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  1. I think it would really enhance Multiplayer/Roleplay servers if players could have multiple characters per Steam account on a server. Here are some pros and cons to consider: Pro Points for the Suggestion: Enhanced Roleplay Experience: Players can create different characters with distinct personalities, backstories, and roles, enriching the roleplay experience and fostering more dynamic and immersive interactions. Flexibility in Gameplay: Allowing players to switch between characters with different gameplay styles (e.g., a combat-focused character vs. a builder) can keep the game engaging over longer periods by offering varied experiences and reducing monotony. Contra Points for the Suggestion: Server Load and Performance: Allowing multiple characters per player could increase the server load, potentially leading to performance issues. This might result in lag, longer loading times, and a less stable gaming experience, especially on servers with many players. Implementation Complexity: Developing and integrating a system that supports multiple characters per Steam account would require significant changes to the game's current architecture. This includes creating new user interfaces, managing character data, and ensuring smooth transitions between characters. This could be resource-intensive and might introduce new bugs or stability issues. I understand that this feature is very unlikely to be implemented, but I hope it provides some food for thought.
  2. Hello. My friend and I play the zomboid project on a server on Steam. We wanted to make sure that zombies do not appear at all, but they spawn almost regularly in places where there was nothing before. Our idea is probably quite common. Make a lot of zombies, but turn off their spawn. Help configure the game) We play on the latest version with mods. Without mods, the situation is the same
  3. Hey everyone, I recently made a PvP server and I'm looking for people to join. It is pure PvP and features around 40 mods. None of the mods are anything completely game changing just some stuff to add fun things and Qol changes. I will be keeping the player count at 31 while we still gain players but if it grows I will add more slots. If you have any questions/suggestions asking on the discord will get you a faster response then on here but I will make sure to check back here sometimes! Discord: https://discord.gg/xczjv2CE33 THIS POST IS COMEPLETEY OBSOLETE AS WE ARE NO LONGER PURE PVP. the discord and server are still active just a completely different rule set.
  4. This is an ad for a server I play a lot, normally I wouldn't take the time to make a post but this server owner puts some much time into creating a dynamic wasteland. Name: Tombstone Loot: Common Zombie Population: EXTREME Vehicle Spawn: High Language: English Server Type: PvEvP Server Slots: 16 (To be expanded with growth) ---What our server Offers:--- - PvEvP - No Safety System - Extreme Population Peak - No Zombie Respawn - No Loot Respawn - Little to no server Wipe. - Traders in towns. - Over 10,000 tradeable items - Numerous Safehouses scattered throughout the map. - Higher risk areas reward better Gear ---Why join Tombstone?:--- - Our Sever heads have played the game for thousands of hours and can cultivate a rich environment for all form of player. - Roleplay is highly recommended and welcome! - New players will have tons of members that are highly veteran in the game and can offer guidance and patient thought and training. - A smaller community which means forms of progression and tons of opportunity at growth as a member and roleplayer inside the game. Please don't miss an opportunity to serve in a Server that will appreciate your time and treat you like family. Tombstone would be honored to have you join even if its just to see what we are about and learn how we can better your experience and knowledge in Project Zomboid.
  5. Recently I rented a server, uploaded a savegame on to it and there was no bigger problem. But now there is no accounts with Admin rights on the Server (I also dont have a server console), so I wanted to know if it is possible to change it somewhere in the files and how.
  6. Looking for a laid-back Australian PZ Server? And is welcoming to new players? Look no further than -AU- Moxis FunLand (Modded), This is a Dedicated Australian Server that is looking for Veterans and New players alike! We also have a Discord server if you're interested, come say hello and make new friends along the way! We would love to have you join us! 🌏-32 Slots πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ-PvP/PvE πŸ›‘-Factions πŸ•°-24hr Loot Respawn 🧟-No Zombie Respawn πŸ›-Claim Non-Res πŸ’‘-Australian Hosted πŸ—‘-Delete Trash in Bins πŸ‘-New Player Friendly! Discord Server: https://discord.gg/2eRZYBvHCs Server IP: Port: 29000
  7. Looking for a laid-back Australian PZ Server? And is welcoming to new players? Look no further than -AU- Moxis FunLand (Modded), This is a Dedicated Australian Server (32 slots) that is looking for Veterans and New players alike! We also have a Discord server if you're interested, come say hello and make new friends along the way! We would love to have you join us! Discord Server: https://discord.gg/2eRZYBvHCs Server IP: Port: 29000
  8. Me and my friends are thinking about starting an mp server and a big question that came up on my side was how we will prevent loot cycling. For those that don't know, loot cycling is when people throw all the stuff from containers on the ground and leave it there. Many people doing this over and over again will greatly hurt server performance in the long run (we want the world to be persistent). Now what I thought off was to add items that are usually dumped to the ground (books, tools, trash items) to the removal list (thats a setting the game provides) so that the game will automatically delete those after some time. The problem with that approach is that this will also remove player based items in bases and thus limit the ability of players to decorate their base with items. Does anybody know a mod or some other way to effectively counter loot cycling like a server plugin or setting etc.? We will, of course, also make a rule that disallows loot cycling and would, if we decide to add items to the removal list, tell people about which items specifically on our discord. But you know how people are sometimes... Some will not follow it because they don't care and it's hard to catch them in the moment they do this so we really need a solution for that problem.
