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Found 9 results

  1. TL/DR : Get new electrical cable in game (14/2 gage), be able to make makeshift electrical post, connect generator from a safe distance. I was reading some posts in steam discussion and I thought that this would be a good idea : having some electrical cable and being able to connect a generator far from one's base. Right now, you need to connect generator close to your base or at least where you keep your food. This has two major drawbacks : (1) noise attrack zombies, (2) risk of explosion (when condition is low). Seems to me in a zombie appocalipse, as soon I'd notic
  2. Intro To The Idea: My friend and I were talking today when out of nowhere he came up with an amazing suggestion for Project Zomboid. I am sending it out to y'all for him as he isn't the greatest zomboid fan (having only 5 hours in). His idea was the possibility of finding back-up generators scattered throughout muldraugh. If TIS (The Indie Stone) does end up adding negative zed levels, ie basements, then there will have to be something occupying these spaces other than a garbage can or a couple of spare nails. Imagine you have spent several weeks on a new character, prep
  3. I have been doing a little testing as an invisible admin on how sound ques currently work. Here's a run through of what I would suggest would work better to make the gameplay more interesting, realistic etc. This is of course all stuff that isn't a priority over bigger stuff, but some things are an issue and changing them would improve current gameplay. I would maybe put these changes to effect after the stealth overhaul to create balance for that and emphasize it's meaning. [note] When I'm talking about something making a sound, I mean in game as in zombies reacting to it. 1. First the mo
  4. The Problem In Project Zomboid, the primary method of getting past zombies is engaging in combat, either with melee hits or with weapons such as firearms. The other option is to slowly sneak past them and avoid the zombies' line of sight. This is a good start for stealth mechanics, but it is definitely lacking. How Can the Game Improve in Respect to this Problem? Add throwable objects that produce a noise which pull nearby zombies towards it. Note: Would only work for zombies that have not yet locked onto the player. Two Types: Short Distraction - Rocks, glass bottles, etc. When thrown t
  5. Sap guys ! I already made one of these on the old forums, I sadly didn't keep any trace of it. We might have lost some good suggestions/discussions in the process. Why a massive thread instead of multiple "unique suggestion" threads ? Simply because I don't want to spam threads and make some other interesting ones go down the list ; better have 1 thread I'll update than 15 new threads in which I'll get lost. I'll try to keep it as clear as possible and use a color code to point the importance of each suggestion (from "Distant future" to "needed ASAP" and "Confirmed"), keep in mind is all su
  6. So while playing I noticed that, when the power is off for the city, the buildings are still alarmed and go off, something a lot of people believe is taking away from the immersion of the atmosphere. During my contemptations about how to deal with this, and messing with my skills at the time, I came up with an idea that makes sense, especially for the long run for gameplay and possibly for MP as well. Instead of relying on alarms alone for an audio cue for zeds to swarm a location, put a small change to cause a more subtle "looting alarm" for players looking through loot locations. It could b
  7. Hello all, So I thought it would be a good idea to allow for sound proofing of windows, walls, and doors in the future of PZ considering the fact that generators will make quite a bit of noise and having several survivors in one room talking and what not would make quite the racket as well. It would be make-shift proofing of course, made of egg crates and what not pinned to the walls (doors or barricaded windows) via nails. Grant it, the proofing will not block out all the noise made inside but it could help. I figure it also could be somewhat of a double edged sword as well, reducing soun
  8. I think it would definitely help sandbox gameplay if I could alter the talkativity of the undead. Playing on sprinters without being able to hear them is pretty jacked-up. In most sprinter-zombie lore, they tend to jabber and shout, none of this grunting and hissing you slower folks practice. A couple of degrees to this would certainly be ideal, too; players could then set stealthy, slow zombies who rarely attract the attention of their friends or the survivors, obnoxious, horde-prone sprinters, or moderately loud, moderately fast shamblers who group up like normal. Or something else, I don't
  9. Ive been thinking and life in the muldraugh zombie apocalypse still isnt unfair enough ! So I came up with the ideas of either tiles, or random noise making by the sadistic ai director. However what I mean is, ever saw these movies, or had that moment yourself when you were sneaking somewhere, thinking "Im such an epic badass no one will take me down, because im such a badass ninja and s-" and bam! You accidently tripped into something, or knocked down a bottle and woke someone up / made someone notice you. Imagine sneaking past a zombie horde, thinking "HECKYE! THIS GAME IS SO EASY :D" and su
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