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Found 3 results

  1. Rad5002


    Just a random thought, what about a Nail gun. I'm not too sure on the coding, so I don't know about separate ammunition etc, as I think it's either electronic or gas-powered. But, of course nails are highly needed (I've seen from other stories and suggestions and guides). It could be something like this: Nailgun. 30 nails at once. Requires a new battery every 90 nails (Unsure if can be implemented). Very weak. Not very accurate at longer ranges. Quieter, but still a small sound. I have a few ideas about it, but I'd rather see if this idea is okay or a flunk before posting anymore just in case.
  2. I always hate leaving loot behind, and seems the things left are always the flatware. Craft the flatware reinforced bats by nailing three pieces of flatware onto the tip of the bat with six nails and the hammer (only the vanilla hammer, maybe I should add my mod hammers.) The new reinforced bats stats are between the regular bat and the nailed bat. Pictures coming soon of recipes.. DOWNLOAD: Main Download (PZ-Mods) || Mirror Download (My Dropbox Link)
  3. Nails Mod 1.0: Hello all again. Here I offer another mod that I think will appeal to many people. Basically, with this mod you can melt metal and with this metal make nails. I use this mod for months, so it works perfectly. I never had the intention to upload this mod to the forum, as it was for personal use, but occasionally I see a comment in the forum asking for being able to do nails in the game, or asking that the old mods used to make nails to be updated, and only for this reason I released this mod, for that those who want to be able to do nails, they can do nails. There have been several mods that made exactly the same, but when I began to play Project Zomboid, these mods was outdated. So I decided to make my own mod, which also solved a problem that I do not like to happen: when used a mod that gives you the ability to do nails, the game becomes easier, at least the part of carpentry of the game . However, I always advocate the realism, and if I, who am not someone particularly skilled, can create nails following the footsteps of a youtube video, I think anyone can do it too. For these reasons, I believe that the addition of being able to make nails in the game is a good thing, but you have to get them is much harder than just need a campfire to make nails, for example. It has been attempted solved in the measure of effort this problem by increasing the number of objects that need to be found to make nails, helping this also to achieve greater realism, because a person without much knowledge could do nails pretty sure if he have these items, following the steps of the mod. Anyway, although I like the realism, I always try not sacrifice gameplay at the expense of achieving realism, trying to maintain a balance between these two aspects. Here is it, my own version of a mod that allows to manufacture nails. Hope you like it. - New ítems (13): - How to do nails: There are several different ways of doing nails, which require different items. The difference is basically the type of mold used, as I will explain later. However, all recipes of casting use various items in common. They are: BlowtorchMold (of the desired type)Work GlovesTongsLighter - Molds: - Recipes: - Testing: - Compatibility: - Known Bugs: - Multiplayer: - Download link:http://bit.ly/1tYnyAC Enjoy the mod!
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