  9. After trying it in both situation, the amount of xp gained for sneaking and furtivity is very different depending of if you're the host of the game, or just a client : it goes way faster when you're the host (as fast as in SP) than when you're a client. In both situations, there were a lot of zombies around as I was moving, that didn't detect me, but as a client the xp would barely increase.
  10. Hi all, here's from a client player on a "host" server in the latest build: "The car was stuck on a corner not where you guys even were. And the zombie slowly broke the window and killed me. And I couldn't get out of the car because it said it was moving." From host and other clients' perspectives, he was sitting in the car with us at a location down the road until he died and his corpse appeared just outside the car (a long ways away from the position he was seeing). Anyone else seeing this kind of thing? Playing current stable branch, half dozen UI mods. Server log here and will update with his client log if/when he sends it to me. 03-01-22_19-02-42_DebugLog-server.txt
  11. First off, I will point out the fact that walkie talkies are now broken and do not transmit text chat any more, only yells. I'm sure this has been noted a hundred times over, but due to how important it is to roleplaying and immersion in a multiplayer setting, I will gladly be the hundred-and-first one to point this out. Secondly, I am assuming that it is the devs' intention to also allow voice to be transmitted through the walkie talkies. This is cool, but without extending the range to the actual range of the walkie talkie, instead of the max voice range, it's pointless. I play with max voice distance at 50, because 300 units is an absolutely absurd distance (You can hear other players almost across an entire city). Because of this, the walkie talkies stop transmitting voice at 50 units. What's the point? Third, if you're going to add voice transmission to the walkie talkies, add some kind of static effect instead of whatever weird left ear/ right ear sound filter is going on right now. It doesn't sound like I'm hearing them through a walkie talkie, it sounds like I'm hearing them through an audio glitch. That's all. Thank you for taking the time to read. Have a good day.
  12. My windows dedicated server (steamCMD instantiated) has not been keeping up with the most current versions and as a result my server doesn't display with the default filters in the join server lobby for players. I validate game files for PZ main, PZ dedicated server, and the app validation through steamCMD. The only thing that seems to work is deleting the workshop files but even then it's inconsistent. what is the primary method of keeping server game versions current?
  13. Hello, I think there is an issue with release 41.64 regarding the comparison of mod files on client and server side. After release 41.64 I'm getting the infamous error: Workshop item version is different than the server's The workshop ID provided in the error is 2640351732 (See screenshot attached), which is a mod I'm developing named "Spear Traps" (see https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2640351732) Yet, all the files from my mod are identical on both client and server. See following output as proof: Copying my mod files from Steam workshop local directory to a directory named client: $ cp -r ~/.steam/steam/steamapps/workshop/content/108600/2640351732/mods/SpearTraps/ client Copying my mod files from Steam workshop on my server to a directory named server: $ scp -r pztest:pzserver/steamapps/workshop/content/108600/2640351732/mods/SpearTraps/ server Computing MD5 hash for every file in client directory, saving output to a file named client.md5: $ find client/ -type f -exec md5sum {} \; | sort -k 2,2 | awk '{ print $1 }' > client.md5 Computing MD5 hash for every file in server directory, saving output to a file named server.md5: $ find server/ -type f -exec md5sum {} \; | sort -k 2,2 | awk '{ print $1 }' > server.md5 Comparing the result, we can see both files client.md5 and server.md5 are identical, meaning all the hashes of each file are the same in both client and server: $ md5sum client.md5 server.md5 eed766a149a2d1eb295446f2efde3202 client.md5 eed766a149a2d1eb295446f2efde3202 server.md5 Both files client.md5 and server.md5 are provided as attachment, and also the zipped folders client and server are attached in case you want to check. Is there something that comes into play other than the content of the files to decide if there's a mismatch between client and server files? client.md5 server.md5 client.zip server.zip
  14. I ran the game and for some reason keys such as esc, tab and shift don't get recognized by the game at all. I have to map different keys. I am running linux mint 20.2 and have 3 different languages installed on my pc (latam, ptbr, and us) my system specs are below. I will try to find all the keys that don't work and list them on this same thread. SYSTEM SPECS: H/W path Device Class Description =============================================================== system To Be Filled By O.E.M. (To Be Filled By O.E.M.) /0 bus H470M-ITX/ac /0/0 memory 64KiB BIOS /0/a memory 16GiB System Memory /0/a/0 memory 8GiB DIMM DDR4 Synchronous 2667 MHz (0.4 ns) /0/a/1 memory 8GiB DIMM DDR4 Synchronous 2667 MHz (0.4 ns) /0/15 memory 256KiB L1 cache /0/16 memory 1MiB L2 cache /0/17 memory 6MiB L3 cache /0/18 processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-10100 CPU @ 3.60GHz /0/100 bridge Intel Corporation /0/100/2 display Intel Corporation /0/100/12 generic Comet Lake PCH Thermal Controller /0/100/14 bus Comet Lake USB 3.1 xHCI Host Controller /0/100/14/0 usb1 bus xHCI Host Controller /0/100/14/0/5 input HP 1000 USB Optical Mouse /0/100/14/0/6 multimedia USB 2.0 Camera /0/100/14/0/7 multimedia Samson GoMic /0/100/14/0/d input LED Controller /0/100/14/0/e communication Bluetooth wireless interface /0/100/14/1 usb2 bus xHCI Host Controller /0/100/14.2 memory RAM memory /0/100/16 communication Comet Lake HECI Controller /0/100/17 storage Intel Corporation /0/100/1c bridge Intel Corporation /0/100/1c/0 wlp1s0 network Dual Band Wireless-AC 3168NGW [Stone Peak] /0/100/1c.3 bridge Intel Corporation /0/100/1c.3/0 network RTL8125 2.5GbE Controller /0/100/1d bridge Comet Lake PCI Express Root Port #9 /0/100/1d/0 storage NVMe SSD Controller SM981/PM981/PM983 /0/100/1d/0/0 /dev/nvme0 storage Samsung SSD 970 EVO 500GB /0/100/1d/0/0/1 /dev/nvme0n1 disk 500GB NVMe namespace /0/100/1d/0/0/1/1 volume 512MiB Windows FAT volume /0/100/1d/0/0/1/2 /dev/nvme0n1p2 volume 513MiB Windows FAT volume /0/100/1d/0/0/1/3 /dev/nvme0n1p3 volume 464GiB Extended partition /0/100/1d/0/0/1/3/5 /dev/nvme0n1p5 volume 464GiB EXT4 volume /0/100/1f bridge Intel Corporation /0/100/1f.3 multimedia Comet Lake PCH cAVS /0/100/1f.4 bus Comet Lake PCH SMBus Controller /0/100/1f.5 bus Comet Lake PCH SPI Controller /0/100/1f.6 eno1 network Ethernet Connection (11) I219-V /0/1 system PnP device PNP0c02 /0/2 system PnP device PNP0c02 /0/3 system PnP device PNP0c02 /0/4 generic PnP device INT3f0d /0/5 system PnP device PNP0c02 /0/6 system PnP device PNP0c02 /0/7 system PnP device PNP0c02 /0/8 system PnP device PNP0c02 /0/9 system PnP device PNP0c02
  15. Hi IndieStone, Not completely sure if this is intended behavior or not, but reporting it anyway since this was possible (and really useful) in build 40. Passengers used to be able to sleep in the car while someone else was driving. We used this functionality a lot previously, as switching driver positions allowed us to roam the map overnight, just as we can in real-life. In B41 though, whenever the car is moving, we get a message saying that sleeping is prohibited unless the car is standing still. Obviously zombies aren't that real, but it really gave a nice touch to exploring. We would love to have this option come back!
