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Found 10 results

  1. All wrecked car and some normal car models have a lot of duplicate vertices much more than item models. I haven't checked all the models, maybe there are errors somewhere else. Maybe it slows down performance. Where are the painkillers? There are no models in the game, no sprites when using 3D models. models_X\vehicles ModernCarSMASH_Front 118 ModernCarSMASH_Left 28 ModernCarSMASH_Rear 118 ModernCarSMAS_Right 32 Trailer 4 Vehicle_StepVanCrash 27 VehicleStepVanCRASH_Rear 27 VehicleStepVanCRASH_Right 20 VehicleStepVanCRASH_Front 13 VehicleStepVanCRASH_Left 20 vehicle_utilitytrailer 4 vehicle_utilitytrailercover 4 Vehicles_CarNormal 135 Vehicles_CarNormalLights 135 Vehicles_CarNormalLightsSMASH_Front 32 Vehicles_CarNormalLightsSMASH_Left 32 Vehicles_CarNormalLightsSMASH_Rear 34 Vehicles_CarNormalLightsSMASH_Right 38 Vehicles_CarNormalSMASH_Front 31 Vehicles_CarNormalSMASH_Left 107 Vehicles_CarNormalSMASH_Rear 47 Vehicles_CarNormalSMASH_Right 37 Vehicles_CarStationWagon 126 Vehicles_CarStationWagonSMASH_Front 109 Vehicles_CarStationWagonSMASH_Left 31 Vehicles_CarStationWagonSMASH_Rear 77 Vehicles_CarStationWagonSMASH_Right 99 Vehicles_CarTaxi 135 Vehicles_LuxuryCar 124 Vehicles_LuxuryCarSMASH_Front 77 Vehicles_LuxuryCarSMASH_Left 25 Vehicles_LuxuryCarSMASH_Rear 38 Vehicles_LuxuryCarSMASH_Right 24 Vehicles_ModernCar02 132 Vehicles_ModernCar02SMASH_Front 103 Vehicles_ModernCar02SMASH_Left 102 Vehicles_ModernCar02SMASH_Rear 100 Vehicles_ModernCar02SMASH_Right 103 Vehicles_ModernCarSMASH_Front 119 Vehicles_ModernCarSMASH_Left 32 Vehicles_ModernCarSMASH_Rear 118 Vehicles_ModernCarSMASH_Right 38 Vehicles_OffRoadCRASH_Front 96 Vehicles_OffRoadCRASH_Left 109 Vehicles_OffRoadCRASH_Rear 104 Vehicles_OffRoadCRASH_Right 110 Vehicles_OffRoadCRASH_Front 69 Vehicles_OffRoadCRASH_Left 79 Vehicles_OffRoadCRASH_Rear 90 Vehicles_OffRoadCRASH_Right 79 Vehicles_PickUpTruckLightsCRASH_Front 69 Vehicles_PickUpTruckLightsCRASH_Left 79 Vehicles_PickUpTruckLightsCRASH_Rear 90 Vehicles_PickUpTruckLightsCRASH_Right 79 Vehicles_PickUpVanCRASH_Front 10 Vehicles_PickUpVanCRASH_Left 19 Vehicles_PickUpVanCRASH_Rear 20 Vehicles_PickUpVanCRASH_Right 18 Vehicles_PickUpVanLightsCRASH_Front 13 Vehicles_PickUpVanLightsCRASH_Left 19 Vehicles_PickUpVanLightsCRASH_Rear 34 Vehicles_PickUpVanLightsCRASH_Right 17 Vehicles_SmallCar02CRASH_Front 31 Vehicles_SmallCar02CRASH_Left 35 Vehicles_SmallCar02CRASH_Right 38 Vehicles_SmallCar02SMASH_Rear 93 Vehicles_SmallCarCRASH_Left 26 Vehicles_SmallCarSMASH_Front 25 Vehicles_SmallCarSMASH_Rear 26 Vehicles_SmallCarSMASH_Right 27 Vehicles_SUVCRASH_Front 58 Vehicles_SUVCRASH_Left 66 Vehicles_SUVCRASH_Rear tired of counting Vehicles_SUVCRASH_Right tired of counting models_X/WorldItems CarParts_SidePanel (duplicate vertices 6) (missing faces 2) RedRadish (duplicate vertices 6) (missing faces 2) GravelBag (missing faces 1) BloomingBroccoli (missing faces 1) ======================================= TrapCage (duplicate vertices 20) RippedSheets (duplicate vertices 18) Pasta (duplicate vertices 17) Key (duplicate vertices 16) BreadSlices (duplicate vertices 15) Rope (duplicate vertices 13) GrapeLeaves (duplicate vertices 12) CannedSardinesOpen (duplicate vertices 11) SutureNeedleHolder (duplicate vertices 9) WeddingVeil_Groung (duplicate vertices 9) WatchClassic (duplicate