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Found 11 results

  1. It would be neat if you got a sadness debuff for seeing a friend as a zombie, and another for killing them. I guess the game would have to track what players have spent time near you, so you don't get the same effect seeing dead strangers. I think it would be an interesting addition.
  2. Moodle Framework allows you to add your very own modded moodle in no time. Detailed "how to" is included. An exemple is also available with ProteinsMoodle.
  3. Everybody wants to talk about realism, but one thing never seems to come up. What happens to food after you eat it? Two words: Poop Moodle. Stages of poop moodle: 1. Kinda gotta go “Could use a trip to the restroom” 2. Gotta go “Need to dump out. Get to the restroom.” 3. Getting backed up “At risk of hurting yourself. Get to a restroom. Now.” 4. Prairie-Dogging/Crowning “Do you really wanna push this? You know what happens next.” Obviously you should be able to evacuate at a toilet. But what do you do when the water shuts off? You could use a bucket and just dump it out somewhere. In a jam, you can dig a hole to poop in with your hands, a trowel, or a shovel. But be careful, you might need a minute and you'll be exposed. If you have to poop and you suddenly become panicked, you might just lose control. This mod would add a new item, Shitty Pants. Carrying this item would have negative effects, and wearing them even more so. If you crap your pants and have to run around with shitty pants on, you will start to become unhappy, nauseated, and, if the condition goes on too long, you could get and infection. And of course, not pooping can lead to pain, sickness, and a loss of health. Here's my argument: besides adding to the realism of survival, it would also add a new challenge to the game that I think could play out quite interestingly. You always die at some point, why not die while trying to poop in the woods? Plus, how funny would it be to have to deal with a character that just shit his/her pants? Probably funny the first couple of times, then you'd start taking the problem a little bit more seriously. Just like you're gonna take this mod idea seriously, once you digest the idea for a little while.
  4. Irl claustrophobia and Agoraphobia are very manageable with Beta blockers such as atenolol and propanolol. Taking beta blockers after being panicked from claustrophobia or agoraphobia doesn't lower your panicked state. Perhaps a buff of beta blockers or a change in the mechanics of How panic is induced by those traits. Or an addition of benzodiazepines as an acute panic reducer, and a de buff to beta blockers to a milder panic reliever. Benzodiazepines do have sedative effects though.
  5. So in the recent mondoid the devs said they are trying to make the world seem lived in/ liveable. So I thought on this while playing my SP character. I realised that my character wasn't able to physically sit down on a chair/sofa or lie down on a bed. To me, I think it makes my character look more like, you know a game character rather than an actual person. I enjoy thinking of my char as an actual person . It seems to me like this should be brought in and fits with what the mondoid said (sort of). I thought on it a bit more yesterday and came up with a few things I would like to see added. The ability for my character to physically sit in a chair/sofa. The ability for my character to physically lay in bed, and getting into bed before sleeping. Being able to read a book while sitting down. Reading standing up for several hours seems strange to me. Maybe a Comfort/Relaxed moodle. being relaxed would help ease pain of some injuries like fractures and leg injuries. Plates! Would love to make my character sit down at the table and eat of a plate with a knife and fork (as zeds casually knock on my windows). I also thought that maybe if you had the sleepyhead trait, you could accidentally fall asleep for a random amount if hours. Chairs made my carpentry level 4 would not be as comfy as chairs made from carpentry level 9, which makes sense. Hygiene could also be added. wearing the same clothes all the time etc. and getting covered in blood wouldn't exactly make me happy. perhaps being dirty could affect the characters mood and make him sad? In theory just stuff that makes the character seem like a person rather than just another character
  6. Hi everyone Got this idea reading Hrot post on light and reading : http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/13528-reading-light-and-realism/ Got me thinking that other factors then lighting can impair reading, slowing it down or even degressing the progression slowly (think utterly shit faced trying to understand complex mathematical stuff). The most obvious ones that could probably have the greatest impact are : drunk and sleepy status. Others that could affect in a more limited way, all of them affecting slightly the ability to concentrate : hunger, thirst, pain, unhapiness On the positive side, there could be additionnal status like well-rested that would affect reading speed (among other things). Some new drugs could be implemented to affect positively concentration and thus reading speed (ex.: Methylphenidate, Atomoxetine, ...). Antidepressants could be ruled to have this effect (as Methylphenidate is sometimes used to treat depression), but would require to have a ''positive'' moodle when it goes over the threshold.
  7. Since I am new to this, i'll jump straight to the stuff WE NEED A NAUSEATED MOODLE do you ever wonder why your player character never feels bad around decaying flesh zeds? They would stink, really stink, enough to make 'early player character' vomit when facing a zombie or a horde o' zombies. basically, -reduce accuracy -increase chances of vomiting in front of zombies every level(?) -attract zombies when vomiting -hard time sleeping when there is a zombie's body in your room or house and if you don't clean your weapons, you will get this moodle.
  8. (Yes, I realize the pass out thing isn't implemented yet.) Okay, so here's my suggestion. I just mentioned this in another thread and made me really want to post this to get some devs comments. You know how in the tiredness moodle it says 'in danger of passing out' right? Well I suggest with the new implementation of exhaustion we instead move that to exhaustion and the side effect from lack of sleep can instead be hallucinations. I see two main purposes for this. 1st. Realism. Honestly, I've never passed out from being too tired. But what I have passed out from is heat and exhaustion. But never from being too tired. 2nd, Avoidance of unnecessary and more importantly immersion breaking annoyance. Think about it, you're tired and so you pass out in the street while running from a horde? Even if you aren't exhausted? I could see you being extremely exhausted and you just pass out there but from being tired? ~Alternatives if the above is not to your liking~ Now here's an alternative if my suggestion seems a bit too radical. How about we tie in the 'pass out' chances directly to the exhaustion. In other words, even if you're completely dead tired, you won't have any chance of passing out until you do become exhausted. The more exhausted the higher the chances. Just to keep from breaking the immersion. I really really really really hope to get some feedback on this. Do you think we should tie tiredness and exhaustion into each other some way? Or just move the pass out chances directly over to exhaustion instead and instead replace the pass out with tiredness with some form or multiple forms of hallucinations?
  9. Heya everyone, I'm looking for a full list of moodle script commands that lets me change moodle through items. I have found the following atm. HungerChangeUnhappyChangeBoredomChangeStressChangeFatigueChangeThirstChangeBut I can't find anyone to add happy. I thought that putting a "-" on the UnhappyChange would give happyness, but it doesn't appear to be that way. So if anyone know of anymore commands that is not on this list, please tell me Thanks in advance, Sejemus.
  10. And this suggestion came up a long time ago. How about one type of clothing would protect more against zombie bites or scratches. It's pretty obvious that a leather bomber jacket is gonna protect a scratch, maybe even a bite, but a polo shirt isn't. And what if you clothes get so much drenched with zombie blood, it would make your character sad or even drepressed (I can't believe if anyone would like to wear blood coated jeans or t-shirts).
  11. I've been trying to find a list of moodle names for items but haven't found one so far. These are the ones I know of: HungerChangeBoredomChangeUnhappyChangeStressChangeThirstChange Are there any more? Is it possible to modify endurance? EDIT: I just realized that I can get these parameters by looking at the Javadoc reference for the Item class. So to answer my own question, here are a few more: FatigueChangeEnduranceChangeI wonder how the mapping works though, because if it's being done through Java's reflection mechanism, then we should be using "ThistChange" instead of "ThirstChange" due to how the method is spelled.
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