  16. Here are the bugs i found in 4 hours MP gameplay: - Cant take down a camping tend - Cant place a campfire for cooking - After my friend hotwired a car, i hear sparkling noices from him till he relogs They are not gamechanging but a bit annoying
  17. I know that you don't want to release an off-the-shelf product. This is all good, you are responsible people, but there is a huge part of people who are ready to eat what they have. It would be cool if you released what you have and slowly patched the game. I and many people would be grateful to you. P.S 40 build already tired(
  18. Hi, If you set SafeHouseRemovalTime variable from your server.ini to 597 or higher all claims will fall off immidiately. This is a very nasty bug, many people got burnt off this. I belieive, expected behaviour in this case should be: 1. In-game interface should not allow admins to set an out-of-bounds value 1.1 If out-of-bounds value have been set up via direct config file editing - it should defaults to maximum available value (at least in this specific case). 2. Acceptable range of values for this variable should be declared in config comments and documentation very clearly. Also, why 596? Looks like a pretty artificial limit. Thank you.
  19. This non-residential buildings could be claimed: == Valley Station == Shooting Range; 13250,5430,0; 13290,5460,0 Hunters' Cabin; 13090,5280,0; 13150,5320,0 Gas Station; 12730,5030,0; 12750,5050,0 == West Point == Shops; 11920,6900,0; 12000,6930,0 Shops; 11890,6870,0; 11920,6900,0 Misc Store; 11820,6900,0; 11850,6920,0 == Riverside == Shop at the end of the map; 3670,5730,0; 3690,5760,0 Tool shop at the end of the map; 3620,5710,0; 3640,5730,0 == Rural Town == Gas station; 7290,8190,0; 7320,8210,0 Doctors' office; 7290,8380,0; 7310,8400,0 == Rosewood == Gas Station; 8170,11250,0; 8190,11290,0 Diner; 8060,11440,0; 8090,11470,0 Bar; 8010,11420,0; 8030,11440,0 Shops (Zippe); 8070,11520,0; 8100,11570,0 Shops (McFudg); 8070,11600,0; 8100,11630,0 == Marche Ridge == Dorm; 10040,12610,0; 10130,12680,0 == Muldraugh == Bar; 10750,10540,0; 10770,10560,0 This is wrong. They shouldn't be.
  20. Hi everyone! We've been playing PZ previously a long time and also used the dedicated server on my machine (Win 7, batch-file as steam-variant). Everything was working fine, friends were able to connect by ip-address, everything went very smooth. A few weeks (or months?) later we are back at PZ and I wanted to make a server again, this time outside my own home (hosting server, Ubuntu). But we weren't able to make a successful connection between any client and the server. At first it was the firewall, of course. Then there was a difficulty with the ip-address, because the server has 2 of them and there is no option to tell the game, which one to use (or at least I can't find any). But now, all those problems are out of the way and still it's not possible to connect. To be more precise: The clients are getting the error, that's not possible to make a p2p-connection. Looking on the server via netstat, I can see everyone trying to connect, and I also see the reason, why the server is unable to send a reply, but I can't get the source and solution for this. As said when I'm looking via netstat for those incoming connections by the client, I can see that the client is sending the internal lan-ip instead of the public one. Of course, the server, residing in the internet, is unable to reply to any internal ips and so the message pops up, that's not possible to make a p2p-connection. When starting the client in the non-steam-variant (by using the parameter -nosteam), but letting the server be as before, it's not even getting this far and only telling "server does not respond". Running both, server and client with "-nosteam" it works just fine! But I guess it should also work without those launch parameters, also as the client is telling, that it should be possible to connecto to a non-steam server with a steam-client As multiple users have the same problem and showing the same characteristics when trying to connect, we can tell that it's not a problem on the local lan site or everyones routersettings. Any ideas how to fix this?
  21. EDIT: Found fix for this issue! My friend turned off 'Double size textures' option, we restarted the game and when we entered the server he could see snow on ground as well Hi, I am hosting a P2P server for my friend and I (version 40.43). When it snows we both see snow falling and trees being covered in it BUT only I can see the snow covering the ground, he can't. For him the ground looks normal. Could it be because of a certain setting, or is this a bug? He has tried disconnecting and connecting back again. We even tried restarting the server and turning Post-processing on and off. Still nothing. Also, when we are indoors we can see the rain/snow falling outside even though we're not watching trough the windows at that time. It feels like we're on a spaceship, flying trough the stars, kinda messes up with our eyesight, making us dizzy.
