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Found 1 result

  1. Started a private server located on the east coast with a white list so there is almost no chance of cheaters. So far we are about 7 strong. We are willing to let other like minded honest gamers with integrity to join us. Pm me or post and I can set up an interview to talk about some things. (preferably over teamspeak or steam voice chat) -I plan on no resets what so ever unless a major patch deems its a must (such as new animations/maps) Thus trading will become a must in the later years of the world (I like nails as a monetary currency) -Currently there are 24 player slots. (More can be added if needed) -PVP is on but strict rules for PVP are to be followed. Such as no RDMing for the sake of RDMing -Hardcore Death means once that character has been killed you are done with it, you may not remake the same character (how ever one priest we had before did make his recently deceased character's son, I was okay with this) -Make or break style of surviving, sometimes its best to team up with a faction while other times is best to rob them or kill them if they cause trouble. -Meta-gaming is frowned on but just don't over do it. -Strict building code, Do not go around building stairways to heaven or demoing public buildings unless you have claimed it and created traps for looters -Cheating is NOT allowed, if caught you will be publicly shamed and banned for life. -If creating a faction you will either be friendly traders, bandits, community centers. -There are two NO PVP trading hubs, one in each town (Mall and Tavern) Everything is pretty laid back just don't go to crazy and enjoy some zomboid how its meant to be played, privately and without cheaters. Keep in mind with the new traits, communities will be a must so you can have jobs dedicated to those with the skills best suited.
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