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Found 1 result

  1. Updated Post (Jan 23, 2015): Welcome! This thread hosts previously saved games from a single game I started called a "Legacy Game". All players are welcome to join in the fun! How this works: A player (anyone) downloads the latest save game (usually found towards the end of the most recent string of posts in this thread). The game is played until the character dies. Then the save is made available for the next player in this thread. (You can sign up for a free Dropbox account and put your save there, then post a link to download it in this thread). Installing save games is detailed at the bottom of this post. FAQ: Does the previous world and items carry over when the save is played by the next player? YES! For this reason, most players are keeping a journal in game to record their character's experiences. Later players will be able to find these journals. How long can I play my character in game? You can survive in game as long as you want. Live one day or eleven months. How long can I play my character in real life? Try to be aware that other players may be waiting for you to finish before playing your save. Most people play for a few days maximum but there is no rule. Keep in mind that if you are "bogarting" the save with a long play, someone may come along and start a new timeline. What happens if two people start playing the same save? Won't this get confusing? Yes it can be done, and yes it will get confusing. What will happen is that additional timelines will start to appear from the rip in the fabric of PZ space-time. Nothing wrong with that! We will call it the multiverse and probably start giving names to all the different timelines, like Legacy-616 and Legacy-911. The more the merrier. Can I use mods? Yes. But be courteous and let players know when you offer your save. Keep in mind some (most?) people may not want to play with mods activated so your timeline might die off. But I'm ok with timelines appearing that use mods. Legacy-Raincoat? Legacy-420? What if some jerk plays a save, goes around burning down the entire town, and uses up all the loot? Won't that ruin the game for the next guy? I think it will be survival of the fittest for timelines. Personally, I wouldn't want to play a save after someone did that. I would just play an earlier save and then post that save when I'm done. So if you want your save to become part of a continuing timeline, I'd suggest being lovely to your successors. Otherwise natural selection will cull your character from the lengthening multiverse. Final thoughts: Most people are role playing their characters rather than power gaming a long survival time. Focus tends to be on leaving journals over massive bases. Just a general guideline, not a rule. Original Post: Awhile back I suggested a type of play (in a thread I can no longer find) where one plays until death, then passes the game on to the next person, who plays until death. Keep repeating and see how far into the zombie apocalypse we can crowd source a single game. A Legacy Game remains a single player game but adds time shifted multiplayer. You see evidence of other survivors but you will never encounter another survivor. So without further ado is the first Legacy Game. Unzip the download into your Zomboid Survival folder. C:\Users\<your name here>\Zomboid\Survival Details: Survivor Mode IWBUMS 30 (I made it only 9 days! Holy undead is build 30 bad ass now!!!!) https://www.dropbox.com/s/mrlwtxipcr3djhm/23-12-2014_07-07-48.zip?dl=0 When you die, drop your save game into this thread. Keep all discussions about your game in this thread in Spoiler tags. Tip: Fill out a Journal for the next player to potentially find.
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