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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys, I've got a Hamachi server up and running for anyone who would like to join. Me and a friend have been playing for a while together and I figured it would make things much more interesting if there were more than just us two online at one time, so here I am! There are quite a few mods and a lot of various towns you can explore that make for a very varied experience. Rules: - Do not randomly kill others. PVP is enabled, however, you must announce that you are attacking someone else by typing in global chat /attack <playername>. - If you plan on raiding an encampment, you must type /raid <playername>. The player name in this case can be any survivor inside of the base you are raiding. - If you are assisting in a raid, you must type /raidassist <raidleader>. The raid leader is the one who initiated the raid by typing /raid. - Sledgehammers cannot be used when raiding; only when making fortifications. - If you have PVP enabled, you are considered a raider; other players may attempt to kill you on sight if you have a weapon out and are not combating zombies. - Respect other players. - There is a light RP atmosphere in this server. You will be required to act in a somewhat realistic manner. Consider your actions and words, as well as potential reactions of other survivors in a realistic setting. - Last but not least, have fun! Mod list: Additional Skill Books Cremation Spraypaint Mod SVGPaintMod Guy's Mod Hydrocraft inSayne Electrics Extended Building Options More Zombie Loot Civilian MREs ORGM bcUtils 1.2 Hotbar 0.5.0 Hamachi server information: IP: Network name: SykrissesPZServer1 Password: 1 Network name: SykrissesPZServer2 Password: 2 Network name: SykrissesPZServer3 Password: 3 Network name: SykrissesPZServer4 Password: 4 You will need to have the -nosteam argument in your launch options to be able to connect. Link for mod-pack: Server settings (may change based on feedback): PM me if you have any troubles connecting and I will gladly assist you in solving the issue(s). I look forward to seeing you online!
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