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  1. Hello there, For a while now (quite some months actually) I've been unable to host a multiplayer game in my computer using the Host button in the main menu. The server hosting process goes on until "Getting server info", stays there for 90-120 seconds and then it just spits out the error in the title. I know that it's a pretty generic error because every time that I've searched for it, the other forum discussions ended up in a completely different cause for the error. My OS is Arch Linux, I have 12Gb of RAM and a Ryzen 5 3500U CPU. I am attaching the logs with the error. It seems like a library problem with Steam but I'm not sure. I'm actually pretty sure that the server creation broke after a game update, but who knows! Thank you in advance for helping me! hs_err_pid8704.log console.txt
  2. It would be neat if you got a sadness debuff for seeing a friend as a zombie, and another for killing them. I guess the game would have to track what players have spent time near you, so you don't get the same effect seeing dead strangers. I think it would be an interesting addition.
  3. I'm trying to host a modded server, but there are some mods that whilst they're properly installed and added to the server they don't seem to be actively working, I've tried SO MANY things and searched in many places for an answer but nothing seems to work, also I've even tried creating a world and using only one of those mods at the time and still they're not there during play(e.g 'More traits' is one of them and it is a mod functional in MP). If anyone can help me with this I'd be eternally grateful and feel free to ask for any information needed
  4. Heya! Last night my game was working fine but now when I try to host I get “Authorizing with steam” then nothing else happens. Anyone know a fix?
  5. yesterday i played on server and today trying to connect on every sever (include my dedicated) i have result- cant connect. On my server is log (i think it same on all servers) checked cache of game, restarted my pc.. LOG : Network , 1698412239833> 2а639а556> [27-10-23 20:10:39.833] > ZNet: SSteamSDK -> SZombienet: OnP2PSessionRequest LOG : Network , 1698412239833> 2а639а557> [27-10-23 20:10:39.833] > ZNet: OnP2PSessionRequest: idx=1 SteamID=76561198039018571 LOG : Network , 1698412239850> 2а639а573> [27-10-23 20:10:39.850] > ZNet: SZombienet -> SSteamSDK: AcceptP2PSessionWithUser LOG : Network , 1698412243537> 2а643а261> [27-10-23 20:10:43.537] > ZNet: SRakNet -> SZombienet: RakNetRecvFrom LOG : Network , 1698412243538> 2а643а261> [27-10-23 20:10:43.538] > ZNet: SZombienet -> SZombienet: OnMsgVersionMessage LOG : Network , 1698412243539> 2а643а262> [27-10-23 20:10:43.538] > ZNet: Client version=41.78.16 matches server version=41.78.16 LOG : Network , 1698412243539> 2а643а263> [27-10-23 20:10:43.539] > ZNet: hnote over SZombienet : **ZNetServerInfoMessage** LOG : Network , 1698412243539> 2а643а263> [27-10-23 20:10:43.539] > ZNet: SZombienet -> SSteamSDK: SendP2PPacket LOG : Network , 1698412243583> 2а643а306> [27-10-23 20:10:43.583] > ZNet: SRakNet -> SZombienet: OnNewConnection LOG : Network , 1698412243583> 2а643а307> [27-10-23 20:10:43.583] > ZNet: OnNewConnection: incoming=1 state=Connected LOG : Network , 1698412243588> 2а643а311> [27-10-23 20:10:43.588] > ZNet: [-> CZombienet: RakNetPeerInterface_getIPFromGUID LOG : Network , 1698412243589> 2а643а313> [27-10-23 20:10:43.589] > ConnectionManager: [RakNet] "new-incoming-connection" connection: guid=648518348244822015 ip=null steam-id=0 access= username="null" connection-type="Disconnected" LOG : Network , 1698412259936> 2а659а659> [27-10-23 20:10:59.936] > ConnectionManager: [disconnect] "connection-attempt-timeout" connection: guid=648518348244822015 ip=null steam-id=0 access= username="null" connection-type="Disconnected" LOG : Network , 1698412259936> 2а659а660> [27-10-23 20:10:59.936] > ZNet: [-> CZombienet: RakNetPeerInterface_disconnect LOG : Network , 1698412259938> 2а659а662> [27-10-23 20:10:59.938] > ConnectionManager: [disconnect] "receive-disconnect" connection: guid=648518348244822015 ip=null steam-id=0 access= username="null" connection-type="Disconnected" LOG : Network , 1698412259953> 2а659а676> [27-10-23 20:10:59.953] > ZNet: SRakNet -> SZombienet: OnClosedConnection LOG : Network , 1698412259953> 2а659а676> [27-10-23 20:10:59.953] > ZNet: OnClosedConnection: reason=DisconnectionNotification port=17995 LOG : Network , 1698412259953> 2а659а677> [27-10-23 20:10:59.953] > ConnectionManager: [RakNet] "disconnection-notification" connection: null console.txt
  6. I can't start server, i turned off every mod i had, started just default game, without any mods. i can create my character, but when i click 'spawn', game just crashes, or i can play for a few second, and then crash. i don't know what to do, I even re-installed my game. please help!
