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Found 8 results

  1. So... in Zomboid there is a bit of a problem i've seen across long lasting servers. Servers either have to have loot respawns on, so everything randomly re-appears into the world again, or let their world go on naturaly, till every possibly resource has been used up. At which point it's stone axes, spears and log walls, True Caveman style. But.. It would be lovely to have the ability or option for more sustainable gameplay. The ability to "Completely" fix weapons and tools, like wood axes, and crowbars. I have 3 suggestions, 2 of which are idea's directly inspired from mods, that aim to add more Sustainability into the later game. "Axes & Recrafting." "Wooden Dowels." "Washed Up Containers." The hope with these idea's is that people can still keep on keeping on, with building and their favourite axe, all throughout the game. The First: Axes & Recrafting. To begin with tools, (Axes Specifically) are of course a limited comodity, unless you count the luck of finding some in the back of a zombies head. And when they break, that's it, you get "Maybe" depending on your carpentry skill a couple more repairs out of them, but then they break forever, and are completely useless. What's proposed is a change to the repair mechanic for some tools, very similar to Shokin's "Axe's Recrafting" Mod. Having the ability to repair tools like the Wood axe, fireaxe and handaxe through a mix of metalworking and woodworking skills would, not only add another reason to go through those skill tree's, but also give these tools, a highly extended life for their intended purpose of cutting tree's (and skulls). The Second: Wooden Dowels. This is an idea directly taken from another mod: Onkeen's "Wooden Dowels" Mod. Essentially, in the world, like with tools there are a limited number of nails. In single player this is often by far plenty for any one person to ever possibly manage, but they will at some point have to venture into the world to find more nails. In multiplayer on the other hand, if you join into a server that's been running for a good period of time, you're likely to encounter completely stripped houses, and not a single box of nails, due to people just Needing them for building. This really limits the options you have for building your own base later on, or even boarding up windows. The proposed changes, would add Wooden dowels, to be able to be crafted (Possibly more yeilded the higher your crafting skill). This would have a few avid benefits for the crafting tree too. It'd give players another way to farm xp for woodworking besides deconstrucing materials in the world, making it also more sustainable in that regard, for continuous worlds. The Third: "Washed Up Containers" This is a more an open ended idea, to add a little more conflict, exploration, and give fresh materials to players lucky/willing enough to find them. The containers being more or less, randomly placed "Shipping Containers" throughout the world (Though, possibly only along the river shoreline) Being washed up, containing anything from; Food to Weapons, Furniture, Medicine, clothes, potted plants, Vehicles, Electrical Equipment. Anything really, that'd logically be transported in shipping containers. These would basically extended the amount of supplies, throughout the game for many different things. People can use them for dismantling, but also as decoration or materials, lessening the blow after, a year old character who's dismantled and used up countless materials to get the knowledge they have, then inevitably kicks the bucket. This would also hopefully give an insentive to drive organised players, or those hoping for decent loot towards a select part of the map fora period of time. Possibly inspiring PvP between players, trying to get the loot for themselves. The locations could also be Given out on the emergency radio broadcast or other channels, giving co-ordinates or real life co-ordinates for people to use to hunt down. I realise the 3rd Point is very much like airdrops, but either or would greatly help players trying to get a foothold in a long lasting world. Also Sorry for any gramar mistakes/ nonsensicleness I'm not the best with words. I'd love to hear any criticism, or idea's for these suggestions. Either way Happy The New Year!
  2. 4000+ Downloads ! Thanks for supporting the Dowels ! This mod is an answer to my own suggestion here : http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/1043-les-chevilles-de-bois-carpentry-suggestion/ Handmade Wooden Dowels are pieces of wood that experimented roofmakers and cabinetmakers are using to build some "full wooden furnitures / structures" for cottage furnishing and strong roof structures. If you want to know how does it works or why is it so hard to use and why it's really something reallistic : I invite you to read my suggestion, I have added a lot of pictures and drawings to answer all that questions. MOD UPDATED for BUILD 36 Mod Informations : Download : Download on PZ-MOD : http://pz-mods.net/weapons-items/WoodenDowels/ Download on Git-Hub : https://github.com/JulienLaclaverie/PZ_WoodenDowels Download on Steam workshop : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=498634342 Installation (if not from Steamworkshop) : Extract in the folder : "C:\Users\USERNAME\Zomboid\mods" Changelog : Version 1.5 (release) - Carpentry level scaled angain to fit all crafts (new values & new crafts) - Compatible with Build 36 - Compatible with the new wall system - Compatible with the new dismantle system - Sawing dowels now makes the saw noise - New recipe ! You can now manage to craft one dowel from a treebrach - In order to make the mod more realistic, you can now use alternatives to the screwdriver to carve your dowels (Kitchen or Hunting knife) Version 1.4 - Carpentry level scaled to fit all crafts - Build 31 compatible Version 1.3 - New crafts added (Shelves, Bed, etc...) - Carpentry level +1 for all crafts (anticipating the Build 31 update) - Build 30 compatible Version 1.2 - Craft with nails bug is now solved you can now build with nails or dowels without bug - Destroying a furniture or wall crafted with dowels now drop dowels (and nails furniture drop nails) Version 1.1 - Now with a mod description - You can now craft drawers with dowels Version 1.0 - Updated for Build 26 - Updated for the last recipes Version 0.7 - fully balanced "Build with Dowels" recipes - level 5 is now required for strategical furnitures - more planks are needed Version 0.6 - balancing the "Build with Dowels" recipes - you need more dowels than nais to build something Version 0.5 - removed inapropriated crafts from the "Build with Dowels" Version 0.4 - Bugfix for the vanilla "build" menu - New build menu renamed "Build with Dowels" Version 0.3 - New "build" menu - Removed ability to find wodden dowels in crates - Added crafting recipe for wooden dowels Version 0.0.2 - Icon fully fonctional (thanks to Eggplanticus tutorial) - One icon selected and resized Version 0.1 - Added the dowel item - Designed 5 icons
