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Found 3 results

  1. Ok first of all I would like to warn everyone that this will be a VERY long post so if you intend to read all of it, hope you are comfy and have all you need. Second of all I would like to say I didn’t steal anyone’s ideas, I have had most of these for months but have not bothered to post them until I had them in an ok format. Third of all and the last thing before I start please remember nothing is confirmed and some of these ideas may reference my other posts and or upcoming posts so some things not implemented in the game may be talked about for possibilities of the future. Thank you and enjoy the Post. 1.) Now before we begin I would like to make a list of tools that may be used in the maintenance and upgrades of some vehicles. · Wrench- can be used as a weapon and for certain repairs. · Blow torch- used to weld metal together to fix the car body. · Engine lift- used to lift the engine. · Creeper- makes fixing under a car easier and slightly more efficient. · Oil pan- used to collect oil from the ground instead of leaving an oil mark. · Cutting pliers- used to cut certain things off and pull items out. · Pliers- used to pull small parts out. · Air brush- making paint and decals last longer. 2.) Now for a list of stats that may seem a bit confusing: · Weapon usage- what weapons you can use and from what seat. · Storage capacity- how much something can hold or carry · Tow strength- how much something can tow. · Damage resistance- how much it can take from impacts like crashes or blunt damage. · Mirror view- how much you can see around you using mirrors. · Noise- how much noise it makes when moving. 3.) Now with that out of the way we can get the cars and vehicles. This area will cover player powered vehicles. Bike- this is a standard vehicle and will be the start of the list. It has 2 wheels, comes with 3 variations, can have a multitude of add-ons and much more. · Fatigue rate: medium-slow · Speed: poor · Storage capacity: poor · Turn radius: ok-good · Weapon usage: single hand weapons only · Noise: very little-silent · Seats: 1 · Variations: Road, mountain, cruiser Notes: The variations are Road, Mountain and Cruiser. Mountain bikes are good off road as well as on road. They are very durable and pretty fast but cause fatigue slightly faster. The road bikes are best at going fast on the roads while poor off-road. The cruiser is the standard bike with ok on road and poor off road speed but while on roads it has less fatigue rate. Both the cruiser and street bike have higher fatigue speed off roads while the mountain bike has the same rate for both roads and off roads while being lower than the bikes standard on road speed. Big wheel/Tricycle- This is a 3 wheel bike that is more of a joke but will serve as a basic type of transportation if needed. · Fatigue rate: medium-low · Speed: poor · Storage capacity: None · Turn radius: Very poor · Weapon usage: one handed weapons only · Noise: quiet, loud · Seats: 1,2 · Variations: Tricycle, big wheel Notes: The tricycle is a smaller bike with the ability to carry a person on the back. They are very slow due to big legs and small pedals. The tricycle is a poor weapon but can coast. The Big wheel has the same problem being slow but only carries 1 person and is much louder. It is however it is better off roads slightly and is a bit faster. It also has plastic tires that can’t pop. Scooter- These are another player powered vehicle. · Fatigue rate: medium · Speed: ok-poor · Storage capacity: very poor · Turn radius: ok · Weapon usage: None · Noise: ok-slightly noisy · Seats: 1 · Variations: None Notes: This vehicle can be folded and stored for transportation reasons. It also has Plastic tires that preventing popping. Skateboard- This is a board with wheels, not much else to say. · Fatigue rate: medium-slow · Speed: ok-poor · Storage capacity: none · Turn radius: Very good · Weapon usage: any weapon besides guns · Noise: medium-Loud · Seats: 1 · Variations: Long board, Penny board, shortboard. · Notes: First of all each of these can be used as a weapons and have non popping wheels. The long board has the farthest attack range but the worst durability. It also is easier to ride but is heavier and has a bigger turning radius. The shortboard is the perfect middle child. Good range, weight, ok to learn, can do tricks, can turn fast, and only has the downfall of poor durability. Now the penny board, while being the smallest is the most durable but it harder to learn and can’t do tricks as easily. It’s also very light and has short range. Roller-skates- These are like shoes but make you move. · Fatigue rate: medium-slow · Speed: ok-poor · Storage capacity: None · Turn radius: ok · Weapon usage: all but guns. · Noise: medium-loud · Seats: 1 · Variations: None · Notes: these are shoes that take a while to stop, longer to turn, such off-road, and can coast down streets. Kiddie cars- those small pedal cars for kids. · Fatigue rate: medium · Speed: slow-medium · Storage capacity: None · Turn radius: poor · Weapon usage: one handed weapons · Noise: medium · Seats: 1 · Notes: they do look different but these are where the differences end. 3.) Now we are on to small cars and vehicles. This is only a start. ATV- this is your standard Quad for off-roading adventures. · Fuel tank size: ok-small · Fuel efficiency: poor-ok · Noise: very noisy-Loud · Speed: Ok-fast · Storage capacity: poor · Seats: 2 · Turning radius: ok-poor · Weapon use: person Driver can’t, passenger gets full 360 degrees to attack. · Notes: This vehicle has the same speed on and off road but is more efficient off road. Dirt Bike- This is the mountain bike but motorized. · Fuel tank size: small · Fuel efficiency: ok · Noise: Very Loud · Speed: Fast · Storage capacity: Poor · Seats: 2 · Turning radius: ok-good · Weapon use: Same as ATV · Notes: Its faster than the ATV but it is also louder and holds less fuel. Golf Cart- Clubbing Zombies in style since 1984. · Fuel efficiency: ok · Fuel tank size: Ok · Battery Efficiency: Ok-poor · Noise: low-quiet, low · Speed: slow, slow-ok · Storage capacity: Ok, good · Seats: 3,5 · Turning radius: Ok-poor · Weapon use: passengers can use weapons. · Variations: electric powered, Fuel powered · Notes: The cart can be your standard white frame and be electrical or have a more rugged frame and better off road capability that uses fuel. The electrical has less storage, can’t go off road, and can hold less people but can charge easily and quickly. The fuel powered can hold 5 people and more storage. It also is better off road than its electrical counterpart. Its only downside is it takes more to fix it, you need fuel to run it, and it is louder. Motorcycle- Vroom vroom! · Fuel efficiency: good · Fuel tank size: ok-good · Noise: loud-extremely loud · Speed: fast- very fast · Seats: 2 · Turning radius: good · Weapon use: one handed weapons or passenger · Notes: Passenger has full 360 attack radius. It is best for quick escapes but attracts many zombies. Motorized scooters- So very hipster · Fuel efficiency: ok-good · Fuel tank size: ok-small · Noise: ok-loud · Speed: ok-fast · Seats: 1 · Turning radius: ok · Weapon use: One handed weapons only. · Notes: This is like the dirt bike but slower, quieter, and made for on road. Ride Mower- Got to keep your lawn clean in the zombie apocalypse. · Fuel efficiency: poor-ok · Fuel tank size: ok-large · Noise: ok, loud · Speed: slow · Seats: 1 · Turning radius: ok-poor · Weapon use: any weapon. · Notes: This will actively kill crawlers and cut grass at the same time. The blades are able to be toggled but it makes noise when on. Otherwise it’s pretty quiet. 