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Found 7 results

  1. I think it'd be nice to be able to lock pick in the game like for car doors as well as regular doors. I think this mechanic could be some kind of lock picking skill that you'd improve from picking locks as well as boost through lock picking books. Maybe there could even be a locksmith occupation that gets you started on the functional capabilities of said skill. Perhaps the skill could also be in the burglar occupation. I think for the tools needed it'd be standard lock picks or maybe you could even make some out of the paperclips you find in the game. For starters, It'd be nice to be able to unlock a car without having to find the key or smash the window in addition to hotwiring it. As for doors it'd be nice being able to get in the building without having to find the key or bash my way in through said door or other entrance. For padlocks it'd be nice to get through those too. I guess for the mechanic to work, with all the proper items and skills in hand you'd right click the you want to lock pick and select "pick lock" and the progress meter would fill up as you pick the lock. It will take a few tries until success and fewer tries and faster ones as you level up.
  2. I've compiled a list of jobs that PZ already has, and jobs that I think they should have. Ones they already have are in black. Ones that are planned are in blue. Ones they don't have in red. Actor Artist Baker Bomb Squad Burglar Carpenter Chef Chiropractor Customer Service Construction Worker Dentist Doctor Drug Dealer Electrician EMT Engineer Farmer Fastfood Worker (Burger Flipper) FBI Fireman (Fire Officer) Fisherman Fitness Instructor Garbage Collector Handyman Hunter Janitor IT Worker Librarian (Bookkeeper) Lumberjack Mason Military Officer Musician Nurse Office Worker Painter Park Ranger Pilot Plumber Police Officer Prisoner Pro Athlete Professor Psychologist Rancher Repairman Salesman Secretary Security Guard Singer Soldier (Military Soldier) Store Clerk (Cashier) Student Surgeon SWAT Tailor Teacher Truck Driver Unemployed Veteran Waiter This is the list I've got. Let me know what you think, and thanks for reading
  3. Now with NPCs soon to come and multiplayer already released! We are not all alone anymore in single or multiplayer! I enjoy playing supportive roles in games and have noticed that the character traits have a lot of options but is mainly self centered. Which isn't bad just I think it would be fun if they had time, could add more traits and roles which were best brought out in a group. Some Ideas in general to help build supportive strong groups: OCCUPATIONS Pastor - possibly can give long term stress and unhappiness reduction through certain actions. EMT-(unique trait maybe called Community Care) when group members get hurt, the attributed character becomes more calm. The EMT also has a decent starting level of defensive driving (if that is going to be a thing) and a small level of health care Paramedic- (unique trait maybe called Community Care) when group members get hurt, the attributed character becomes more calm. The Paramedic also has a decent starting level of health care and a small level of defensive driving TRAITS (not sure about the names) Comedic Knowledge- surrounding group members can become happy through specific actions such as randomly displayed jokes Argumentative - group member(s) surrounding the attributed character often become angry when the attributed character is bored Abusive - group member(s) surrounding the attributed character often become fearful when the character is in pain (shouting attracts zombies) Blood Lust- group member(s) surrounding the attributed character sometimes become anxious when the attributed character is in combat Auditory Learner- group member(s) surrounding the attributed character learn a fraction of what is being learned when the attributed character is reading a book Spotter- group member(s) surrounding the attributed character gain an accuracy bonus when out of combat Would love more ideas
  4. Okay, here's my idea and to the indie stone I think y'all will appreciate this one. Instead of 'unemployed' we should make an option for 'custom occupations.' In other words, the same thing but allow you to change the name of said occupation if you choose. This would take some weight off the indiestone from having to make even more occupations but at the same time it would fill in many many different occupations that were left out either due to time constraint or simply lacking the thought of it. Tell me what you think. 8 points to spend and the option to change the name from Unemployed to another occupational name of your choice.
