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  1. Welcome to Redboid! Longest running Public PVP/PVE Server [Since 2015] Community Driven Dedicated Admin Team Designated Safezone KOS Everywhere 2 Usernames per player Varieties of Specially Selected and Custom Mods Custom Events [ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJYD2km-9ek5TxV1gGWncRPdgrkEFsXQL ] Name: Redboid IP: Port : 16261 No server password needed No Whitelist SERVER SETTINGS: - Player XP Bonus: 5x - Starter Kits: No - Safehouses: Yes - Nutrition: Enabled - Day Length: 3 Real-Life Hours - Time To Loot Respawn: Around 29 In-Game Hours - Max Items For Loot Respawn: 2 - Alterternative characters: x2 MODS: Autotsar Yacht Club True Crouching Advanced Trajectory Skill Journal Mod True Actions True Music Vanilla Vehicle Animation Overhaul And many more! LINKS: DISCORD: https://discordapp.com/invite/2abTaWY REDDIT: https://www.reddit.com/r/Redboid/ SEASON TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5shedSMrZoU Please feel free to join our discord! Here you will have full access to all the server’s rules, information, and designated areas for questions, suggestions, announcements, direct contact with the admins, and more. We look forward to seeing you there. As always Have Fun and Be Safe! - The Redboid Admin Team! P.S. We are based in Europe, though we do house players from all over the world, generally with smooth connections overseas.
  2. A P O C apocroleplay.com | DISCORD Apoc is an adults-only, serious mixed text/VOIP Roleplaying server. Apoc invites you to join us in an adults only, immersive, no limits roleplaying experience. We do not restrict *roleplay* in any way while upholding a quality Zomboid RPing experience. Our in-house modding team has created unique content that you won't find anywhere else. We embrace players of all skill levels, so whether you're a seasoned survivor or a fresh recruit, come join us and experience the triumphs and trials of the apocalypse like never before! • Incredibly easy whitelisting process! • Factions may request custom content such as flags, biker jackets and various cosmetics • Custom Professions and traits • Consistent passive and hosted events • Custom spawn location (Player factions can get their own) • Custom loot distributions • Our rebalanced profession system places an emphasis on teamwork, making it essential for survival and success. • Lengthy and dynamic seasons lasting more than 3 months. • Unique opt-in events ------- • No sprinters, varied zombies • Low generator consumption • Loot drop events • Lightly modded, QOL and custom content • Plenty of custom cosmetics, hairstyles and clothing available on creation • Global radio chat to easily find RP ------- • Modlist
  3. apocroleplay.com | DISCORD Apoc is an adults only, serious mixed text/VOIP Roleplaying server. We offer a fresh and serious, dark roleplaying experience. We do not police or restrict roleplay in any way. Apoc is host to unique content created by our in-house modding team and we welcome all levels of players on this journey of survival, triumph and despair. • Factions may request custom content such as flags, biker jackets and various cosmetics • Interesting events, and missions tailored to all skill levels and play styles • Easy whitelisting process • Custom spawn location (Player factions request their own) • Custom loot distributions • A rebalanced profession system to emphasize teamwork • Lengthy and dynamic seasons lasting more than 3 months. • No sprinters, varied zombies • Low generator consumption • Lightly modded for QOL and custom content. • Plenty of custom cosmetics, hairstyles and clothing available on creation • Custom global radio chat to easily find RP • Modlist
  4. A P O C apocroleplay.com | DISCORD Apoc is an adults only, serious mixed text/VOIP Roleplaying server. We offer a fresh and serious, dark roleplaying experience. We do not police or restrict roleplay in any way. Apoc is host to unique content created by our in-house modding team and we welcome all levels of players on this journey of survival, triumph and despair. • Factions may request custom content such as flags, biker jackets and various cosmetics • Interesting events tailored to all skill levels and play styles • Basic whitelisting process • Custom spawn location (Player factions can get their own) • Custom loot distributions • A rebalanced profession system to emphasize teamwork • Lengthy and dynamic seasons lasting more than 3 months. • No sprinters, varied zombies • Low generator consumption • Loot drop events • Lightly modded, QOL and custom content • Plenty of custom cosmetics, hairstyles and clothing available on creation • Custom global radio chat to easily find RP • Modlist
  5. So, I made a public server/browser list that's compiled from the public server list and the steam API. You can see it at http://pz.archspace.org/ If you do not want the bot to pull details from your server then add Robots=Disallow to your servertest.ini (or $servername.ini) You can also kick or ban the user PubServerBot from your server and it will eventually get removed. Optionally send me a message or post in this thread. Almost every server is actually flagged 'public' but a couple of popular servers weren't flagged and I was unsure if I should keep them or not. Post-steamworks integration the above no longer applies. You can click an active server and get more details including recent players, server options, mods, etc. The website is very much so an in-development product and mostly a learning exercise for node.js and jquery. It might blow up.