  7. Hi So my suggestion is about better in game voice chat. Basically make the enviroment around you change the way you are being heard, if you are in an open space, then of course you should be heard clearly, but if you are in a seperate room, behind a wall, inside a car, your voice should be muffled a bit.
  8. icho

    Send message in chat

    i need just to send random message in chat but my code isn't working, there are no errors or warnings in log local messages = {'message1', 'message2'} local function sendMsgInChat() local randIndex = math.random(1, #messages) local randMsg = messages[randIndex] sendServerCommand('chat', '[SERVER]: '..randMsg) end Events.EveryHours.Add(sendMsgInChat)
  9. Infinite trees engulf half of the map. The bug manifests with a straight line of trees near Riverside that never ends. It could be a corruption of the map due to some mod, but it could also be just a vanilla malfunction. Images below (link) 1. https://drive.google.com/file/d/11_6aQlyZEAJHl-1trz1Lcmf72nWFCYkv/view?usp=sharing 2. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1s8PgDtb5BJDCEvFuVvle9S01EfB52NWi/view?usp=sharing
  10. Formatting such as [col=255,255,255] or *255,255,255* doesn't work over radios, either in overhead messages or in the chat log. The cause of this is twofold. For the chat log, this appears to be because SayChat.getMessageTextWithPrefix calls ChatUtility.parseStringForChatLog, while RadioChat does not. Notably, this also affects vanilla radio broadcasts, for example ones that use music. For the overhead messages, it appears to be because RadioChat.showInSpeechBubble doesn't call ChatUtility.parseStringForChatBubble, whereas RangeBasedChat.showInSpeechBubble does. (This is because RadioChat overrides it and doesn't call super, but I'm not entirely sure why the override exists.) Frequency doesn't show up properly, as -0.1-MHz. You can test it by listening to the AEBS. This is probably because radioChannel defaults to -1, and setRadioChannel isn't called in Radio.AddDeviceText. Even worse, the override that takes a string argument doesn't create a chat message, meaning it cannot be called there, at least not without changing the surrounding code. Frequency now shows up properly, at least. Also, stationary/placed radio messages don't show up in chat, even if they're from players. Combined with the quick message fade, this makes it almost impossible to use for multiplayer communication. Finally, handheld radios will automatically turn off if not held in your hand, which makes clipping a walkie-talkie to your belt useless. This makes even handheld radios useless in multiplayer.
  11. Version: 41.78.16(Steam) Mods: None Singleplayer works fine, with mods and without. On Multiplayer, my game bugs out. I can't remove the curtains; When I kill a zombie, they lie on the ground and move around as if they're still alive and I can't loot the corpses; The map doesn't load in completely (like a 4x4km cell). after some time (1-2min) Anti cheat 21/22 or 24 kicks me out. These are by now all the issues I've found I uninstalled and restarted the game, removed everything that as to do with the game: the Files in User folder and steam folder. Yet the issue still pops up. The Bugs happens on official, Community servers and my own. My friends which are on the same servers don't encounter this issues. Video of the bugs: Bugged MP.mp4 Anticheat Type 22 was disabled in this video! I've safed up the Serverlogs, I'm not sure if there is sensible information in the logs so I'd prefer not to send it before an expert tells me so. Your help would be appreciated!
  12. Hello everyone. We are developing a server and we are looking for a PM developer who can help us. Preferably Spanish speaking. Conditions by DM.
