it's at the point where it's useable. Feedback and bug reporting would be invaluable. Click to Enbigulate Key Features True palettised graphics - changing a palette entry updates your animation in real-timeFlexible palette - rearrange palette entries without breaking your animationPhotoshop-style layersLoads Deluxe Paint Animation (*.ANM) filesDither brushesExport to animated GIFAbility to load 32bit background images for tracingFuture Planned Features Export sprite sheetsImport from sprite sheetsSupport of dither and gradient fillsAdditional tools (circles, rectangles - filled and unfilled, etc)Load / Save frames from / to images (png, gif, etc) quantising on loadOther stuff DOWNLOAD v0.5.2.0 (alpha) Requires .NET Framework 4 Client Profile CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
  8. Hi all, first up, I've only started to get into drawing pixel art, and people are amazed and think I've been doing this for years, (I've never been good at drawing, decided to try pixel art pretty recently and picked it up quite well), But I really don't think I am THAT good. Mainly because I (personally) think I don't have enough variety, and I am not sure how to add to what I have already done. For example, what I have done below, I'm not sure what I should do next with the floor, and also it all looks like one big giant blob of grey. It needs more variety, but I have no idea how to improve it in that respect. Any ideas? It's suppose to be some sort of dungeon-ish type place. The tiles in the top corner I put there to show what each piece looks like. (This is all done by me from scratch by the way, so to everyone, please don't use) Also here is some of my other work, they were games I was making, but put on hiatus because of time and just generally couldn't get the pixel art right (I like to do the art first, then do the programming, if I can't get the art right, I get frustrated and stop the game altogether...) Some Space game I was making:
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