  6. Hello everyone, I am the owner of the Brutality server. We run a lot differently compared to other servers. When you spawn you will not spawn in a random place, instead you will spawn in the safe zone. Also called the Starter Base, SZ or starter zone, its the main social and trade hub of the server. As a server rule, all player safehouses are located in Lousville. This has allowed us to run events and scenarios very effectively where everyone gets to enjoy. We have many events like : Cold snap, Chopper search, Supply drop, Prison Escape, Whackamole, Helicopter Raid, Blood moon, Military convoy, Pit Challenge, Operations Let There Be Light, Operations Defend the Light, Solar Flare, Tornado, Military Operation In Lousville, New Moon, Santa Attack We have PvP OFF, and its only turned on for special events, duels or faction warfare and when its turned ON pvp is only allowed between consenting parties. Our events are as the name suggests, brutal. For instance, cold snap drops temperatures to -40 with 120km/hour winds for a few hours Or blood moon that turns all zombies into sprinters. These events and the fact that safehouses are only allowed in lousville has created a good community that is surviving against hordes of zombies that not only are spawned by the game, but also manually spawned by the admins. Safezone defense events also reward players for defending their community hub with clothes, skills, and weapons. https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/zomboid/13794864 https://discord.gg/RRDttKqpcc Happy surviving ow and its Public - No whitelisting - No password .
  7. new server, pvp/pve rules, so pretty much no rules. Server status : Online this is a vanilla server from now on, there is no mods needed to play here, just join and have fun. IP: Port: 16326 Name : The Brutal Monster Location : Minisoda, USA Version : Build 27 Player slots : 20 Server up time: 24/7 server should never be down, both the router and the machine run off a battery backup.(if it goes down for maintenance i will post here.). Whitelisting: On, but server is set to open till its needed. Starting Loadout : 2x Ramen,1x Kitchen Knife,1x Bandaid,1x Bottle of Water,1x Duffel Bag. map page: http://pzmap.crash-override.net/?#0.6365049610908271,0.18308913956554043,5.385897339767422 Time on Server: The time on the server is set to 5 hours, so days and nights are longer.
  8. Hey guys! Just bought my own public server with 20 slots available. If the demand is there I'll gladly increase it. It's my first time running a PZ server so any tips or suggestions would be nice! Server IP: Port: 16261
  9. Hogans Hideout Build 29.3 PVP/COOP TOUGH ZOMBIES/5 Hours days WEST COAST USASERVER IS BACKUP AND WILL NOW has a full dedicated machine for it 16gb or RAM QUAD CORE.NEW RELEASE! HOGANS HELL NEW IP SERVER STANDARD PORT NEW!!! JOIN Team Speak @ ADDRESS: 1-6 month Power/Water -Days are 5 hours server ages constantly, So lots of time to get setup before power outage. -Would like to see RAIDERS and COOP. -Zombies are Tough and can Zombies and will follow your for longer so don't let them spot you on your way home.