4.) Well now that we have finished with the smaller vehicles we can move on the major cars, small trucks, and others! Coupe · Fuel efficiency: ok-good · Fuel tank size: ok-good · Damage resistance: ok-poor · Bullet resistance: poor · Noise: ok-loud · Speed: ok-fast · Storage capacity: ok-good · Turning radius: ok-good · Seats: 2,4 · Weapons usage: passenger seat only. · Mirror view: good · Variations: this car can have a 4 seater with 2 small seats behind the 2 main chairs at the cost of less trunk space. The 2 seater has more space but only 2 seats. · Notes: this is a standard car and is one of the most common. Sports car · Fuel efficiency: ok-poor · Fuel tank size: ok · Damage resistance: ok-poor · Bullet resistance: poor · Noise: loud · Speed: fast-very fast · Storage capacity: some-little · Turning radius: ok · Seats: 2 · Weapons usage: only the passenger. · Mirror view: ok-good · Variations: none · Notes: this is a 2 door coupe but louder faster and with a different body. It is meant to go fast. Convertible · Fuel efficiency: ok-good · Fuel tank size: good · Damage resistance: ok-poor · Bullet resistance: poor · Noise: ok · Speed: ok · Storage capacity: ok-good · Turning radius: ok · Seats: 5 · Weapons usage: all but driver · Mirror view: great · Variations: Cover, Coverless. · Notes: some have covers that can be pulled over and back to keep dry while the coverless don’t have those luxuries. Hybrid car · Fuel efficiency: great · Fuel tank size: good · Damage resistance: ok · Bullet resistance: poor · Noise: low-none · Speed: ok · Storage capacity: ok · Turning radius: ok · Seats: 5 · Weapons usage: only those near windows. · Mirror view: ok · Variations: None · Notes: This car is more fuel efficient but less common as well. Van · Fuel efficiency: ok-poor · Fuel tank size: large · Damage resistance: ok · Bullet resistance: poor-ok · Noise: ok-loud · Speed: Ok-fast · Storage capacity: good-very good · Tow strength: poor · Turning radius: Poor · Seats: 2,8,15 · Weapons usage: Passenger and back seats. · Mirror view: poor · Variations: the 2 seater, 8 seater, and 15 seater. · Notes: The 2 seater is just 2 front seats and an empty back for storage. The 8 Seater replaces the open back for 6 more seats. The larger 15 seater has even more room and seats. Sedan · Fuel efficiency: ok-poor · Fuel tank size: ok · Damage resistance: ok-poor · Bullet resistance: poor · Noise: ok-loud · Speed: ok · Storage capacity: ok-good · Turning radius: ok-poor · Seats: 5 · Weapons usage: passenger and window seats. · Mirror view: good · Variations: none · Notes: this is a standard car with room and space but poor fuel ratings. SUV · Fuel efficiency: good · Fuel tank size: good · Damage resistance: good · Bullet resistance: ok · Noise: ok-loud · Speed: ok · Storage capacity: good · Seats: 7 · Tow strength: ok · Turning radius: ok · Weapons usage: any window seat or back seats · Mirror view: good · Variations: none · Notes: this is a good car but has the problem of being rare and high maintenance. Pickup truck · Fuel efficiency: ok-poor · Fuel tank size: large · Damage resistance: ok-good · Bullet resistance: ok · Noise: loud · Speed: slow · Storage capacity: great · Tow strength: ok · Turning radius: poor · Seats:2 · Weapons usage: passengers · Mirror view: ok · Variations: none · Notes: this is the most common truck but it still uncommon. Crossover · Fuel efficiency: good- very good · Fuel tank size: good · Damage resistance: ok-poor · Bullet resistance: poor · Noise: low- quiet · Speed: ok · Storage capacity: good · Tow strength: poor · Turning radius: ok · Seats: 7 · Weapons usage: windowed seats besides driver. · Mirror view: ok-good · Variations: none · Notes: this is a better fueled SUV but meant for the road. Police car · Fuel efficiency: good · Fuel tank size: ok · Damage resistance: good · Bullet resistance: ok · Noise: ok · Speed: fast · Storage capacity: low · Seats: 5 · Turning radius: good · Weapons usage: the passenger seat · Mirror view: good · Variations: none · Notes: this car has no horn but instead a siren. It also has 5 seats but the back 3 can only be opened from the outside. The back windows are also reinforced and separated by a reinforced glass window. Humvee · Fuel efficiency: poor · Fuel tank size: large · Damage resistance: Very good · Bullet resistance: medium · Noise: loud · Speed: ok-slow · Storage capacity: ok · Seats: 4 · Tow strength: ok · Turning radius: ok · Weapons usage: top gunner hole or gun hatches on each side. (1 on each) · Mirror view: poor · Variations: None · Notes: this is a rare military vehicle that is very durable but is also high maintenance. Armored Vehicle · Fuel efficiency: ok-poor · Fuel tank size: large · Damage resistance: good-very good · Bullet resistance: medium · Noise: loud · Speed: slow · Storage capacity: large · Seats: 2, 4 · Turning radius: Poor · Weapons usage: passenger window, top gunner sport or side peep holes. · Mirror view: ok · Variations: Bank, Military · Notes: the bank version has more room but only 2 seats and only a window for shooting. The Police version (like S.W.A.T.) would have the hatches instead of the window, an extra 2 seats, the ability to hang from the edges of the vehicle, and a siren. 