vertices 7) CommonMallow (duplicate vertices 6) JokeKnife_Ground (duplicate vertices 6) DoorFrame (duplicate vertices 5) SteelKnuckle (duplicate vertices 4) BakingSoda (duplicate vertices 4) Leek (duplicate vertices 4) Tweezers (duplicate vertices 4) CarKeys (duplicate vertices 3) CraftedTimer (duplicate vertices 3) TrapSnare (duplicate vertices 3) UnusableWood (duplicate vertices 3) Bandage (duplicate vertices 2) Chocolate (duplicate vertices 2) CraftedTrigger (duplicate vertices 2) DeadBird (duplicate vertices 2) FishFingers (duplicate vertices 2) FoundationMakeup (duplicate vertices 2) Ginseng (duplicate vertices 2) GriddlePanFriedVegetables (duplicate vertices 2) HandGunAmmoBox (duplicate vertices 2) Lettuce (duplicate vertices 2) MakeupFoundation (duplicate vertices 2) MotionSensor (duplicate vertices 2) SewingBox (duplicate vertices 2) ToothBrush (duplicate vertices 2) TrapBox (duplicate vertices 2) Apple (duplicate vertices 1) BalaclavaFace (duplicate vertices 1) CarBumper (duplicate vertices 1) CarDoor (duplicate vertices 1) CheeseSandwich (duplicate vertices 1) DeadRabbit (duplicate vertices 1) ElectronicsScrap (duplicate vertices 1) Kettle (duplicate vertices 1) NoiseMakerSensor (duplicate vertices 1) SmallAnimalMeat (duplicate vertices 1) PeanutButterSandwich (duplicate vertices 1) SpiffoPlushie (duplicate vertices 1) models_X/WorldItems/Clothing Bob_Jacket_Ground (duplicate vertices 1) (missing faces 1) Bob_WeddingJacket_Ground (duplicate vertices 1) (missing faces 1) ====================================== Bob_Dungarees_Ground (duplicate vertices 52) Bob_GihillieTrousers_Ground (duplicate vertices 32) Bob_GhillieTop_Ground (duplicate vertices 10) Bob_WeddingDress_Ground (duplicate vertices 9) BowlingBallBag_Ground (duplicate vertices 7) Bob_HospitalGown_Ground (duplicate vertices 6) Bob_SpiffoSuit_Ground (duplicate vertices 5) Bob_TShirt_Ground (duplicate vertices 5) Bob_Hazmat_Ground (duplicate vertices 5) Bob_Hoodie_Ground (duplicate vertices 4) Bob_Shirt_Ground 4 (duplicate vertices) ALICE_Pack_Ground (duplicate vertices 1) Bob_BoilerSuit_Ground (duplicate vertices 1) Bob_Dress_Long_Ground (duplicate vertices 1) Bob_Dress_Mid_Ground (duplicate vertices 1) Bob_Dress_Short_Ground (duplicate vertices 1) Female_Bra_Strapless_White (duplicate vertices 1) Female_Bra_Straps_White (duplicate vertices 1)
  2. Hey, strange problem that no one else seems to have except maybe Linux users.(?) I have a MacBook Pro late 2013, OS X 10.10.2, NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M, Intel Iris Pro (switchable). And no matter what settings I've tried tweaking, turning things on and off restarting deleting .ini 's, running on battery or no battery etc., my characters and zombies do not have faces textures or feet textures. Now I know I can simply turn off 3D models, but damned if I just don't love me some 3D models! You feel me right? Right. Because I'm 3D. Thanks for any help or information. -huck
  3. Hey all. Long story short, I want to try modelling interiors for some of PZs native cars. Partially for fun and practise, with view to release as a mod later, if I do a decent job. My issue is that I need the base 3d models of the vehicles ingame to do so. I've found all the .txt files, but have no idea how to convert them into an actual 3d file of some kind (OBJ, STL, FBX, etc). Does anyone know how to achieve this? Thanks.