  13. • 41.78.16 • Singleplayer/Multiplayer. • Host. • No. • Still occurs on new save • Reproduction steps: 1. Start game in Apocalypse mode. 2. Attack a zombie with downward kick (Left ALT by Default) in a fighting stance. 3. Moving during the hit, the zombie falls instantly. I think this bug is serious and it breaks the game. Fix it as soon as possible. logs.zip
  14. • Version? • Singleplayer/Multiplayer? MULTIPLAYER • Host or dedicated? HOSTED • Mods? Some mods • Old or new save? Old, but occurs on brand new hosted server with just 2 players • Reproduction steps: It's been happening a long time even before 41.78.16 I just figured I report it here. So basically, when a car alarm goes off on Player 1's end there is sound coming out from the car and lights blinking in and out while on Player 2's end there's no sound at all but when you get close enough to the car you'll see that the headlights are blinking like how it would be if the alarm got set off. We got no problem with the ping/connection.
  15. Hi devs, I'm trying to containerize the PZ server to deploy it to a k8s cluster, and noticed that your game files are huge!! Uncompressed v compressed, the media directory is 4.8G -> 860M, or 5x smaller An area we can focus on specifically are the maps. If we look at all of the `media/maps/Muldraugh,\ KY` dir, it's 3.9G! It's a large directory, but it's also doing 2 things at once, which might have been a legacy decision. Muldraugh is a named spawn point, but unlike its 3 neighbors, it also holds the entire gameworld files. This is slightly annoying as a server operator, because if I want to modify the spawnpoints in Rosewood, it's very obvious where the work needs to be done: I can't say the same for Muldraugh. That directory is full of chunk data files that get in the way. I think you should crowbar the functionality of Muldraugh being a named spawn point away from it storing the whole default world map. Doing so would be a nice quality of life improvement for server ops. additionally, having the world map stored off somewhere else would allow you to compress (zip?) the big chunk files into a nice, single binary file that can get decompressed at runtime, without closing off tweaks to the spawn area. Here's what that could look like: It's not lost on me that right now the team is going through a major rewrite of the game for 42... Maybe now's the time to tackle a bit of tech debt? If you want to talk more about this, I'm MindFlayer # 0001 on the Discord. Thanks.
  16. Version: 41.78 Multiplayer Host No Mods Server initialized in 41.78 Reproduction steps: 1. Aggro Zombies 2. Move during a certain time with zombies aggro 3. A certain number of zombies disapearing, and some times all of them like the video below Video: https://clips.twitch.tv/YawningObservantSwallowTBTacoRight-eMBkt4b5TeKLHmNA Note: It appends in the server of my friend too, with the same version of the game
  17. - Remote Controller V1, V2, V3 does not detonate planted bombs, does not activate Noise Maker. - Planted bombs disappear after the server is restarted. - In the single player version, planted bombs explode without damage. - In Build 41, bombs will deal less damage due to changes to zombie health. In build 39, 5-6 pipe bombs could blow up a whole horde. I basically play as an engineer, when all the players considered him useless, I considered him useful for myself in the end game. I was upset by the news that remote bombs stopped working in the new build, please developers fix it. Thank you for a wonderful game.
  18. As the title says, multiplayer erosion does so much less than singleplayer, as shown in the images. The grass on the ground is 10 years later mod, but that only affects sprites, doesn't touch erosion at all. My settings on both are erosion 100% on day 1 and 12 months into the apocalypse. Singleplayer above, multiplayer below.
  19. Newly launched server! Come and play with us! This is your 10 years later post-apocalyptic story in Louisville! WarZ is a PvPvE server located in USA east-coast. A 10 years later world with low population zombies, all tough, 10% joggers, and 30% smart. Too much? How about infection only when bitten, with bite cure, and +10 free skill points? • Mods collection https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2923143168 • Skill journal set at 70% EXP recovery • Residential safehouses are turned on, trespass off, and looting off. • Players and server shops. • 5% zombies drop rate earning coins or ammo. • 2hrs day length, loot respawns every 48 IRL hours. • more... Launched: last Jan 20, 2023. Wipes: TBD, gonna be long-term. Limit: currently up to 16 players max, and may upscale as needed. SERVER CONNECTION INFO IP: Port: 27645 Share link: steam://connect/ Discord: https://discord.gg/TXWQUpbhA8
  20. Version: 41.78 Multiplayer Host No Mods Server initialized in 41.78 Reproduction steps: A certain number of zombies reapparing on a certain zone, in the case of the video, they are reapparing on my tile where i'm present Video: https://clips.twitch.tv/SilkyAgileWerewolfCoolStoryBro-kAVxRNwA3r-wyJ92 I think there is a link with my previous post, if they desappear, zombies will reappear after a certain amount of time.