  5. Allow me to preface this thread by stating: My favorite draw of games with customizable characters is the multitude of unique, interesting characters I can make. A lot of times when I play Oblivion or Shadowrun or DnD or Pathfinder, I care more about realistically playing that character than acquiring gold and levels. The beauty of success lies in the boundaries that were placed upon you and having different restrictions for my character gives me different avenues of success and extends the life of a game. That being said, I adore how I can take any number of negative (and to a lesser extent, positive) traits in PZ. It adds untold depth to the angles at which I can attack the game, so here is an extended list of traits a lifetime roleplayer would love to see in PZ. Positive Traits Adaptive: You gain experience more quickly. Aider: Wounds you treat are less prone to infection and are less painful. You can use alcohol to clean wounds. Adrenaline Junkie: Panic reduces your anxiety and boredom. You become less fatigued while panicking. Affable: Other survivors are more likely to ally with you and are willing to give you better bargains in trades. Armorer: You are more effective at repairing your equipment and require less materials to do so. Avid Reader: Books and newspapers give you a small amount of experience in random skills. Additionally, reading reduces your anxiety. Catlike: You suffer less vision penalty at night. Additionally, you take less falling damage. Educator: You can craft manuals of your current skill level (Cooking for Intermediates, etc.) instead of writing journals. Manuals take as much time to write as they take to read. Escape Artist: You are slowed less by nearby zombies and trees. You can break windows by jumping through them. Explorer: Exploring new areas reduces your anxiety and unhappiness. Additionally, you don't become fatigued as quickly when in new places. Fast Healer: You heal at an accelerated rate. Guardian: Allies near you experience less anxiety and panic. When you are near an ally, you deal increased damage to zombies. Juggernaut: You have more life than most people. Looter: You can pick up and pack items at a faster rate. Items you have recently found (for the first time) have temporarily reduced weight. Pack Mule: You can equip two backpacks. Prisoner: You don't become bored as quickly and improvised weapons (such as forks or scissors) have more durability. Scrounger: You suffer less from penalties imposed by certain foods. Uncooked foods are less likely to sicken you. Negative Traits Addiction: Extended use of certain substances result in dependency. The substances can include, alcohol, anti depressants, beta blockers, cigarettes, painkillers, and sleeping pills. Your addiction must be satisfied every day or your anxiety and unhappiness will rise more quickly. Arrhythmia: You take damage from high exertion. Asthma: For one hour every day, you become exhausted, regardless of activity. Depression: You become unhappy more quickly. Diabetes: Not eating enough sugar causes you to become exhausted and/or fatigued. Envious: You become anxious around other survivors. Hydrophobic: You become anxious near bodies of water or during rainstorms. Illiterate: You aren't able to read books or newspapers. You cannot write journals. Loner: You have a hard time turning other survivors into allies. Osteoporosis: You have a higher chance of sustaining broken bones and fractures. Pacifist: You gain XP in weapon skills at half the normal rate. Paranoia: Your anxiety causes you to panic. Hoarder: You become anxious when you aren't carrying at least 80% of your carrying capacity. If you want to add more to the compendium, just post in this thread. I'll do my best to keep it updated/add more.
  6. First off I did search to see if this had been brought up already. if it has and you can provide a link to the thread that would be appreciated. so far we have: unemployedsecurity guardpolice officerfiremanrangerbuilderthese are some ideas for perks I would like to see: Sailor = less effected by rainy/cold weatherchef = advanced cooking skill. tasty food with less ingredients.miner = see better in dark and make explosives (if added)office worker = does not get boredlumberjack = can cut trees faster and make more planks per logwhat occupations would you like to see and what would be the perks?
  7. Hey, so I saw a number of other suggestions and future implemented additions the to game, and I thought about a few more potential traits and occupations to the game. Sadly, I have never made it late game. I do sandbox with insane amount if zombies and no infection trying to survive as long as I can. Thus a lot of these are probably for earlier than later in game. Anyway, onto the occupations Sales pitcher. "Used to trying to sell to customers, they learnt first-hand experience about convincing others about a certain thing" - Affects NPC, possibly making them trust easier (Unsure how NPCs will be implemented, nor the affect of brooding traits on it etc) Electrician "Building a career in electrician appliances, they know a thing or two about how to wire things together and the necessary safety hazards" -Less chance of electrocution. -Finds more wires/electrical crafting appliances. (I saw the possible suggestions of welding, and electricians) Teacher/professor "Used to writing out information in note form for others to use and learn from, they can write down their knowledge for others to learn. Of course, not form is not all..." -Can use pen+empty notepad to write a notepad about revelant known skills for others to get a small multipler from (Thinking if a master, can write up to expert level in that skill. Also, it only gives makes it 1.5x xp bonus, rather than the 3, useful for multiplayer or NPCs if they can learn skills) Boxer "Practising in the gym made them stronger, faster and deadlier with their fists and upper body strength" -Unarmed combat is faster -Deals more(?) unarmed damage. Nurse "Used to attending injuries, they gained knowledge about medical needs for the injured" -Can apply bandages better -Makes 'medical bandages' rather than 'rag bandages' Doctor "All that medical knowledge and university courses meant that they had a good career helping others" -Can make mixtures (Berries, water, other items?) that slow down health drop rate (Keeping those NPCs alive when sick) - Can aid in injuries healing faster. - Can diagnose if someone is infected. Vet "Working with animals meant that they knew how to care for them and treat them. Now, it can mean acting how to appear friendly to nearby critters" -Allows walking up to animals, rather than them being frightened away. Chef/cook "Making food people enjoy. That was their way of life. Getting it just right, and above what others can do" -Permeant 1.75x xp modifier for cooking -Harder to burn food -Cooked food has higher positive mood lets. Scavenger "Living life with just collecting what they could. Unable to carry the heavier items much with them, they stored the smaller items more" - Objects 1 lb or less have their weight halved. Sorry about the huge spam. To be honest, I had a few ideas from the zombie survival guide, world war Z (book) and resident evil outbreak characters. I didn't want to put them separately, so I thought I'd create this to put them together.
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