  10. 8 - 17 - 2014 UPDATE: "... and from its ashes a new phoenix arose" After almost 2 months, the server is finally up. But since then new ideas have made it into my head. The server is released under a new name, THE UNDERTAKING: ORIGINS , so go there now, and read all about it. This forum post/thread/topic will no longer be in use. old stuff if you want to nag me about changing my stance on certain things. MORE ABOUT HARD/SOFT RESETS ABOUT THE SOFTCORE ROLEPLAY HOW PvP/PvE WOULD WORK SPAWN AREA / OUTPOST ROSE / AND NEW PLAYER STARTER SURVIVAL KIT INITIAL GAME WORLD CONDITION
  11. Server is down: IP: projectz.noip.me UPDATE: Server now works! UPDATE 2: My internet is cutting out sporatically. Until I can resolve the problem efficiently, the server will be offline. I'm sorry for the massive inconvenience. I will try to have it up and running by tomorrow. *LAST SERVER RESET: (5/30/14) -Soft (6/9/14) - Hard Features Here is a list of features that this server has included. Roleplay: This server is heavily roleplay based, we expect everyone to roleplay and to put themselves into the scenario that they are being faced. We expect everyone to be realistic and to follow basic roleplay rules. PVP: This is a PVP server however we expect everyone to be realistic and to give players and chance before gunning them down. Events: Yes, events! This is probably the most dynamic thing, there will be a wide assortment of events here are some examples of the many events that this server will present. Dropped Supply Bag: An resource bag has been dropped by a survivor that was traveling through the city. This bag can contain ammo, guns, food and medical supplies.Air Drops: Crates dropped with supplies on the map at certain times. A horde is likely to be on or nearby the location. Location will be detailed by the admin (as I have no way to send it over a server-message).Hordes: Hordes will routinely become a problem for survivors, but this also means more XP options and fun for those who like a bit of challenge.Supply Area Overrun: An house filled with supplies will be overrun and it will be the players choice to clear it and get the supplies or ignore it. All events will be announced over the Global Chat as well as over the forum if they are major events FACTIONS (This list will be updated daily) The outbreak killed the initial population of Muldraugh and West Point, however small bands of survivors are grouping together to survive, this server is based around factions and we encourage every player to join a faction or make there own. Pre-Set Factions The Government: The last official group of Law Enforcement left in the area, they are based in Muldraugh at the time being but have hopes to expand into West Point if the opportunity is given. (Based in Muldraugh (Sunstar Hotel) ~Government players get a "Bonus" in that since it's the Government, members will be given guns and ammo as well as large stocks of food to guard the Sunstar Hotel. However please note they will not be overpowered and may even fall one day to survivors. The Government will have large stocks of supplies making the Sunstar Hotel a large trade post as well as an danger zone due to raiders attempting to steal the governments supplies. However it will be heavily protected so it is encouraged to be a trade zone. (Trading) This is to make it so players operating in this faction don't have to scavenge once everything shuts off.** * Players who join the Government then leave will usually be marked as an enemy of the government. Members: Admin Magnum2016 Marie Romanovich (Deceased) Raiders: Survivors who have chosen the life of killing other survivors for supplies, they are not organized and it will not be an uncommon sight to see raiders killing each other for supplies. Scavengers: The rest of the players. They are neutral and focus mainly on surviving. They are most likely to group up and help one another but will kill other players as needed. When one kills another player to take their things, they must turn their PvP Safety off and join the Raider faction. Outside of those 3 factions, players will be able to create their own and detail what they do. This is, of course, mainly based on the factor of how many people we get in. Things are likely to change. Player-Made Factions Factions made by other players if you are interested in making your own faction please post in the forum List of Player made factions: (WILL BE UPDATED SOON) Chat We expect all players to stay in character and rarely go Out Of Character (OOC) however if you have a question or if you are having issues with the server feel free to ask. Use *R* to "Radio" people when speaking in Global chat, and (), [], {} when using OOC. In Local Chat, just type since you're face to face. So those are more details regarding the ambition. Firstly, I would like to ask people for their opinions on this and when the server goes up, opinions and feedback on that. Update 1: Server will attempt to maintain a 24/7 status. There may be hiccups that cause players to DC (Disconnect) and be forced to reconnect. There may be other times where the server needs to be restarted or is down because of extranneous variables such as my internet sputtering out (I have an older router and an even older modem). I will whitelist the server if there are griefers/cheaters, this is for other players' continuous enjoyment in order to maintain stable server.No mods active please, this is running the Vannila game.