  21. So I was creating a new Scenario for my friends and I, to try some challenge mods out. At some point the mod list glitched and refuses to update. In the two pictures you can see that the Sandbox options for the empty list are all modded and exactly the same as the other modded one. This is the same for all of the host scenarios and refuses to update or change. I've tried restarting my game, my pc, deleting the scenarios and starting from scratch, I've even uninstalled the game and all subsequent mods but it's still stuck like this.
  22. • Version? • Singleplayer/Multiplayer? • Host or dedicated? • Mods? • Old or new save? • Reproduction steps: • 41.71 • Multiplayer. • Dedicated (private dedicated server) • No. Pure vanilla • Still occurs on new save/wipe • Reproduction steps: 1. Start a server with Discord bridge configured. 2. Let the server run for few good hours. 3. Observe the chat bridge (it will eventually stop working). In depth description: We've been noticing that the Discord bridge doesn't always work on our vanila dedicated server. Seems like it does time out (?) after a while for some reason. It started happening between last few updates (around February everything was working just fine). Only thing that works is a server restart but even with that it's not a bulletproof solution, rather a band aid... This Discord bridge functionality is an amazing addition to the game and it would be really, really nice if developers got to the bottom of it. Looking at the server files I've noticed that the library is strongly outdated (2.0.17). Maybe it's worth to try updating the binary (https://github.com/Javacord/Javacord/releases/tag/v3.4.0) to try eliminating those issues. Also, increasing/adding logging would be super helpful for diagnosing this issue. Just throwing some ideas out to help expedite fixing the issue. Here's an exceprt from a log file: Jun 08, 2022 8:16:07 AM de.btobastian.javacord.utils.JavacordLogger info INFO: Websocket closed with reason null and code 1000 by server! Jun 08, 2022 8:16:07 AM de.btobastian.javacord.utils.JavacordLogger info INFO: Could not resume session. Reconnecting now... Jun 08, 2022 8:16:58 AM de.btobastian.javacord.utils.JavacordLogger info INFO: Websocket closed with reason null and code 1000 by server! Jun 08, 2022 8:16:58 AM de.btobastian.javacord.utils.JavacordLogger info INFO: Could not resume session. Reconnecting now... (...) Jun 08, 2022 8:17:44 AM de.btobastian.javacord.utils.JavacordLogger info INFO: Websocket closed with reason null and code 1000 by server! Jun 08, 2022 8:17:44 AM de.btobastian.javacord.utils.JavacordLogger error SEVERE: Websocket connection failed more than 5 times in the last 300 seconds! Stopping reconnecting.
  23. For the past month or so I've been working on further developing the DrHyde's Vaccine mod to suit the needs of PZ roleplaying servers. There is one feature I'd really like to implement but am unable to. Vaccinating OTHER PLAYERS -- how can I code a function that will change the other player's bodyDamage()? So far I've successfully added a UI-button to the HealthPanelUI that opens up when medically checking right-clicked player, but I just can't manage to add function that will change right-clicked player's stats. The code I'm using is simple: adds UI-button and a 'confirmPress' function that runs when that button is pressed. But how do I change the local function confirmPress(button, args) to apply changes to the other player's stats and not the one that initiates the button press (me)? Any help is appreciated-- please help me solve something that I couldn't figure out in a month worth of time.. -- Functions for button of UIs local function confirmPress(button, args) local player = getPlayer(); if player:getInventory():getItemFromType('CmpSyringeWithVirus') then if player:getInventory():getItemFromType('AlcoholedCottonBalls') then player:getBodyDamage():setInfected(true); player:getInventory():Remove("CmpSyringeWithVirus"); player:getInventory():Remove("AlcoholedCottonBalls"); else player:Say("Cotton balls?"); end--if else player:Say("Nothing to inject with.."); end--if end--function -- Add HealthPanelUI Syringe Button local ISHealthPanel_createChildren = ISHealthPanel.createChildren function ISHealthPanel:createChildren() ISHealthPanel_createChildren(self); self.fitness:setWidth(self.fitness:getWidth()/1.5); self.TOCButton = ISButton:new(self.fitness:getRight(), self.healthPanel.y, 20, 20, "", self, confirmPress); self.TOCButton:setImage(getTexture("media/ui/iconForMenu.png")); self.TOCButton.anchorTop = false self.TOCButton.anchorBottom = true self.TOCButton:initialise(); self.TOCButton:instantiate(); self:addChild(self.TOCButton); if getCore():getGameMode() == "Tutorial" then self.TOCButton:setVisible(false); end end local ISHealthPanel_render = ISHealthPanel.render function ISHealthPanel:render() ISHealthPanel_render(self); self.TOCButton:setY(self.fitness:getY()); end
  24. You can build stairs near the wall on the second floor and go through the wall. In this way, you can overcome obstacles or build traps for players.