5.) Now to finish up with this part of the list. It’s time for large trucks and big vehicles. Truck · Fuel efficiency: ok · Fuel tank size: ok-large · Damage resistance: ok-high · Bullet resistance: poor · Noise: ok- loud · Speed: ok · Storage capacity: Great · Seats: 5, 6 · Tow strength: good · Turning radius: ok · Mirror view: ok · Variations: 5 seater, 6 seater · Notes: The only differences between the 2 are the 6 seater loses the spot between the driver and passenger seat but has a chair instead. Tow Truck · Fuel efficiency: Poor · Fuel tank size: large · Damage resistance: ok-good · Bullet resistance: poor-ok · Noise: loud-ok · Speed: slow · Storage capacity: low · Seats: 2 · Tow strength: Strong · Turning radius: very Poor · Mirror view: Poor · Variations: None · Notes: it is able to tow by using a hook rather than a hitch but this take a specific job to do so. Dump truck · Fuel efficiency: poor-ok · Fuel tank size: large · Damage resistance: good-high · Bullet resistance: ok · Noise: loud · Speed: slow · Storage capacity: low · Seats:2 · Turning radius: poor · Mirror view: poor-ok · Variations: none · Notes: This is only found near or in the construction zones and other workplaces. It can carry objects but they will commonly fall out if filled too much and need to be filled by other methods. Ambulance · Fuel efficiency: ok · Fuel tank size: medium · Damage resistance: ok · Bullet resistance: poor · Noise: medium · Speed: fast-ok · Storage capacity: ok · Seats: 6 · Turning radius: ok · Mirror view: ok · Notes: The 6th seat is the stretcher in the back of the ambulance. Not this vehicle also has 3 seats in the back and 2 up front. The front can look back safely through a window. This vehicle also has a siren and flashing lights. Fire truck · Fuel efficiency: ok · Fuel tank size: ok-large · Damage resistance: ok · Bullet resistance: poor · Noise: loud-ok · Speed: Fast-ok · Storage capacity: large · Seats: 2 · Turning radius: poor · Mirror view: poor · Variations: None · Notes: This is much like the ambulance but can hold 4 extra people on the outside and holds much more. It also has a siren. It does have water stored in it that can be used with a firehose but this requires a fire fighter. It also can only really stop a small fire from spreading and runs out quiet quick. Tank truck- A truck with a tank of liquid on it. · Fuel efficiency: ok · Fuel tank size: Ok-Large · Damage resistance: ok · Bullet resistance: poor · Noise: ok-loud · Speed: ok · Storage capacity: poor · Seats: 2 · Tow strength: ok · Turning radius: poor · Mirror view: poor · Variations: None · Notes: This vehicle can hold a ton of a specific liquid ranging from fuel to water. Garbage truck · Fuel efficiency: poor · Fuel tank size: large · Damage resistance: high · Bullet resistance: ok · Noise: loud · Speed: ok-slow · Storage capacity: poor · Seats: 2 · Turning radius: very poor · Mirror view: poor · Variations: None · Notes: 2 more people can hang on to the back as well as 2 in the cab. The back can also hold a lot but is normally full of trash. RV · Fuel efficiency: ok · Fuel tank size: Large · Damage resistance: ok · Bullet resistance: poor · Noise: ok · Speed: ok · Storage capacity: moderate-good · Seats: 5 · Tow strength: poor · Turning radius: · Mirror view: poor · Variations: None · Notes: This place has a fully working stove, microwave, sinks, toilet, and storage space. It also has a 2 person bed, a small couch with a table, and the car radio. Tractor · Fuel efficiency: poor · Fuel tank size: medium · Damage resistance: poor · Bullet resistance: poor · Noise: ok-low · Speed: slow · Storage capacity: none · Seats: 1 · Tow strength: low · Turning radius: ok · Mirror view: none · Variations: None · Notes: This vehicle is only found on farms. 6-wheeler · Fuel efficiency: poor · Fuel tank size: medium-large · Damage resistance: high · Bullet resistance: poor-ok · Noise: Loud · Speed: Slow · Storage capacity: Low · Seats: 2 · Tow strength: Very strong · Turning radius: poor · Mirror view: poor · Variations: sleeper, Normal · Notes: They only variations is the sleeper vs the normal. The sleeper has a bed in the back and is slightly large but has no real difference besides that. Excavator · Fuel efficiency: poor-ok · Fuel tank size: Large · Damage resistance: High · Bullet resistance: Low · Noise: loud-ok · Speed: very slow · Storage capacity: Poor · Seats: 1 · Turning radius: Good · Mirror view: None · Variations: None · Notes: it has the scoop on the front working fully. Both can be operated if they have a high driving skill or choose a specific job. Bulldozer · Fuel efficiency: Poor · Fuel tank size: Large · Damage resistance: high · Bullet resistance: ok · Noise: Ok-loud · Speed: very slow · Storage capacity: poor · Seats: 1 · Tow strength: ok · Turning radius: great · Mirror view: None · Variations: None · Notes: It requires a chain to tow most things and is very inefficient due to the lack of speed. Back hoe loader · Fuel efficiency: poor · Fuel tank size: small-ok · Damage resistance: High · Bullet resistance: Ok · Noise: Ok-low · Speed: slow-ok · Storage capacity: poor · Seats: 1 · Turning radius: Ok · Mirror view: None · Variations: None · Notes: this is one of those things that have the dipper on the back and the scoop on the front. It also has 2 supports on the back that prevent it from dipping back and moving at full speed. Bus · Fuel efficiency: Poor-ok · Fuel tank size: large · Damage resistance: ok-poor · Bullet resistance: poor · Noise: ok-noisy · Speed: ok-good · Storage capacity: good-great · Seats: 24, 42 · Turning radius: very poor · Mirror view: ok · Variations: school, transit · Notes: The school bus has fewer seats, is smaller, and is yellow. It also has those stop lights when in a full stop or opening doors while bus is running. The Transit bus has more seats, is longer, and comes in grey shades. It also has space under the seat, better air conditioning, and a bike carrier on the front for 2 bikes. Military transport · Fuel efficiency: Ok-poor · Fuel tank size: ok · Damage resistance: ok-good · Bullet resistance: poor · Noise: Low-ok · Speed: moderate · Storage capacity: great · Seats: 20 · Tow strength: ok-high · Turning radius: ok-poor · Mirror view: ok · Variations: none · Notes: This can either be used to carry a good amount of people or used to transport cargo. This can only be found with military convoys or damaged by the road side. 6.) Now with all of my vehicles out of the way let’s move onto a different topic. Now for a list of trailers as well as items that can be pushed or pulled by players. · Shopping cart- This is a play pushed utility that can be used to hold and store items or push 2 people. It does require both hands to control. · Push Mower- This is a player pushed utility that consumes fuel to work. When pushed over tall grass it will trim it. It does make noise however. · Horse trailer- This is a medium weight trailer that can be pulled by most vehicles with tow capabilities. It has a good amount of space for storage or it can also be built in. · Tank trailer- this can be small or large. The only difference is that the large requires a 6 wheeler and a small can be towed by anything as well as holds less. · Box trailer- this is another 6 wheeler trailer that also has a small variant much like the horse trailer. · Tow dolly- This can be towed by pretty much any car. It can be used to tow another car. · Equipment trailer- this is used to pull small cars, work vehicles, and other small utilities. · Sled- This player pulled utility is best used when there is snow. It can be filled with items or a person. It can also be pulled on non-snow surfaces but makes noise and requires much more strength. Either way it takes both hands. · Wagon- This is much like the sled but is better over solid surfaces like roads and pavement rather than dirt and snow. It does make less noise however and can hold more items then a sled. · Refrigerated trailer- This is like the box trailer for the 6 wheeler but has a fuel powered ac installed to keep it cool inside. · Log trailer- this is a large 6 wheeler exclusive that holds large logs. This is found in the log mill and is pretty much useless considering there is no use for the huge logs as of now. · Car transporter- another 6 wheeler exclusive that can hold a total of 8 cars; 4 top and 4 bottom. This does however require precision and time when unloading. · Dump trailer- this is a smaller trailer that can be dumped back using a small battery. · Camper – this can be pulled by most vehicles. It is a smaller version of the RV having a working stove, sink, microwave, a bed, and room to hold 3 people inside. · Utility trailer- this is a mix of the equipment trailer and the wagon. It is able to hold more things than the equipment trailer could such as generators and crates, but is still not able to hold items just lying there. 