  12. Welcome to the Narcotical Project Zomboid server, where you can be a total douche and it's allowed. The server is currently run in a VPS in Chicago, allowing strong performance and great up-time. The server allows for players to engage in PvP with no real restrictions. Friendly or not, that's up to you. We allow attack on sight with the disabling of the status system. We're a simple server, so we don't really find much purpose in listing out a large amount of features. If you just want straight Project Zomboid PvP multiplayer fun, come join! Our only rules are no hacking, no racism, and general common sense. We wipe the server monthly. Join today!:
  13. hi, me again. playing with a friend. anyway, we're hosting a PZ server for a day or two or so and if you're looking for some short fun come on and join. this is likely not going to be a long lasting server, only going to be up for a day or two so join in while you can! we only have a few rules going on: 1. no hacking. 2. no hacking. 3. seriously, no hacking. otherwise, pvp is enabled and so is global chat. so have fun with that IP:
  14. Hostname (IP) : zomboidatope.no-ip.biz Port : 16261 Username : YOURNAME (without spaces or special characters) You can choose a password if you want, so your username will be protected. ______________________ Dirección (IP) : zomboidatope.no-ip.biz Puerto: 16261 Nombre de usuario: TUNOMBRE(sin espacios,o caracteres especiales) Puedes cambiar la contraseña si quieres, de esta forma tu nombre estará protegido. SERVER SETTINGS PVP=true PauseEmpty=true GlobalChat=true Open=true ServerWelcomeMessage= <RGB:1,0,0> Artelo. LogLocalChat=false AutoCreateUserInWhiteList=false DisplayUserName=true SpawnPoint=0,0,0 SafetySystem=true ShowSafety=false SafetyToggleTimer=100 SafetyCooldownTimer=120 SpawnItems=Base.Axe ResetID=304671784 Las opciones pueden ser modificadas en cualquier momento. / Options can be changed anytime. _______ ESTADO DEL SERVIDOR /CURRENT STATUS: ONLINE
  15. IP : ll2 . l87 . ll7 . 1O - just type that (do not copy and paste, avoid bot) Player slots : no limit simple and easy 24 Hours, no down teamspeak
  16. Server Info: (IP: pzo1.no-ip.biz) Welcome to Project Zomboid: Online! ProjectZomboidOnline.com is the first multiplayer PZ community, aiming to host a selection of quality servers and maintain an enjoyable and structured environment. PZ:O recognizes the amazing MMO-esque potential this game has and hopes to gather like-minded individuals to enjoy the same aspects (as well as let the PZ team know that such interest exists)! PZ:O will host a handful of servers of varying types (with different PVE/PVP types, reset times, etc.), as well as providing community tools to introduce players to each other and keep them engaged (forums, chatroom, twitter, facebook). Feel free to spread the word about PZ:O and bring your friends along! Server Info: (Alpha - IP: pzo1.no-ip.biz) Project Zomboid: Online currently hosts one server (named "Alpha"). Alpha is accessible via the following IP address: pzo1.no-ip.biz. The server allows PVP but is intended to be more cooperative than not (obviously this aspect is up to the players, but just as in a "real" zombie apocalypse it's in everybody's favor to collaborate and trade with other individuals/clans). The Alpha server will "soft reset" (refill containers) once per week (next on 3/17/2014). The server will "hard reset" (everything gone) once per month (next on 4/10/2014). We recommend everyone follow us on Twitter to get instant news about the server (including exciting "clan"/in-game news, server notices, etc.). http://twitter.com/ProjectZOnline
  17. THIS SERVER IS CLOSED If you want to know why : http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/5746-offline-pzmindescapeeu-closed/page-22#entry101810
  18. THIS SERVER IS RUNNING THE BUILD 25v3 updated at 26.03.14 - 19:45 CET See here the instructions : http://theindiestone...build-25-sp-mp/ Hey Yo Survivor, its me Jesse. What you didnt knew, i love Video Games. I thought i host a Server after my odyssey with Walter.... finally can chill out in Germany (alaska was way too cold) and play pZ all day long. mostly very friendly ppl playing on this server PS: still got some blue meth left muhahahaha! CONNECTION Hostname (IP) : Jp-Pz.No-Ip.Biz Port : 16261 (default) Username : YOURNAME (without spaces or special characters) You can choose a password if you want, so your username will be protected. SERVER SETTINGS Max. Players = 32 Zombie Population = normal Loot Rarity = normal PVP=truePauseEmpty=trueGlobalChat=trueOpen=trueLogLocalChat=true (so u wont miss what ur buddy wrote local)AutoCreateUserInWhiteList=trueDisplayUserName=trueSpawnPoint=0,0,0SafetySystem=trueShowSafety=trueSafetyToggleTimer=100SafetyCooldownTimer=120SpawnItems= Don't kill on sight! And definately don't kill fresh Spawns... It's desirable to do RP to make this the best experience possible. But you don't have to do RP, just dont play it like a damn Maniac! You can choose a password when you join so your username will be protected and nobody else can take it. RULES RULE 1 No cheating. RULE 2 No insults, racism, etc. RULE 3 Don't use unallowed Characters in ur Name, allowed Characters are A-Z, 0-9.... etc..... unallowed are especially those crypt symbols no one has on his keyboard....I dont want to see those Crypto Names anymore, Names like "Фант".... get an instant Ban RESET SOFT RESETS AREN'T WORKING VERY WELL, WE'LL CONTINUE WITH FULL RESETS ONLY. NEXT HARD RESET WILL BE perhaps ON 28/03/2014 16:30 CET + (gmt+1) Server has been hard resetted 24/03/2014 at 16:15 CET (gmt+1) SERVER STATUS Problems connecting? Check if u have Build 25v3 (Update from 25.03.14) installed then leave me please a Message Main Menu Bottom right corner shows Build 25