  4. Ayrton Orio

    Car 3D models

    Anybody has been able to extract car 3D model? I'm currently working on my Citroe 4L model, and I would like to fit it to the poly/uv/etc standards of vanilla cars
  5. I suggest adding a method that will allow us to load skinned mesh in game! I replaced the original models of clothes, and it looks good. But unfortunately adding them without replacing the original is impossible, since there is no skinned model load method. :(( Class LuaManager.GlobalObject has a method that allows loading a static model, but it does not allow upload skinned model, because it sends boolean true to ModelLoader.instance.Load
  6. Stop me if this has been said but are there plans to fill in the high tension power lines that occupy the empty space that cuts through the map? In the real KY there are two side-by-side power lines and associated towers running through that space. Right now it just looks like a grass river or something. The suggestion is here: maybe someone could do up a powerline tower model or two and just duplicate and fill the space? And maybe they can be dismantled for oodles of metal materials...
  7. Good morning. I want to ask, if at some point in their updates, include the possibility that the game read from the MOD's 3D models? I wonder, because if other games perfectly read 3D models from their respective mods, Project Zomboid why not? Thank you for reading and Sorry for my English.
  8. In this thread, I'll post 3D models that I've created that are free to download and use by READ THIS As of March 17th 2015, I have not yet implemented any of these models into the game, be it clothing, weapons or any attachments. The downloads are supplied in case you wish to use them in your own personal projects or if you want to help figure out how to get them working in-game. Thank you. Models are working in-game! I may post a tutorial soon on how to use these models for yourselves, but for now check out Jab's Model Loader and the various other tools available across the forum. Please note that some of these weapons may be out-dated in terms of their position/rotation/scale, so double-check to make sure of this before importing them into the game. Weapons Rolling Pin: Texture Resolution: 32x32 Tri Count: 120 Crowbar: Texture Resolution: 32x32 Tri Count: 92 Hunting Rifle (Kimber Model 84M Classic) Texture Resolution: 32x32 Tri Count: 222 Shotgun Texture Resolution: 32x32 Tri Count: 326 Sawn Shotgun Texture Resolution: 32x32 Tri Count: 326 Franchi SPAS-12 Texture Resolution: 32x32 Tri Count: 496 Rifle Attachments 2x Scope (Trijicon ACOG) Texture Resolution: 32x32 Tri Count: 100 4x Scope (Bushnel AR Optics) Texture Resolution: 32x32 Tri Count: 124 Ammo Strap Texture Resolution: 32x32 Tri Count: 81 Clothing Slouched Beanie Texture Resolution: 64x64 Tri Count: 54 Sunglasses Texture Resolution: 32x32 Tri Count: 26 Hoodie Texture Resolution: 128x128 Tri Count: 369 Cargos Texture Resolution: 128x128 Tri Count: 260 Downloads: Clothing & Weaponry To Do: 8x Scope Varmint Rifle Permissions: Final Words: I'm sure that The Indie Stone will make much better versions of these when they are ready, but for now I feel as though it gives people the option to mess around with the tools that are currently available and hopefully implement these into the game. If there are any issues with the above models to do with placements or sizes, I'd love to know. I'm quite busy with both college and working on icons for 2 members of this community for their respective mods, so I'm unsure as to how frequent updates will be for this, though I will try my best. Feel free to request models, but know that they will likely not be made for a long time, or at all for the reasons stated above. Thanks guys!
  9. Hi, so I was just thinking about the 3D system that's been added. I haven't got any modding experience with this game but it does interest me. Anyway, will there be some sort of tool that will convert 3D models and their animations into the game format? And then how will you be able to access these in-game? Personally I'd like to see (or make) a mod that adds more asthetic features to the game (characters mainly). I'd like to see: Hats, Jackets, Visible 3D Bags, Variations of existing weapons (visual change only), Different shoe types I would do this by extracting the existing models and animations and then attach my custom model where I'd like it (on the back of the player for a backpack, etc), then remove the player model while keeping the backpack with the animations still on it. I just wonder if the devs have any ideas on how easy or hard this would be to do? Will we be given template models and animations to work from? Also, what about 3D in-game objects such as (non-functional) cars which may have a random rotation on them? Forgive me if this has already been answered, just a thought I had. Thanks, -Ben
  10. Hello. So, I am wondering if anyone has figured out how to add 3-d shapes to the models or how to change/edit current ones? I've only messed around with it a bit, but I believe you have to edit the pack files and I haven't messed around with those too much. It seems like the developers gave us some tools to get started, like the object files with all the vertices and faces of the models. The furthest I got was removing parts of a weapon, and that wasn't very cool. I found a thread probably 6 months ago with screenshots of a guy editing some weapon meshes in Blender. I don't remember where I saw it, but does anyone know how he got the models in a format that works with blender? I think it would be badass to get some new shapes in the game like guns, hats, and backpacks. I've edited the textures, but I haven't figured out how to set two different textures for the same model i.e. using the shotgun model for an AR-15 but with a different texture without changing the texture of the shotgun. Kinda late here, hope that makes sense.
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