7.) Now for a list of additions that can be added to cars or added to customize your car: · Winch- This can be attacked to most trucks and a few cars. It can be attached to assist pulling a stuck car, knocking over trees, and pulling out stuck objects like unmovable poles, light posts and signs. · Seat belt cover- This just simply can be added to any car besides busses, and give an extra decrease of panic. · Fuels saving tires- tires built for the road. They save fuel while on road but are horrid off-road. · Off road tires- These will help remover the speed reduction on your cars while off road but it provides no buff on roads. · Large tires- these are just tires for things like tractors, some 6x6 and large trucks. They do increase fuel efficiency and speed by slightly. · Small tires- these are for things like wagons, ATV’s, and things along that line. · Basic tires- the standard car tire. · Hitch lock- these need to be attached to tucks in order for them to tow, excluding the 6x6, bulldozer, and tractor. · Bike rack- This can be attached to the front or back of most vehicles. It will provide some extra protection to the front but can also hold 2 bikes. · Roll cage- a small addition to some vehicles improving damage resistance to the top. · Shell- this adds extra room to trucks as well as protection from elements. · Basket- a bike and scooter attachment that adds some storage space. · Bell- Noise maker for bikes and scooters. · Horn- Noise maker for bikes and scooters. · Skateboard wheels- replacements. · Scooter wheels- replacements. · Bike tires- Spare tires. · Bike mirrors- add mirrors to the bike to see behind you. · Bike light- let there be light. · Seat covers- provide extra panic decrease. · Ladder rack- a type of add-on to trucks that can allow for more items and a less likely chance of things falling out. · Headache rack- protection for the back window but deceases visibility from rear view mirror. · Light bars- This is a protective front piece that has lights connected to it. · Nerf bars- steps into trucks that improve entering speed as well as a little blunt damage. · Skid plate-extra protection to the underside and front of you vehicle. · Mud flaps- This decreases the amount of dirt and mud that need to be cleaned off the back and is shown in tracks. · Bull bar- This is a light bar but without the lights and can endure much more blunt damage. · Water bottle holder- a small bike attachment that can be used to hold a water bottle or smaller pop bottle of sorts. · Bike bags- These can be put onto bikes to add 2 small storage units on it. · Muffler- this can be attached to just about any vehicle and is used to make it slightly quieter. Extremely quiet for motorcycles. · Snow plow- able to be attached to most vehicles and will both clear slow in front of you and push objects out of the way. 8.) Now with that out of the way we are still far from finished. Now we have the list of problems with the car. · Leak- fluids of sorts are leaking leaving trails from your car. This can be fixed by replacing parts or patching it up using tape. It could be fuel, oil, coolant, or antifreeze. · Scratches- small gashes to the car that could lead to more serious damage if blunt damage is taken. · Dent- This is from blunt damage. · Broken window- just as it sounds. · Missing _______- parts are missing. Its normally important. · Smoking- this says smoke is coming out of somewhere. · Loose- parts could fall off or disconnect. · Bent- from more serious blunt damage. · Destroyed- ruined and needs to be replaced. · Rusty- next to no defense but still usable, of sorts. · Burnt- charred edges but similar to rust. 9.) We are not done yet, now let’s get to the jobs and skills. Skills: · Driving skill- This is the skill of how well you can drive your car. It increase brake reaction time, how much you jerk your car, or even details like how well you can prevent disaster like spinouts. It grows from driving and once you get high enough you can drive things like big rigs or RV’s. · Mechanic skill- This is just the skill of fixing cars. Nothing else to it besides the normal benefits. · Maneuverability skill- This skill only really applies to the player powered ones and motorcycles. This improves how well you can move as well as (this is for all cars here) how well you can’t turn or if you can do things like drift. Occupations: Note, things like construction worker can drive construction live vehicles with more ease then a normal person. · Chauffeur- This job costs +4 points and in return gives +3 driving skill. You also get the trait quiet. · Taxi driver- This job costs +4 and gives +2 driving skill and +1 maneuverability. · Street racer- This job costs -6 and in return gives a driving skill of 3 and a maneuverability skill of +3. · Mechanic- This job costs a total of -4 and in return give a total of +3 mechanical skill and +2 electrical skill. · Cyclist- This job costs -+4 and in return gives +1 to light footed, +1 to maneuverability, as well as a buff to fitness. · Bus Driver- This job costs +2 and in return gives +3 to driving and the skill to drive a bus near perfectly. · Truck driver- This job costs+4 and in return gives a +2 to driving, the skill of driving a 6x6 next to perfectly as well as the trait coffee junkie. Traits: · Quiet- This trait makes you less noisy as well as shout quieter. · Technical- This job gives you +1 to both electrical and mechanical for -8 points. · Eagle eye- Now if you have this trait and level 3 mechanical skill you can tell problems just by looking at the car. Even if they may be interior ones. · Crafty- Able to make parts or repairs using less or parts that normally are not able to be used. Ex. Saran wrap for windows, or a wire clothes hanger for the radio antenna. · Coffee Junkie- This trait makes the player less affected by sleep when having coffee as well as a longer effect of it. It also reduces any effect of jitters from caffeine (if added). 