  22. Zeek's Haven [24/7 US East|NY Server][PVP][CSpawns][24GB RAM][Weekly Soft Wipes][Monthly Hard Wipes] Server + TeamSpeak Status: ONLINE + ONLINE Forums: Home Common Events: Invasion Wanted/Kill Target That Darn Hobbes Airdrop Rare Events: The Fourth Horsemen Army Unique Events: Zeek's Haven is a 24/7 US East server for Project Zomboid. It is community-driven, and is closely monitored and run by community members and administrative staff. Server is always updated to the latest version of the game. We have a community base that will be updated as time progresses and have several custom spawn points in the works. PVP is allowed, don't let pride cloud judgment. You have the choice to map out your own path, but make sure it won’t result in the death of you. Donation Info: All Donators will be Perm white-listed and allowed priority access to the server. We will also treat our donators with assistance in the event that a cheater or hacker destroys bases or any collection of goods we will help to restore the effort that was lost. This is not a protection against bandits. Donations of $10 or more and we will backup your character made structures protecting it from any hard wipes. Your stuff will be saved and reserved. This is of course limited, and is not protected from patch updates and will only be good for one month or extended by another donation. Greater donations will allow bigger areas and extended backups explained below. Player Made Structure Backups: (one crate = one tile)(no limit on height of the structure)(no assistance in rebuilding if wipe due to patch) $10 - 20x20 tiles, 1 month backup $15 - 30x20, 1 month backup $20 - 40x20, 1 month backup $25 - 50x20, 1 month backup $50 - 50x20, 3 month backup $100 - 50x50, 3 month backup(rebuilding assistance if patch wipe) We will need to be made aware of the location of your base in order to make backups. Thank you for your support! Server Rules: No Reloading Same Characters/Loading a Character from Another Server No cheating/hacking/flooding/spamming (Ban) No spamming fires (Ban) Keep language as PG-13 as possible, foul language okay in jokes No racism, sexism, or attacks to a person with disabilities (Warning, then Ban) PVP rules: KOS (Kill On Sight) is allowed Looting of player-made bases, destroying fortifications, and raiding are allowed Bandits and Heroes allowed, create your own path! RP Rules: TBA. Server Info: Processor: i7 4790k 4.4Ghz RAM: 24GB @ 2133Mhz Server Cap: 34 Hard Drive: SSD 120GB OCZ Max IOPS, w/ 4TB HDD Backup Server Provider: Zeek Website: http://zeekshaven.weebly.com/ TeamSpeak Server: RichAdmin Event Website: http://achanes.wix.com/ourlaststandpz
  23. If I were a braver man and weren't so scared of learning to code I would try to do this myself... Would it be tricky to throw together a mod that does something like this in MP (local co-op): -Trigger: Any player dies -Spawn 10 zombies near random player -Trigger noise on said random player to draw zeds to them immediately -Add a counter to create +5 additional zombies next time this event is triggered. Easy? Difficult? Could someone throw that together for me? I'm trying to get my buds to stop friggin dying all the time without consequence, while also adding a challenge for everyone else.
  24. This is something that has occurred to me now and then on MP; I'm about to log out, but I wanna tell something to my safehouse friends about this house I found full of canned food and spiffo dolls. But how can I tell them if they're not here? Sure, I could grab a pen and a blank notebook and write it, but how will they even know the notebook is there, or even if there's something they should know on it? I'm sure I'm not the only one who's ever dealt with such issue. Then, I noticed all those ''Cork Boards'' you find on almost every office or industrial site on PZ that have no use beyond the cosmetic one and thought ''Why can't we use one of those to leave notes to our fellow survivors?'' You would just write what you need to tell on a notebook, rip out the page and pin it to the cork board with a tack, and then everyone who came later could read it. Maybe we could even tack a region map to it with places if interest marked on them, so everyone can see them. Most of the in-game items for such a function are already created (The Cork boards, paper, pens and maps are all there. All we would need are the tacks, which would probably be lootable from every office or school), so it'd be just a matter of creating an interface of some sort for it. I think those would be of great use on an MP setting, and even on an SP, as a sort of to-do list. Not to mention it's kinda realist.
  25. I host a private server for me and my friends. Around 25-30 days into surviving, I start running into a rhythmic lag, every 30 seconds or so I experience a lag for about 1 second. It has nearly killed me. Is it a memory leak after playing for about 13-15 hours? Maybe its because I've set stuff to respawn after 1 month (We're stationed at Twiggy's, near the gun store in West Point) and we are close to the centre of town. Anyone else having similar issues?
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