  25. Hey everyone! So I'm running a pretty big PvP server + community and after some months I have made certain experiences with PvP and specifically base raiding that I'd like to share alongside some of my ideas to solve/improve upon these issues. Like we all know PvP is kinda whacky in PZ at the moment and I hope the devs will improve on this aspect in the future as there definitely is a sizeable PvP community around the game that thursts for changes in this department lol THE 2 BIG PROBLEMS: #1 Safehouses make raiding almost impossible but without them offline raiding will frustrate players and make it unviable to have a base in any premade structure On well populated servers EVERY place will get visited after some time so with no safehouse system in place you are guaranteed to lose all your progress at some point. At the same time it would be a shame not making use of all the cool structures on the map for basebuilding. Safehouses on the other hand make base raiding almost impossible as they allow the defender to respawn infinitely and throw their body at them until they eventually break and have to flee or they just log out and the protection become active again. On our server we have the setting activated that safehouses will become lootable whenever the owner (or one of the members) is online. That makes the situation a little bit better but openly attacking a safehouse while the inhabitants are present is still not possible as, like I mentioned above, they will just zerg rush you and your team mates until you run out of ammo and another problems that comes up with this is that defenders can just combat log and leave the attackers with a protected base they cant raid. Of course we have rules against things like zerg rushing and combat logging but there cant be an admin online 24/7 to help out in those cases and its always kinda unimmersive when an admin has to come and resolve PvP situations just because some nutsack couldn't be bothered with reading the rules before and following them. Now you could argue here that I could disable safehouse respawning but I think that isn't a good solution to the problem as its rather annoying if you have to spawn in some random place each time you die in a PvE scenario. Especially if you have a wilderness base and no safehouses at all will make offline raiding a thing again and that just sucks. Imagine coming back home from a long day of work, looking forwards to playing on your favorite server and suddenly all your progress is gone. #2 Stunlocks in gun combat There is a server settings that disables stunlocks in melee combat, why isn't there an equivalent for guns? One could argue here that PZs gun combat is (weirdly) realistic in that sense as whoever shoots first usually wins but it's still a game and gun combat is way more enjoyable when players have a chance to fight back. POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS: #1 Safehouses make raiding almost impossible but without them offline raiding will frustrate players and make it unviable to have a base in any premade structure I thought a lot about this. There is a mod called "SSR: Safehouses Overhaul" on the workshop. That mod adds a feature that allows to "capture" safehouses and I think having such an (optional) feature in vanilla PZ would solve most issues with safehouse mentionend in the problems section. I'd imagine it to work like that: - Safehouses can be temporary captured when the owner (or at leat one member) is online and not present in the safehouse (have been killed or are away on a loot run etc.) - Server owners can set the time it takes until the safehouse will switch ownership back to the original owner essentially limiting the raid time to like 20 rl minutes This would prevent owners/members of a captured safehouse to respawn in it infinitely and logging out won't activate the offline protection without the need to deactivate safehouse respawns in general for anyone. #2 Stunlocks in gun combat The obvious solution here is to give us a setting that disables stunlocks in gun combat. Now I know the devs have mentionend wanting to overhaul the whole aiming mechanic to a more skill based system. We'll have to see how this will affect gun combat but I could imagine a system where stunlocks only happen on critical hits etc. But yeah thats future stuff. For now the best solution here would definitely be to give us a setting to disable stunlocks in gun combat. CONCLUSION: There's obviously still some open construction sites to make PvP and Raiding viable and enjoyable in PZ but I think the devs are well aware of that (given the content of the Thursdoids) and additions like traps etc. will definitely make base raiding way more fun for all sites (attackers and defenders). The good thing I see here is that there isn't actually THAT much to do to make PvP viable. Something like a capture system I mentionend above is definitely worth its own release but it could be way worse. The base for an enjoyable surivival PvP game is there and I hope the devs will make use of that base and turn PZ into a true gem when it comes to PvP gameplay without annoying things like offline raiding that plague other survival PvP games. I look forward to feedback and discussions on my ideas. Please tell me what you think of them. PS: No I don't think that "Use mod XY" is a good solution for a problem.
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