10.) Now this will be one of the last things on the list. Now for mechanics and other noted/ideas. · Driving conditions- In rain or snow driving becomes harder. With rain you can’t see as far ahead or behind, as well as going to fast has a chance of causing a spinout. Now with snow the problems double. You may start to slide while driving, may not be able to stop, and even the same problems as rain but with 2x the effect. · Car conditions- Cars can be found in many places and situations. Some may be in good shape but out of fuel. Others may be completely wrecked. Most may just need a few new pats or a little fix. That being said most can just be hopped in and drove but others could cause more damage in the form of a fire. · Car locations- Not all cars spawn in the same areas. The police vehicles spawn near the police station, and rarely on the road. Construction vehicles are only in the construction site, and found in a few other places like the log mill or on a truck in the road. · Special vehicle abilities- Now some vehicles like the smaller cars can do things like drift or make a quick U-turn. Other things like bikes and skateboards can do jumps over hazards like crawlers at a high enough level. · Player made upgrades- These normally cause damage to the vehicle unless done at a high mechanical skill. That being said it is not normally recommended. · Zombies in cars- Some zombies can spawn under or even inside of cars. Typically they need to crawl out then can get up once out of the vehicle. · Terrain troubles- While raining or snowing the ground will become more dangerous. If it is wet from rain you will slide around slightly, and have troubles stopping. This gets even worse with snow. Above all that is ice, which is even worse. Now if the ground is wet and you drive on dirt, this will create a muddy terrain that will slow down your vehicle as well as stop it if you got to slow or the vehicle weighs too much. · Starting cars- Cars can be started by owning a compatible set of car keys or a few other methods. Other methods include hotwiring or making a makeshift key. Hot wiring just requires a knife, scissors, or pliers, as well as a screwdriver. · Hitting Zombies- Running over zombies doesn’t do much damage to your car but with each kill it leaves a .1% chance of breaking your front windshield due to zombies crashing through it and as you kill more covers your windshield in blood making it harder to see. Crawlers have a chance to pass under cars when drive over. Well it was fun writing this but now, it is over. A list of car parts may be added along with a few pictures but for now I think you guys would like to see this. Anyways thank you if you managed to painfully read all of it. Anyways, thank you and I hope to hear from you guys. Anyway sorry for this long and scary looking post, And hope to hear feedback. ..... whoops. didn't realize how long it was until i posted it.... Heh heh....
  2. TO THE DEVS AND ANYONE ELSE WHO CARES! Introduction: So far, the game is pretty cool. I can't wait for further updates, and I have some ideas for updates that in my opinion would really improve the game. I update this post a lot instead of making new threads, so this is where you'll find all of my ideas. And there are many of them. If added, these in my opinion would go beyond expectations of the finished product. -WARNING!- This list is QUITE extensive. Anyone who desires to see this, I hope you like reading. -Downtown: Overpasses, clogged roads full of abandoned and burned out cars to loot, and many buildings such as skyscrapers to explore. A massive amount of zombies would probably inhabit this area, but higher value loot could be found. This area would be very useful to loot, but basing here wouldn't always be the best of ideas, because this area may have more zombies in a single street than an entire 4 blocks in the suburbs. -FORMER Military presence: Especially in the Downtown area and later in the game, such as a month or so after the inicial reports, there should be a former military presence that was overwhelmed. Evidence such as broken tanks and fatigue-clad zombies would look really cool. Ammo caches and barb wire barricades would be there as well, and higher-tier weapons could be found on soldier's bodies or in demolished tanks and humvees. As time passes on, more tanks and soldiers could be found, some alive, some not so lucky. Would add 2 new types of NPCs, one survivor and one zombie. The soldier zombie, which would behave like any other, just harder to kill due to wearing body armor. The soldier, which would be a standard recruitable survivor would be well armed and wear body armor. A valuable addition to the team, probably more agreeable to your decisions than normal survivors due to discipline training, though just like anyone else they would have perks and disadvantages. I outline former because military aid is in the no section. I mean by this that the military lost already. There may be surviving soldiers, but there will be no support by the entire thing. These areas would appear after the mass retreat effort. (see below) One more thing. This is a sensitive topic, because Military aid is on the NO list. Doomed Safe Zones: I think you should be able to find small/medium safe zones earlier in the game. Places where you can trade, talk to NPCs, and other stuff. Armed guards would be on top of the wall (assuming there is one) and if you pulled a weapon inside a safe zone, you would be killed or warned to put it away. Now, I can guess what some people would say about this. "But then, we could just chill there forever and the game would be boring!" That is why I propose an event, that would happen 3-8 months into the safe zone's existance. Neverending waves of zombies would spawn around the camp and overrun it, killing everyone or forcing them out. Once everyone is gone or dead, the waves would end. This way, there is incentive to seek those places before they are gone, and leave quickly afterwards, or risk being mauled by the dozens of zombies inevitably headed there. -Military-Grade/better weaponry: Nothing too ridiculous, such as a rocket launcher. Items such as fully automatic assault rifles and higher tier pistols and shotguns would be good, and could be found in the Downtown or anywhere else that had a military perimeter set up. A few examples with names are: Assault Rifle: Just what it sounds like. Fully automatic, medium accuracy gun. Incredibly rare, only found in military barricades/tanks, or, even more rarely, on a dead soldier. Hunting Rifle: Semi-auto bolt action rifle. Scopes could be used on it (See attachments) Rare, but about as common as a shotgun. Requires .40 caliber bullets, loaded without a magazine. Found in gunsafes and wardrobes. Tactical Shotgun: Full auto low accuracy weapon with a good spread. Slightly less rare than an assault rifle. Found in the