  3. I was thinking and discussing with friends about different ways to build things in this game. I also noticed something missing. The ability to craft wooden nails, or even a notch/wood dowel system. I think it should be in the later levels of carpentry as things of that nature would be fairly difficult for a beginner carpenter. With this idea, adding in a few more tools specific to the trade, like a hand drill (to drill the dowel holes), a chisel (for making notches in the wood to join them together), and ultimately give wood glue/ropes some sort of use in this process as well. This system, by itself, could jump start the creation of log homes or player made structures and give players that wish to be carpenters a more efficient and long term use. My suggestions in total (TL;DR): Wood Nails Wood Dowels Log Carpentry Chisel Tool Hand Drill Tool Minimum Carpentry Level 5 I think this idea can give the Carpenter Occupation more incentive to be picked and played in single and multiplayer. Sort-of Relevant: http://www.aloneinthewilderness.com/images/building_the_cabin/dicks_tools.jpg
  4. CzarUltra


    I realize nails are supposed to be abundant, but I feel the option to widdle your own improvised nails out of twigs or tree branches could be a useful feature for those who want to try and live in the woods without having to run back and forth from town all the time.thanks
  5. Nails Mod 1.0: Hello all again. Here I offer another mod that I think will appeal to many people. Basically, with this mod you can melt metal and with this metal make nails. I use this mod for months, so it works perfectly. I never had the intention to upload this mod to the forum, as it was for personal use, but occasionally I see a comment in the forum asking for being able to do nails in the game, or asking that the old mods used to make nails to be updated, and only for this reason I released this mod, for that those who want to be able to do nails, they can do nails. There have been several mods that made exactly the same, but when I began to play Project Zomboid, these mods was outdated. So I decided to make my own mod, which also solved a problem that I do not like to happen: when used a mod that gives you the ability to do nails, the game becomes easier, at least the part of carpentry of the game . However, I always advocate the realism, and if I, who am not someone particularly skilled, can create nails following the footsteps of a youtube video, I think anyone can do it too. For these reasons, I believe that the addition of being able to make nails in the game is a good thing, but you have to get them is much harder than just need a campfire to make nails, for example. It has been attempted solved in the measure of effort this problem by increasing the number of objects that need to be found to make nails, helping this also to achieve greater realism, because a person without much knowledge could do nails pretty sure if he have these items, following the steps of the mod. Anyway, although I like the realism, I always try not sacrifice gameplay at the expense of achieving realism, trying to maintain a balance between these two aspects. Here is it, my own version of a mod that allows to manufacture nails. Hope you like it. - New ítems (13): - How to do nails: There are several different ways of doing nails, which require different items. The difference is basically the type of mold used, as I will explain later. However, all recipes of casting use various items in common. They are: BlowtorchMold (of the desired type)Work GlovesTongsLighter - Molds: - Recipes: - Testing: - Compatibility: - Known Bugs: - Multiplayer: - Download link:http://bit.ly/1tYnyAC Enjoy the mod!
  6. Hello. I was wondering if there is a way to change number of nails found in containers, to make it totally random. Items.txt defines the number = 5 and i can change it to my liking but it's not what i want. What variables can be used in the script, is there a list of'em and where it could search for it?(lua file i imagine)
  7. Okay, so I've been a PZ player for a while now (first played the game WAYYY back a few years ago) however I've never really 'stuck with' a single game, I usually get bored and sacrifice myself. However, in this current game, I'm at Day 27 (my personal record so far, my previous being about 5 days) and I'm still going strong.. I'm wondering where I go from here? I have a pretty secure place (in the middle of the town in West Point, believe it or not), I've wiped most zombies from the area and only a few wanderers really come in. I've got a good supply of non-perishables stored in my base (enough to last at least another month and a half) and rain collection barrels set up outside. I have a pretty decent stockpile of weapons (3 fire axes, 4 baseball bats, 2 crowbars, plenty of knifes, 2 pistols, a shotgun, golfclubs, etc) and I'm not short on ammunition either, plus I've opened the gun shop near my base so if I do run low on ammo (which I hardly use) then there's plenty there. I also have amassed a large amount of medicine from the nearby pharmacy which I've also stored in my base. The only thing I find that I'm in short supply of is nails, continually go out on supply runs to find damn nails. I raided the warehouse in West Point (just south of town) and the majority of shops in town.. I know there are nails further north in the neighbourhoods (in the sheds), however I tried to make a supply run into that area and it's infested as hell, no way I can loot that right now. I'm considering making the trip to Muldraugh to get some supplies, however I fear how long the walk will be. So what are you guys thoughts? What does a player do once they have an established base? And do you recommend I make the trip to Muldraugh?
  8. Hi, is it possible to make bags for nails let say 20/each. i mean is preety annoying when i want to ake 10 nails from stock of 200. either one by one, either play with highlighting them.. it doesn`t make any difference to game itself it will be just more convinient. you can make craftable or lootable bags which - when they are in main inventory - can be used straight away, not moving item to main inventory to build doors or anything.
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