  19. Come and check out our 32 man server, Always On, Dedicated Connection. Settings are set to default, will change according to what active population wants. IP: Port: 16261 Connect to our 512 man TeamSpeak and talk with other survivors, Private Channels available for Clans/Groups Address:
  20. Skyfire Zomboid Server Rules: 1. Do not kill players in the spawn house. 2. No Spamming or Cheating. ---------------------------------------------------------- Where are you hosted? Is the server 24/7? Skyfire Zomboid is a 24/7 dedicated server hosted on the East Coast of the United States. Unlike other servers we are not plagued with lag and rendering errors due to a lack of resources. We have everything to keep you and your friends on the server and happy! ---------------------------------------------------------- Are there wipes on this server? This server is wiped when the admins see it fit. In our perspective the server should not be wiped unless the map is almost completely looted and destroyed. We don't want to see your precious builds and progress ruined so don't worry! We won't wipe the server unless necessary. ---------------------------------------------------------- RPG Tips: - Don't kill random kids for no reason. Unless they have a reason try not to kill someone since it really isn't doing anything for you beside making you enemies. - If you enjoy killing people and stealing please try to roleplay being a thief. - None of these tips are rules so follow them as you please. ---------------------------------------------------------- IP: ---- Port: Default. Server Status: Offline for now. Should be back up shortly. Switching hosts. JOIN TODAY FOR THE BEST PROJECT ZOMBOID MULTIPLAYER EXPERIENCE!
  21. NOTE (1st March 2014): Once the new update is out, the server will be switched to a PVE - WhiteListed only server. I will setup a few links soon where people can sign up for the server's whitelist. I simply do not want any hackers or griefers on my server. I want an atmosphere of coop gaming and that is what I will be pushing out. You will need to provide your SteamID or your Steam Profile link to be able to qualify for the whitelist. Stay Tuned! NOTE (25-Feb-2014): As of right now, hackers, griefers are running wild and free on the server and we currently have no admin tools to kick/ban these players out of the game. The next update will bring us the tools we need to take care of the griefers. Till then, bare with us at the huge mess the server is in right now. Better things will come, when the developers release the next update of the game. Hello Everyone When i found out that MP is finally out for PZ, I wanted to launch a server but before that I wanted to have a go at it first. My curiosity got the better of me and I spent a few hours playing on the first open pvp server by Eliakoh. Have been in talks with him for a while now and he's a cool guy from what I can tell. Helped me out as well when I needed it Server IP: Hostname: revolut10n.com [might be pointing to old IP Address for the next 48 hours] That's the number 10 in the word. Server is based in Germany with Hetzner. Currently the server has been dedicated 4 GB of RAM. If plenty of people play on it and it does run low on RAM, I will provide it with more =]. Server Location: Northern France Server Provider: OVH The devs want bug reports and stuff to help improve their game, so jump on in the server and cause some chaos Try not to PVP at spawn area please, lets all be civilized for the first 10 minutes of our life EDIT: SERVER Currently OFF-Line while I set the new server up. New world with fresh resources and everything. If all goes well, No more Server resets, a persistent world for days to come. Setup your farms, your houses, your camps and Game On! Edit 2: New Server now online, Server has 16 GB Ram dedicated to it to support a huge number of players. Edit 3: Updated Title with Prefix. Also World Resetted [ 26th Feb 2014 ]
  22. Welcome. This is a server hosted by me. This server is on build25b because I really love the 3D Models, and I can't run the new version. It crashes on startup. But anyways, PvP Is on, safety is on. I hope you all enjoy the server. You can play on this server with the new version, I think. But enough talking, here's the IP: "" Port is default. Have fun!
  23. Server Closed I need to put more ram into it, wasn't going to work very well with out more
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