same places as an assault rifle. Sniper Rifles: Semi-auto mag fed sniper rifle. Comes with a scope. Found in, you guessed it, same places as the assault rifle, with a single difference. Never found in tanks, but sometimes found on second-to-higher floors of buildings near military stuff, usually on a body or on the floor near an open window/window. -Proper Grenades: I am dedicating an entire section on this because A. it would be super cool and B. They would be super useful. Now, molotovs are already implemented (albeit hard to obtain and even harder to use) but I am talking about grenades like frags and gas grenades. Both of these would be incredibly rare (Gas grenades less so) and single use. Grenades would be incredibly loud but the shrapnel could wipe out a good amount of zombies if they were fairly close together. They would only be found at military barricades, on dead soldiers, and in tanks. These explosives would usually be found in 2s or 3s, but occasionally you may find a box of them (Like a box of bullets but heavier and contains 6 grenades. You could box them just like normal bullets too) Gas grenades would not explode, just release a visible grayish cloud that would hover around for 10 or so seconds. Those inside the cloud would be rendered almost completely blind and slowed without a gas mask (see more clothing) and would cough, attracting zombies. The coughing would not happen to zombies but they would be blinded and slowed as well. They would be found rarely in police stations and police car trunks and occasionally in military areas. -Attachments: Rarely, attachments could be found in military barricades and such. Some would be only compatable with military weapons. Scope: When used, Cuts down your peripheral vision to straight ahead of you and increases your line of sight (ignoring shortsightedness and such) and allowing you to move the screen pretty far away. Normally the gun you would have this attached to (eg. Hunting Rifle) would be accurate enough to hit whatever you have targeted. Forward Grip: Best used for shotguns. Cuts down your recoil by a lot and increases accuracy. Bipod: Usable at windows, low walls and while proning (a possible addition?) Would increase your accuracy impeccably. You can hit a zombie a mile or 2 away. Suppressor: Different sizes of suppressors would fit different guns. It would soften the noise of your gun going off at the cost of some accuracy and damage. Dual Mags*: *These must be crafted, not found* Once you have fully loaded 2 magazines, grab some duct tape and right click your mag. As long as there are 2 fully loaded in your inventory, you can craft this. Once you do, it would make a dual mag with a sprite that looks like 2 mags taped together at the bottom. Using this would double (or triple, depending on reloading skill) your reloading speed. Only craftable at reloading difficulty medium. -Working vehicles: Such as an old beater sedan or a pickup truck, maybe even a humvee. Would require maintenance and fuel, excluding bicycles. Advantages would be better protection when traveling and the ability to run zombies down, as well as faster travel, and cargo space like the trunk of a car or the back of a pickup. Disadvantages would include being loud, and the fact that the noise you just made attacted a massive horde that surrounded your car, so big that you can't move. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to see if the car horn worked, you think as the horde breaks your driver side window and drags you out of the car, moaning and tearing you apart. Another thing would be switching seats inside the car. Driver get his brains blown out on the highway? Open the door, push him out and take over as driver. (Assuming you haven't crashed yet) I also think upgrading your vehicle should be an option: -Upgrading Vehicles: Add a Welding tool, and I think you should be able to add some things to your car, such as plates on the sides and covers for windows, and maybe barb wire to the top or something. These would require a carpentry level of 3 to do. PS: Tanks are overpowered. I would not suggest adding them as a working vehicle, more like a large container to be found in the city around barricades and other places the military tried to hold out. PPS: I know these are a planned feature, but I am just reinforcing it and giving ideas for other vehicles. PPPS: Hordes and hitting zombies and survivors in large quantities should slow you down, and massive clumps of zombies could stop your car altogether. -Helicopter crashes. That annoying helicopter that passes over your head not even thinking of rescuing you. The one that those zombies followed, leading them directly to your house. There should be a small chance that a helicopter may go down, causing fires and a loud explosion attacted zombies. The good side is if this is a military chopper, it could carry some very nice new weapons. There could be three types of helicopters, Medvac helos carrying medical supplies, Military helos that could hold some very valuable loot, and news/civilian helicopters possibly filled with food and other goodies. -A Metro System: I am sure someone else has already posted something like this, but I would love to see another layer added to the game. In the first bit, trains screeming across the tracks unable to stop due to the fact the driver died with his head leaning on the throttle. Smashed up trains that hit eachother farther down the tracks and later on when the electricity runs out stopped trains empty or full of the dead. The metro system would havefer a "safer" way around only found in the downtown area. Only one problem I see, are they even subways in Kentucky? -More distractors: Throwing a glass bottle or a rock would make a little noise and would be pointed away from you. A nice little getaway help when the horde down the road can't see you yet and you want them outta the way. -NPC survivor groups: Other, interactable groups with their own base and leader. Some would be bandits and kill you on sight for you stuff, others would be friendly groups of people eager to help any way they can. -NPC AI improvements and more speech: Such as differing personalities, and more communication. A few samples and scenarios are: After running a long distance, one guy says: "*huff* Guys, I really need a rest.