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Found 3 results

  1. ... is actually pretty useful for hauling logs. As it turns out you can transport eight logs in a Big Hiking Bag with room to spare if you bundle them with rope before packing them. Total carry weight for a single equipped BHB loaded with eight bundled logs is just under five pounds/kilos/weight units as well. This means that with the Organized trait, sixteen ropes and two BHBs you can transport sixteen logs at once with no other traits taken, no profession taken and no skills invested in. -Edit- You can also manage to equip 3 Big Hiking Bags fully loaded with a total of 24 logs if you can manage to get your carry weight to 15. Obviously you are unable to equip weapons doing this and can't really afford to carry too much spare gear with you, but this is still incredibly useful for transporting large amounts of lumber around. I didn't think to test this earlier as I never bother equipping 3 bags myself. Handy dandy picture: Just thought I would share this useful bit of information.
  2. I was thinking and discussing with friends about different ways to build things in this game. I also noticed something missing. The ability to craft wooden nails, or even a notch/wood dowel system. I think it should be in the later levels of carpentry as things of that nature would be fairly difficult for a beginner carpenter. With this idea, adding in a few more tools specific to the trade, like a hand drill (to drill the dowel holes), a chisel (for making notches in the wood to join them together), and ultimately give wood glue/ropes some sort of use in this process as well. This system, by itself, could jump start the creation of log homes or player made structures and give players that wish to be carpenters a more efficient and long term use. My suggestions in total (TL;DR): Wood Nails Wood Dowels Log Carpentry Chisel Tool Hand Drill Tool Minimum Carpentry Level 5 I think this idea can give the Carpenter Occupation more incentive to be picked and played in single and multiplayer. Sort-of Relevant: http://www.aloneinthewilderness.com/images/building_the_cabin/dicks_tools.jpg
  3. I know, here might my bad english give me a hard time, but I give it a try. Every time I need wood I wait for a new day, go into the forest/park and chop some trees. The wood I gather by doing this gets carried to my safehouse where I store it for rainy days when there is nothing to do outside. My problem now is, that claiming and dropping logs takes a hell of a time so its more time efficient to carry the complete wood to your construction side, saw'em into logs and start building right there. This makes me some kind of unhappy. My suggestion: Wouldn't it come in handy if you can bundle logs into packages, using a rope or something to make it easier to carry/lift/drop etc?
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