*puff*" After a zombie attack, one man says: "*huff* ♥♥♥♥er... almost got me! *puff*" Moodle examples: Sick-"I really don't feel so good, guys. Very Sick: "Uhhhgh... *throws up*" (smell attracts zombies) Bored: "Guys, not to be needy, but there is nothing to do. Could you spare a book or somthin'?" Angry at leader or group member: "♥♥♥♥, why do you have to be such a ♥♥♥♥♥ sometimes? Jesus!" -Military Events: PLEASE note these are NOT military aid. Both of these would probably be bad, actually. BOMBING RUNS: Occasionally, messages should be broadcast on the radio (Which would then be useful) which would tell you when the government would do these. Bombing Runs would be events where certain infested parts of the city would be targeted for a last-ditch effort to clear them, a plane loaded with explosives to drop. A block or so would be severely damaged and set on fire from the explosion. This can help or hinder. The noise would attract zombies away or toward you. It would kill almost every zombie in that area, but hopefully you aren't there when it happens. This event would happen a maximum of 3 times and about a month or more in to the apocalypse. THE TECHNICAL SIDE OF THIS: Everybody who doesn't care how this might work code wise, skip this. After the time period set for safety is up, the game should scan for mass quantities of zombies. Hordes and such or just a large concentration, perhaps. Once the game finds the desired location, the message should appear and the event commence. This would tie in with the unlucky/lucky perks and Sadist Movie Director. Unlucky means the game would try to target somewhere closer to you, if not on top of you. SMD would also influence this. If SMD threw a whole load of bad atcha, this would be one of those bads. If SMD is handing you good stuff, it would try to push the killzone away. Radio messages should also say WHERE the event is taking place. This means adding road markers, such as Pleasant St. The radio would declare the road about a day before this event would take place, or whenever the area is selected by the game. MILITARY CLEAR-OUT: This corresponds with Former Military Presence. This is a message which would appear about 3 weeks after the city is quarantined. Basically, it is a mass retreat effort. Chaos would ensue as surviving soldiers and other personal desperately attempt to leave the city, killing everything in their way. If you are near a major roadway or the city centre, you may see a military convoy or lone humvee laying on the gas trying to get the hell out of the city, guns blazing. They would stop for nothing, and run you down if you get in the way. It would require a new AI, though, one that made it so they were hostile towards you but wouldn't chase you. Zombies would also be their priority, not attacking you unless you are right in the way or alone. If you are in the way, though, chances are they won't shoot you, instead swerving around you or just plain running you over. The noise from the trucks and guns may attract zombies, but on the bright side, they may clear out your street. They might crash, too, offering some nice loot. And, speaking of car crashes... -Car Fragmentation Physics: Okay, before I say anything, I KNOW this is ambitious for a 2D/3D game, okay? I just think it would be cool. Example Scenario: You are driving as fast as you can, trying to get away from that bandit in the pickup truck chasing you. He shoots at you, getting ever closer, when suddenly..... A WILD POLE APPEARS! You smash head on into the traffic light, crumpling the front of your sedan and sending pieces everywhere. Your windshield shatters and your airbag goes off. The car catches fire and the bandit stops, getting out and pulling you out of the car's shattered driver-side window. You fade in and out of unconciousness, and pass out just as he pulls the trigger to the gun pressed to your skull. The point of that little story is it mentions a few key things I'd like to talk about. 1: The Chase. Bandits could have AI that allows them to own their own car or steal take one, and chase you down and run you off the road in order to kill you. You could do the same, chasing survivors in your car to kill them and loot them. 2: The Shootout. A small weapon, such as the pistol or an SMG, could be fired out the window by passengers. You could aim it towards behind you, or in front, or the side you are on. ex: Shooting out the right passenger door would not allow you to fire left. 3: Environmental Damage. Running over shrubs, hitting thin trees or driving through fences would knock them over or otherwise damage or dent them. More heavy or metal objects, such as the traffic light pole mentioned in the scenario, would dent and tilt over when hit hard enough. Other things such as brick walls would dent but not break. 4: Pieces. Crashing or otherwise damaging your vehicle would send small bits of metal and/or glass. 5: Animations. Such as an airbag going off obstructing your vision or the back of your car lifting off the ground a little. Subtle stuff, nothing huge. 6: Bigger Animations. Driving across a bridge and going through the railing would make your car tilt downwards and sail off the bridge into the water/road below. The landing would have a chance to break your axles, rendering your car useless. Landing in the water would either kill you right away, or you would have to press the key to leave the car. Instead of opening the door, you would kick out the windshield and swim up. (If your car has no windshield, you would just swim up) (Also, explanation for breaking the windshield instead of exiting has to do with water pressure making you unable to open your doors underwater) If your car catches fire, it will explode after a while unless you put it out, sending pieces everywhere making a lot of noise and leaving a burned out shell of a car. Another could be car rollovers, if you turn to hard in a top heavy car, roll into a ditch, drive sideways on a steep area, or are hit hard enough by another car. 7: Unconsciousness. Crashing your car at a high enough speed would have a chance to knock you out for an hour or so. On multiplayer, this would be reduced to a half hour ingame (30 seconds) because time doesn't accelerate when you sleep. 8: Dragging somebody out. I mentioned this earlier, l but didn't explain it. Crashing your car with zombies or bandits around would attract them, and to get you out they would either: Drag you out the window (Zombies would always do this, and bandits would if your door is locked) Open the door and pull you out: (Teammates would do this to rescue you and bandits to kill you. Players would be able to do this to NPCs and other players.) Dragging you out the windshield: (Just another way to get someone out if the doors are blocked) Of course, you can always just point your gun through a window and kill someone without dragging them out. If you are a nice guy, you could save an unconscious player/npc from a burning car. PS: ALL of these apply not just to crashed cars. If you park or stop, people or zombies can break your windshield or windows and pull you out regardless to car damage. The Chase PLEASE NOTE: This is not the same thing as the fragmentation physics mini heading. By this, I mean the military. You are driving down the road, looking for points of interest to loot, when you see something ahead. A large olive truck in the distance, with a few uniformed men walking around it. A barricade sits on the road, and as you get closer you realize... The truck you saw earlier is a URAL, and the men are soldiers. You are driving towards a military roadblock! It is too late to turn around. They see your car and start yelling, rushing towards you. You stop at the barricade. A man with an assault rifle opens your door and yells at you to get out. You comply, with your hands up. They surround you and pat you down. Then, one man says, "We're done here. Shoot him." You gasp in shock, and the man points his gun at you. You run back into your car before he can hit you, and drive as fast as you can. Bullets hit all around you as you smash through the barricade, and they pursue you in the URAL. The chase is on. What I mean by this story is there would be the odd remaining military roadblock or other military occupied space. If you tried to run after they saw you or stopped like they said to, they would kill you. Running or driving away would make them pursue you to try and run you off the road. Meeting roadblocks like this would only happen early on in the game. Later, they would be abandoned or infested. -More Clothing: Themed outfits, such as a lab coat, hazmat suit, or fatigues would be cool. Armor, such as military outfits, could protect against small-caliber gunfire to an extent, and helmets would help with glancing headshots. Also, gasmasks should be available for protection against gas grenades (seen above) and smoke (seen below) -Fire improvements: If a house catches fire, smoke should fill the home, cutting down your vision and making you cough, attracted zeds. It would also eventually kill you.With the gas mask I mentioned earlier, these effects would not occur (except a slight vision impairment. Also, wine bottles should be readded so you can create molotovs again. -More Scenery, structures, and layers: I mentioned this a tad bit in the Downtown section. I'll go over them in order. MORE SCENERY: This ties in with the structures thing. Swerve marks, decomposed/eaten corpses, and blood splatters that were there before you ever went into homes. Previously ransacked homes with clothes, drawers, and other miscellaneous stuff strewn around. Stuff that tells a story, makes you think, like these examples: Example 1: You are walking down the road when you see brake marks swerving to the left. you follow them and see a car crashed into a large tree with the skeleton of the driver still inside. Closer inspection reveals bullet marks all over the car and the skeleton's skull has a sizable hole in it. What happened here? the trunk was obviously pryed open with a crowbar and it has been visibly picked through. Example 2: You enter a house with the door already broken down. There is stuff everywhere, knocked over shelves, the couch moved, etc. Upstairs, you see blood splatters and other evidence of a struggle. A rotting corpse sits inside the bedroom, with visible bullet holes in his chest and head. On the wall, a message written in the man's blood, says: I TOLD YOU TO LEAVE ME ALONE (example ^^^) Other things would be traffic jams full of zombies on overpasses and highways, people who obviously tried to leave but were caught in the mass retreat effort that clogged the roadways, making them stuck and easy prey to the infected. MORE STRUCTURES: Taller office buildings, overpasses and such. I am aware of the height limit. MORE LAYERS: Overpasses and office buildings would add higher areas to the game and the downtown would use that a lot. Overpasses would also be fairly high off the ground, too. Underground layers may include a sewer if that is ever implemented. EVEN MORE ANIMATIONS! Some that would be kinda neat but mostly aesthetic would be zombies eating corpses, possibly distracting them or enticing them to leave you alone and continue eating. They might look up at you from their food, following you with their gaze, then turning around and continuing to eat in a crouched position. Another animation could be a sleeping animation, laying on the bed or sitting down in a chair. Depending on how good your sleep is, other players may see you toss and turn. Sleeping stuff: Something I would find interesting would be more things about sleeping. Occasionally, your character could have nightmares, suddenly waking up in the middle of the night with a panic moodle. Spiffo plushes could lower your chances of having nightmares and so could other perks. More sleeping stuff is your sleep could be effected by what you sleep on. Sleeping on a wooden chair or otherwise hard surface would yield a bad sleep, and beds and such a good one. There could also be a perk that allows you to sleep almost anywhere comfortable and one that makes it hard to sleep without comfort. More random events: -Survivor Car Crash -Bandit Shootout -Bandit Chasing another Survivor (car or foot) -Bandit versus Military Shootout -Horde Attacking Survivor Safehouse/Base -Base Raid CONCLUSION: Most of these would come in later updates, though, because they would require a fair bit of work. These, in my opinion, would improve the game exponentially and I would love to see these come true, if possible. They would take quite a bit of time and effort to complete, but I think they would literally blow away everyone if added. PS: I am quite aware now that Kentucky is fairly rural and cities like the ones as depicted here are rare, but that suggestion is mostly for the fictional area, Knox County. Thank you for reading this, and leave comments if you like it.
  3. Here is my edited list of ideas. The reason I edited it is because most of the ideas i stated were already planned or mentioned on this forum the ideas were: Charging attacks, amputation, vehicles, campfires, animals, just more so here is a edited list. Throwing weapons Throwing weapons kinda explains itself *for me* it goes like this: you throw the weapon you hit or miss and, if you have a higher skill at throwing you have more of a chance to hit, but you have to go pick up because you threw it.... Yep thats it with combat now on with body parts and zombification visuals on you character model. How you will look during zombification As the zombie infection spreads throughout your body your character will begin to experience visual changes. Your character will turn whiter (or greener if you want it to be green) as the zombie infection that you have progresses and, your animations on your character will move abnormally or, zombielike and once your character is about to turn into a zombie your character will go insane, you won't be able to control him, he'll first fall over moaning, he will then start vomiting, after vomiting he will make growling noises and, congratulations!!! You have now become a full-fledged zombie and since of that here is your prize! it is............. A glass of milk and a cookie congratulations you have now become a zombie! summary without the humorous game-show conclusion, is your now basically a zombie............... Congrats.
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